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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 08:54 pm
It snowed up in the hills; I have a few photos on Flickr, including this one of the vineyard in snow:


It did not snow at our house, although today there was briefly hail. (Small, less than pea size; we don't generally see anything larger. If we did, trust me, my post would be very melodramatic and would make people who are used to the Midwest roll their eyes!)

Wish I could go back to Conflikt and take more video, especially that I could time-travel with a better battery, but such is life. Now I know!

Still loving the carnation scent (Possets Silver Carnations). Scott likes it too; it's yummy and almost exactly what I remember. I am not sure how much I will continue to explore other scents in the future because I already have so many and this one, frankly? Threatens to displace them all. Not sure if that's short-term or long-term, but this is, for want of a better phrase, my scent. It's so perfect, and I have no idea why it is perfect. It's not just nostalgia; the smell of it makes me happy (as it did then; there's reasons I remembered it and continued to stalk smell-alikes many years after I first encountered it). I don't remember how old I was when I got that first, wax-based perfume. I know that I was young because I was only barely allowed to get it, only because I loved it so much, and I wasn't permitted to wear it outside the house then. I must have been at most 12, at a guess; probably not younger than 10, but still. And now? I have a scent either perfect or so close to perfect I can't tell the difference, and in that case, who cares if there is one?

Scott and I have been playing WoW a lot - he made level 58, so we finally went to Outlands, and over the weekend we both made 60. (I have my epic mount; we have to raise more cash to get him his. I tend to have more money than he does because I enjoy the auction house. I am a sad, sad kitty. But every little bit helps.)

I actually worked part of Friday (because I was out sick Monday - I'd be more upset but at least my body waited to be a brat until I was home from the con!), and I got quite a bit done in the time I spent, which was nice. Then in the afternoon the upholstery place came by to collect the chair, having already gotten the fabric in. Glee! I have to figure out where I want the chair. Right away I know "where it was" is not the long-term answer because I want to clean and redo that room. Hmmm. But out with the cats is non-ideal as well, because they're a goodly part of why it needs to be reupholstered. (Dirt and wear, not so much claws, but still.)

Scott's mother called tonight to chat. They are doing well and really like their new cook-stove (we went in with Scott's brother and his wife to get it for them - the one their new place came with was safe, but quirky). Their cats are well. Apparently Rob and Chrystle are transitioning to work schedules that actually give them the same two days off. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a different two days off than Scott - no thanks!

Today, Scott and I went to get our pictures taken - I set up a session with the woman that we chose because she had lovely photos, was somewhere in Wilsonville (not a long drive is good), and besides selling prints will sell the originals on DVD at a per-photo fee (you don't pay for the whole set, just the ones you want, although if you want the whole set it will get fairly expensive - but I don't really need six almost-identical shots, just the best 1-2 of each pose at most). The last matters a lot to me because I have a gorgeous photo of my parents with me, but of course it was taken years ago on film, so we only got prints - and all I have, the largest, is a 5x7. The studio that did it is no longer there and no studio exists by that name - no surprise - so that's all I will ever have of that photo. I want more options for these, you know?

The actual photography was a blast; Scott and I had a great time and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. But there was some humor before and after too - when we left, it was raining, and Scott said he was glad it hadn't rained on the way in. I agreed. We got home and were just settled in the living room after putting things away when the hail started. So that was timing. And before we went I asked Scott whether my makeup looked okay and he said "you're wearing makeup?" I thanked him, since that meant it did. ;) It sounds silly, but I have dark circles under my eyes (yes, even when I'm rested and well-fed; have since college) and I had softened and lightened them, and wanted to be sure it wasn't obvious. If he couldn't tell then I blended it right. When we got home, I took it off, and it looked kind of like I was blackening my eyes for effect. ;)

And the cats are cuddly and cute and funny. And I have good music, energetic music, to listen to. And seeing the snow up on the ridge reminds me that the weather is, while different from when I grew up, not as different as I think of it; I'm also living 700 feet below where I used to, after all!