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Saturday, January 17th, 2015 03:17 pm
Yesterday, I turned 40. Scott helped me celebrate by not telling our friends (who were over for our usual gaming night), keeping it low key, and getting me the DSLR I've been coveting for over a year.

I took it to the Japanese Garden yesterday (he gave it to me a bit in advance) and shot some photos with both the standard and telephoto lenses. Mother Nature gave me the only sun-break forecast for this weekend in the afternoon, meaning the telephoto lens was *useful* (for more than pictures of cloud and fog).

I was totally lazy and uploaded the JPG images exactly as they came out of the camera instead of processing the raw files and all that.

Two preview images, my favorite two )
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Monday, July 16th, 2012 08:41 am
Um. I may have let these go too long. On the other hand, seeing a two-month span, I'm struck by two things:

1. More days with more than one gratitude posted/sent. This is becoming a habit of thinking - yay!

2. Ian has progressed from an itty bitty baby who needed support to sit, to sitting unassisted, to pushing himself to sitting. From struggling to commando-crawl (and failing) to crawling, to (just this weekend) pulling himself to *standing*. From eating no table food to eating a wide variety of foods.

May 21-31 )

June )

July 1-16 )
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Thursday, December 29th, 2011 03:37 pm
The first part is cadging from my Twitter feed, because it's there. Cut here because some have already seen this on Twitter or Facebook, repetition is no one's friend )

Not cadged from the Twitter feed: we went to John & Julia's for Christmas dinner and had a lovely time. The food (prime rib for the main dish) was delicious, but more importantly the company was lovely!

Drew, having smacked his forehead into a doorknob at home the day before, managed to whack himself (in another part of the forehead, fortunately, not the same one) on something else, then caught his toe in a door and gave himself a very small owwie that way. Poor kid. He had a small-scale war with doors for the holiday, apparently. On the other hand, he sustained no major injuries - only the first injury even resulted in our needing to be careful of a tender patch much after it happened. (He had a good 1" bruise from it - it would have been smaller but he fought icing it, so it didn't get iced. Still visible, no longer sore as far as I'm aware.)

Drew has held Ian on his lap a couple times and is very sweet and gentle with him, but you have to position Ian carefully as "support the head" is not something Drew entirely gets OR can entirely do (dude, that head is heavy!). Drew has also appointed himself to help Daddy with diaper changes (Daddy gets the help because he does most of the diaper changes, it's not like Drew is shutting Mommy out here! :), by handing him diapers and wipes. He gets mad if Daddy gets his own diaper. Too. Cute.

My Christmas cards arrived. Well, most of them. I didn't do the address-confirmation step this year - I lacked time - and I've had at least one bounce because of that. (And another got forwarded for me, whew!)

Now I just need to do the thank you cards. Ooof. I VERY MUCH need to do the thank you cards.
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Thursday, November 24th, 2011 09:08 am
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday.

Things I'm thankful for at this moment:
  • Ian, who is waiting his time to arrive but is happily anticipated.
  • Drew, who is presently "bowling" in our living room (which involves a small toy ball, 3-5 empty plastic bottles, and the living room table). Extra points for the fact that he pulled a well-sealed sippy out and set it aside, saying, "It has water in it." Yes it does, and thank you.
  • A warm, comfortable home.
  • The internet.
  • All of you. Yes, you.
  • A leisurely day, in which I can laze about.
  • Good food. I admit that rotisserie chicken from the grocery is not the same as turkey, but it is close enough that we'll have a decent Thanksgiving-like dinner. Minus the pie, because there weren't any sugar-free, and if I bought pie I would eat it. Heh.
  • My life has all sorts of minor little irritations, discomforts, and need for extra rest right now. I am so very thankful that those are all it contains, and that almost all of them (other than the cat kneading his claws in the back of my knee this morning, ow!) are attributable to pregnancy and most should get better after Ian arrives (not so much the 'extra rest' but it will at least be slightly different).

It feels weird to be thankful for the annoyances, but when I look at what others are dealing with? I'm incredibly grateful that the annoyances are all I have - and that I have the energy and focus to care about such relatively minor things.

I am thankful most days, really - but many I don't articulate it to myself, and certainly never write it up. So I'm kind of glad to have a day with a name that reminds me to consider these things.

I am wistful for not seeing Aunt Julia & Uncle John and their family and guests this year for Thanksgiving. But I don't think driving an hour+ from home today would be all that wise a choice, nor would it have been any wiser if Ian were here and just a few days old. I've been going through my pictures from last year's Thanksgiving, and I think I may open a can of olives for a snack plate later, too, after being reminded of this one where someone (ahem, maybe even me) had introduced Drew to the concept that olives can be placed on fingers and eaten off them: