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Monday, July 16th, 2012 08:41 am
Um. I may have let these go too long. On the other hand, seeing a two-month span, I'm struck by two things:

1. More days with more than one gratitude posted/sent. This is becoming a habit of thinking - yay!

2. Ian has progressed from an itty bitty baby who needed support to sit, to sitting unassisted, to pushing himself to sitting. From struggling to commando-crawl (and failing) to crawling, to (just this weekend) pulling himself to *standing*. From eating no table food to eating a wide variety of foods.

05/21: I am grateful for childhood logic & caring. Drew watered the plants this morning, in the rain, with his little watering can.

05/22: I am grateful that Drew is feeling better today. Upset stomachs aren't fun.

05/23: I am grateful for a release-day copy of Mira Grant's Blackout. Also for the willpower to not take it to work today to read.

05/24: I am grateful for happy sleepy babies, meaningful work to do, hugs, and tea.

05/25: I am very very very grateful I don't drive in Portland often. And that I'm learning the area around that bridge.

05/25 (again): I am also, much less passive-aggressively, grateful for friends, visits, and long weekends.

05/26: I am grateful for friends, trains, occasionally bridges, stories, and Drew picking up so he can run Roomba.

05/26 (again): I am also grateful for thunder and lightning, and for Scott, who kept me from ignoring yesterday's weather and missing it.

05/27: I am grateful for this.

05/28: [missed]

05/29: I am grateful for being able to laugh at myself, for example when instead of ‪#endif‬ I start to type my usual email sign off.

05/30: I am grateful for cuddles and kisses, golfing 3-year-olds and banana chomping babies.

05/31: I'm grateful for tea, baby rice crackers, orange sleepers and orange pacifiers and orange balls, Drew helping, and flowers.

06/01: I am grateful for friends, games, good rolls, dramatic moments, cupcakes, and avocado. ‪

06/02: I am grateful I seldom have to concede that I need to use a neti pot. I *think* I'm grateful they exist. ‪

06/03: I am grateful for a life where "The zebra may not fly in the car." is a rule that makes sense. (Now to get it followed.)

06/04: [missed]

06/05: I am grateful for things that go as planned. Also for silly toys, my silly boys, and shared laughter.

06/06: I am grateful for growth, practice, new strengths, and excitement.

06/07: I am grateful for friends, puns, games, kids, tea, and books.

06/08: I am grateful for my healthy growing baby. Ian's 6-month pediatric today. 19 pounds 1 ounce; 28 and 3/4 inches.

06/09: I am grateful for Drew, who helped with the tape when wrapping a gift for a birthday party later. And was actually helpful.

06/10 (not a gratitude, but I like it too much not to share): "Ah! You were debating your options." "Yes." "The options won?" "Yes."

06/11: I am grateful for the increasing effort needed to keep Ian safe and happy, because it means he's growing up. ‪

06/11 (again): I am also grateful for well-applied, insightful humor.

06/11 (non-gratitude): "I'm a fireman!" "Hi, Fireman Drew." "No, YOU'RE the fireman!" "Can we both be firemen?" "OK. The littlest fireman needs mac'n'cheese."

06/12: I am grateful for hot showers and hot tea. Sleeping babies. Purring cats. Shedding brushes. Sweet potatoes.

06/13: I am grateful for Scott, and the Active Baby Alphabet. (B is for bounce!)

06/14: I am grateful for friends, family, support, and for my wonderful father-in-law and the years we all had with him. ‪

06/15: I am grateful for good memories to hold on to, and for new good occasions to look forward to.

06/15 (not a gratitude, but still amuses me): "They're slow. All these cars are slow." - Drew, discovering the traffic jam.

06/16: I am grateful for safe travel, funny stories, the patience of others, and being with family and friends. ‪

06/16 (again): I am also grateful for Ian. Even when he's wide awake at six am.

06/16 (AGAIN): I am also grateful for rice crackers, even (or especially) when stuck to the bottom of baby feet.

06/16 non-gratitudes I just have to share:
Ian loves when I get desperate at breakfast. Also, plain bagel is excellent.
I like this city. But I want to rename it. Only because, no matter how much we explain, Drew keeps asking to "see Attle."
Little joys: Scott walking down the street carrying Drew tummy down while Drew flaps his arms and says "tweet tweet".

