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Sunday, May 24th, 2015 09:50 am
Drew is feeling better this morning and no fever at all.

Yesterday, while Scott watched the boys, I did some needed basic shopping and went to the Japanese Garden. Alas, I didn't make sure I had the memory card for my camera with me (AUGH!). I got some pretty good photos with my phone, though. Wish I could have tried the same photos with the camera.

I am done with the Ridiculous Week of Sous Vide cooking. We have lots of stuff prepped and frozen for future thaw/heat/sear/serve cycles. I am happy about that. Also happy about the results I'm getting in general.

I think I may have to cave and buy a Wii U. Our Wii is starting to have problems reading its discs...any discs. I was tempted when it first came out, but there's not a lot "extra" that I wanted...however, working? That's an EXCELLENT additional feature. :P

Way before I worry about that, I need to plan the meal sequence for the week, and also swing by the library and return the videos. Late fees for videos are nothing to laugh at. :P
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Saturday, August 8th, 2009 03:47 pm
First: after I posted the preceding, we went to the Japanese Garden. Japanese Garden with a baby. Lots of baby stuff. )

Second: On our way back, we realized we were hungry, so tried to decide where to go. Drew got fussy too, so that was three hungry people. We went to Babies R Us first )and then on to Chevy's for our lunch )

Of course, he napped all the way home, so I had better go take my turn at watching him now. Scott and I are both in need of naps, but Drew is wide awake now. :)
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Thursday, August 7th, 2008 07:21 pm
We now have a schedule for the biopsy for Babe; the soonest they could fit her in was next Thursday. I told Scott to schedule it. That's the first day of Gencon proper. I didn't really expect to be going anyway, due to my worries and wanting one of us here to take care of Babe. I figured I'd know for sure today or tomorrow, and now I do.

Scott's going to go ahead and go to Gencon. He enjoys it more than I do, and he's a lot broader in what he enjoys game-wise, which makes his life easier as far as getting into things. (This year, I only got into five games I wanted. Four of them were the on-going Game Base 7 7th Sea games, and I'm sorry to miss those, but it's not like I got a lot of variety. Event registration hated me this year, and I was facing a con of generics, not my favorite thing anyway.) If the news about Babe is bad, he can have fun and distract himself - I would ruin the whole con for myself being upset and wanting to be with my kitty.

So Thursday I'll take Babe in, and then call Scott to give him the news and discuss whatever the options are with him. If it's bad news, I'll miss having him here to hug, but not enough to make it worth canceling his trip. Hopefully it will at least be mediocre news; good news would be even better. (It's bad when a nasty swelling caused by a bacterial infection counts as 'good' news, would.)

Still going to take the time off. I can use it to take care of myself, spoil myself, and get rest (better rest than a gaming con, if less excitement). And I may even get stuff done around the house, if I feel like it. Hm. And I could go to the Obon celebration that I was sorry it was during Gencon. It looks like they're open-reservation, they just want notice. I have wanted to go to that, and two years running it's been on Gencon; so now, I can go. I may sign up for the moonviewing in September, too. I haven't decided.
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Friday, June 27th, 2008 07:59 pm
Got my allergy shots again today, and got to step up. One of the three is back at maintenance dose. The delay has not, mostly, been my reaction to the shots. It's been not feeling well enough to go in on Fridays, the one day I actually can go in (since the shot clinic is across the street from where our office used to be, and therefore nowhere near where we are now - I could transfer to another, but I like these people). Next time will be a repeat, though, 'cause next Friday is the Fourth and they're closed. And if you go more than ten days you can't step up. Still, I'm back at maintenance on one and I'm responding well to all three. Yay!

The back yard patio space is in, though it looks horribly unfinished without its plantings and such. The drip lines are in place, so we can water the plants that go in. Some of the plants are going in, but many will have to wait now until fall, 'cause they're not good for summer planting. (Pity May didn't give us three weekdays with clear weather; if the stairs and patio had gone in then, many more plants would've made it out before summer. Oh, well!) It looks scraggly and patchy, but then, it will; the plants are to grow into their spaces anyway, and only some of them are even there. The lilac is in the lower back yard right now. It goes in the upper back yard in the end, but we plan to have some deck work done, so the landscaper has put them in one of the open spots below until either the deck is dealt with or we decide not to (but given the way the developer built the existing deck, we really have very little choice other than how bad we want it to get before we replace it with something done right). The lilac, actually two plants, are precious to me because they are taken from offshoots of the white lilac on the Ridge, one of the plants that was "always there" when I was growing up (and one of my favorites: I love the smell). I also have, thanks to my childhood friend Luana, pinks that were taken from a patch that was in turn taken from the patch that used to grow at the Ridge. And some of the columbines that will go in were taken from the Ridge, where they were still growing in one bed. If I couldn't have gotten any of them, it would still have been nice to have lilacs and pinks and columbines. But to have plants that are descended, fairly directly, from the ones that grew at my parents' house - that's just really precious to me.

