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Sunday, April 1st, 2012 11:04 am
Thank goodness for doing this; reading back over these reminds me of many, many little good things that can otherwise be forgotten. And as I write them it helps me really look at, and find the positives in, my days.

So, here's February and March. (Well, except the first couple days of February were on the last one.)

02/05: [missed]

02/06: I am grateful for our health and safety, for sunlight, and for cats who rub purring against me demanding to be petted.

02/07: [missed]

02/08: I am grateful for sweet patient babies, for tea, for clean folded laundry, and for friends who help move things.

02/09: I am grateful for healthy growing babies and toddlers, for signed papers, for hot tea, and for gentle rain.

02/10: I am grateful for photographs and smiling faces, for new drop-off plans that might work when I return to work, and for tea.

02/11: [missed]

02/12: I am grateful for photography, for sleeping babies, for a little extra time to sleep, and for friends.

02/13: I am grateful that the portion of fence that fell over belongs to the apartment complex next to us. :P

02/14: I am grateful for wonderful family and friends, and for toddler snuggles, and for sweet baby nestling and murmuring.

02/15: I am grateful for good meals with family, a nearly-full night's sleep, and good books.

02/16: [missed]

02/17: I am grateful for modern medicine, good friends, ebooks, toddler laughter and hugs, and baby smiles and nestling.

02/18: I am grateful for a chattery cheerful healthy Ian. Also grateful Drew's ear infection was diagnosed before the weekend.

02/18 (again): I am grateful the Vitamix has arrived, and looking forward to playing with it. (The initial cleaning doesn't count, but was amusing.)

02/19: I am grateful for antibiotics, for clean dishes, for ready-made meals, for friends' kind words, and for good books.

02/20: I am grateful for a good night's sleep, good friends, email, the Chore Wars site, and Drew's snuggling.

02/21: I am grateful for the joy of giving (and the fun of shopping for baby items in this case), and for a full night's sleep.

02/22: I am grateful for clean laundry, hot dinners, baths, soft rain and the sound of the wind, baby snuggles, and good sleep.

02/22 (again): Also? I am grateful for so much to be grateful for, that I struggle to compress it into 140 characters most mornings.

02/23: I'm grateful that I'm not back at work, so sleeping in this morning won't make me late.

02/24: I'm grateful for good friends, fun games, good books, orange juice, a good night's sleep, and easy recipes.

02/24 (again): I'm also grateful for a morning schedule that seems to be good - hopefully I will be on time my first day back to work!

02/25: [technically missed, but] I have a sleeping Ian snuggled on my lap.
And: Drew: "Music! Yay music, yay music, yay music!"

02/26: I am grateful for happy times at the Children's Museum, unexpected snow, and Drew and Ian's snuggles.

02/26 (again): I'm grateful that Ray's swat at the wiggly thing under the blanket (Ian's FOOT cat!) was claws-not-extended. #argh #cats

02/27: I'm grateful for good birthday meals for my husband, what patience a toddler can muster, lactase pills, and banana splits.

02/28: I am grateful for returning to work, Wonderful coworkers, a meaningful job, and returning home to my family.

02/29: I'm grateful for donuts, snow, snow that doesn't stick, working from home, hugs, clean bills of health, and dessert.

03/01: [missed]

03/02: I am grateful for good dice rolls, inspiration, good friends, snuggle babies, and gaming victories.

03/03: I am grateful for baby clothes, libraries, my family, and dishwashers.

03/04: [missed]

03/05: I'm grateful for hot showers, happy babies, good commutes, frozen waffles, and weird constructions w/desk toys.!/kyrielle/status/176698389621248000/photo/1

03/06: I am grateful for working from home, especially when there's a light dusting of snow and I was up half the night.

03/07: I am grateful for a good night's sleep, cuddly kids, a morning going as planned, and microwaves.

03/08: I am grateful for oatmeal, tea, baby books, cameras, and making a positive difference in the world.

03/09: I am grateful for oatmeal, cats, photographs, and garbage service.

03/10: I am grateful for slow cookers, spring flowers, baby socks, and cute sleepers (the outfits AND the kids).

03/10 (again): I am grateful for this too.

03/11: I am grateful for grocery stores, researching before buying, cars, and enough food to worry about what we like.

03/11 (again): I am grateful for shared laughter. Ian now responds to being giggled at by giggling back.

03/12: I am grateful for daylight savings time after all. Ian's long sleep stretches that started mid-evening start one hour later.

03/13: I am grateful for pretty snow that didn't much interfere with my commute, Ian's smiles, and an excellent day care center.

03/14: I am grateful for good books, silly toys, cute outfits, and SLEEP.

03/14 (again): I am grateful for leftovers. Tomorrow's lunch includes saffron chicken and sundried tomato risotto.

03/15: I am grateful for getting to sleep all night, smiley calm Ian, ducky socks, and the Wii.

03/16: I am grateful for crisp cold morning air, birdsong carried from trees silhouetted against a pre-dawn sky, & a crescent moon.

03/17: I am grateful for sausage, hash browns, books, my phone, the Internet, and learning new games.

03/17 (again): I am grateful for our @OregonZoo membership, which let us do a spontaneous late afternoon zoo run. Bad day now good.

03/18: I am grateful for Animal Crossing: City Folk, because watching Ray-cat attack the fish on the tv was hysterically funny.

03/19: I am grateful for morning routines making sure I don't forget things, & for being early when I find surprise mid-March snow.

03/19 (non-gratitude, so the next makes sense): I am, I must confess, not grateful for head colds.

03/20: I *am* grateful for steam, hot tea, hot compresses, and ibuprofen. Also for patient family, tasty pizza, & working from home.

03/20 (again): I am also grateful for acoustic guitar videos accompanied by cat-ball-jingle-bell shaken in time by Drew.

03/21: I am grateful for friends, family, and more prosaically for clean towels and dishes. Also for hot tea.

03/21 (again): I am grateful I brought my laptop home, being cautious. Wilsonville: 33 degrees and starting to stick.

03/22: I am grateful that I can work from home when needed, and that today it wasn't needed, despite much pretty snow.

03/23: I am grateful for friends, fun, cell phones returned (not mine), books, and the WoW Mists of Pandaria beta.

03/24: [missed]

03/25: I'm grateful today isn't a workday since Ian didn't sleep well last night.

03/26: I am grateful to be able to help others.

03/26 (again): I'm grateful Drew only stuck the headphone jack in the *ground*. I'm grateful Ian, although fussy lately, is fine.

03/27: I am grateful for the baby waking us both up because it means *he was letting us both sleep at once*.

03/27 (again): I am grateful for sleep, and Ian seeming to be well on the mend, and things that go as smoothly as planned.

03/28: I am grateful for plans, for useful information delivered in a timely fashion, and (once again) for laundry machines.

03/29: I am grateful for clouds, rain, soft morning light, clean air, trees, geese, and stubbornly sturdy daffodils.

03/30: [missed]

03/31: I am grateful that most days are not like today. Also grateful for Qdoba coupons.


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