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Sunday, July 5th, 2015 06:32 pm
GOOD weekend. Yesterday was awesome - we went to Canby, enjoyed the street fair and the parade and the music. The kids loved a parade with candy tossed, but for my money the most pure joy was on the playground. Then fireworks, which I got some really good shots of - on my digital camera. (The phone couldn't have done it. Which is a pity - if they'd have been on the phone, I'd have downloaded all the pictures from IT to the computer last night...well, see next paragraph.)

This morning, my iPhone died. Not completely, but interestingly - some kind of software issue where it decided that all space was used up despite the fact that nothing it could point to was using very much space. About 90 GB of space unaccounted for. Delete anything and the bug expanded to fill the space.

Restarting and other cleanup mechanisms didn't work, so after a 2.5-hour wait, the experts restored it to a factory default. And...that means I lost all the photos of Ian giggling happily on that spinny swing except for _one_ I shared on FB. Worst part is it wasn't the best one, which I found later in the sequence. Oh, well. My backup of photos and other stuff is otherwise recent and complete, and I have a photo and a LOVELY memory. We had so much fun, the two of us, at that swing. ***EDIT: Oh God I forgot!! When I found the better pictures I _put the best of them as a comment to the post with the first picture_, I just found that and a couple other pictures from that day. They're not lost!!***

Now to reinstall and reconfigure my phone. Pfeh, but I saw this coming and made notes of what I had where. (Also, anyone who texted me today before 5 pm, it was lost. My phone would accept it - but couldn't store it. As far as I know, that means one text from Scott and a couple about my appointment from Apple. Those weren't important anyway, since I was basically camped in their store.)

(Yes, I have a backup. But it's not super-recent and I adjusted things and added a bunch of apps in the meanwhile. And if it was super-recent, I'd worry it might have backed up the bug what did this, too. Aie.)

ANYWAY. Photos!

One preview - but seriously, guys, check out the set, please. )
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Sunday, May 24th, 2015 09:50 am
Drew is feeling better this morning and no fever at all.

Yesterday, while Scott watched the boys, I did some needed basic shopping and went to the Japanese Garden. Alas, I didn't make sure I had the memory card for my camera with me (AUGH!). I got some pretty good photos with my phone, though. Wish I could have tried the same photos with the camera.

I am done with the Ridiculous Week of Sous Vide cooking. We have lots of stuff prepped and frozen for future thaw/heat/sear/serve cycles. I am happy about that. Also happy about the results I'm getting in general.

I think I may have to cave and buy a Wii U. Our Wii is starting to have problems reading its discs...any discs. I was tempted when it first came out, but there's not a lot "extra" that I wanted...however, working? That's an EXCELLENT additional feature. :P

Way before I worry about that, I need to plan the meal sequence for the week, and also swing by the library and return the videos. Late fees for videos are nothing to laugh at. :P
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Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 06:05 pm
I can get to Dreamwidth to whine about it. Facebook loads its header bar and then freezes. The shop I want to get to is unreachable. Tracert shows a sudden spate of requests timing out somewhere after I've been handed off to at&t and before I get to tfbnw (if I get there at all, sometimes I don't).

I know, on the scale of 'real problems' this doesn't register. It's not nearly as important or entertaining as having to duct tape the cover on the furnace (because the clip to hold it in place apparently broke), and that's anything but exciting itself.

But grumble. I went to see Mira Grant at Barnes & Noble and had a great time, and I subsequently couldn't even chatter about it on Twitter or see if anyone else was.

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Thursday, February 9th, 2012 08:00 pm
Drew has a sweater. It has a zipper. The zipper can go up when the tab is not pulled out, but can only go down (to come off) when it's lifted out, so it doesn't slide open by accident.

If the tab comes completely off, it is treated as in the "flat" position and the zipper can't go down.