The cats are being disturbingly cute. I got up earlier than I wanted this morning (my body was being a brat), so this afternoon I napped for a while. Babe came and cuddled up with me and was just a darling. And Apple, not at the same time fortunately, has just been playful and funny. I love these crazy fuzzies.

Speaking of cats, I also love this lolcat from icanhascheezburger.
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Monday, April 14th, 2008 01:07 pm
I videotaped my visit to the Japanese Garden last weekend, and I intended to get them up on YouTube. But Flickr now has a video feature, so I uploaded one to each, and after a bit of comparison, I prefer the video quality at Flickr. (It's limited - no more than 90-second snippets - so I may still use YouTube for other things. Who knows?)

Anyway, videos:
The waterfall in the strolling pond garden.
The deer scare, between the strolling pond garden and the natural garden.
A little area with a waterfall in the natural garden.
A view of the sand and stone garden.
Part of the flat garden.

And three videos not of the garden:
Apple vs a bug on the window. She'd have better odds if the bug were on the INSIDE.
Babe fights a feather toy and attacks the mat she's lying on more than the toy.
And then Babe does it some more. So there.
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Friday, April 4th, 2008 07:08 pm
Tonight, I made a salad of mixed baby greens (...from a package, yes...), carrot bits, and crumbled blue cheese. The latter may be calorie-dense and fat-dense, but just a little of it adds a lot of taste, and it's worth having to take a pill for it. Yum. I admit I was appalled at the nutritional information. Not because of the calorie density, nor because of the fat, both of which I'd expected. Because for some reason their chosen serving size was 1 ounce. trying very hard not to imagine anything that was a single serving that included a full ounce of blue cheese. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. The word, I believe, is "overkill".

I took a soothing, relaxing bath today with a new bath bomb. Only it wasn't so very soothing, because this particular one gives me a headache. Oops. Now I know one to avoid! I am airing out the master bath and bedroom so that I won't have to sleep in a scent that gives me a headache, at least. (I'm not sure what it is about it that inspired the headache - the predominant scent is lemon, and lemon's usually fine for me, but there must be something else in there that's problematic. Oh, well.) I may have to take a shower tonight, both to get the rest of it off me, and because it appears to have moisturized my hair into limp oblivion. Oops. I should have showered to wash it separately anyway, I guess.

I went to the Japanese Garden earlier today and wandered around. It was lovely. I was there less than an hour, but I enjoyed the walk. (And I got some exercise, because I didn't want to wait for the shuttle to actually go, even though it was running. Go, me! That shuttle is so good for my exercise levels anyway. It's open-sided and the road has some drop-offs. Very unnerving to me, even tho' it's safe.)
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Thursday, January 17th, 2008 09:32 pm
I did make it to the Gardens today. It almost did not happen, because as I was about to leave around 12:30 or 1:00, I saw that it was snowing. Here. Oops.

But I called Scott to whine about this and he'd been at a farewell party for a coworker who resigned, north of here, and it was clear there. So I went anyway and it was fine, I had a good time. Yay!

Tomorrow, Babe goes to the vet for a vaccination and a weight check-up. Methinks her food will be further restricted, just a suspicion....

At the moment, she is sprawled across my lap as I sit here and type. I've had to stop her from sliding once or twice (relying on her to stop herself from sliding results in claw-holes in my legs, so I prefer to catch her) but otherwise life is good and I have a very content kitty. Except she is shoving her head against my arm more and more insistently: I am supposed to be petting her, not typing!

*stops to pet the cat*
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Sunday, September 9th, 2007 05:21 pm
Still playing catch-up. Today, I uploaded a mix of photos of the Japanese Gardens from July and from Friday. (I got to go to the Gardens on Friday! Yay!)

