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Friday, October 14th, 2016 04:00 pm
So, yesterday my coworker was less-than-thrilled with the forecast, because he needed to go grocery shopping because they were almost out of staples, and he was going to have to compete with people frantically stocking up for a storm described as 'huge' but that will be worst at the coast (we're a two-hour drive and a mountain range from the coast, here, for context).

I think he ended up doing most of it mid-day to avoid the mess, but I'm not really sure.

I was, however, laughing a lot because he was mocking people who were panicked about the storm. Why was that making me laugh? Because I was ABSOLUTELY planning to run a frantic pre-storm errand after I left work yesterday (which I DID), in case the weather hit early and bad and I couldn't run it today.

...I was dashing to the library to pick up my holds, a larger-than-normal number of books for the boys among them, in case power was lost and the library had to close early at any point.

Which says, I think, a lot about priorities. (Also about the fact that I'd done a fairly large staples run the weekend before, which was pure random luck. But still...I didn't even think about a frantic grocery run. I went to the library.)

I _did_ go to the grocery this afternoon, on the grounds that I normally do my shop-ahead on Saturday and I really would rather shop mid-afternoon today than during a panicked Saturday morning rush or out in the thick of the weather later in the day if it does get bad. I didn't buy the full week's supply - if we come out of the storm in good shape, I can get it Sunday afternoon. If we don't, I don't need to have a week's worth of perishables going off after we lose power. :P I'm out about $8 if the perishables from this trip get lost because of power outage, so. That's not too bad.

But we'd have been fine if I didn't, too, I'd just have had more limited options for myself. But the books--! Gotta have the books, I'm telling you.
Saturday, October 15th, 2016 03:49 am (UTC)
Your priorities are clearly in the right place. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. :)