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Friday, January 6th, 2012 02:38 pm
So, Ian fell asleep. He's in the bouncy chair next to me at my desk. Scott was in the gaming room about 10 steps away, if that. But I wanted to tell him something *without* leaving Ian alone *and* without being noisy to wake Ian. So rather than simply calling out, or walking over, I texted him.

Whereupon there was a VERY LOUD chime from behind me. His iPhone was charging at his desk, and on max ringer volume. Ian was not at all disturbed by the chime OR by the ensuing laughter as I explained to Scott what happened.
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Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 11:03 am
He's a wonderful father in all sorts of ways and Drew adores him. No surprise there.

But I love watching him handle toddler tantrum moments. When he's on his game, he is so very clever at derailing things.

For example, Drew starts shrieking or yelling. "Do I hear an outside voice?" That's now usually enough to stop it. It wasn't, until it continued and Scott said cheerfully, "That's an outside voice. I guess you want to be outside." And deposited him on the back patio. (It was cool and raining, but not very cold, and the back yard is fenced.) Scott didn't even go outside with him but stood just inside the door, in the nice warm house. Very soon Drew comes up and says "I'm being quiet." The second time it happened, the door literally didn't close before he said that. Now it stops before the door opens, most of the time.

Today Drew was flatly refusing to put on his clothes (having gotten out of his jammies, so starkers). "Okay, we'll just go shopping with you naked." "I don't wanna go shopping! I want clothes!" I missed whatever Scott said and then Drew wailed "I'll be cold!" I forget Scott's phrasing but it was basically that Drew was very smart, and okay, he could have clothes on. (They are now playing upstairs, shopping having been deferred. Drew started running around playing, the shopping isn't critical, and Scott is more than happy to let him tire himself out a bit!)

Those moments are brilliant, effective, and admittedly also comedy gold. :P
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Monday, September 6th, 2010 11:13 am
Drew is playing with his toys, and is playing with his stuffed Winnie the Pooh and plastic Piglet. "Hot! Hot!"

Scott: "Are they too hot?"

Drew: "No. Hot!" I think he tried to tuck them in a blanket at this point, but I wasn't watching.

Scott: "Oh, they need to be made hot?"

Me, from the kitchen: "Made hot!"

Drew: "Babe hot!"

Scott: "I am not explaining that one to daycare."

I was almost laughing too hard to say that I wasn't either.

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Monday, September 28th, 2009 10:13 pm
Drew just fussed. He's been in bed a couple hours. Scott went to check, realized he had a diaper but wasn't fully awake yet and had in fact dozed off again.

Scott proceeded to change the diaper, singing soothingly all the while. The eyes stayed closed.

My husband changed the diaper without waking the baby. in awe.

And Drew is clean, dry, and asleep.
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Saturday, August 8th, 2009 03:47 pm
First: after I posted the preceding, we went to the Japanese Garden. Japanese Garden with a baby. Lots of baby stuff. )

Second: On our way back, we realized we were hungry, so tried to decide where to go. Drew got fussy too, so that was three hungry people. We went to Babies R Us first )and then on to Chevy's for our lunch )

Of course, he napped all the way home, so I had better go take my turn at watching him now. Scott and I are both in need of naps, but Drew is wide awake now. :)
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Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 08:26 pm
Today started out good, and then rapidly went south. The worst part of my day is actually how badly my friends' day sucked: a man who was friend to a number of people I know passed away. I feel so bad for them.

But I do want to post briefly about my day, ...behind a cut, 'cause I'm not sure anyone really wants to read it )
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Sunday, April 26th, 2009 05:48 pm
It's been a day. Mostly good, but a day. Scott pulled something in his back so he's been resting, applying heat, etc. We're hoping that by being gentle to it and taking care of it now, it'll recover nicely and not impair him for ages. The result, however, is that I've been doing all the stuff that we normally split too. I am feeling enormously productive, proud of myself, and yeah, tired.

No one probably really cares about the to-do/to-done list, but I'm pleased, so I'm posting it. )

This is made easier by the fact that I got to sleep in this morning, waking on my own - no alarm, no crying fits - although I suspect the sound of Scott leaving for church may have woken me, but I didn't feel jolted awake. I felt wonderfully rested. I feel pretty tired by now tho.

Did I mention my cold has faded to minor sniffles and an occasional cough? SO GLAD. And the sinuses have settled. YAY.
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Saturday, January 31st, 2009 08:08 pm

Scott has several times now called the cat Drew and then corrected himself. Poor Ray! Drew still gets called Drew. You can tell where Scott's mind is. They are both small and sometimes demanding. And cute. Drew's cuter tho. :)

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 06:32 pm

Scott is singing Star Trekkin to Drew....