Photos here.
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Sunday, August 5th, 2007 05:04 pm
The calendar that my photos are in is, by the way, available here if you want copies:
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Sunday, July 15th, 2007 04:48 pm
Yes, I really am checking on her this much, and I would more if I didn't know I'd drive them AND myself to distraction. I went to visit her - she is definitely doing better. She stood some of the time, sat much of it, lay down only when I closed the door on her again. She purred for me, and she ate a bit of the canned food I had (with their permission) brought over - I left some there with them, since she can be finicky. They'd gotten her to eat some of what they had but I suspected she might eat more if it was something she liked, and she did eat some of it.

She wanted to climb out of the cage and down into my lap (or go exploring, not sure which) though I didn't let her. That's a lot more initiative than she had last night, as you might imagine. Poor kitty, she still looks worn, but I think she is doing better. I hope she is. We'll see what the results are - I'm still hoping for the best there.

I did go to the Gardens this morning, in the end, after I'd called for the morning update on her condition and found out we couldn't bring her home yet. I was hoping they'd bring me a bit of peace. But because of my timing, I arrived about 10 minutes after they opened on a lovely July Sunday, rather than during members' hours as I would usually do in the summer. The parking lot was almost full. Lemme try that again: the parking lot was almost full. They were lovely, but they were crowded, and more than one "oh look, a baby screaming" moment occurred (only two, that I can recall, but still!). I missed the irises this year by not going sooner. There was one left, slightly limp, and several that were drying and going, but basically I missed the irises. On the other hand, I saw a lovely purple flower cluster tucked back by a waterfall in the lowest, farthest corner of the natural garden, where I don't recall ever seeing such a flower before. That was a magical moment even if it was soon followed by continuing on so as not to block the path for the rest of the hordes....

STILL processing photos from our trip to Michigan/Ohio/Wisconsin. I will get them all done and then uploaded. But it may take a bit yet. In the meanwhile, for those who haven't already found it, a really cute photo of our friend's kitten Max, from when we were cat-sitting for her, during the worst of the heat.

Oh, and I ordered a bottle of 13 from BPAL. I hope I don't regret that, but I adore what most of their chocolate scents do on me. And if it hates me, I imagine I can find someone who wants it somewhere.

Did not see Harry Potter. Not sure now when I will - not up for a lengthy movie, especially if it stays true to the book, right now.
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Thursday, July 12th, 2007 09:52 pm
Parts of today were quite good. Scott and I played WoW for part of the evening, after we went over to the neighborhood barbecue (which the city puts on). It was fairly small and low-key and very very well organized (not so well publicized, but we take what we can get). Good barbecue food, nothing fancy, but hey. I got fresh fruit. And a hot dog. And, because I was being bad, a couple chocolate chip cookies, but hey.

Been reading books lately. Two series (both high, high fantasy) that I am very much enjoying. The first is by Naomi Kritzer and is a trilogy - Freedom's Gate, Freedom's Apprentice, Freedom's Sisters. The second is by Elizabeth Haydon and was recommended (loaned to us) by Scott's mother - it starts with a trilogy, consisting of Rhapsody, Prophecy, and Destiny. There's more books after it, though you can stop at the end of the trilogy and not feel like you were left without part of the story. I'm about halfway through the next book after the trilogy, Requiem for the Sun, and I'm enjoying it a great deal.

Scott and I plan to see the new Harry Potter movie on Sunday. And we may go see Transformers sometime next week, as well. Which would be, well, a lot of movies in one week for me. ;)

I think I may go to the Garden tomorrow. It's been too long since I did and I miss it.
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Sunday, May 13th, 2007 09:16 am
The landscaping goes well, although there is little progress. No, seriously. I couldn't figure out how to deal with that back yard and I finally conceded that my available time and list of to-dos were sufficiently small and large (respectively) that I wasn't going to get this done, and called in a landscape designer, right?

We've now found one we're happy with (yay!) at least based on the initial conversation. Her reaction to our back yard was funny. Apparently the contractor who does our maintenance, who referred us to her, didn't warn her about our yard even though he knew about it (he'd cleared the berries out!). It's a bit of a "challenge." Even by her standards, I think, though that's for more reasons than one.

She broke her foot, if I remember right about a week before she came to see us. So she knocked some cost off her fee in return for our gathering the yard measurements and references for her. Why? Because this yard is hard enough with all pieces working, with a broken foot there is NO WAY she would want to scramble around down there. I was paying close attention to MY balance and I didn't have to worry about anything else, and boy is that slope tiring. To get up it again I had to use my legs and feet in ways she couldn't have safely done.

