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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 05:12 pm
Last year, [ profile] dormouse_in_tea turned me on to Possets' Silver Carnations scent which, yes, is almost exactly the scent I fell in love with (in solid-perfume form, from a different vendor) at a craft fair at age 12 or so, and loved until I either used it up or lost it, and have wanted more of ever since. It's floral but spicy in a way most "carnation" things aren't, and it's utterly lovely and it smells, to me, like me. (Seriously: this is enough me that it was the end of my interest in Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab because, as cool as their stuff is, playing around with it became less than interesting once I'd found my scent again. Or had it found for me, more accurately.)

The latest newsletter from Possets tells me that Villainess - a maker of bath products who sometimes teams with Possets to produce them in their scents - will now have Silver Carnation sugar scrub & body creme. Now if only they were doing a soap! (But they never seem to do soap for Possets scents. Sulk.) I'd like a bath bomb in that scent, too. And shampoo, Yes. I'm fond of that scent. (At least I can buy a base for shampoo and add the scent, if I really want to. I suppose I could make my own bath bomb too, but it's easier to just drip the perfume in the bath water in that case.)

I don't really use it as obsessively as this post implies. But man, for days when I want total indulgence, it would be wonderful.
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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 09:03 pm
Still can't cook that well. No, not explaining, just sulking. But my roasted zucchini and mushrooms came out decent, at least.

I have started using Twitter again today. I do not know if this will continue but it seems more likely. The web interface on the iPhone is much easier than text messages from the old Samsung (plus? I never wanted to pay for text messages - and twitter was not the app to make me start - but the web stuff uses my required unlimited data service anyway!). No need to watch me there if you don't want to; it's for those who like Twitter and for my own notes. Anything I consider important/interesting will hopefully make its way into an LJ post (as is happening now), with more complete sentences/better typing. (I sometimes mess up on the little iPhone keyboard. Okay, I do it a lot, but only occasionally do I fail to notice and fix it. Oh, well!) (I'm at if you do want to follow for some reason. Not that exciting. I don't get alerts sent to my phone so I may not notice replies/twitters/whatevers right away. Or at all, if I forget to check it or give up on it. *wry*) I'm trying not to let it interfere with my LJing, anyway. If it's just "the next shiny thing" then I'll get bored with it and wander away, otherwise, hopefully it will just be an additional quick thing. (And if you see Twitters in my account tonight, it means I botched the setting where I try to have them post private so I have a record of them. We'll see.)

Scott may have been delayed but everything went smoothly after that - he arrived about 15 minutes early in Indianapolis and is now settled in the hotel. He informs me that I am probably glad I'm not there, as he's on the third floor, about as far from the elevators as it is possible to get. Of course, if I had still been going, I'd every intent of calling the hotel in advance to make sure that didn't happen, trading on my pregnant status to get it (especially since that's why I would have wanted it), whereas he made no special requests for himself. Still, whether I'd have gotten what I wanted, who knows. I am glad I don't have to deal with that at the end of a long day at the con, I admit.

The plumber cancelled today, and will be doing tomorrow. So tomorrow I: take Babe to the vet, appointment at 9:30, go over things with them, and leave Babe there. Hopefully she gets the procedure done the same day, but maybe not - emergencies can preempt. Then I go out to the Ridge to meet the plumber (who may or may not be there ahead of me: I've given the access code for the lock box, so he can get in before I get there if need be), get that sorted out or started, possibly get other things done or not (as long as they do not involve coming back to MY house because after 9 am I can't drive on the street before the slurry seal dries, they think by 4 pm - we'll see). I pick Babe up, about 4 pm, at the vet. (If for any reason the seal isn't dry enough for the car, I park on an unaffected street or parking lot and carry her to the house, as foot traffic is allowed sooner and in any case I should be able to stay on the sidewalks if I pick the right route. However, I really don't wanna have to do that. I think they're sealing the neighborhood across the street also, and if so, I'd have to walk the equivalent of 4-5 long blocks. Babe won't enjoy that and, given the size and shape of a cat carrier as well as the 14-pound weight of the cat, neither will I.) As long as the seal's dry I can just drive home normally, which is an idea that I vastly prefer.

