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Saturday, September 6th, 2014 12:18 pm
It's very easy to never have enough time - anyone who lives in this day and age, parent or not, knows that. There is always something that needs to be done around the house; something extra you could do at work; some obligation you've stepped into and need to step up to.

This week, Drew started kindergarten. They started half the kids Tuesday, half Wednesday, then everyone was in on Thursday - so Drew had Wednesday off.

I took Wednesday off work, and I chose to have time. It was hard, actually. I wanted to get laundry done; that didn't happen until Wednesday night, and only one load. I wanted to clean the house - well, hopefully the gaming group (which is used to clutter anyway; our house is never truly clean) will forgive me that the clutter was worse than normal. Irritatingly, I failed to wrap a birthday present (although it was still delivered to the recipient, who seemed to like it).

What did I do instead? I made _memories_. I puttered about a bit in the morning while Drew watched a couple short videos, but after that we went to the Children's Museum - for longer than we normally do. He played outside in the water quite a lot. He played at the train table, and in the forest hallway, and he laughed and he grinned and he was friendly with and kind to random kids younger than him. He was, in short, happy and awesome. We ate lunch there (almost never do I do that: it's a decent cafe, but _really spendy_, because captive audience). Then we played some more.

We left, and we went grocery shopping. Drew did not think that was awesome, but we really needed some stuff, and our day needed some reality.

After that? We packed up and went to the water park, where he ran happily through the fountains and down the streams and had a grand time. He got too cold, so we got him dried off and dressed and went to the playground nearby, where he ran and played and was friendly with a girl about Ian's age (he basically treated her like Ian, and she responded by refusing to do what she didn't want to, which is what Ian does, so everyone was pleased, more or less), and went on the slide about a bazillion times, and ran around like crazy.

And then we went and picked Ian up from day care, and had dinner, and all that stuff.

I remember the joy on his face. I remember the laughter. I remember walking through the park in the warm but not sweltering air and the incredibly blue sky and the trees and the light breeze ruffling the leaves. I remember the water reflecting the sun in two very different play areas. I remember Drew standing in a hole in the middle of the train table that's supposed to be - when it has its inset - a lake. I remember *contentment*.

All too often, I get harried and hurried and I forget to make time, to choose to have time.

Wednesday was awesome.
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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 05:55 pm
I hesitate to share this, given what it says about my house, but enh. It's hilarious.

Friday, we cleaned the laundry room, including sweeping and scrubbing the floor. That room has a kitty litter box, and their food and water, besides the laundry stuff.

Tonight Ian helped me move a load of laundry to the dryer. But only after stopping two steps into the room to exclaim "The floor is gone!"
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Sunday, June 1st, 2014 06:33 pm
But I sort of did. Sorry about that. I've been reading, and commenting, intermittently - but not very reliably. I have been a bit overcommitted, though mostly getting things done and enjoying it.

Anyway, a quick update on key points. Since the beginning of the year:
  • I've been eating better and exercising more. I've improved my stamina and lost some weight. And I am mostly pleased but _slightly_ annoyed because I now need to shop for a smaller swimsuit, and swimsuit shopping is not my idea of fun.
  • Drew and Ian have been in swim lessons. Both are now enjoying their time in the water. Ian swims well with floaties and flippers; Drew swims decently without. But most of all, they're enjoying it, and I loved swimming when I was little, so that's precious to me.
  • My job continues, and is good, but there's not much changed there in terms of what goes on. I got a good review, which I'm always happy for.
  • We continue to play roleplaying games weekly. I'm trying to negotiate a shift of days so the boys aren't staying up late nights before school.
  • Drew starts kindergarten in the fall! Where does the time go? He is so pleased. And I think he's in good shape to start - he can count to 40, he can identify, write, and recite the alphabet (in and out of order), he can write his name, etc. I've been to the parent meeting, and I like the people and the school (which in general doesn't surprise me: our local schools are very good; but it's nice to find your observations match with others').
  • I am still finding time for reading, and for the record, Michelle Sagara's _Silence_ is excellent and also a very hard read. And the Wearing the Cape series continues to be really fun reading.
  • I may be a little too fond of bullet points.
  • Ian likes shrimp! Yes, I totally consider that an accomplishment on my part.