So now we are in waiting mode, to see what she comes up with. I want a way into the lower back yard that doesn't involve broken necks, if possible, so she is looking at hardscaping possibilities first and will go over those with us and with the guy who'd have to install them. Hopefully that'll be feasible and affordable (I use that term loosely!), but we'll see. She does seem to have solutions and alternatives for some of our druthers. (Scott wants a weeping tree. I'm allergic to willow and don't want a large tree, either. She had some ideas.)

Meanwhile, I share a photo looking up at the house from the lower back yard, about a third or half the way between the retaining wall and the creek:

No, the land behind me is not even, either. And neither is the land off to the right, where the slope that let me get down at ALL is. If it tells you anything, I had Scott hand me the camera over the drop-off once I was down. (I would have done so anyway as we needed to set it down - safer above - until the measuring was done, but in this case if that had not led to it, I'd've done it just to be sure the camera didn't suffer if I went down gracelessly on my butt partway down or otherwise pratfalled. A steep dirt slope with bark mulch over it is SO FUN.)

Edited to add: this is the slope that gives the best access to our yard:

And this is a view to the south, 'sideways' to the yard so you can see a bit of the front-to-back changes:
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Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 08:15 am
Friday, after getting the calendars, I was in a good and very photography-focused mood, so I wandered the gardens and had a blast with the camera. I've uploaded a bunch of the pictures; I let that run overnight, so they're in two batches: and

My three favorites:
1. the waterfall
2. the willow tree
3. a lantern

A couple other links:
1. Remember the stairs I mentioned in the last set? They are NOT gone, or at least, stairs very like them are being added, just at the other end of the back deck of the Pavillion, the side facing the natural garden.
2. One of my photos that is in the calendar is of the dry garden from above. It is very different in focus and feel than this photo from Friday, also of the dry garden from above.
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Friday, April 20th, 2007 08:13 pm
I've been listening to Orson Scott Card's Worthing Saga as my audio book. Why I do this I do not know: I don't like Card. He tells a wonderfully powerful story, he crafts an amazing tale, and he hurts to read. Consistently. This one is no exception, and in audiobook format, you can't SKIM. You can skip, but you can't skim. But I have to hear the end. I'm almost there. It's a very good book, just...very Orson Scott Card.

Meanwhile I just finished Jim Butcher's Academ's Fury, the sequel to Furies of Calderon. Both are very good high-fantasy books. I am placing a hold on the next book post-haste.

I went to the Gardens today. I'd planned to anyway, but got an email before I left - the calendars were in! So I also got a copy of my CD (which I'd asked for since I lost my last one; and now I have it; they rock!) and my copies of the calendar. It's not on sale yet. Apparently there will be a members release first, then a general sale through the gift shop. There are small accent images as well as the main page images throughout; of the four photos of mine used, one is an accent and three are the main month photos. May, June, and July. (This makes sense: it is easier for me to go to the Gardens in the summer months due to the later hours, as well as more tempting, so more of my photos are from that season. That was even truer in the past than it is now.)

The calendar has haiku for some months. And it is GORGEOUS. This calendar is absolutely GORGEOUS. I am so pleased to have my photos in it!

And while I was up there I got some more photos. With luck, when I transfer them over and look, some of them will also be good. *grins*

So yes, I am just a wee bit hyper tonight, I am. :)
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Sunday, April 15th, 2007 11:11 am
When I was at the Gardens on Friday, I did not take very many photographs. It was one of those moments that does not feel like it can be captured in a photograph, when too many things felt or heard but not seen play a part in the totality, and when, for that matter, the moment and the things around you are so vividly there that to put a camera between you and it would be to lessen the experience. (The camera almost always enhances it for me, by helping me look deeper, or has no effect - but in this case, not so much so. It was one of those endless long moments when I was just there, wholly there, and didn't really care to step back enough to frame pictures.)

I took a few photographs, mostly when the mood broke or for a few other reasons. And I sat and wrote, on a bench by a little waterfall.

What I wrote )


After I wrote that I continued up to the Pavillion, where I did take some photos as they are remodelling it - new wood, mostly, but also replacing the stone stairs that faced toward the entrance gate with wooden ones. Inside was the doll exhibit, which I wandered through but took no photos of. It felt a little disrespectful to do so, which is why I put the camera away as I entered (though there was no sign saying not to), but also once I was inside, I did not find the dolls all that interesting or attractive, so I soon wandered back out.

