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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 06:00 pm

Had my ob checkup. Healing fine. See her again at six weeks. And did a weigh in for Drew at same time (diff ofc). He is back to his birth weight!! Big load off my mind. Especially as it shows a good gain over his weight on the same scale Saturday.

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 03:12 pm
It's New Year's Eve. I had to go out to run an unexpected errand (a piece of paper that really had to be signed this year), bu that got done. Meanwhile, both libraries had sent me notices that I had a hold in (I think this is especially rude of the library where I picked a hold up just yesterday; can't they get them all in BEFORE I go? *grins*), so I went ahead and picked those up (one is the same title I just returned to the other library - I'd have canceled the hold except I wanted to reread the sucker so I let it hang out there - I am so bad!). And I stopped at Babies R Us, where we had a gift card to use, and picked up a bunch of the little miscellany that we hadn't gotten yet (and could have bought as-needed, but I'm happier having it all now). Didn't go over the gift card amount, either, and didn't have to skip anything I wanted to get to avoid doing so.

Since I was already out, I swung by the grocery store again, both to pick up a couple items I wanted for my health and because I had a sudden craving for shrimp. I now have shrimp. I'm sure Scott's thrilled. Actually, Scott will not care in the least as long as I do not attempt to feed him any of the shrimp. That works for me....

Home again, where I'm chewing through my miscellaneous things-I'd-like-to-get-done list slowly but surely. (In between bouts of browsing the web just for the heck of it, and positioning my WoW character in Stormwind, where I'll be able to watch the virtual New Year's Eve fireworks, well before midnight. I intend to be in bed when the new year arrives.) Scott came home briefly on the lunch hour to grab his cell phone (he'd forgotten it charging in the kitchen this morning), and also to drop off another gift from one of his coworkers. I swear, people have been so kind to us.

My side is definitely doing better. Leans and position shifts still require a little care but not much - I think I'm back to where I was before the stupidity of Saturday, for the most part. I can once again pick up and carry all my purchases at once without straining it. (Yes, I was careful. Yes, I was prepared to back off. I just didn't need to.) Phew. I did indeed switch to 'take it easy, baby it' mode quickly enough on Saturday. Not that I'm planning to run marathons or anything, but it is so nice to be able to run all the errands I did today (checking in with myself frequently, I promise!) and feel fine at the end of them. I'm not planning to run marathons or exhaust myself, promise, but it's still so nice that that (rather than whatever-the-heck I pulled) is the limiting factor.

All the same, it's about time for a break - and I have these lovely books to go curl up with anyway.... (The reread is Michelle Sagara's Cast in Fury; the new one is Jim Butcher's Princeps' Fury, which finally finally came in. I am filled with GLEE. And reading the Butcher book first, as I only get two weeks with it.)
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Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 12:54 pm
Three weeks ago, my appointment with my OB was hastily replaced with an appointment with someone else in her practice, as she flew out the door to handle an emergency C-section. Everyone was very apologetic, which really, not necessary. Emergency C-sections trump routine appointments, and I'd really rather be the trumped appointment than the woman needing surgery. (And the woman I saw was perfectly nice, and there was nothing I had questions or concerns about anyway.) Two weeks ago, my appointment was canceled due to weather. Last week, my appointment was canceled due to weather. Fortunately, I've been doing quite well, so even though it's toward the end of my pregnancy, it wasn't a big deal. This week, I actually got to keep my appointment! Although, in a fit of irony, she was running slightly late (less than 10 minutes, so it hardly even counts)...she was just back from the hospital, where she'd been performing a C-section. Sheesh. I should note that prior to this month, never had any of my appointments with her been canceled, moved, or affected by anything like this.

All is still well, I'm still right where they want me, and life is boring. I approve of this. Life being boring is good.

