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Friday, July 11th, 2014 04:45 pm
I was re-reading early 2002 (January-April) tracking down when we started the move into our first house (April, we got the keys on the 23rd).

I used to post A LOT back then. And I'm wistful for some of the exchanges and fun then.

I have two kids now, and I don't have as much time to post, but I am going to try not to be radio silent for weeks or months at a go. *nods*

Yesterday, we had our "regular" Thursday night gaming session. I put regular in quotes because we now only have one of those a month starting this month - the other three moved to Fridays!

That's awesome because Drew is five and starts kindergarten in the fall, Ian is two and will move up to preschool sometime in the next year (probably in about six months when he turns three, I'm guessing, but he's VERY verbal, so maybe sooner), and the "Friday morning meltdown after a late Thursday" symptom, which hits about 25% of the time, bites. So reducing it to once a month instead of four times a month for a potential trigger? HUGE.

Anyway, last night we were playing the Pathfinder Kingmaker game Scott runs (the one that is staying on Thursdays) and I posted a couple Facebook statuses that I think my friends here will also be amused by:

Hee hee hee hee hee. Three hill giants that have been killing and looting the region are ambushed by a level 10 party, five characters, that saw them and had time to prepare with spells.

My character, the elven cleric/brightness seeker, was flying with a +1 distance longbow, with weapon of awe on the bow, firing flaming arrows. She was invisible until the first shot. She's hasted, under the effects of bless and prayer, aspect of the falcon, and divine favor.

And I was one of the least obscene of the group right then.

Table comment: "So, we are THEIR unfortunately high-level random encounter?"

And later in the same game, my character - with a +1 distance long bow - took out a will o'wisp (whose invisibility had been negated) that was fleeing STRAIGHT UP. It was 400 feet away STRAIGHT UP and she got it. That was awesome.

Equally awesome was a bit earlier when it first started fleeing straight up. The wizard cast fly on our king, so he could give chase. The king didn't fly: he just looked over at the elf with the distance longbow and waited.

And a random bit of silly from Tuesday, involving picking on a 5-year-old a bit.

On the drive home from day care, after I said we were eating at home:
Drew: "Can we go to McDonald's?"
Me: "No. You've had too much McDonald's in the past few days."
Drew: "How about Burger King?"
Me: "Nice try. No fast food."
Drew: "Subway?"
Me: "No."
Drew: "Water park?"
Me: "How are you going to eat the water park??"

Drew made a wordless noise of frustration and then clarified that he wanted to go play there.


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