Luckily, it was only a couple inches from open when we discovered it was stuck after the tab came off, and Drew was able to get out of it without it needing to be unzipped. And now I know I can trigger it with an unfolded paperclip and how, but really people? If the zipper tab comes off you need a paperclip or scissors to get the sweater off if it's fully zipped up, because the neck probably wouldn't fit over the head that way? Not cool.
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Friday, January 6th, 2012 05:43 pm
I have a little ten-second clip of vibrating baby snore/sighs, tribble baby style. However, I don't maintain my own web site or servers, and have no idea where or how I could upload it. (Well, a few searches turned up a pay site, but I think $5/month is a bit much to pay for something I almost never do....) Anyone know a place to do this that I am not aware of? (It wouldn't be hard....)

Alas. I sent a copy to Aunt Julia, though, and she replied about how cute they were, so. :)

Thanks to [ profile] nt for reminding me that Dropbox has a public folder. I'll get the file up in a bit.
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Saturday, May 21st, 2011 08:49 am
If I am given a link to an article or specific page on your site, and following it redirects me to the main mobile page because I view it on my phone and you don't have a mobile view of that link, you have failed. Because I can't find the f***ing thing I was trying to read. I would have been more than happy to view it in the non-mobile view (ecstatic, in fact), but now I don't have it at all. And I remember your site.

I am looking at you, OMSI. I am looking at you, CBS News. You suck. You are not alone. You are just the two I've most recently encountered. (OMSI is a thorn in my side, as I follow them on Twitter. I need to un-follow them, since they can't be arsed to tweet links I can follow on my phone, which is the MAIN place I USE Twitter. OMSI is a great museum, but their web/Twitter presence just frustrates me.)

If you have a mobile view of your site, either for all pages, or just for certain pages, provide me the ability to EASILY get out and STAY OUT of it. Because you know what? With very few exceptions, your mobile views are butt ugly, childish things that don't give me what I want. My iPhone renders regular web pages just fine - if the web masters don't preempt it and redirect me to some cartoonish page with a few enormous buttons.

The ONLY excuse for a forced-mobile view is if you've programmed your entire site in something most mobiles can't render, and even then there should be a way out. If you've programmed your whole site in Flash such that I have to pick between the mobile view or nothing, though, I still think you're idiots and I'm still disgusted - and I still won't continue to waste my time on your site once I discover it.
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Saturday, December 18th, 2010 02:09 pm
In theory, the idea of an open-source, distributed Facebook alternative sounds nice.

I was given a chance to get an invite to a Disapora pod recently (for which, thank you!), and knowing they are still in alpha, I still took it as I was curious.

I remain curious. Now coupled with 'confused'. I think I'll try again when they get to beta, maybe. At least on the pod I was invited to, the only documentation I could find is the disclaimer of "we're still in alpha, it may be broke!" I have no clue how it works, the search appears to be amazingly dumb (given a first and last name, it found me people with that first name; either no one had that last name, or it ignored it, and either way that's SO not useful), and since it's in alpha I imagine not many people are there yet anyway. Or if they are, then the search is weirder than I think. It's weird enough: no button, just hit enter? On some pages that is very dangerous, I'm hesitant to do that, but when there's no button (and no label that it's a search box), you kinda just sort of take a deep breath and hit enter and hope it does what it might do. (UI presently: made of whitespace and fail.)

It's ... pods. Separate installations. Can you link to someone across pods? Can you search for people across pods? If you can't, it's verging on useless - distributed architectures don't work if they just mean everything is islands and you can't find anything. If you can, I can't tell how. But then again...see alpha. And no linked documentation.

If I had time, what I "should" do is go hunt up the main project and see whether, besides alpha code, they have some alpha documentation that this pod didn't bother to link to. If I dug them up, I could even give feedback on my experience. I can't find that on this pod either - the link in the upper right includes the word 'feedback' but the page that pops up doesn't tell you where to put it, unless they mean Facebook, which would be terminally ironic. There is a link to Twitter (feedback in 140 characters: not so much) as well as Facebook. And I could open a support ticket if I wanted to, but not just tell them and walk away, apparently.

Given that it's the holiday season and my life includes a toddler...I don't have the time for any of it anyway, not if it's not moderately intuitive easy. Which it's nowhere near, at least yet.