The pictures I did take and upload:
Pond in the strolling pond garden - near the iris beds.
Waterfall pond in the strolling pond garden - other end of the iris beds, with a nice framing (my opinion!) of the lantern.
And the front and back (new steps) of the reworked pavillion.
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Friday, April 13th, 2007 10:26 pm
Today, I: did a load of laundry, moved boxes around in the garage and marked them so we wouldn't have to stop and evaluate while loading them, did a load of dishes, took a carload of boxes to the storage facility (I mostly wanted to bring by the tarp for the floor, but why not bring a load with?), went to the Japanese Garden and walked up the hill (only to notice the shuttle was running as it went down when I was halfway up, but I usually don't take it) and walked through the gardens, went to Powell's (no real bearing on the reason for this post, but hey, I did - and found the print copy of the Anna Quindlen book I was looking for, which is a collection of journalistic essays, in the self-help section - only found it because the computer told me where they were), stopped to get gas for the car (on the grounds that actually having the fuel to arrive where you intend is a good thing), visited tax advisor to sort out one last issue (related to my parents' last filing, not my taxes), went through the post office (entered, observed line, departed - not an urgent errand), stopped at the library, came home. That was all well and good, however, I then wanted to wash the blankets and sheets from the bed. So I did so. However, having stripped the bed, I noticed that the cover (used because this one helps reduce dust and other allergen fun) was seriously ragged - so much so I could reach through shreds to the mattress. Thus, off to buy a new cover. Then pull off this one (they go all the way around, this is fun) and put on the new one (see previous, this is really fun), then put the clean sheets on, and blanket.

Why will tomorrow be interesting? Simple: the boxes in the garage, the boxes to the storage center, the gardens, the replacement of the bed cover. Lots of exercise. My legs in particular are feeling it now. Tomorrow? Tomorrow we make trips to bring stuff from my parents' house to the storage place and our house, and from our house to the storage place. This will be interesting. (Shouldn't be too bad, based on how it feels, but in retrospect I perhaps overdid it given the plans for tomorrow, even so.)

I did say I wanted to exercise more, though. I suppose it might just as well be useful exercise as not, when the opportunity presents itself.
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Sunday, March 18th, 2007 10:08 pm
Besides posting memes and linking news on product recalls, I spent a fair bit of time at my parents' house this weekend. Scott came out with me and we got a bunch of stuff boxed up. I'm not even going to try to assess most of the books right now - just bring them over. Any I don't end up wanting, I can sell to Powell's then, after all. That's not an applicable strategy for a lot of the items but for the books it was silly to try to go through them out there and put them in a keep or no-keep pile.

Other things I found today:
  • Yet more stuff on genealogy as a profession. Someone - I think Jon, but I'm not sure - said they were surprised Dad retired as early as he did. I wasn't - I knew there was a lot to do fixing up that house, and I knew that he wanted some time to enjoy what he'd done and earned (and I'm glad he got that), and I knew he was still into genealogy. I hadn't realized he'd been looking at it as a possible second career, though. And perhaps he wasn't; perhaps the books and such on that topic were there because they had other information he wanted. But it seems he may have been - I can see him enjoying that.
  • Two boxes sent to him by Uncle Jim, full of photographs and/or negatives. I think the place that did the scanning may be seeing me again.... (I've found a couple more of mine that weren't in the original set to them too, come to that, around our place.)
  • Two black-and-white images labelled as being Crater Lake, and done by Jon Howell (hi, Jon!).
  • An old binder for "household projects" - it doesn't have the more recent projects in it, but it looks like this dates back to when the new barn was going in. The new barn is probably 25 years old or so, now. I'm not sure how far forward of it the projects go, but not far. But what made me smile and cry a little is that it has a front and back 'cover' of graph paper slipped in - with little cartoons about planning things out on it. In my very young handwriting and style. I don't remember doing that at all, but....
  • The aerial photograph of the house at Ribbon Ridge, taken back when we still had the Maverick - so between 1980 and 1987 at a guess - probably earlier rather than later. It's lovely, and yes, this is the home I remember. It's matted, but not framed - I think I may get it framed and hang it, as I would like to have it up, as long as Scott is okay with it being about somewhere. It's pretty, and while I can't go back to that house - the house as it is in that photo hasn't existed in years, really - I can bring it to me, and that's comforting and sweet.
I forgot to mention, last weekend, I found a shirt I'd made. Probably intended for Dad since it was made from one of his old undershirts. It's all shredded and ripped and cut (sure hope I got one from the rag-bag, and permission!) and says something (I can check later) about "I visited Mt. St. Helens...May 1, 1980!" So depending on how soon after I made that, I was probably 5, maybe 6. It's not well-done, it's a cute idea but the rips and cuts were way overdone...but for that age, who's surprised? What astonishes and touches me is that Daddy had it in his dresser, after all these years. Tucked away back, yes, as things that you don't actually use tend to end up, but still in his dresser. I didn't even remember it existed. I still don't remember it - I know it now, but I don't remember doing it then.

