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Sunday, May 20th, 2012 08:40 am
Gratitudes and a few cute kid moments. All have previously appeared on my Twitter and Facebook.

04/01: I am grateful for cars and toaster ovens, computers and cell phones.

04/01 (again): I am grateful for writing what I'm grateful for, which reminds me as I read back how good things have been, overall.

04/02: [missed]

04/03: I am grateful for Ian starting to try to crawl, and for strawberry misaki tea. Also that these two things aren't related. :)

04/04: I'm grateful for a good night's sleep, tasty leftover casserole for lunch, and a clear task list.

04/05: I am grateful for flexible schedules, happy healthy kids, friends, music, and libraries.

04/05 (again): I am grateful for whoever among my coworkers doesn't like pink Jelly Belly and carefully avoided a bunch. Yum.

04/06: I am grateful for unexpected and amusing hail, for good books to (re)read, and for fun games.
...Bonus picture of hail:

04/07: [missed]

04/08: I'm grateful for museums, Drew, and for a kid more excited by a bottle of bubbles than candy, in his basket.

04/09: [missed]

04/10: I am grateful for holidays with family, plush dinosaurs, snuggly three-year-old photographers, and sleep.

04/11: [missed]

04/12: I am grateful for some sleep, for Scott for making sure I got it, for snuggly Ian, and for a fun good morning call with Drew.

04/13: I am grateful for yesterday: early meeting = early arrival = early departure = picked boys up nearly on time despite traffic.

04/14: I'm grateful for friends, fun, creating stories, and kid cuddles.

04/14 (again): I am grateful for BUBBLES! :)

04/15: I am grateful for and a story that fascinates me. Also for takeout Italian.

04/16: I am grateful for good visits, plans that go as planned, silly ideas, and leftovers.

04/16 (again): I'm also grateful for Ian, who sat up in a shopping cart, and rolled from front to back this weekend three times, unassisted.

04/17: I am grateful for frozen yogurt, cute kids, good books, and work-from-home days.

04/18: Drew bath with hair scrub this morning. I got home to "I'm cold" and bundled him against me under my coat. Once Mom's coat.

04/18 (again): I'm grateful for growing babies. Also for the fact that my tasks this morning don't need a functioning Internet connection.

04/19: I am grateful for sleep, happy kids, water, and lists to help me keep organized.

04/20: I am grateful for my family, immediate and extended; for cute and silly kid quotes; and for wild giggles.

04/21: I am grateful for new socks, dental cleanings with no cavities found, shared recipes, sleep, and showers.

04/22: I am grateful for dirt, grass, trees, birds, water, animals, air, sun...I am grateful for the earth, and our lives upon it.

04/23: I am grateful for good friends, silly kids at play, hanging out, and shade and air conditioning.

04/24 (too good not to share!): (While holding a sleepy Drew) "Drew, can I get up? I'd like to eat my waffles." "No. I've trapped you here forever."

04/24: I am grateful for Drew and Ian, for their silliness, joy, and strength. (Ian rolled back to front last night!)

04/25: I am grateful for getting things done, for having things to do that I can do that matter, and for cute kid pictures.

04/26-27: [missed]

04/28: I am grateful for pink, purple, white, red, orange, and for the many greens, from almost-white to the deep hue of evergreens.

04/29: I am grateful for Drew being careful not to wake Ian, for baby Tylenol and Orajel, for tea and chocolate, and good friends.

04/30: I am grateful for clean water, tea, fruit, steamed cauliflower and broccoli, hugs, stories, and telephones.

05/01: I am grateful that Ian is "just" experiencing a miserable cold and teething, and doesn't have the ear infection we feared.

05/02: I'm grateful for a good night's sleep, for wonderful family, modern medicine, and mice. (Not if they were in my house, tho.)

05/02 (again): I am grateful for free lunches. And for knowing to get there early before he sandwiches vanished!

05/03: [missed]

05/04: I'm grateful for curiosity enough to watch a show I think I might not like, and the good sense to stop watching it too.

05/04 (again): I am grateful for pants that fit comfortably and aren't maternity pants.

05/05: I am grateful for tea, short stories, steam, snuggly babies, and Bubble Guppies.

05/05 (again): I am grateful for successful shopping trips, freezers, feet, and happy family.

05/06: [missed]

05/07: I am grateful for family, my boys' good health, and for happy play at the zoo and the children's museum.

05/08: I am grateful for salad mix, seafood, and brownies. Also for kids, cuddles, baby murmurs, and health.

05/09: I am grateful for good health, purring cats, freezers, clean water, sunscreen, and computers.

05/10: I am grateful for teethies, baby footie pants, phone based games, fixes that work, friends, UPS, and the US Postal Service.

05/11: I'm grateful for "L mkjn. Cddsaaxcnmhggfffddxxxcxxxxx. Xcccccccvvvvvbnmkmjkjbhhbgfdfggrhfffddqqserykiool". Love you Drew. Also, please give Daddy his cell back.

05/12: I am grateful for beanbags, baby giggles, and breakfast.

05/13: I am grateful for handmade cards and handprint cards and marigold seeds and "We made you some cards for your Mother's Day."

05/13 (again): Drew opened and held the door to Sweet Tomatoes for two women who were coming in after him. Totally made my day.

05/14: I am grateful for courteous children, cards, family, email, cell phones, and flowers.

05/15: I am grateful for email, instant messaging, sleep, flowers, and bread recipes.

05/16: I am grateful for forethought, well planned changes, and being able to say "yes, it's designed for that; here is the info".

05/17: I am grateful for happy healthy growing babies. Gerber 12m onesies are starting to be a bit of a stretch on Ian

05/18: I am grateful I don't have to drive in Portland very often. And that it only involved one unwanted bridge.

05/19 (not a gratitude but must share): Drew's version of Going On a Bear Hunt appears to involve finding a dinosaur or alligator, and feeding the bats stick cheese.

05/19 (not a gratitude but must share): "I don't see any bridges." "You don't? Not even that one?" "Oh. I do see that one. But I don't see that one." -Drew/me/Drew

05/19: I am grateful for my very patient family who went with me today as I shopped (largely unsuccessfully) for shirts.

05/20: I am grateful that sometimes, procrastination is unexpectedly rewarded.


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