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Friday, January 23rd, 2009 05:26 pm

Drew: asleep in my arms.
Scott: seated by the door to the hall.
Ray: just outside said door, snaking a paw under to swipe at Scott's butt.
Me: in a chair across the room, trying not to giggle too much.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 05:05 pm

Scott just now after carrying in shopping: "You know, ten pounds of cat food seems a lot lighter than it used to."

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 04:30 pm
Scott's been working all day and it didn't look like we could get to the store, but he called a coworker who agreed to cover for him. So we did get to the store. There's no way I could have driven in these conditions and felt safe - without Scott driving, I'd have stayed home. I'm well aware that I am one of the people who shouldn't be driving in this kind of weather. Apparently most of the remainder in that category were elsewhere; I saw only one or two examples and one of them may have just been having bad luck. (The other swung left to move around a stalled vehicle without making sure there was no one left of them. We were left of them. I wasn't amused, but we weren't directly left, they moved over only 1-2 feet and not a whole lane, and Scott was able to back neatly off.)

Albertson's, as expected, had everything I still needed (and everything Scott got at Lamb's yesterday, too, but I didn't pick up duplicates just because I could). It's a much better store and very well-stocked. And I did something I almost never do and asked for help out to the car. I can manage the slushed-up packed-snow-turning-to-ice parking lot OR the cart but not both. And the bags were too heavy for me to reasonably tote (I picked up a bunch of canned goods and lemonade, in addition to the sausage and English muffins).

The ride was very bumpy, somewhat slippery, but never felt dangerous. I fretted, because fretting is what I do, but I felt safe with Scott driving. Drew reacted to the bumps and jolts by kicking vigorously most of the way back, though, including parts of my anatomy he doesn't normally kick. He's settled back to less-vigorous motion now but we clearly woke him way up.

I managed to pull something in my side last week and re-tugged on it slightly during this expedition...while picking up cans of fruit from a lower shelf. Yes, I navigated ice and snow - even slipped and caught myself at one point (getting from the car back to the house) without any discomfort, but caused myself some strain picking up a little tiny can of peaches. Sigh. I'm talented. (It's fine now; didn't feel too bad then; I just find it ironic.)

Still no hair ties. I forgot about them. I don't much care; they weren't on the critical or even important list.

Scott and his coworkers rock. And I have turkey sausage. Hah. (And jellied cranberry sauce, which wasn't on the list but sounded good when I saw it, so I got it.)
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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 04:57 pm
UPS managed to deliver things today. This is good, as at least one of them really needed to get here before Drew did. A lot of things have been coming UPS, and I'm having to revise my opinion of them. I've had an ongoing hate for UPS, because they stink at delivery here. They stink so bad that way back when, I left a "do not leave packages" order - ring the doorbell and if I don't come get it, hold it at the main facility and I'll pick it up. When work moved to Hillsboro, I had to rescind that because I could no longer be assured of getting to the main facility (in Tualatin, for us) before it closed, after work. I was not amused.

But...drivers change over the years, and most all of the aggravations that caused me to do that and hate UPS appear to have vanished. I haven't had an exceedingly small package (and I've gotten one) left under the door mat where I could step on it. I haven't had the driver fail to ring the doorbell (one once failed to ring the doorbell while I was home and waiting for the package, but I did find the slip on the door later - grrr). All sorts of issues I used to have with them are no longer occurring. More than that, the driver or drivers (I can't remember for faces) have been very helpful as far as manhandling things into the front hall for me, so they can wait in the warm dry house for Scott to move them (the larger things, anyway, that i couldn't handle - like the crib, or the crib mattress). In at least one case, there were two UPS personnel in the truck and one of them waited by my door while the other turned the truck around (we're on a dead-end). I have to assume, despite my poor memory for faces, that one of those two had delivered here in the recent past, because he was obviously both aware of my slow response time to the doorbell (my "work-from-home" space is at the far end of the upstairs hallway from the stairs) and my inability to manhandle large packages around at the moment. They never do that. It was incredibly nice.