My dentist has lost my business. I expected him to do so, and it's nothing against him. It's just that I need a cleaning and they cannot schedule me in on a Friday (since they aren't open then), nor during my vacation given the short notice. (I didn't call sooner because I didn't get the reminder sooner and, in any case, didn't know far enough in advance that I wasn't going to be out of town during my vacation.) There's a perfectly nice practice in the same building that I saw once when my dentist was out of town for two weeks and I had some kind of problem (I forget which). I called them and they have me in for early September. On a Friday. Otherwise, I was going to hunt for a place that could fit me in Mon-Thurs in Hillsboro, but I admit I'm happier going with a practice I've been to before! (Yes, they know I'm pregnant. Skipping the x-rays. Yay.)

Did laundry today. Need to do dishes. Tomorrow is packed full. I'm not sure what Friday will bring. A chance to relax from Thursday's busy-ness and tension, maybe. That would be good.

Pleased so far with a couple apps I've added to the iPhone: DataCase for file copy/transfer/storage/viewing; Zenbe for lists, which integrates with the website - nice trick is, Scott can add things to the shopping list at the web site (I shared access to that one with him) and I can pick it up on my iPhone when I'm at the store; YouNote tentatively for note-taking. I haven't played with the last one much at all.

I got the shipping notice for my latest Fantasy Bath order today! Soon, soon. And glee. Bunches of fizzies I haven't tried (so I can), and a three pound bag of the Mango Tango fizzy (which I tried on a whim and was surprised to find that I loved it and found it very, very soothing). So that will be good when it gets here also. I'm for bed soon, though - with a soak first. (Not mango-scented, alas, but I've other Fantasy Bath scents 'til then.)

Remember the eggs I posted the other day? They are hatchlings now! Yes, I'm far too easily amused. If you have time and want to help them grow (or just find them amusing), look and click. :) They're behind the cut, to spare anyone who's not interested. )
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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 08:54 pm
It snowed up in the hills; I have a few photos on Flickr, including this one of the vineyard in snow:


It did not snow at our house, although today there was briefly hail. (Small, less than pea size; we don't generally see anything larger. If we did, trust me, my post would be very melodramatic and would make people who are used to the Midwest roll their eyes!)

Wish I could go back to Conflikt and take more video, especially that I could time-travel with a better battery, but such is life. Now I know!

Still loving the carnation scent (Possets Silver Carnations). Scott likes it too; it's yummy and almost exactly what I remember. I am not sure how much I will continue to explore other scents in the future because I already have so many and this one, frankly? Threatens to displace them all. Not sure if that's short-term or long-term, but this is, for want of a better phrase, my scent. It's so perfect, and I have no idea why it is perfect. It's not just nostalgia; the smell of it makes me happy (as it did then; there's reasons I remembered it and continued to stalk smell-alikes many years after I first encountered it). I don't remember how old I was when I got that first, wax-based perfume. I know that I was young because I was only barely allowed to get it, only because I loved it so much, and I wasn't permitted to wear it outside the house then. I must have been at most 12, at a guess; probably not younger than 10, but still. And now? I have a scent either perfect or so close to perfect I can't tell the difference, and in that case, who cares if there is one?

Scott and I have been playing WoW a lot - he made level 58, so we finally went to Outlands, and over the weekend we both made 60. (I have my epic mount; we have to raise more cash to get him his. I tend to have more money than he does because I enjoy the auction house. I am a sad, sad kitty. But every little bit helps.)

I actually worked part of Friday (because I was out sick Monday - I'd be more upset but at least my body waited to be a brat until I was home from the con!), and I got quite a bit done in the time I spent, which was nice. Then in the afternoon the upholstery place came by to collect the chair, having already gotten the fabric in. Glee! I have to figure out where I want the chair. Right away I know "where it was" is not the long-term answer because I want to clean and redo that room. Hmmm. But out with the cats is non-ideal as well, because they're a goodly part of why it needs to be reupholstered. (Dirt and wear, not so much claws, but still.)