Despite having pulled something over my left ribs (which is back down to twinges when I move wrong - note, certain driving motions are "moving wrong"), I was feeling fine, so I stopped by the Tigard library and dropped off a book that was due, plus picked up a hold. Plus, since I already had to go in, a few other books selected more or less at random. Sigh. Book junkie, right here.

Then I did some grocery shopping. We really only needed milk, but I picked up a few things I wanted as well. Especially the bagel sandwich that was what motivated me to stop and get the milk.

And now I'm home again. Online for a bit and then I will rest and read some - our final childbirth class (rescheduled twice due to the aforementioned weather) is now tonight, and if I have to be functional until 9:30 or so (counting driving time to get home) then I really ought to rest between now and when we leave. Easily enough done!
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Friday, December 26th, 2008 01:12 pm
Tired of these posts yet? They should taper off soon. Not supposed to go below freezing again where we are, and warming plus rain should clear this off by the end of the weekend. Right now, the freeways/highways are reported clear, as are the main roads. The neighborhood and side streets, however...well, 6-12 inches of snow (at the valley floor; more above) takes a while to melt off, and right now we're above freezing but not enough; the weekend will do more. The neighborhood streets are a slushy snowy mess, more slippery than straight snow would be (not sure how it compares with ice, don't want to know, glad we're not expecting a re-freeze). So I am still at home but now have some strong hope that by Monday it will be easy to get out. I hope so. I'd like to actually keep my appointment on Tuesday. The snow is so pretty and if I could keep it on just the lawns/pastures/trees/etc. and get it OFF the roads and sidewalks and roofs (people are having them collapse, that's not a good thing either), I would be so happy. But I'd rather see it go away entirely than hang around on everything. Thanks, lovely snowstorm, had a white Christmas, appreciate the gift, please now take it away because I think we've had enough. ;)

I'm waiting for the cloth diapers to arrive, somewhat twitchily at this point. NOT the fault of the place that sells them, or really ANYONE. Their route to me involved Spokane, WA and Hermiston, OR. *sighs* Normally they'd go through those two on the same day or two consecutive days, show up in Tualatin, and be out for delivery the day after at worst (usually 2 days, sometimes 3, total). Instead, they spent...about a week in Spokane and Hermiston combined. *sigh* Gotta love the weather. As of today they're in Tualatin, which means they may get delivered today, or it may be as late as Monday. It's not likely to be longer. There was a UPS truck on my street just a little bit ago, but he left without delivering anything here - so I don't know if they made it onto a truck (maybe just not that one) or not. That's okay. At least they're close. They shipped on the 16th, so if it weren't for the weather, this would have me complaining about service. As it is, it's ridiculous, but funny ridiculous.

I'm just glad it wasn't something else, like a perishable order of fruit or the like (remembering the days of our ill-considered and actually somewhat annoying Harry & David shipments).
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Saturday, December 20th, 2008 12:31 pm
It's been two years [edit: almost] to the day since daddy died, but it's not the anniversary that has me missing him; it's the weather. If it had been this bad two years ago, he wouldn't've tried to go out, I don't think. But more than that: he'd have taken photos. He'd have posted descriptions of what it was like up on the Ridge. At 700 feet, they likely have quite a bit more snow up there than we do down here, as I doubt they saw as much melting through the week.

The post would have been brief, I suspect, at least by my babbling standards. But the snow, the beauty, the cold...and the joy of being snug in a house with all the fuel and warmth and comfort, all the necessary things stockpiled...those would have all been there.

It's moments like this that make me realize how much his daughter - and mother's - I am. Oh, I don't have a woodstove. I have a larger and newer house, yes. I live near town, in a subdivision, and I prefer it that way even though I miss the quiet beauty of the countryside; it's more convenient, and the convenience is worth it to me as it was not to my parents. (Also, I lack the skills to maintain even a small "gentleman's" farm as they did - and the desire and time to learn those skills. I'd love to know how, but not to spend the time learning how.)