And then there's the bad stuff. Scott went to work today. Huzzah, because he could stop and get groceries on the way home. Except. A jackknifed semi on I-5 southbound near the Boone Bridge (ie, just south of us) a couple hours ago, coupled with other problems related to extreme ice, created a hideous backup on I-5. And on the frontage road as people tried to wiggle around the problem. (Hint: if you need to go further south than Wilsonville, you can't. The Boone Bridge pretty much IS your ticket across that river here, and to go far enough to get around it other ways involves back roads that would be quite dangerous and slower even than waiting out the mess.)

Net result: Scott couldn't really get to Albertson's due to the backup. He had an alternate route to try for home (which I about had a heart attack when he said he'd used, because it involves a highly-arched overpass, but he said it was clear), and was able to stop at Lamb's Thriftway.

I'll see what he gets home with. But you can add the "people have probably bought out some stuff" to the "Lamb's Thriftway SUCKS" and imagine how thrilled I am. Their variety of selection, quality of product, store layout (designed to make it as hard as possible to find anything, I swear), and service are all horrid. So bad that I can and have wished them out of business. And yannow, I still hate them that much, even if tonight they're sort-of saving us. We'll see. I don't expect to do as well off my original list as I'd hoped. Everything on it is something that Albertson's carries. Most of what's on it I would expect them to still have in stock. But they're a bigger, better, cleaner, higher-quality store than Lamb's, so now I'm going to get whatever can be managed from what Lamb's has.

This morning before Scott ended up going to work, I didn't expect ANY groceries until after Christmas. And we'd have been fine. But it's amazing how much I was looking forward to some of the things on the list...which, I suspect, in many cases won't actually be available. I'm annoyed with myself how disappointed and upset I am, but I'd let myself hope. To have that messed with by, of all things, a road problem that's not even in town...argh. But it's certainly created problems in town. Blast it. :(

Hopefully when Scott gets home I'll be pleasantly surprised by what he's managed to get. But...I don't really expect it, given the store. Lamb's is good at disappointing and annoying me, even at their best, and with full shelves and without storm weirdness. The odds they'll pull through now? Pretty crappy, really.

Oh, well. If they have nothing, at least we've enough to eat. I'll be happier when Scott's home safe, tho.
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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 10:16 am
It's not great out there, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was apparently - Scott reports snow, slick in places, but he was able to get in to work okay. I'm not as comfortable driving in snow as he is (hey, he grew up in Wisconsin, I grew up here, guess who gets more practice?), so I'm staying home and letting him get the groceries when he comes home, which he's being nice enough to do. I'm definitely looking forward to a couple of these. :)
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Saturday, December 20th, 2008 12:31 pm
It's been two years [edit: almost] to the day since daddy died, but it's not the anniversary that has me missing him; it's the weather. If it had been this bad two years ago, he wouldn't've tried to go out, I don't think. But more than that: he'd have taken photos. He'd have posted descriptions of what it was like up on the Ridge. At 700 feet, they likely have quite a bit more snow up there than we do down here, as I doubt they saw as much melting through the week.

The post would have been brief, I suspect, at least by my babbling standards. But the snow, the beauty, the cold...and the joy of being snug in a house with all the fuel and warmth and comfort, all the necessary things stockpiled...those would have all been there.

It's moments like this that make me realize how much his daughter - and mother's - I am. Oh, I don't have a woodstove. I have a larger and newer house, yes. I live near town, in a subdivision, and I prefer it that way even though I miss the quiet beauty of the countryside; it's more convenient, and the convenience is worth it to me as it was not to my parents. (Also, I lack the skills to maintain even a small "gentleman's" farm as they did - and the desire and time to learn those skills. I'd love to know how, but not to spend the time learning how.)

But: I am at home, in a warm house, with a pair of fluffy smug cats sprawled around, and my husband. I have a fireplace (admittedly gas, and admittedly not running because it's not needed, but I may turn it on later for the joy of it, for a little bit). I have plenty of food, including food we can eat if the power goes out. And I am watching the snow fall and admiring its beauty, taking photos (probably more than Dad would have, but still). I am as smug as the cats, nearly, because I am snug up in my house and have nowhere to go and nowhere to be but here. I've got laundry running and I put on today's clothing warm from the dryer - Mom's influence, that, if also one of the necessary tasks of day-to-day living.

I am so blessed. I wish I could have had my parents longer, but I am so blessed to have had them, and I am blessed to have the life I have now. I hope Drew will be as lucky - I can do my best, but I can only do what any parent can do (and I'm not sure my best will be as good as my parents' best was, though Scott's, I think, will; he has more patience and calm than I do).