I'll probably try again at beta or release, but I don't think it's ready for use by any but the folks who are deeply involved in it, or want to be, yet.

That said, if anyone who IS (or isn't :) in the latter category wants to check it out at - I do have invite codes. That piece actually looks straightforward and intuitive to me, so I can easily send them if anyone wants one. :)
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Saturday, March 13th, 2010 08:55 pm
Not dead. Posting photos. I was drafting the update on Drew for his journal/email list (need to send the email still), which reminded me I've added some photos and videos at Flickr that are public and I'm fairly proud of. Feel free to go have a look (except if you're logged in to Flickr and are a friend on my account, you'll have a deluge of baby photos to look through instead of just the few that are public).

Annoyed at the washer. Again. Had to call in the home warranty. This time it might be useful - they sent a different company than the last gazillion times we complained about the slamatron washer, and THIS guy actually thinks parts need replacing. No, really? That would be nice. Sadly, it means we need to get the washer out of the teeny laundry room, which will probably (but maybe not) mean taking the door off its hinges. Augh.

Seems like a lot of my life is Drew and work these days. That's a good thing overall - but then I look up and suddenly it's been a week and I haven't posted here. Augh. Worse, there were usually things I wanted to post about. It's just that I don't find time and then the moment's gone (and sometimes the thought, too).
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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 12:50 pm
And my desktop has picked NOW to decide not to recognize its built-in card reader, the only one in the house that can read the SDHD card I use in the good camera. So now some of our pictures of Drew are being held hostage. Argh. No desire to open desktop case and fight it. Easier to just buy a USB card reader and have done. Or find the cable for the camera but I'd rather use a card reader. (I do have a card reader for the laptop but it can't handle SDHD, only SD; it's just too old.)
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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 11:02 am
1) The universe can stop crapping on my friends, their pets, and my pets. (No new news on Babe, and Apple's fine. I just didn't want to exclude Babe from the list.) Honest to pity, this is more than enough.

2) Well, my removed moles have officially caused me pain...but only because the bandaids I used (to replace his, after I had a bath - one of them had bled a little and I wanted to be sure) had perniciously strong adhesive that hurt like heck coming off. *wry* Other than that they're fine.

3) Today I'm wearing a denim skirt and the patterned shirt that I sewed up the neckline on. I like the outfit, it's cute. I still need to convince this shirt that my bra straps aren't worth displaying, but right now I'm just lounging about the house, so enh.

4) I wish my iPhone would let me load my old, beloved ringtones (which aren't FROM songs so I can't just buy new copies of them, they were composed AS ringtones). Even the workarounds that I've found online don't work. They do load it to the iPhone but it ends up with X copies of the first one, where X is the number I uploaded total. I may do it anyway, just to get the default ringtone I'm used to onto it, at least. So far, that's one of only two things to really aggravate me about the iPhone, and it aggravates me a lot more than the other (which is the tiny size of the digital keyboard coupled with its tendency to often be one key off coupled with its horrid inevitably-wrong-and-useless auto-correct). I don't actually LIKE the idea of having bits of songs as ringtones, I like ringtones that sound like themselves and not like anything else I listen to. Most songs, as far as I can hear listening to them, would make shitty ringtones. (This is ignoring the cost of making a ringtone from them through the store; I mind less that they want to make money, and more that they are screwing with my ability to have ringtones I would actually consider to indicate that my phone is ringing!)

5) I like radishes. Hey, how else can this be random babble than if some actual random babble creeps in?
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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 07:29 pm
Words can, indeed, express what I think of this, but they are not very polite words.

The only good thing being, when I got home, I hadn't bought any new refrigerator items. I had bought frozens, but the chest freezer on the back porch is just fine and (by removing a few things we're never going to use, that I'd meant to get around to cleaning out anyway) I managed to get all the new purchases in there.

We've already had to pitch the food that was in the fridge and freezer. It was warm inside when we got home. I mean, barely below room temperature...barely.

Scott's on the phone with the home warranty people.