...yeah, I still exist. I'm not sure any of that is all that interesting, but there it is.

I am still thinking of things I'm grateful for daily. I'm not posting them any more. It hurt an acquaintance who thought I was more active on Twitter than I was and became upset that I didn't read all of the hundreds of messages posted to my Twitter feed every day, and I feel bad about that, but also ... as much fun as they were, I'm not sure they had much substance. So, that also means I'm not cross-posting them.

Today was Fun in the Park in Wilsonville! It was a good time. There was a racing group/museum/whatever there with a kid racer car that the kids could sit in. Drew got his photo taken in it. They can race starting at 8 and it can go up to 90 mph. O.o Uh, no. Thanks. Yikes. I enjoyed the art, but I enjoyed the people-watching and the kids - the water features were on for the first time this weekend - even more. And the food. (Pork/cranberry and beef/raising empanadas. Hmm. And shoestring fries made fresh from a whole potato while you watched. Neat. So there's that.

Some guy was walking his two little dogs and paying so little attention he didn't notice one lifting its leg on a vendor's display panel. The vendor did and was NOT amused. I can't fault her. Luckily, her art was on display above that little dog's height - but the panel still got peed on, and I don't imagine she needed that in her day. :|
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Friday, January 6th, 2012 07:22 pm
...and he snores or murmurs while you have it turned on and vibrating, well, he just might sound like a tribble (link is a 10-second mp3).
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Friday, January 6th, 2012 05:43 pm
I have a little ten-second clip of vibrating baby snore/sighs, tribble baby style. However, I don't maintain my own web site or servers, and have no idea where or how I could upload it. (Well, a few searches turned up a pay site, but I think $5/month is a bit much to pay for something I almost never do....) Anyone know a place to do this that I am not aware of? (It wouldn't be hard....)

Alas. I sent a copy to Aunt Julia, though, and she replied about how cute they were, so. :)

Thanks to [ profile] nt for reminding me that Dropbox has a public folder. I'll get the file up in a bit.
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Friday, January 6th, 2012 02:38 pm
So, Ian fell asleep. He's in the bouncy chair next to me at my desk. Scott was in the gaming room about 10 steps away, if that. But I wanted to tell him something *without* leaving Ian alone *and* without being noisy to wake Ian. So rather than simply calling out, or walking over, I texted him.

Whereupon there was a VERY LOUD chime from behind me. His iPhone was charging at his desk, and on max ringer volume. Ian was not at all disturbed by the chime OR by the ensuing laughter as I explained to Scott what happened.
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Thursday, December 29th, 2011 03:37 pm
The first part is cadging from my Twitter feed, because it's there. Cut here because some have already seen this on Twitter or Facebook, repetition is no one's friend )

Not cadged from the Twitter feed: we went to John & Julia's for Christmas dinner and had a lovely time. The food (prime rib for the main dish) was delicious, but more importantly the company was lovely!

Drew, having smacked his forehead into a doorknob at home the day before, managed to whack himself (in another part of the forehead, fortunately, not the same one) on something else, then caught his toe in a door and gave himself a very small owwie that way. Poor kid. He had a small-scale war with doors for the holiday, apparently. On the other hand, he sustained no major injuries - only the first injury even resulted in our needing to be careful of a tender patch much after it happened. (He had a good 1" bruise from it - it would have been smaller but he fought icing it, so it didn't get iced. Still visible, no longer sore as far as I'm aware.)

Drew has held Ian on his lap a couple times and is very sweet and gentle with him, but you have to position Ian carefully as "support the head" is not something Drew entirely gets OR can entirely do (dude, that head is heavy!). Drew has also appointed himself to help Daddy with diaper changes (Daddy gets the help because he does most of the diaper changes, it's not like Drew is shutting Mommy out here! :), by handing him diapers and wipes. He gets mad if Daddy gets his own diaper. Too. Cute.

My Christmas cards arrived. Well, most of them. I didn't do the address-confirmation step this year - I lacked time - and I've had at least one bounce because of that. (And another got forwarded for me, whew!)