Scott's mother called tonight to chat. They are doing well and really like their new cook-stove (we went in with Scott's brother and his wife to get it for them - the one their new place came with was safe, but quirky). Their cats are well. Apparently Rob and Chrystle are transitioning to work schedules that actually give them the same two days off. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a different two days off than Scott - no thanks!

Today, Scott and I went to get our pictures taken - I set up a session with the woman that we chose because she had lovely photos, was somewhere in Wilsonville (not a long drive is good), and besides selling prints will sell the originals on DVD at a per-photo fee (you don't pay for the whole set, just the ones you want, although if you want the whole set it will get fairly expensive - but I don't really need six almost-identical shots, just the best 1-2 of each pose at most). The last matters a lot to me because I have a gorgeous photo of my parents with me, but of course it was taken years ago on film, so we only got prints - and all I have, the largest, is a 5x7. The studio that did it is no longer there and no studio exists by that name - no surprise - so that's all I will ever have of that photo. I want more options for these, you know?

The actual photography was a blast; Scott and I had a great time and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. But there was some humor before and after too - when we left, it was raining, and Scott said he was glad it hadn't rained on the way in. I agreed. We got home and were just settled in the living room after putting things away when the hail started. So that was timing. And before we went I asked Scott whether my makeup looked okay and he said "you're wearing makeup?" I thanked him, since that meant it did. ;) It sounds silly, but I have dark circles under my eyes (yes, even when I'm rested and well-fed; have since college) and I had softened and lightened them, and wanted to be sure it wasn't obvious. If he couldn't tell then I blended it right. When we got home, I took it off, and it looked kind of like I was blackening my eyes for effect. ;)

And the cats are cuddly and cute and funny. And I have good music, energetic music, to listen to. And seeing the snow up on the ridge reminds me that the weather is, while different from when I grew up, not as different as I think of it; I'm also living 700 feet below where I used to, after all!
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Saturday, January 26th, 2008 03:15 pm
Having fun so far, definitely.

1) I am not a filker. I just like listening to their music.

2) They are corrupting me. I have got a line from a song stuck in my head and it keeps mutating into different forms. This is amusing my friends, but I wish I could get OTHER things to mutate instead of one line over and over.

3) [ profile] dormouse_in_tea ROCKS! You may or may not remember but, as I go thru BPAL and other perfumes, one thing I've been looking for is something close to the spicy carnation scent I first learned to love as a child, and couldn't recall where I'd got, nor had I smelled it in over a decade. She FOUND IT. Oh, it's not the same form, but the smell is an exact-match for the memory. I am full of glee. (It's a Possets scent.) Jenn WINS. A lot.

4) I am a stealth Laura! I have had surprised "wait, that's someone I know!" greetings from several people, most of whom knew I was going to be here. (One didn't, and expects me only in context of gaming conventions, so I can see where that would be surprising!) Particularly gratifying was [ profile] cadhla's double-take as she realized wait, that was Laura I just walked past, and came running back. I didn't actually expect a tackle-hug, and unexpected tackle-hugs are wonderful thing indeed.

And now I wander around a bit more and then return to things. It's raining. Jenn has been complaining no rain, and now it is raining and she's where she can't see it. That seems unfair.
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Saturday, December 1st, 2007 06:25 pm
It was supposed to be rain mixed with snow this afternoon, nothing sticking below 500 feet. Instead, this morning it began to snow lightly, but not stick. Which made me worry this afternoon might be colder. But no, it was warmer, so all it is cold wind and soaking rain. Did I mention the tropical storm that's supposed to come in tomorrow morning and warm the temperatures up but kick the winds up to 45-60 mph gusts in the valley, and rain on us enough to cause potential flooding issues? Cheery. We've already got the wind and rain but not the warming trend yet. I feel like a whiner complaining about how cold it is, since some of my friends are getting similar weather patterns but with snow.

I got my most recent order from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Just a bunch of imps. And a few freebie imps (one of them an LE - alas, not one I was interested in, but hey). And something in there - hopefully one of the freebies - has given me a screaming headache. Water, tylenol, and keeping the box away from me for a while should hopefully help.