But: I am at home, in a warm house, with a pair of fluffy smug cats sprawled around, and my husband. I have a fireplace (admittedly gas, and admittedly not running because it's not needed, but I may turn it on later for the joy of it, for a little bit). I have plenty of food, including food we can eat if the power goes out. And I am watching the snow fall and admiring its beauty, taking photos (probably more than Dad would have, but still). I am as smug as the cats, nearly, because I am snug up in my house and have nowhere to go and nowhere to be but here. I've got laundry running and I put on today's clothing warm from the dryer - Mom's influence, that, if also one of the necessary tasks of day-to-day living.

I am so blessed. I wish I could have had my parents longer, but I am so blessed to have had them, and I am blessed to have the life I have now. I hope Drew will be as lucky - I can do my best, but I can only do what any parent can do (and I'm not sure my best will be as good as my parents' best was, though Scott's, I think, will; he has more patience and calm than I do).

Interestingly, I believe today is also the first day Drew could arrive and be, technically, a term baby. Mind you, he shows no signs of doing so and I don't expect or want him to; but he could. It seems oddly appropriate. Coming this early would be rare, though, especially for a first pregnancy. I'm glad, since the roads are likely not passable right now - and tomorrow, if the ice storm materializes, will be worse. He's better off right where he is for some weeks yet.
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Saturday, December 6th, 2008 02:01 pm
So, my coworkers put on a baby shower for us this morning (and also invited our aunt and a dear family friend who were there). I am completely overwhelmed - it was lovely. It was a brunch shower, and the food was delicious and the cake was gorgeous. And the shower gifts were amazing. Drew is one lucky, lucky little boy. The various onesies, blankets, and gowns are so cute. (This is why I did not want to say "get me exactly X shirt" too much - besides being onerous to the person buying, I never would have seen some of these very cute outfits otherwise. So, so cute.) It was a grand time, and they really didn't have to go to these lengths, and I know they know that. So very sweet of them to do so.
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Thursday, November 27th, 2008 08:38 am
Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate the US Thanksgiving. To those who don't, I hope you are having a good week, and that today brings you something wonderful to be thankful for, regardless of holidays.

I am thankful for, among other things:

You, my friends, family, and readers. You make me laugh, you give me reasons to smile, you share details of your lives with me that are touching. Not just the positive, but the negative also, and the trust implicit in that. Also, many of you give me very good advice, either when I ask for it or when I'm being a complete and obvious dork. :)

My job. I don't like the commute, and like any job it has its frustrating moments. But it's a job - that's a good thing in this economy - and more than that, it's one where I feel I am valued, capable, and contributing something useful to society. Not as directly as some (aid workers, the Red Cross, and the men and women who use software like we produce instead of producing it, for example), but still pretty directly. That's a good feeling.

Healthy baby. He is still doing fine, and that's a wonderful feeling. Though occasionally an odd one, as he is a very squirmy little baby now.

Health care in general, and physical therapy and tape in specific.

Good food and good company - and not having to cook. We're going up to visit our Aunt and Uncle for Thanksgiving dinner, which I'm looking forward to.

The cats. Ray has gotten yelled at twice this morning already, but he's cute, and he purrs and cuddles, and cats are wonderful things. (Ray is now napping, which makes me even more appreciative.) And Apple's just a fluffy, pretty darling. Not as cuddly but just as sweet and wonderful.

Good weather. It's chilly, but it's clear and it's not below freezing. This is good for a holiday when a bunch of people may be driving!

Books. Books are a lovely place to escape to sometimes. (Many thanks to those who write them, also!)

Maple sugar candy. Yes, it's specific. Yes, it's an indulgence. It's the season for that indulgence and I love it.

Last, but definitely not least, Scott ([ profile] terram); I am so blessed to have a husband so wonderful, patient, and supportive.
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Sunday, November 16th, 2008 09:03 pm
Before the week catches up with me and I fail to post for days again at a time.