Interestingly, I believe today is also the first day Drew could arrive and be, technically, a term baby. Mind you, he shows no signs of doing so and I don't expect or want him to; but he could. It seems oddly appropriate. Coming this early would be rare, though, especially for a first pregnancy. I'm glad, since the roads are likely not passable right now - and tomorrow, if the ice storm materializes, will be worse. He's better off right where he is for some weeks yet.
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Sunday, November 16th, 2008 09:03 pm
Before the week catches up with me and I fail to post for days again at a time.

First, a note for those not aware of it: LJ is moving Tuesday, November 18 (that's this Tuesday) and will be out for 4 hours. That's the plan. I hope they achieve it, rather than being out longer. Check [ profile] lj_maintenance for info. They plan to make another announcement in [ profile] news tomorrow, but that just seems like waiting a bit long to remind/warn people who don't read the maintenance comm.

Speaking of Tuesday, Tuesday is Scott's and my anniversary. We celebrated it today instead, since Tuesday night we'll be in a childbirth class. I'm not sure if the fact that he made me waffles when I asked for them this morning really counts as part of that, but I'm counting it anyway. Tonight he made dinner (hmmm, our anniversary means he does the work? LOL - I just realized this) - spaghetti and garlic bread. And we had a white cake with raspberry frosting. Very tasty. (Okay, actually we split a large piece of such a cake. A whole cake for the two of us would be ... overwhelming.)

Other than that, a laid-back day, a normal day. We played WoW some - our mains are less than 1/4 bubble off of 71, but still not quite there. One more quest would have done it but one more quest also would have done in my ribs, and frankly, a level ain't worth that.

Also this weekend got some paperwork done that needed doing, and updated the wish list again (I keep adding or adjusting as we think of things or learn of them; I believe there's now at least one shower coming up that's referencing the list, and our relatives likely are as well. But I'm not, in case anyone is worrying about that, removing items.)

Recent (past month) reads:
  • Tamora Pierce's Melting Stones. Um. First Pierce book I can actually say I don't like. First, I'm tired of getting bits of the tale of what happened in Yanjing in other books, but no book about it. I assume we'll never see a separate book about it, given the sheer spoileriness of what's been in what's been published. And second, too many things that matter from that tale are too "splat, here's a plot device" in this book without the lead-in of seeing them happen and evolve. And thirdly I don't find the story all that compelling or believable in places. And I don't really sympathize with the main character. And the evolution of the main character over time is wrapped up in a twee little bow at the end. C'mon, Pierce usually writes good books. What is this?
  • Mercedes Lackey's Foundation. Now, I am careful about how I comment on Lackey books here normally because I like Lackey, but I also recognize that she's...not the best quality writer. She's prone to continuity glitches, she's prone to repeating herself and her tropes. I don't mind the latter - she's cotton candy reading - but I know many people do. In this case, I don't think I need to be cautious about giving too rosy a view of the book, however. Because it stank. This is a Valdemar book, set about a year after the founding of the Herald's Collegium, about 50 years after Vanyel's time if I remember right. The main character is an orphan who has worked as an abused mine slave until he is Chosen. It could have been very, very interesting and potentially something I enjoyed a lot. Instead it was trite, badly written, introduced technology and games and foods that are stolen from our world (in most cases not named as such, but still), introduced things that don't make sense with existing continuity and timeline, had the boy's Companion doing things that didn't mesh with how Companions act, had the boy display "a knack" or "a talent" for whatever-the-frick he needed to do (not one or two things, but whatever was needed to move the plot along, with maybe one exception) and develop in ways and degrees that just were not believable even WITH some of the other crap that was going on.... And, oh yeah, it had a lot of subplots but no main plot, unless you count the thing that was sorted out at the end, but it actually didn't really take center stage except at that point and, oh yeah, never really made sense. Kinda like the book....
  • Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, The Phoenix Endangered. Book two of The Enduring Flame. This is the second book in a trilogy. The trilogy is the second in this world. Mallory has co-written every one of them. And I can recommend them with a much better heart than other Lackey-isms because they seem to be well-written and hold their continuity together. I assume the credit goes to the co-author on that regard. That said, this is just a decent book; it's not as spectacular as its premise and setting should make it, but it's a fun read and it's coherent, and there is much to be said for that...especially in contrast to the book I just listed above.

I also read another modern-supernatural-urban-fantasy-thing. But I forget the author and title. It was pretty weak anyway.