I need to do laundry tonight. And I think maybe some sprawling in front of the fireplace with a cat would be good.
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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 09:42 pm
Scott fixed the tub in the master bath so that I can take baths (instead of just showers) in there again. (It's nice when the drain-stopper actually stops the water from draining, in that case.) Scott rocks.

The first bath bomb I tried from Fantasy Bath, I got a sort of 'oily' effect at first. I haven't since so I'm wondering if it was just that particular one, or if it was me needing to get used to the moisturizers. I suppose I'll find out when I try the other half of that one, eventually.

These live up to the comments a friend of mine made, about them having strong scents. They do! Alas, it means that I won't be using the summer soother to soothe my skin again. The cucumber scent liked me. A lot. I still smelled of cucumber the next day.

Right now I smell rose-water-ish from The Wild Rose. I like it, but I like Heart's Desire better. That one is yummy.
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Sunday, July 29th, 2007 12:18 pm
When I said "Basta Ya, lady, that's enough" - it just seemed appropriate. Basta Ya was her full name, "That's Enough!" is the translation. It was given her as a kitten when she was hyperactive. She was a great huntress in her middle years. But 21 years, as sorry as I was to see her go, are a good long run for a cat. That is, in the end, enough - in a very different way than we first said it to/of her.

We will almost certainly get another cat. Babe is being very cuddly and affectionate, she always is, but even moreso. I think she needs a companion, when we're at work, and I like cats. As my allergies are behaving (in general, they're being brats this week), I think this would be good. So Friday we take Babe into the vet. Kitty needs a diet, but she also needs to be tested for the nasty diseases like feline leukemia. They were indoor-outdoor cats. I didn't worry about them exposing each other - they'd lived together four years in the same conditions. But if she has anything, I want to know, so I can choose a cat with the same disease, rather than a healthy one. I doubt she does, and I'm hoping it's all good, but I want to know first. That will take until next Friday...and then it isn't long until our GenCon weekend. So, probably Babe will be an only cat for a month or so before we start seriously looking into finding her a friend. The local no-kill shelter is my source of preference, in particular because I'm hoping they'll let me foster the chosen cat for a few weeks to be sure they get on, before adopting. I don't want to take a cat in and then find they need to go back, and not have a place for them. I doubt it will happen, but....

The Harry & David fruit shipment this month is peaches. I will be so glad when this fruit thing ends. They have a habit of showing up the day after I buy fruit! There's a Harry & David store a half hour away, or I can order online, if I want to get specific stuff when I choose. Not that these aren't good. They are good. They are just - here when they feel like it. So today I find a recipe and make something with peaches in. Probably cobbler. We'll see.

I no move. As I type this paragraph, Babe has her head on my shoe, paws wrapped around it. And her back half sprawled over one of my bare feet. I no move. It would disturb the cat. (She's gonna be disappointed when I have to go deal with laundry, or cooking, or something, isn't she?)

Yesterday, my order from Sidhe Creations came in. More perfume oils. (I encountered the woman who does this via BPAL decanting, so was interested to see what she came up with.) They smell nice in the sample vials. I do not know if they smell nice on, except for one that I tried. My allergies are acting up something fierce. I think it's the heat, the time of year, the fact that we have a flowering plant in the house right now, all that.

I was so sad to sleep in/wake late this morning. For two weeks, I have not slept in because I have been up at six even on weekends, to give Basta her medicine. I am not sorry that I get to sleep, but waking late, on a weekend even, hurt. It will stop hurting in time, probably fairly soon, since that pattern was only the last two weeks.

The friend who cat-sat while we were on vacation brought by a card, and a catnip plant, as a memorial for Basta. a memorial for my sweet lady, we will encourage the remaining cat to tear the house apart? *laughing* Seriously, it was very cool and oddly appropriate and I think Babe will appreciate it. I just find it faintly humorous. Which is good; something to laugh at is good.