Now I just need to do the thank you cards. Ooof. I VERY MUCH need to do the thank you cards.
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Saturday, December 10th, 2011 08:52 am
Last night, Ian was VERY fussy. Understandably. We had to go by my OB's office to get some paperwork finished (you know, the paperwork that my company needs to fully handle my leave...the bits the doctor has to fill out). That's been sent in now, at least.

Then from there we went to the mall because Scott's contract on his phone was done and he could upgrade. Since his phone (long out of warranty) has decided that "reception" is an optional feature, this was really NOT an option. Had we not been within a few weeks of the upgrade when it started the worst of its flakiness, we'd have had to buy a cheap phone of some sort to tide him over; as it was, it was really annoying. (The problem was mainly inbound calls - he could usually call out fine, and data was almost always okay, but the darned thing just didn't bother to ring or register missed calls. I learned to text when he didn't answer, and roll my eyes at his phone.) Anyway, we made it our Christmas present to ourselves and both have shiny new iPhone 4S's. I really wanted one for some of the improved features, though my previous phone was still working.

In any case, it was a LONG trip out for an Ianling, and he slept through it. Partially unfortunate, because when he woke up when we got home he was MOST unhappy to have not been fed sooner (he was not past a reasonable time frame given his age, though he was close to it and clearly past what HE considered reasonable. Apparently the car rides were too soothing - not entirely a surprise. It made him a bit frantic through the evening and up to midnight, so I kind of expected the whole night to be a sleepless, miserable blur.

It wasn't. After the midnight feeding, he appeared to calm down substantially and resume his general trust that, yes, we are responding to him and his needs will be met. He woke a reasonable number of times to eat (and get his diaper changed, not that he appreciated that part), and slept well. Which meant WE slept well, for parents of a baby.

Drew took a while to settle down, time he spent with Scott on the couch in the family room, but once he came to bed with us he slept well (and right through Ian's various wakings, mostly). At one point, Scott put Ian back in his crib after a feeding and Drew rolled over until he was snuggled against me, draped an arm over my neck and tucked his head under my chin. So. SWEET. And yes, I know he was also looking for reassurance that he's still mine and I'm still his too, but it was still so sweet to have him snuggled there. Made more so by the fact that, as Ian was sleeping, I *could* cuddle Drew and give him that wordless reassurance.

I wish I thought it would go this perfectly from here on out, but I will for the moment be very happy that days/nights like this are possible.

Also, happy that the paperwork and phones are sorted. We do have to do grocery shopping, but that's a lot shorter/easier trip to manage. Other than that, and an afternoon appointment with our financial adviser, next week is wide open and lazy. We'll probably drop by day care some time to show them Ian and do his paperwork for when he starts next year. They have the slot held, and only need it sometime "a few weeks" before, but this way both Scott and I can go. If I wait until he goes back to work (which is sooner than I do), he won't get to enjoy the initial showing-off of the Ian. :)
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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 09:08 pm

While handling an awkward position shift of a limply sleeping newborn:

"Do you have the head?"
"Ok, if you have the head, I have the rest of the baby."
Pause, as we just look at each other.
"...that sounded so wrong."

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 09:43 am

Welcome to office, Mr. President. We elected you with hope. Please do your best to live up to our hopes, to clean up what needs it and to leave well enough alone when that is needed. You can't do this without us - from Congress on down - also trying and I hope we remember that. I hope you do also; you will need to work for consensus and compromise.

I have a little baby, not yet two weeks old, on my lap. He's a bundle of innocent potential and what he's thinking I don't know yet. I know it's my responsibility to nurture him and help him learn to deal with and find a place in the world tho. There are a lot of little ones not unlike him in our country. Please do your best by them, as far as your contributions to shaping the world they'll grow up in.