I actually got grocery shopping done today! Like, went out and did something. And I wasn't taped, then. I didn't hurt at the end of it, though I admit I was leaning (lightly) on the cart at times because it let me assume a more comfortable posture. It used some energy up to do it, but it was nice to do something useful and normal and get through it after the sluggishness of Friday in particular, and yesterday as well.

I am now taped again as of this evening (now there's a romantic way to spend part of the evening on which you celebrate your anniversary, even if slightly prematurely: taping your wife's back and belly!). Hopefully it will help more now that the tape configuration has changed, and this week will be better than last week.

It's interesting to me, though. For all that the ribs have been a major nuisance, otherwise I think this has been a very easy pregnancy. Yes, I was low-energy in the second trimester when they say you normally gain energy, but that was minor, and my other complaints have likewise been minor. Only now am I starting to really notice the shortness of breath effect and even then, only seldom. (Most common time: going to bed. Why?Because I take the stairs briskly, forgetting that I should slow down more. And even that's not bad, I just end up breathing hard for a little bit.) My sense of balance is still as fine as it ever was (which is to say it's not perfect, but it doesn't seem any worse now that I'm pregnant). Drew kicks a lot, but so far he hasn't kicked anywhere that really hurt except one single time early on. My legs and feet aren't swelling. (I have gotten stretch marks, but enh, whatever.) I am very thankful for this gift.

And on that note, I say g'night. 'Cause part of not overdoing is getting enough sleep.
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Friday, October 10th, 2008 09:16 pm
Sad for a friend's mom, who had to have her elderly cat put down today.

Apple had a vet appointment too, but she was only due for a routine checkup (she's fine) and immunization shots (she wasn't thrilled, but she's had them).

I had my shots this morning, too - allergy shots. Two repeats and a step-back. (One repeat is at maintenance; the other was a voluntary on my part because it's environment and that includes the cat allergy, and Ray's presence is already stressing my system a little as it gets used to him, plus, I wanted a flu shot. I figured I'd rather not add all of that together. The step-back is a bottle that was at maintenance but expired, and when you reformulate you have to step back. So next week I should be able to step those last two up again.) And of course the flu shot. Yay, done.

Scott took me out to dinner at Outback. (Yum, but we went to Tualatin - now I know I want to go to Gresham - the only one in our area with the Bushman 'Shrooms appetizer that I loved when I had it in Michigan! At least one of them around here has it! I hope it's done the same way I remember....) And since I'd done the laundry I was wearing one of my new pairs of pants, which were tremendously more comfortable than their predecessors at my current size - of course, as a consequence it took me a few extra bites to notice I was actually stuffed and needed to stop - but that's okay, I ended up happily stuffed, not badly over-stuffed, so it works. And I have leftovers.

Then we played World of Warcraft. Much fun, and my mage is now level 66. Progress! We've moved her from Nagrand to Blade's Edge, having beaten down the Nagrand quests pretty thoroughly. More glee! (Scott was so busy warning me about the next step in a quest I was doing, he didn't notice when I leveled. I was amused.)

Tomorrow I go to McMinnville because alas, the stores in this area mostly failed me on more maternity shirts. That's okay, New To You in McMinnville did pretty well by me last time. Hopefully they will again. Another dress at thrift store prices wouldn't be bad, either. I do not like dresses. However, I do like the option to not have pants binding me, at least some of the time. I mostly don't mind them, but sometimes I really do (though ones that fit help a lot!). I'm going to have to cope with the fact that that means dresses.
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Monday, September 1st, 2008 11:19 am
(My parents, I think, would approve of this exchange.)

So today, we had a nice lunch: pork roast, potatoes, corn on the cob, and cornbread. Watching Scott eat corn on the cob is fun...because of his beard. (Seriously: just imagine it. There is no way to do this neatly. He will be a good example to our son of 'wash your face after a meal if it needs it'.)

Partway through this process, I had a flash of inspiration, and said to him, "I hope you don't think that I'm serving you corn on the cob just to butter you up." After the groan he managed to fire back, "Isn't that a little corny?" To which I retaliated with, "There's a kernel of truth in that, yes."