I was out at my parents' house on Friday, and I saw one of the 'kittens' (not any more!) from last year, at least, I assume he was. He came up on the back porch (outside), but fled when I went out - too wild to approach. A tan-brown-black tabby, elegant, not too lean. He looks like he's been eating okay, so the lack of food in their/our barn has done him no harm. The prospects for a wild cat out there aren't that good, but I wish that one (and any others) the best of luck. Not much else I can really do for them....

Suddenly I need to figure out what I'm reading next. No more Harry Potter; the sequel to The Assassin King isn't out; etc. Bah, humbug.

Mom almost never posted, over at [ profile] pheontoo, but she read. Rarely did she even comment. Her userpic was an image of Basta. (Semagic says userpic is not a word. That's funny. I think I'll tell it that it is, though.)

And now I post this, disturb the cat who is still on my foot, and go get stuff done around the house.
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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 08:24 pm
Today was stressful and I was a little out of sorts, no idea why.

But on the way home, I stopped at UPS and got the gift package. Thank you to [ profile] joyoflj for a copy of the new Harry Potter book! I feel all popular now. (But I can't read it tonight because we're gaming. Alas! But I did just finish The Assassin King, so a new book to read is a good thing.) Thank you!!!

And then I got home and the mail contained my order of decants of three Stardust scents (from BPAL). Based on sniffs from the imp, one oooh (Victoria), one maybe (Fairy Market), and one 'er, I doubt it' (Yvaine, which is giving me vetiver, which makes no sense based on the listed notes and has me confused). I'll see what they do on my skin. Victoria fades, is what it does. It's pretty, but it fades.

And now we are playing a game of Seventh Sea and I am deeply amused because one of the NPCs, who was a brute, head-butted one of our people. A head-butt does 1-keep-1 dice of damage to the person DOING it, so while he injured her, he knocked himself out.
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Sunday, July 15th, 2007 04:48 pm
Yes, I really am checking on her this much, and I would more if I didn't know I'd drive them AND myself to distraction. I went to visit her - she is definitely doing better. She stood some of the time, sat much of it, lay down only when I closed the door on her again. She purred for me, and she ate a bit of the canned food I had (with their permission) brought over - I left some there with them, since she can be finicky. They'd gotten her to eat some of what they had but I suspected she might eat more if it was something she liked, and she did eat some of it.

She wanted to climb out of the cage and down into my lap (or go exploring, not sure which) though I didn't let her. That's a lot more initiative than she had last night, as you might imagine. Poor kitty, she still looks worn, but I think she is doing better. I hope she is. We'll see what the results are - I'm still hoping for the best there.

I did go to the Gardens this morning, in the end, after I'd called for the morning update on her condition and found out we couldn't bring her home yet. I was hoping they'd bring me a bit of peace. But because of my timing, I arrived about 10 minutes after they opened on a lovely July Sunday, rather than during members' hours as I would usually do in the summer. The parking lot was almost full. Lemme try that again: the parking lot was almost full. They were lovely, but they were crowded, and more than one "oh look, a baby screaming" moment occurred (only two, that I can recall, but still!). I missed the irises this year by not going sooner. There was one left, slightly limp, and several that were drying and going, but basically I missed the irises. On the other hand, I saw a lovely purple flower cluster tucked back by a waterfall in the lowest, farthest corner of the natural garden, where I don't recall ever seeing such a flower before. That was a magical moment even if it was soon followed by continuing on so as not to block the path for the rest of the hordes....

STILL processing photos from our trip to Michigan/Ohio/Wisconsin. I will get them all done and then uploaded. But it may take a bit yet. In the meanwhile, for those who haven't already found it, a really cute photo of our friend's kitten Max, from when we were cat-sitting for her, during the worst of the heat.

Oh, and I ordered a bottle of 13 from BPAL. I hope I don't regret that, but I adore what most of their chocolate scents do on me. And if it hates me, I imagine I can find someone who wants it somewhere.

