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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 09:31 pm
Today was very productive. Got a lot done at work, overall. Came home, got some more cleaning done in what will be the nursery (we kinda have to get the clutter, and the old computer room furniture, out before we can actually use it as such...getting closer day by day though). Did a load of laundry. Let Ray loose to play. He is a very demanding kitty sometimes, he wanted me to hold him and play with him, but after he figured out I was going to be a slug he decided to entertain himself with the cat toys instead and now seems quite content. Apple is nowhere to be seen just this moment, I think she's had it with his exuberance.

I now have buttons for my denim dress that I picked up at the thrift store over the weekend, so I can replace the ones on it now (being as some of them are missing - they're lovely buttons, I'll keep them and maybe be able to use them on something with fewer buttons inna future).

Added an app for LJ to my iPhone. Easier than the web interface by far, but I'm still not sure how much I'll use it. It was free, though.

Now I go to bed, because hi, tired.


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