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Friday, November 30th, 2007 08:08 pm
The good book is Maria Snyder's Poison Study which was very, very enjoyable. I've got a hold on the sequel now; since a copy's available, I should have it by maybe Wednesday at the latest. Yay! I want to know what happens next, darnit. ;) Seriously, good book. I enjoyed it.

My car has had two burnt-out bulbs replaced, so now I can see what gear I am shifting into when it is dark, AND I have TWO headlights. Actually, you know, on. And I got the oil changed. Don't worry, that didn't affect the headlights. ;) (Or anything else, in spite of Jiffy Lube's attempts to sell me windshield wipers. Yes, I do need to replace them soon. No, I will not pay more than three times what I should for them, which is what they wanted last time they tried. I didn't even let him quote it at me this time. Yes, they install them for me if I buy theirs. My wipers are snap-out snap-in. Not only can I not mess that up, most six-year-olds couldn't mess that up if actually trying to do it right.)

We have a design approved for the desks in the living room. He's hoping to have them done before Christmas. That would really, really rock. A lot.

We had a celebratory work meal earlier this week. Despite the menu NOT fitting my food issues, I gotta say: ohwow yay. They were very good about tweaking the salad so I could eat something more than lettuce, and the rest of it (well, with the entree I ordered) was mild dairy and I took pills, and wow good food and good company. (And we ran almost an hour over the planned time and everyone was fine with that, too. That rocked.)

No Christmas Shoes song at ALL this year. BLISS.

I have given to the Salvation Army three times this holiday season, after ranting about their bell ringers earlier. I'm amused by this, but none of them broke my "the heck I will pay you to hurt me" policy. The first one, the ringer was just ringing quietly and got spare change. The second one, the ringer had two bells that frankly were one step above cowbells (no, SA, we do not need more cowbell) with plastic handles. And was somehow getting them to ring clear and quiet. He was ringing them in a rhythm pattern, and dancing lightly to it. When I went in. And when I came back out a half hour later. At no time did I see him pause or take a break, and while he wasn't doing anything strenuous, that's a lot to keep up for a full shift. I gave him actual bills. He wasn't saying much to people, barely managed a soft response to those who gave money, seemed quite shy. And yet I will wager he was doing better than many more aggressive, forward ringers, because of how he was going about it.

The last one wasn't a bell ringer; the local grocery store had a nice, quiet sign about sponsored food boxes that would go to the SA for distribution, and the grocery store matched the donations to that purpose at 1/5. So I paid for one.

A snippet of memory from when I was young: we had a big flashlight, red, with I think a black band (not sure) and a big white squishy button that I sometimes had trouble pressing. It had a small bulb and a big reflector (perhaps 4-6 inches across, I think), and used four "D" batteries, and was just huge. I don't remember lugging it with me when I went out to the barn, and yet I know I did. I remember using the little black flashlight and we didn't have that until years later! (I now love maglites, which Dad also liked, but the little LED flashlights are good too. I don't think I need one longer than my forearm these days.)
Saturday, December 1st, 2007 12:56 pm (UTC)
Maglights are my favorite. They seem like they could make a good weapon if needed also. :P
Saturday, December 1st, 2007 07:11 pm (UTC)
Not unless you shot it out of a gun. LOL!
Saturday, December 1st, 2007 02:29 pm (UTC)
Magic Study is better than Poison Study.

And from what Maria teases me with, Fire Study is even better yet. Of course, it isn't out yet, won't be out until the spring, and she won't smuggle me a copy of the book, but ... :)

Oh! If you go to Maria's website, there's a short story linked there called Assassin Study, which falls between Poison and Magic.
Saturday, December 1st, 2007 05:07 pm (UTC)
Let's see if my 6-yr-old can mess up your windshield wipers!
Saturday, December 1st, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC)
It's up to you. Or, we could let the 3-yr-old at them and see what happens. *grin*
Saturday, December 1st, 2007 07:36 pm (UTC)
Can't really promise that you'd ever be able to use your windshield wipers again, though.

"Caution: use of three-year-old installation technique may cause permanent functionality issues. Use at your own risk."