Did not see Harry Potter. Not sure now when I will - not up for a lengthy movie, especially if it stays true to the book, right now.
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Saturday, July 7th, 2007 09:18 pm
We went out to dinner at Zea, which is a lovely place with lovely food and I ordered the duck and...I suspect my face was Very Amusing. [ profile] dormouse_in_tea will have to confirm or deny, but after I finished the first bite, I said, "and now that I've finished having an orgasm over my duck...." We traded tastes of food - her veal was INCREDIBLY good. I would wish to steal this restaurant and take it home, except I think she would be rather annoyed if I did that. VERY good food. Also very much too large for Laura portions.

Then we came back and played with BPAL. In between storm watching because there is a GORGEOUS lightning storm. I got a couple photos that may come out but if I want any more I shall have to contrive, as the window has now been drenched, making it an unsuitable portal for picture-taking.

Playing with BPAL - I let her smell what Dragon's Eye does on my skin - it is lovely, lovely, lovely. And then we deliberately put a scent of hers with vetiver on me so that she could smell what it does on me. I hate vetiver - and I can recognize a scent that has vetiver in it at once if it has a significant amount, because I'm that tuned to "get the vetiver away". She can now verify that, yes, what vetiver does on me is not pleasant. And that it amps in odd ways.

Storm is pretty. Storm is very pretty. Computer is distracting me from storm, so now I go away from computer.
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Saturday, July 7th, 2007 05:57 pm
We have driven around Albuquerque and seen the sights, which was fun. We have also seen many McDonald's. To the point that I commented on them and then Jenn began pointing them out as if they were important landmarks to note. I commented on the way back that I was going to post that we were cataloguing all the McDonald's in Albuquerque, but she said we missed about seven of them in the core downtown area that we didn't want to go through, and I doubt we'll go pick them up. So alas, my analysis of the distribution of McDonald's restaurants in greater Albuquerque will go unwritten.

(Which it would have anyway, of course.)

We came back to the hotel and began testing BPAL scents. Much to my chagrin and pleasure, it turns out I SHOULD have given into the temptation to buy Tokyo Stomp, as it does truly lovely things on my skin. Fortunately (and unfortunately) it prefers to be "interesting" on Jenn's skin, so she doesn't want to keep the bottle and we're swapping. I'm sorry for her that it doesn't work, but it does like me, and it is fascinating both by itself and sniffed with my beloved Wicked.

GLEE! Also, I believe I have managed to amuse Jenn by my diligent acquisition of tourist brochures from the hotel. What? They're fun!
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Monday, June 4th, 2007 06:10 pm
And the imps with it and all. Glee, glee, glee, 5 mL of yummy chocolate scent!
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Saturday, May 26th, 2007 10:27 pm
All that fun stuff. Went to Convergence XIII today. More accurately went to the dealer's room, not the con. No laminate required to go in and spend money. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab was there with four Convergence-only scents, one only available if you'd gone to a fashion show the night before and gotten a card. Fortunately I didn't love that one. I loved two of the other three and liked the third. And rather a lot else. Um. Yeah. I bought bottles. I went back for two more later on, too.

I bought enough bottles that I got a double-handful of frimps - 29, counting both batches (the second was maybe 4-ish), as it happened. Frankly, I scare me.

Then headed up to Powell's where I, ah, spent some time. And some money. Then wandered over to the park blocks, sat down, and read until about 6:15 when I headed up to Ringler's Pub (a McMenamin's location) for the meet'n'sniff. This was a blast - I got to meet a ton of people I might not have otherwise, and I also got to meet [ profile] solcita. I knew she'd be there and was looking forward to meeting her, but it was especially funny because I came in the door and she was already there and nearly right in front of me. I walked over, waited a moment, and she recognized me. So, so cool to meet her.

The Labbies were there in spite of a very long day vending beforehand. They handed out imps labelled Ah'Duno. Don't ask me what's in it, because Ah'Duno! Dragon's blood, I'm confident of. What else I'm not sure. It's nice and the name is highly amusing. ([ profile] solcita apparently got the story from Beth, which is over in her LJ. I didn't hear that bit until I got home tonight and read it. :)

When I got home, my Blue Moon order was here. Squee! Though I think my poor nose is overwhelmed right now!