I'm on call for work next week. I'm frustrated by that, because I can't be out at the house getting things done all next weekend (but Scott is going to go out), at least not easily. But I'm also grateful, because it's so hard to do this. I need to, not just for the legalities but for what I'm finding. It's sweet. And it hurts, sometimes, yes. Sometimes because it's sweet. It reminds me how much I've lost - how much we've all lost, who knew my parents.

Scott rocks. We now have a shelf unit up in the garage to hold some stuff, that should help a bit. I put the whole thing together (he probably would have, if I'd asked, but I enjoy that and I'm kinda pleased by how well I can get these particular ones together), and he attached it to the wall (Laura is not so fond of this process right now, not sure why, and power tools used even with my shoulders or so - due to our stepladder and my height, that's the best I can do - are not my idea of fun, though they probably ARE good exercise for my arm muscles, I suppose...). Also, he put up the coat hooks by the front door this weekend. And the key hooks sometime in the last couple weeks.

I fell today, but only in the mud. The one casualty (at most) was the knee of my jeans, and that's only if the mud stains (but mud does like to do that, I know). I hope it doesn't; I like the jeans; but if it does, oh well. They're well-worn, so if it doesn't come out and they're work-around-the-house-only jeans in the future, so be it. I did scrape my knee a tiny bit, but no skin broken (though I washed with betadine just in case - yeah, I know, but it reassures me). I may have bruised it, but if so, not bad. (Can't tell by looking, being as it's stained orange thanks to my over-caution. ;)

I haven't gotten more of the scanned pictures prepped and up, unfortunately. But I did take photos of my visit to the Japanese Gardens on Friday. It was lovely, very soothing and peaceful, and I think the pictures also captured at least some of that, though they couldn't get the cool breeze, the quiet of the place, the gentle chatter of the water, the bird calls soaring tree to tree. And the photos are up at Flickr, or rather some are. I am uploading a total of 38. They should end up at this spot unless, of course, the uploads take longer than to midnight. (Edit: they did take over the night, though only three went up on the 19th; those are at this spot, oryou can get to them at the time of this post by clicking on my photostream or clicking here to see the most recent uploads, regardless of date. (Obviously that won't be the best path once I upload more, but for now.)

I'm trying the new Vertigo layout for my browsing the LJ site. So far, I like it - quite a bit better than Horizon. I think the name is dorky, especially as I find it less disorienting than the horizontal layout, but I really don't care much about the name if it works! :)
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Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 09:47 pm
I got my copy of the paper my photo was in. First: WOW. They put it at 2/3 the width of the page - and top center. The visit-this-place-soundbite about the Garden occupies less page space than my photo. Which is, of course, credited properly, even. This is so cool. (It's a local, free paper - not quite as good as being in the Oregonian but it appears to be high quality and it's available freaking everywhere, so....)

On the same page as that, near the bottom, was a blurb on a local shop with...unusual...bath bombs and such. It's not the scents that make me stare. It's the SHAPES. Check them out at

I stare. It's that simple, I stare. (And I'm tempted to buy something just because they're neat unusual, but I already have too many bath products I need to use, and I suspect I'd be reluctant to use these because they look neat....)
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Tuesday, March 6th, 2007 08:51 pm
Hey Laura,

I just wanted to let you know we submitted a photo you took of the weeping cherry @ the Japanese Garden and it appears in the Friday March 2nd Issue of Portland Tribune, Weekend Life. (Section C, page C9)

Happy Monday!

Of course, I did not read it until this morning, so for me I guess it was happy Tuesday. Hehe. The paper was already off racks, but I have a copy on the way, so I can see it in context. I'm curious, you know, to see how it looked there.

And pleased.

