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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 12:21 pm
I am now on holiday/vacation until January 5. I'm kind of sorry to lose the work time next week (company is doing a holiday shut down because so many people take it off anyway), because I have a fun little project to work on that I probably won't make much, if any, more progress on before I'm on maternity leave. But at the same time...they're right. I'm SO looking forward to a nice relaxed holiday off!

Scott did amazingly well at the grocery store yesterday, considering it is a smaller, more pathetic store to begin with and the weather has contributed to them running out of things they wouldn't normally. He managed to get back with only a couple items missing from the list. One was the sausage I wanted for Christmas dinner, but I expected that - that store doesn't carry that type, I didn't think. Sadly, I was right. (It's a turkey sausage that is both acceptable on my diet, and not so greasy that my gut complains. This is important. Substitutes are a Not Good Idea.) I did not expect, when he called to tell me he'd had to divert, that he would get anything CLOSE to the original full list. But he did. (The other big missing item was the English muffins, which are only a big deal because I have a serious craving for them. Heh.) He made some substitutions as far as brand, because he had to, but it's all good and much better than I'd feared.

Since he got milk, I even got to have the clam chowder I've been craving today. (Campbell's, the only brand I've found where there's no milk in the can, so you add your own - so I can add lactose-free milk and enjoy my clam chowder. I won't touch the stuff otherwise. I love it utterly, but restaurant clam chowder, made really well with lots of dairy, I can't take enough pills to eat safely. Alas.)

Ironically, after all that work on his part, we may get out today. It warmed up enough to switch to rain at 9 am - well ahead of the anticipated warming this afternoon. In another couple hours, we may brave the roads if he's willing. (I really want that sausage. Watch, the roads will cooperate and the preferred grocery store will be out of sausage. That would be the sort of irony that defines my life, sadly.)

I don't really want to see all the snow melt. It's so pretty. But it looks like I may anyway. I very much DO want to see the snow on the ROADS melt. My ideal snowfall is 6-12 inches that sticks only to things that can't be hurt by snow and are not sidewalks, streets, or driveways. Just, yannow, lawns and trees (those that can bear the weight) and such. Alas, it doesn't work that way.

It may (it was going to be "it will" but now we're down to "it may") get below freezing tonight, even at our elevation. If it does, we'll refreeze any melted snow into ice, which is not really the sort of Christmas weather I want.

Hopefully the snow is thick enough to survive on areas people aren't trying to clear, like lawns, and yet will be melted off the roadways. That way I can still see it on Christmas but could get to the store today. And we may have some snowfall (not heavy) on Christmas although currently for our elevation it looks like it wouldn't be sticking if so.

Until it actually happens, of course, we've no idea how close to the mark they are. Right now, I'm just hoping for the chance to get to the store today. I want that sausage. And I want to get out of the house, to be honest. I love the house, I love being snug and safe, I love my cuddly kitties and I've everything I need here...but I'd love to get out for a little bit. Even just to the grocery store. Even just to a grocery store that will, I suppose, be mobbed. (I didn't say I was looking forward to ALL aspects of this. I am weird, but I'm not that crazy.)

If I don't get out, it's okay. This time I am not planning on it, just hoping for it. For now, I assume I won't actually get the sausage. But I can hope, and maybe try if the weather cooperates.


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