Also, on my previous voicepost, SpinVox transcribed "bag full of books" as "bag full of Bush". For anyone who saw that, I did NOT have a bag full of Bush. Sheesh.
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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 10:11 pm
I got stuff done at work, felt very productive. That is always nice.

Then I came home and played in the Seventh Sea roll and keep game that Scott runs. That was a blast in a lot of ways. the dice were wacky - everyone had horrid or excellent rolls, only a few were mediocre. Scott told me on one roll (where I had 6K4, mind you) that it was hard, and did I want to take any raises. I said no - and got a 54, I think? (Turned out the TN was 40, so raises really would have been risky, though as it turned out I could've done a couple. Sheesh. I got the key info, anyway.) On another roll, I had a 7k3 and got a 65. One eight, one nine, and one ten that exploded repeatedly to a total of 48. Everyone else was staring at my dice by the end of it. So was I. Shiny!

That one was a social roll. People were exchanging gossip about where ships were going and so on, and trying to get the info out of each other. Isa was demurring and saying she didn't know. The roll? The roll was because Isa was trying to react each time she heard a mention of Vodacce, as if she was interested in it but trying to pretend she wasn't. (Actually, she wasn't interested in it, and was trying to pretend she was, but pretend she was trying to pretend she wasn't interested.) A whole lotta folks were convinced that Isa knew more than she was saying, AND that her ship had an interest in Vodacce, by the time she was done. I love my little schemer, but that dice roll was hysterical. (I'd only taken three raises, but I think Scott gave me a little extra oomph for the sheer improbability of the roll. I may be wrong and it was just an easy TN. Who knows!)

Then I got home to a ship'n'click notification from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. I'm betting that's my smaller order, the Blue Moon order, since it was placed first and is in the right time frame for what's currently being processed. It didn't go out until this evening so presumably the order will actually be picked up or dropped off or whatever tomorrow, meaning I might see it Saturday if I'm lucky and Tuesday (argh, holiday weekends!) is more probable. Still - it's READY. Besides my Blue Moon, it has a few imps, among them Queen Alice which I really would like to get. The bigger order was placed not-quite-two weeks later, and had a large number of imps, so I'm not sure when I'll see it. Hopefully sometime in June, anyway.
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Saturday, May 19th, 2007 04:56 pm
And the universe says "don't push your luck".

First, we have The Candy Butcher, which isn't bad but isn't great on me. It smells like chocolate and dry bones, in chill night air (no other idea how to put it, the only scents I can quantify are chocolate and bone, but it smells cold). It is a very neat effect, but I vastly prefer the simple chocolate of Bliss, which has the advantage of being general catalog as well.

Second, we have Silence. It turns into a thick floral/fruity on me. I can't place the florals but they are heady to the point of being cloying and make my head hurt a bit. The fruit smells mango-ish, under them. I can't do better than that without jamming my nose to my skin for a lot longer than I'm willing to.

And the more I smell Midnight on the Midway, the more sure I am that I don't like it that much. It's not awful, but it's not me. I'm not sure about Gennivre; need to drop that in the 'try again' pile.
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Saturday, May 19th, 2007 04:22 pm
Today is mostly made of good things. *content*

I received the swap items from someone else in one of my swaps ( - yes, I'm easily amused). I got my copy of [ profile] cadhla's latest CD, and am now giving it a first listen. (I love my brain, but sometimes it is disconcertingly fond of past patterns. It protested very very thoroughly on "River Lies" because it doesn't sound like just a studio copy of exactly the sound from the previous CD. Silly brain.) I got my catalog from the Vermont Country Store. This would normally not make the list - it was greeted with a sigh, and a "well, I did order from them, I suppose I should expect to be on their mailing list" - except that then I opened it and saw several things I want. I'll wait and think about it, but even if I don't buy, I enjoyed browsing. And I might buy.

