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Friday, August 29th, 2008 07:55 am
So, yeah, I haven't posted since Sunday. My apologies! This week has been stressful, though not bad, and I've come home every evening and been too sore, too tired, or too brain-dead to write anything up. And right now? Right now I love Twitter, because my stupid little notes to myself on that are all that are letting me remember the day-by-day high points (instead of just the tippy-top weekly high points) as I write this. I don't consider my twitters very useful or informative to others, but as sketch notes to myself, they're kinda handy.

Monday: No specific notes. Hmm. Not sure what happened to Monday, at all. (This is why the occasional high-point Twitter is useful to me....) I do remember this was the day ServPro was supposed to be done at the Ridge, and they weren't quite - one last stubborn spot wasn't quite dry. I don't remember why, but this was a late day at work - oh, yes, I do. I was working on something specific and aggravating, and getting nowhere. (Now my coworker is working on it, because I still had gotten nowhere by Wednesday and was out of ideas to try. Argh!) Also, picked up the on-call phone (I'm on the backup phone this week, so not a big deal).

Tuesday: ServPro finished, and it all looks okay! Yay! Work was continued pursuit of the specific-and-aggravating problem, and also a wrestling match with a tape drive driver. (Which it looked like I failed at but, it turned out Wednesday, I actually did succeed, it's just the person who was working on it remotely needed to do something else to get it behaving. Whew. Rebooting a server that so many people use is not so much fun to schedule that I like having to do it extra times if I screwed something up.)

Also Tuesday morning, I had to resist a facepalm moment because I was in traffic. See, the Komen Portland Race for the Cure is coming up, so the radio stations are all over "race for the cure" babble. 1190 KEX referred to either their team or the thing in general (I wasn't quite sure and their web site isn't helping me clarify) as "walkers for knockers."

Wednesday: Did not have game. Probably won't for a while, not sure how long. The one game out in Newberg is a long drive after a full work day, and I'm not up for it. And I'm not wanting to host here in our house because the games introduce chaos and moving furniture and bags, and Babe can't see. Having unexpected things block her path isn't good and I'm worried she wouldn't move about as freely as she ought to, say, eat and use the litterbox and stuff. Plus, I often just want to lie down in the evenings.

Some of this owes to "sitting all day, need better position" and a lot of it owes to "tired" because my sleep is presently rather broken up. (The middle of the night restroom calls, not so bad. The inability to find a comfortable sleep position for very long most nights, kinda aggravating. Sometimes I can get things arranged in a way that works, but trying to repeat those seldom succeeds. Sigh.)

Yesterday: Good day at work, as far as getting stuff accomplished. Long drive home. Stopped for shopping, failed to find groceries I wanted at Haggen, and decided I'd worry about it today because yesterday afternoon my back was officially announcing that it had Had It with all this "standing" and "walking" crap. Came home and had a lovely soak in Mango Tango scented bathwater (after getting the rest of the MT powder into a nice glass jar for storage, having successfully bought a jar, at least!). Sprawled in bed and read stuff on my iPhone. (The iPhone is pretty good for reading, not so great for typing, so I find I reply less to LJ, which I regret...but it's nice to be able to read stuff while on the go, in places where a laptop doesn't work, or just not having to haul the laptop. I don't know why I own a laptop since I seldom if ever actually take it away from its "usual spot" and use it as if it were - gasp - portable.)

This morning, we should (as long as baby is cooperative) find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I'd say I'm excited, but actually, I was excited earlier this week. Now I'm just grouchy, because I have to drink enough water that this ultrasound had really better start RIGHT ON TIME. Not my favorite part of this whole process, I must admit. (Not my least favorite part, either, so it could be worse. But the most annoying one right this minute.)
Friday, August 29th, 2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
Ooh! Good luck w/ the ultrasound! I hope Baby cooperates and doesn't have his/her hands blocking the view!
Friday, August 29th, 2008 03:11 pm (UTC)
I ended up not doing much gaming after the mid-point of my pregnancy. I simply kept falling asleep if someone else was GM and getting distracted and stressed out when I tried to GM. I miss role playing games.