06/17: I am grateful for family, and very much for happy weddings. Congratulations, John and Jenny!

06/17 (funny): Scott: "I was going to open up some M&Ms. Would you like one or two?" Drew: "I would like a lot!"

06/18: I am grateful for time to catch up, for sales, and for rotisserie chicken. (Ian seemed grateful for the chicken too.)

06/19: I am grateful for recovery days, laundry done, rotisserie chicken, happy eating babies, tea, pictures, and deals.

06/20: I am grateful to work for the company I do, and in this industry, and with these people. My job rocks.

06/21: I am grateful for decongestants, Tylenol, modern medicine, technology working, and the wonderful people in my life.

06/22: I am grateful for sweet sleeping baby snuggles, the rambunctious glee of a three-year-old with a new toy, and Scott's hugs.

06/23: I am grateful for breakfast at restaurants. Also for diverting Drew long enough that I could go to the restroom alone.

06/24: I am grateful that Scott had been closely watching the motorhome towing a boat, and got us quickly and safely out of the way.

06/25: I'm grateful for productive days, explanations, results, sweet corn, tea, and antibiotics.

06/26 (funny): Me: "What's on Ian's toy?" (meaning the picture). Drew: "A tongue!" (yep, Ian was taste testing)

06/27: I am grateful for Scott's coworker K, who took on an unplanned work task last night so Scott didn't have to. Thank you! ‪

06/27 (again): I am grateful for giggles and wiggles and crawling, running and laughing and word games. Also carrots, celery, and root beer.

06/27 (AGAIN): I am grateful I checked the size of our carry-on luggage. One piece too large - barely. Fine, checking a bag. Easier.

06/28: I am grateful for the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Healthcare Act.

06/29: I am grateful for my wonderful, smiley, tall baby.

06/30: I am grateful for knowledge, and averting what otherwise would have been some chaos next weekend.

07/01: I am grateful for things that go as planned, safe trips, sleep, and homemade bread. ‪

07/02: I am grateful for good company, good barbecue, fans, the cool of the morning, and birdsong.

07/03: I am grateful for spectacular storms that aren't *too* spectacular. Also for sleep, showers, and toast.

07/03 (again): I am grateful the car overheated in a parking lot, not on a rural road. Also grateful for again-sleeping children, and beds. ‪

07/04: I am grateful for panini-cakes (waffles, really), and for Spongebob. ‪

07/04 (again): I'm also grateful for the country I live in, and the soldiers who risk their lives for our freedoms.

07/05: I am grateful for fireworks, family, ice cream, Drew asking for a cheeseburger with his ice cream and eating it, and hugs.

07/06: I'm grateful for cooler weather overnight, good sleep, a packing setup that looks like it will work, and Claritin.

07/06 (again): I am grateful that the first tornado warning I've ever been present for was uneventful where I was.

07/07: I'm grateful to be safely home, with only minor snits and arguments despite heading out at 3:30 am

07/07 (not a gratitude, but I had to share): Driving kids to sleep. "I think we have two out." Silence. Glance at Scott. "Three."

07/08: I am grateful for television and phones, lights, air conditioning, blankets, cats, and restaurant BOGO coupons. ‪

07/09: I am grateful for coordination, support, productive things to do, and sugar.

07/10: I am grateful for productive work, active and fun children, people-friendly time off policies, the USPS, and ice cream.

07/11: I am grateful for letters, numbers, words, songs, sprinklers, faucets, doors, windows, hands, hugs, rain, clouds, and sunshine.

07/12: I am grateful for conference calls that end early, decisively, and with everyone involved happy with the results.

07/13: I am grateful to not be at work today, because planning ahead seems to be an issue, and that's better *not* at work.

07/14: I am grateful for Scott, assistance, silly phone games, scheduling snafus that sort out easily, and pumpkin bread.

07/14 (again): I am grateful that the @OregonZoo snack hut now has lactose free softserve ice cream - not just vanilla, but chocolate and swirl!

07/14 (AGAIN): I am grateful for growing babies, but oh, where does the time go?

07/15: I am grateful for buds and blossoms, rain, summer squash, and planned shopping meeting unexpected sale.

07/16: I am grateful for store promotions that result in 2 free pounds of boneless, skinless chicken. And for a baby who likes chicken.


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