First, a note for those not aware of it: LJ is moving Tuesday, November 18 (that's this Tuesday) and will be out for 4 hours. That's the plan. I hope they achieve it, rather than being out longer. Check [ profile] lj_maintenance for info. They plan to make another announcement in [ profile] news tomorrow, but that just seems like waiting a bit long to remind/warn people who don't read the maintenance comm.

Speaking of Tuesday, Tuesday is Scott's and my anniversary. We celebrated it today instead, since Tuesday night we'll be in a childbirth class. I'm not sure if the fact that he made me waffles when I asked for them this morning really counts as part of that, but I'm counting it anyway. Tonight he made dinner (hmmm, our anniversary means he does the work? LOL - I just realized this) - spaghetti and garlic bread. And we had a white cake with raspberry frosting. Very tasty. (Okay, actually we split a large piece of such a cake. A whole cake for the two of us would be ... overwhelming.)

Other than that, a laid-back day, a normal day. We played WoW some - our mains are less than 1/4 bubble off of 71, but still not quite there. One more quest would have done it but one more quest also would have done in my ribs, and frankly, a level ain't worth that.

Also this weekend got some paperwork done that needed doing, and updated the wish list again (I keep adding or adjusting as we think of things or learn of them; I believe there's now at least one shower coming up that's referencing the list, and our relatives likely are as well. But I'm not, in case anyone is worrying about that, removing items.)

Recent (past month) reads:
  • Tamora Pierce's Melting Stones. Um. First Pierce book I can actually say I don't like. First, I'm tired of getting bits of the tale of what happened in Yanjing in other books, but no book about it. I assume we'll never see a separate book about it, given the sheer spoileriness of what's been in what's been published. And second, too many things that matter from that tale are too "splat, here's a plot device" in this book without the lead-in of seeing them happen and evolve. And thirdly I don't find the story all that compelling or believable in places. And I don't really sympathize with the main character. And the evolution of the main character over time is wrapped up in a twee little bow at the end. C'mon, Pierce usually writes good books. What is this?
  • Mercedes Lackey's Foundation. Now, I am careful about how I comment on Lackey books here normally because I like Lackey, but I also recognize that she's...not the best quality writer. She's prone to continuity glitches, she's prone to repeating herself and her tropes. I don't mind the latter - she's cotton candy reading - but I know many people do. In this case, I don't think I need to be cautious about giving too rosy a view of the book, however. Because it stank. This is a Valdemar book, set about a year after the founding of the Herald's Collegium, about 50 years after Vanyel's time if I remember right. The main character is an orphan who has worked as an abused mine slave until he is Chosen. It could have been very, very interesting and potentially something I enjoyed a lot. Instead it was trite, badly written, introduced technology and games and foods that are stolen from our world (in most cases not named as such, but still), introduced things that don't make sense with existing continuity and timeline, had the boy's Companion doing things that didn't mesh with how Companions act, had the boy display "a knack" or "a talent" for whatever-the-frick he needed to do (not one or two things, but whatever was needed to move the plot along, with maybe one exception) and develop in ways and degrees that just were not believable even WITH some of the other crap that was going on.... And, oh yeah, it had a lot of subplots but no main plot, unless you count the thing that was sorted out at the end, but it actually didn't really take center stage except at that point and, oh yeah, never really made sense. Kinda like the book....
  • Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, The Phoenix Endangered. Book two of The Enduring Flame. This is the second book in a trilogy. The trilogy is the second in this world. Mallory has co-written every one of them. And I can recommend them with a much better heart than other Lackey-isms because they seem to be well-written and hold their continuity together. I assume the credit goes to the co-author on that regard. That said, this is just a decent book; it's not as spectacular as its premise and setting should make it, but it's a fun read and it's coherent, and there is much to be said for that...especially in contrast to the book I just listed above.

I also read another modern-supernatural-urban-fantasy-thing. But I forget the author and title. It was pretty weak anyway.