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Friday, December 26th, 2008 01:12 pm
Tired of these posts yet? They should taper off soon. Not supposed to go below freezing again where we are, and warming plus rain should clear this off by the end of the weekend. Right now, the freeways/highways are reported clear, as are the main roads. The neighborhood and side streets, however...well, 6-12 inches of snow (at the valley floor; more above) takes a while to melt off, and right now we're above freezing but not enough; the weekend will do more. The neighborhood streets are a slushy snowy mess, more slippery than straight snow would be (not sure how it compares with ice, don't want to know, glad we're not expecting a re-freeze). So I am still at home but now have some strong hope that by Monday it will be easy to get out. I hope so. I'd like to actually keep my appointment on Tuesday. The snow is so pretty and if I could keep it on just the lawns/pastures/trees/etc. and get it OFF the roads and sidewalks and roofs (people are having them collapse, that's not a good thing either), I would be so happy. But I'd rather see it go away entirely than hang around on everything. Thanks, lovely snowstorm, had a white Christmas, appreciate the gift, please now take it away because I think we've had enough. ;)

I'm waiting for the cloth diapers to arrive, somewhat twitchily at this point. NOT the fault of the place that sells them, or really ANYONE. Their route to me involved Spokane, WA and Hermiston, OR. *sighs* Normally they'd go through those two on the same day or two consecutive days, show up in Tualatin, and be out for delivery the day after at worst (usually 2 days, sometimes 3, total). Instead, they spent...about a week in Spokane and Hermiston combined. *sigh* Gotta love the weather. As of today they're in Tualatin, which means they may get delivered today, or it may be as late as Monday. It's not likely to be longer. There was a UPS truck on my street just a little bit ago, but he left without delivering anything here - so I don't know if they made it onto a truck (maybe just not that one) or not. That's okay. At least they're close. They shipped on the 16th, so if it weren't for the weather, this would have me complaining about service. As it is, it's ridiculous, but funny ridiculous.

I'm just glad it wasn't something else, like a perishable order of fruit or the like (remembering the days of our ill-considered and actually somewhat annoying Harry & David shipments).
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Friday, October 24th, 2008 07:10 pm
I edited the post that links to the wish list to note (in item #10) how to mark items as being something you're providing, since I realized not everyone may know how to use that site or want to dig through the help. Sorry about that omission! Please do mark anything you send (other than books) if it's from the list, that way others know it's been done. :) Thanks. (And again, please don't feel obligated to send anything. Good wishes are always welcome, too, but I think we've gotten lots of those already. *grins*)
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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 09:31 pm
Today was very productive. Got a lot done at work, overall. Came home, got some more cleaning done in what will be the nursery (we kinda have to get the clutter, and the old computer room furniture, out before we can actually use it as such...getting closer day by day though). Did a load of laundry. Let Ray loose to play. He is a very demanding kitty sometimes, he wanted me to hold him and play with him, but after he figured out I was going to be a slug he decided to entertain himself with the cat toys instead and now seems quite content. Apple is nowhere to be seen just this moment, I think she's had it with his exuberance.

I now have buttons for my denim dress that I picked up at the thrift store over the weekend, so I can replace the ones on it now (being as some of them are missing - they're lovely buttons, I'll keep them and maybe be able to use them on something with fewer buttons inna future).

Added an app for LJ to my iPhone. Easier than the web interface by far, but I'm still not sure how much I'll use it. It was free, though.

Now I go to bed, because hi, tired.
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Sunday, October 12th, 2008 07:05 pm
Finally, we have a wish list up. It's not complete, in that I expect to add items over time (there are a few things I know I will want/need, but I want to be particular about and don't know enough yet). Doesn't matter, because it's mostly there to give ideas to people who want to give stuff. THIS IS NOT A PLEA FOR GIFTS. This is an offering of "things what would be nice to have if you want to give a gift." Please don't feel obligated.

The wish list is at, which lets you wishlist items from multiple sites or with no site at all, but has a bad feature as far as description - it's limited to 250 characters. We ALL know I'm too talky to fit in 250 characters, so I put up a backdated post with notes. Please have a look at it.

For relatives, note that the post also includes a separate gift request that I would really, really, REALLY appreciate even if it's all you send. :) Thanks!

The post:
The wish list:
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Friday, August 29th, 2008 10:53 am
It's a boy!