Shopping was nice too: I found the sugar-free oreos, which turn out to also be within acceptable fat limits for my diet. I have not had oreos in years. I don't think I'll suddenly start eating them all the time, but it is nice to be able to have them now and again, at least. The herbal mint tea I bought tasted nice to me, which is always nice and not always guaranteed. And (on a less surprising, but still useful, level) I also got the pads I need to put on the dining chairs. We're going to move them into the hardwood floor area, and I'd rather not plow furrows in it. (The table will be on a rug. Not, alas, a well-proportioned one for it, but I could not find one in the stores that I liked well enough to get it, so for now this will do.)

Tomorrow the movers bring over the writing desk and the entertainment center, and a few other items, but those are the two with the deepest emotional resonance for me. They will also be very useful to us, replacing two inferior pieces of furniture (seriously: one was particleboard shelves) that we had been using and I hadn't bothered replacing because they were working. Pfeh.

And bpal has so far been nice to me. Testing more scents today. I can't decide if I like them, but neither triggered my allergies or the "omigod get it off" reflex (that's rare, but it can be hit), or even the "well this will make a humorous entry" reaction.

Gennivre is citrus mint with a powder cast to it; I get a slightly different scent each time I sniff. I can't decide if I love it or not, but I like it, at least. I must remember it is quite strong at first, though. It tames down nice but when it first went on I thought I wasn't going to get much more testing in because it scented my entire vicinity. I try to test with small amounts so that they are mostly there when I put my nose near my arm, but this one said, "excuse me? you want to ignore ME? I do NOT think so." It's still very there but no longer a cloud about me, but must remember that (not to mention that it soon dies back, else I'll think I've applied enough and be wrong).

Midnight on the Midway is harder; it has a woody smell to it on my skin, more than anything. I assume that's what others who are better sniffers than I have identified as nag champa, "kinda sandalwood and vanilla" although it's mostly the wood on me. At times the vanilla or floral scents rise and once or twice it smelled a bit like patchouli. And a tiny hint of something powdery but not quite baby powder. I'm not sure what to think of it; I don't love it, but I don't dislike it, and it's such an odd scent as far as waffling back and forth that I'm still trying to peg my reaction.

In a bit I'll test a couple more scents. And then I will take my bath and get all of them off me, as smelling like a perfume testing zone, although it is the immediate goal, is not really a great long-term hobby.
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Friday, May 18th, 2007 10:19 pm
First, a photo of a nightstand beside the bed. Kid you not, they match. Separate purchases, separate stores, there is no nightstand that is part of a "set" with this bed according to the catalog from the manufacturer that was present at the store where we bought the bed. If I didn't know that, I'd swear we'd bought nightstands from the same set.
New nightstands

And, in the drawer of the nightstand (well, actually the other one since I don't think Scott wants it in the drawer of his), my latest somewhat-amusing way of organizing my bpal - a lipstick holder from Storables. The 10 mL bottle won't fit, but 5 mL bottles will, or 6-7 imps, in each square.
BPAL solution
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Friday, May 11th, 2007 11:05 am
*sniffle* I like Snow Maiden. I like it better in the summer than I did in the winter, and I liked it then. Yet I have only one imp. Why?

Because it triggers my allergies. Not horribly, but it does. I think I need to put the imp in the swap pile even if I do like it. It's icy floral pine on me, which is funny since anything with an actual pine note (which this is not reported as having) normally amps into an air freshener-like smell, and this doesn't.

But something in it makes me all stuffy. Bah!
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Saturday, May 5th, 2007 07:22 pm
I ordered an imp of Queen Alice, among other things, in my most recent BPAL order. It'll be a while before I see it (I ordered a bottle of Blue Moon as well - this was April 30). Meanwhile, just today, I see a thread in one of the communities wherein someone comments (to someone who likes the Carnation SN that you can't get any more) that Queen Alice smells to them just like the Carnation CN.

If their carnation is my carnation (old-style spicy carnation), and if it works the same for me, I should be so lucky! That's why I ordered it, the hope that it would. When I was young, I found a carnation (spicy-carnation) scent I utterly adored. I have been trying to find something in approximately the same range since I started with BPAL, honestly. Of course, it's questionable whether it'll do the same thing on my skin, but I can hope.