(And on an unrelated note, the dishwasher has now been fixed and in theory will clean dishes better, and Scott and I played WoW tonight for a while and it was much fun.)
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Sunday, January 7th, 2007 03:22 pm
Today, I have played World of Warcraft with Scott in two separate sessions, once questing, once keeping him defended while he worked on the fishing tournament (alas, he was at only 31 when the winner turned in the 40). The laptop is not ideal for this - even with the best settings I could pick for video, it lags a bit in crowds, and worse, after a while it starts to get hot. Poor over-stressed laptop. But it did the job and both times we finished what we were doing and I signed out before it could actually overheat. I think I need to get one of those cooling platforms for it (whether or not I continue to play the game on it), but fitting them in where it goes may be difficult. It hasn't got a lot of clearance to the shelf above.

Spent some time napping in between the two sessions, and some time cuddling the cats. Basta is perfectly content, but Babe is still twitchy and upset around me. Hopefully - probably - just due to the flea treatment, since I'm not aware of anything else I've done that would upset her.

The sky outside is grey and the rain is coming down, heavily enough to almost seem to make a light fog across the area. The stream between us and the pasture next door is chattering away busily as it does in winter and spring (it goes away again in summer), and it's a lovely sound. I remember being drawn to that sound when we moved here, and then so much not hearing it, because the windows were closed - the cost of heating the house, my allergies, etc., etc. Right now the cats are not allowed in the computer room (it's a mess, and any number of things could be damaged that we don't want damaged), so the door is closed. So it tends to get to warm and opening the window is useful. And my allergies are better and it is, in any case, winter and unlikely to trigger many of them.

I think I need to find a landscape designer in our area. Our landscaper will not do design services, so I was going to design the backyard by myself, basically with our landscaper supplying a "that would be a dumb idea because of X" reality check (which he had agreed he could do). Bluntly, I wasn't getting much done before Mom's illness was diagnosed, and I am still not getting much done. I know approximately what I want to accomplish, what I want it to feel like, the plants I love and want to incorporate somewhere. But in order to really design it out, I would need to do a lot of research, and I would also need to get a good graph of our back yard. I can do all that! But I have other things that I really want to do more, and in some cases need to do more. So I want to find a professional and find out what it would cost me to pass that part to them and just approve it (or not). If it is not too expensive, it makes more sense than trying to do it myself.

I guess this proves I don't have Dad's tendency to do-it-yourself and tinker. I do sometimes, but when there is too much to be done, I would rather get the things done that I want finished (and I really want that back yard to be more than bark mulch and little blackberry shoots from the roots that are holding the soil together). Even if that means I don't do it myself - oh well. Dad enjoyed the process, and the learning, and the exploring, and I don't think he got too frustrated waiting until he had all the pieces. I learned more from Mom - she sometimes commented that we were "camping out" at the house, though I think she also loved the Ridge - but she would have liked to have the siding, roof, heat pump, new well, interior redone, etc., sometime a bit sooner than 20+ years after we moved in, I think. There are a lot of things I can let go of and that can wait until we get to them. It's not super-critical that we get the curtains up in the computer room; I'd like to, but if the rod stays where it is until we get around to it, that's fine. The back yard is somewhere in the middle - I really want it done, but at the same time, if it's too much trouble or expense to get it done, it can sit until I find time to design it. So we'll see.

I'm as good as my Dad was at procrastinating on things, especially low-priority projects. But I hit a point of frustration with the medium or high priority ones where I need to do something, and if that means changing the project so that it takes less energy, focus, or knowledge from me - so be it. Within reason, and as long as I still think the end result is going where I want it.

I haven't taken a photograph yet today. I will have to work on that. As well as on eating better, since I just realized I've had breakfast foods and snacks all day, and it's after 3! So much for eating a good lunch. I'd better have a healthy dinner - or a late lunch - or both. Ah well. At least I'm eating, now to make it a better balance of things that are good for me, compared to those that are just snacks or sweets.

No trip to the Gardens today. I want to cocoon and stay at home, and the Gardens will in any case close in 40 minutes since they are still on winter hours. I am thinking perhaps one day next weekend I can go to the Gardens, if I am in the mood then. Next weekend is a four-day weekend for me, anyway. (We get Martin Luther King Junior's birthday as a holiday on Monday, and then I have Tuesday off since it is my birthday.) I fully expect to spend my birthday installing the new World of Warcraft supplement, Burning Crusade, which is due out that day, and then checking it out. I hope that I get to - if they are not in, or are sold out, I will be sad. Ah well, I'll get it eventually in any case!