(You know, this icon is really an odd one to use in regards the refrigerator, since heat is what I'm objecting to in its case.)
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Thursday, May 8th, 2008 07:22 pm
For all sorts of reasons, including but not limited to:
1) My desktop computer is dead, for the moment. Dead C drive. Trying to decide whether to buy a new one, or to replace the drive and reinstall the OS. (I do not have a disc, but would have to buy it. They included a copy in a partition on the drive. I do not like that method, but everyone seems to do it. Ugh.) Leaning toward buying a new one. Assuming it isn't still under warranty which we're investigating now. And I really don't want Vista. But I really didn't want XP back when, and I got used to it and had good luck with it, so if I end up with Vista, hopefully the same experience will occur. *dubious*

2) The filling I got put in my front tooth Monday came out today. At least this time I probably shouldn't have to pay for it but this won't be fun. (They're not open tomorrow, and I noticed late tonight, so I'll sort this out Monday.)
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Saturday, April 19th, 2008 09:26 pm
Alarm went off at 6 am this morning. Snoozed it until 7, when I turned it off to get up...and fell back asleep, waking up at 8. Argh! Fortunately I still had enough time to run around and get out the door on time. I headed over to my parents' house, to meet volunteers for a local charity who were picking up the dining table and chairs. I hated to let them go, but we wouldn't have used them. The set we have is as nice in appearance, and sturdier. The one my parents had, while full of memories, wasn't as good a table for us, especially with the gaming group. Plus, what would we do with the one we had?

It was warm enough the drive up was fine, but it was snowing (not sticking) once I was at my parents' house. Quite pretty, really. And if I was sad to see the table and chairs go (and I was: I cried, laugh at me if you want, after they'd driven off with them), I was comforted to learn less than two hours later that they had already been delivered to a mother with four children, who needed them. May they form more good memories for another family. They really are pretty, but - I have photos of the pretty, and memories. I didn't need the actual table. I think I'm even starting to believe that emotionally (as opposed to intellectually: I knew this was true but that didn't make it a comfortable choice).

Got home, took a break, did the grocery shopping. Spoke with the realtor and we get together tomorrow to sign papers for listing the house. Spoke with someone else who is interested in the house advising him of pending listing and offering the realtor's info. (He wasn't in a spot to write it down but will call back Monday.) Took my camera into Fry's to get shipped back for repair or replacement. (It is convinced batteries are 'low power' or 'no power' even when they're fine for other things, and are brand new. Since it auto-turns-off under low power and otherwise fails, this is really not ideal. Very not ideal, in the sense of 'useless'.)

And earlier it hailed here, after I was home from most of the grocery shopping. Made the backyard nice and white. Some of the hailstones were pea-sized - quite large for this area. And a couple flashes of lightning in the distance. Now it is quiet and boring again. I can live with quiet and boring, I think.

I played WoW for a bit earlier too. I was sure I did more, but I guess I didn't. Still a productive day. And very busy. (Part of this is cramming stuff in: I'm on call next week, so it's easier to cram this week full of things that need doing soon but are hard to duck in and out of if need arises.)

Tired, headachy, sinus acting up. I think I go to bed now. (Well, after a bath or shower, both for the pleasure of it and in case the sinus is allergies.)
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Saturday, December 29th, 2007 01:04 pm
Scott and I went to Fry's today, where we got, among other things, a new (bigger) switch. Preparing for moving our network downstairs, and the fact that the router will stay upstairs where the connection is (yes, there is a cable down), which is probably also where the wireless link will stay since it gives better coverage from there.

The one we got was marked $52.99. It rang up at $79.99. We said 'but....' and the cashier spent the next little while calling back to the department, straightening it out, getting a code to get us the better price, and starting the people in the department figuring out what price it should be and what to fix, the sticker or the computer settings.