A good meal. And silliness. They go well together.
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Sunday, August 31st, 2008 10:32 am
I'm not sure why, but it is anyway. Rambling about physical state, probably not as interesting as I think it is )

Yesterday after the farmer's market, I went out again and did some more shopping. I was already hurting when I left; by the time I got back, I was a walking lesson in "do NOT push farther than you can afford to, idiot" - I should have known better. I had plenty of energy, but too many aches. But, I did manage to get most of what was on my list, so at least if I screwed up and tortured myself, I didn't do it to no purpose. So later today the slow-cooker will work on pork roast for dinner. (My dinner, anyway: Scott is at an all-day Civilization game after church. I was invited to the Civ game, but I couldn't see committing to a Civ game given how much my energy levels and physical endurance vary these days. Frankly, those were grueling when I was in college, fueled by too much sugar and caffeine, and not pregnant. Fun, but grueling. But Scott will be at Dale's tomorrow afternoon/evening, so he'd miss it if I delayed it a day, too. At least this way he can have it reheated for lunch tomorrow!) And there's plenty of frozens and such (what can I say? I still eat microwave dinners, even if I am cooking more).

I'm debating doing something cooking-wise with the plums. I'd intended to just eat them, but they're on the bland side of ready to be picked - they looked better than they are. I knew that was a risk this early in the season. Cooked, though, they might be okay. Or they might be too bland to be worth the effort. Trying to decide.... If my energy levels stay good for at least part of the day, I may bake up some cornbread as well (from a mix, but hey - I noticed it in the cupboard while I was tidying the kitchen and poof, it sounded good :).

Back to yesterday, and shopping, one other bit. I was at Fred Meyer's getting the meat and other groceries, as well as socks and such. They were having a Labor Day weekend sale, which didn't thrill me. Yes, I saved money (in fact, I got those thin throw pillows for $4 each, which was a steal). But I'd rather have had fewer people and more shopping carts. There were no shopping carts at the middle/main entrance. NONE. I had to walk over to home and garden to get one. (The store wasn't that packed - but enough that they were too busy to retrieve the carts from the parking lot. As I was leaving, there was an announcement involving the words 'shopping carts' and 'managers'.) Anyway, when I came out of the store and went to my car, there was a gentleman who'd just finished unloading his cart. In front of one of the planters was a row of four or five carts stacked together, just sitting there, so he moved to put his cart on the front of the stack. I just stared, because 1) the back of the stack was downhill, 2) neither end was against a solid stopper, and 3) next to the planter was a car and next to the car was the actual cart return, which wasn't too full to use, so what was the friggin' POINT?

Sure enough, the carts began rolling downhill. I'd have laughed except for all the cars in their path. Fortunately, they guy who was doing it had good reflexes - he said "Whups, bad idea!" (no duh!), swung his cart in against the planter so it was sitting still, and raced to the other end of the line of carts, catching it before it could hit anything. I pointed out to him that he was now more or less in front of the cart return, and he let the whole stack run to there and pushed it in. (Then he went to his car, leaving his cart in front of the planter. Some people. I was parked just opposite the planter, so I grabbed his cart on the way to put mine into the cart return. No reason to leave it sticking several feet into the relatively narrow lane of traffic, anyway.)

And Scott has, as I've written this (and taken a break to lie down, as I said I would - Babe approved, she got petted), gotten home from church and done wonders with the chores he usually does (like the hand-washing dishes - I prefer to avoid that if I can, due to dry skin, which is cracking this week too - moisturizer is my friend!). He'll be taking off in a little bit, but yay, kitchen/dining area looks SO MUCH BETTER between our efforts today. My husband rocks.
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Monday, August 18th, 2008 03:19 pm
Scott ([ profile] terram) is home safe. Picking him up was a "bit" entertaining because you'd think the people in the arrivals pickup lanes had never heard of common sense or courtesy, but it wasn't dangerous, just tedious. It is so good to have him home again! I'm not sure if he would agree or not, I have managed to get him to do dishes and fold laundry and he hasn't been back in Portland three whole hours yet (not all of that at the house, even).

Though he seems pretty glad to be home. He had a good time at GenCon - and when he got there, he realized I'd had more games than just the Seventh Sea ones. I'd forgotten! I'd hesitated to sign up for the con initially, and had him get my first set of event tickets on his account. So he had to deal with those when he got there. (OTOH, at least those could be dealt with; the ones on my account were a lost cause by the time I had to cancel.) So I would also have been in a Changeling game (or rather not: it got cancelled for lack of players, Scott was the only one to show), the Seventh Sea LARP, an Immortal game, an In Nomine game, and an Ars Magica game if I'd gone. I'm actually pretty glad I didn't remember that. It doesn't bother me now - too much got done this weekend that needed to get done, and I needed to be here - but it would have bugged me a lot beforehand to give up that much. I'd come to terms with not going before I realized how much I did have available to me if I had gone.

I think I have talked him into actually posting to his LJ in a bit about some of the highlights of the con for him. :)