(Also official: I love having first appointment of the day, they got me in to the ultrasound on time, and in to the rest of the appointment early. Yay!)
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Friday, August 1st, 2008 12:00 pm
This is the description for our wish-list for our son, Drew, because the wish-list site doesn't leave a lot of room (250 characters) for the description! The wish list can be found here:

First, if you are a relative, there is one gift I really deeply want from each of you, as long as you feel comfortable providing it. I'd like a note, drawing/art, well-wish, or the like, no larger than 8x10 and as small as allows you the space you need to express it. These should be addressed to our son by name (Drew, or Andrew) if addressed. There are a number of companies - one of which I'm planning to use - that will take these, scan them, print them on fabric, and turn the result into a quilt. Hopefully we'll also be able to put together a scrap book of them after they've been scanned for the quilt. (As small as allows you the space you need because there are so many of you - if it's one 8x10 sheet for every person in our family, this will be an area rug, not a quilt. *grins* But use as much space as you need or want. The 8x10 limit is based on the requirements of the company that does it, and not flexible, though; they prefer to reproduce at original size.) If we could get these (or a note that you intend to send one) by the end of the year, that would be great. (I won't have the quilt for him when he's first born, but I doubt he'll remember that anyway. *grins*)

The notes:

1) Most importantly, this is not a request to give us stuff. It's a suggestion that if you want to give us stuff, here are things we could use, and here are notes about what others have given that we maybe don't need. Please, please do not buy because you think we're holding our hands out or need it - and if you have something you want to give and really love the idea, and it's not on the list, that works too. This is just an attempt to give ideas to people who aren't sure what we might want, and what we might already have, and to try to keep from getting (for example) 40 newborn onesies. (Although I must admit, the image of being buried in a blizzard of infant clothing is kind of funny.) You may want to check the "don't want" items at the bottom of the list if sending something off-list, though. (Thanks to the way the list is structured, they are at the very bottom of the last page marked with a priority of 5 - do not want - rather than on their own list.) While we'll appreciate the thought if you send those, we may not use them.

2) If the list links to a specific brand or type, unless the description on the list entry for that item says otherwise, we really want that particular item. Generic items can be whatever brand or type you like. You DO NOT need to buy specific items from the retailer we link to - it's just where we found and listed it. We're interested in the items, not which store sells them.

3) Please, if you do get something from the list, mark it as such so others know. (For entries that request multiple items, the site will let you say how many you got, so you don't have to get all the shirts we asked for just because you want to provide one, for example!)

4) Please don't get us anything that would represent a hardship to you. Seriously, see #1.

5) The larger needed items will likely be cleared from the list by mid-November if no one gets them. These are things we really have to get in advance, and are half on the list just to keep me thinking of them.

6) For clothes (and hats), please, no wool. I realize he's due in winter, but please avoid wool. It's too easily scratchy and, since I'm sensitive to lanolin, there may be an allergy component there.

7) I've been asked what our "theme" for the nursery is. Answer: we haven't picked one. I'm not sure we will. Themes strike me as cutesy and neat - and worse, hard to maintain in the face of actually caring for a child. That said, I am leaning toward a blue-green color in my mind, mostly because I figure we'll get blues whether we want them or not, and I prefer to avoid straight blue or (especially) straight pastel blue.

8) Since we're not asking for stuff unless there's something you want to give, I don't expect gift cards. But if you do, stores we have in the area that might be useful include Powell's (books), Target, Fred Meyer's, and Costco. We also have a Babies R Us that I find more overwhelming than helpful, but it is in the area and I'm sure we could find something. There's also a Walmart, and Woodburn Company stores has babies/kids' clothing though not much else, though those two are a bit more of a drive.

9) If you need our address and don't have it, you can contact myself or [ profile] terram here on LJ, or me via kyrielle at livejournal dot com (translated appropriately).

10) If you want to mark something on the list as having been bought, "view/buy this item" will let you do so while buying from the vendor linked, but "offline reservation" will let you say you bought it with no requirement as to where you bought it. Please do mark things that you buy, it helps others. (The exception being, as noted on that item, the books - because I didn't want to set a limit on books or specify individual books. There's too many wonderful choices, if you want to go that route.)

Edited to add: comments to this post are (now) screened, so if you comment here with an email address or other form of contact to supply you with the address, it won't be public. Note that I won't reply to comments here with my address (since I'd have to leave those unscreened to be sure those without notifications got them).

[This post back-dated since it's mostly intended to be linked from the wish list.]