I actually got grocery shopping done today! Like, went out and did something. And I wasn't taped, then. I didn't hurt at the end of it, though I admit I was leaning (lightly) on the cart at times because it let me assume a more comfortable posture. It used some energy up to do it, but it was nice to do something useful and normal and get through it after the sluggishness of Friday in particular, and yesterday as well.

I am now taped again as of this evening (now there's a romantic way to spend part of the evening on which you celebrate your anniversary, even if slightly prematurely: taping your wife's back and belly!). Hopefully it will help more now that the tape configuration has changed, and this week will be better than last week.

It's interesting to me, though. For all that the ribs have been a major nuisance, otherwise I think this has been a very easy pregnancy. Yes, I was low-energy in the second trimester when they say you normally gain energy, but that was minor, and my other complaints have likewise been minor. Only now am I starting to really notice the shortness of breath effect and even then, only seldom. (Most common time: going to bed. Why?Because I take the stairs briskly, forgetting that I should slow down more. And even that's not bad, I just end up breathing hard for a little bit.) My sense of balance is still as fine as it ever was (which is to say it's not perfect, but it doesn't seem any worse now that I'm pregnant). Drew kicks a lot, but so far he hasn't kicked anywhere that really hurt except one single time early on. My legs and feet aren't swelling. (I have gotten stretch marks, but enh, whatever.) I am very thankful for this gift.

And on that note, I say g'night. 'Cause part of not overdoing is getting enough sleep.
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Friday, November 14th, 2008 07:59 pm
Last Sunday, someone parked their SUV in the space next to me at the library. This wouldn't have upset me so much except these were spaces for COMPACT cars, and I darned near could not get IN my car with them that close when I left (they weren't there when I arrived). And I am no longer shaped such that entering via the passenger side and squirming across sounds like a good idea.

This week has been the week of ow. The tape didn't work right the first time, didn't want to stay. So I ended up taking both front and back off Monday night (instead of just the back and doing the front Tuesday night) to let the skin recover earlier so we could retry. This meant attending the first session of our childbirth class while not taped, but I got through it okay. Retaped Wednesday, didn't help as much as I hoped. He's suggested a different configuration when we tape again but that skin still needs to breathe, so, not yet.

It is raining lately, as you might have guessed from my last post. I love it, but I'm glad it eased up (starting yesterday). It was beautiful earlier this week, heavy rain, wet and sweet and cool and alive. But however much I love the rain, we don't really need flooding or landslides, either. (If you think I jest or exaggerate, poke the weather news for Oregon/Washington. There has been.)

Ray is very, very cute. Ray is lucky he is very very cute because it increases his odds of survival. Ray has no common sense, little memory, and gets me to yell at him moderately regularly. He has WAY too much energy, and is way too fond of using it for destruction. But when he's finally expended it all, he can be a terribly cute snuggle-bug.

I have Wrath of the Lich King. Somehow, I doubt anyone is surprised. Focusing on two alts - my main mage, who is 70 (but hopefully will progress until she is more), and my new death knight. Kinda having fun with the DK, but she won't get much play, I suspect. Scott and I mostly play together, our mains, which is his warrior and my mage. But he started a DK while I was stuck in traffic so I started one today while he was at work; we're playing those separately.

On Wednesday we played our Amnesia game again, finally! I was able to participate through the whole thing, in spite of the taping woes. It ran a little long which I think means I should've ducked out, I ended up short on sleep that night. But I had a blast. I think the rest of the group did too. It was good to play again.

I know there was more I meant to say when it happened, but I no longer recall what it was. Unfortunately, with the rib-taping issues and the busy-busy week (work and evenings), I sorta totally failed to write any of those things up. Sigh. Or get much else done, until today, when suddenly I had more open time and could relax and start picking up things I'd dropped. Oof. I need not to do another week with that much run-run-run in it for a while. But I probably will anyway.

For now, in the spirit of not wearing myself to a thread (especially since only my back is taped, and even that comes off tomorrow morning), I think I'll go flop with a book.