I felt very, very bad for her. Why? Because her badge said "Customer service associated in training". These are not the kinds of fun things you need when you are still getting steady on the basic, normal procedures!
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Tuesday, July 24th, 2007 10:25 pm
As far as the power outage: Boo to the facility, boo to having all eggs in one basket again (haven't we learned from this in the past?), boo to the status pages (why have things so the status page is sometimes unreachable when the site is down; why have two status pages; why have them disagree, with the showing it was being worked on while the showed that it was NOT because Vox was - this was after Typepad was up, o'course). Overall, not really very impressed with Six Apart's communication, or the co-location facility, but mostly with the communication. (I was also annoyed at the priorities in bringing up LJ last, but that turned out to be a communications issue as, unlike the SA site implied, they were working on LJ at the same time as the others. It just took longer, which there's really only so much you can do about that, goes on.)

Funny from my page-a-day calendar: "On a bottle of bath-tub cleaner: For best results, start with a clean tub before use." Er.

Got a load of laundry done tonight. Basta is not feeling entirely well, but so far holding up okay, I think. I read more of The Assassin King which is quite good.

Amazon has shipped me something, which both baffles and (mildly) annoys me. Baffles as I didn't order anything, so someone got me something. Annoys, because they sent it UPS, which (after a number of tiffs with UPS about their asinine delivery methods) means I have to stop at their place in Tualatin on the way home tomorrow to pick it up. I'm not sure this is actually an improvement over having them slide the front door mat over it, except that I am less likely to step on an unexpected package this way, or find it rain-soaked. But I avoid ordering things that must ship UPS if at all possible, and now I shall have to find this place (got the driving directions, sounds fairly easy) and find out what I'm getting. I hope it's neat, at least! I like some surprises, gifts usually among them. I just don't like UPS. At least it's on my way home from work, so it'll be easy enough to get.

Time for me to go to bed.
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Monday, May 14th, 2007 09:48 pm
I don't like my days to make good stories.

Today, I took my parents' Saturn over to the dealership to sell it back. Mom loved that car; Dad didn't. I'm with Dad on this one. It's perfectly functional but it is an older model, no AC, lots of road noise. I'll take a pass on it.

So, I had Scott come down after work to pick me up. He arrived, we pulled out of the lot, and we made it a couple three blocks and were sitting at a light for a left turn when I said "What's that smell?" He sniffed and said "I hope that's someone else." I sniffed a bit more, and I think about as we got the green and were turning (and it wasn't fading), I said, "That's coolant fluid."

We promptly pulled into the Toyota dealer which was the nearest driveway, and parked. There was steam coming from under the hood. We let it cool a bit until it wasn't steaming, popped the hood. No visible damage, cap still on the reservoir. Popped that cautiously and got some more steam, but thinner. Scott said there was still a fair amount of liquid in the reservoir, though of course we were judging when still hot. Under the circumstances, I took the presence of any liquid there as a good sign.

However, the heat had been pegged at the far right on hot; we didn't know for how long. And Scott indicated he'd lost the AC on the way over to pick me up - probably a warning sign and suggested the problem had been building over that drive, rather than just having started up. As a consequence we let it go all the way down before we started up again. And [ profile] dormouse_in_tea got treated to a somewhat bored and whiny call from me, looking for Diversion. For lo, the number I had for LJ voice-posting was busy each time (the high-speed busy that suggests 'dead number' to me, rather than busy; I will need to check if I mis-entered it).

Headed from there to the Ford dealership, but their service center was already closed. Not really that disappointed as we'd been thinking maybe we should just run it over to Paciific Car Care (closer, we like them, and they have a night-drop for keys). So we stopped at a gas station, let it cool again, topped up the fluid (and brought the rest of that container with us), and Scott went to Subway and got dinner (while we were waiting for the car to cool).

Then we made the run to the car care place, for which it behaved very nicely, though I was sniffing the air quite a bit as well as both of us watching the heat gauge. We dropped the car off.

Then we called a friend who lives nearby for a ride. But he was out, so we did not reach him. Neither of us had any other numbers with us of people who lived near enough to bother, so I figured we'd take Trimet - take the 12 to the Tigard TC, then hop a bus (the 76, as it happens, would be the right one) down to Tualatin, and from there if we were lucky into Wilsonville (though I don't know off the top of my head when the Wilsonville leg stops running).

Instead, we had just missed a 12, and caught the next one. Those come 2-4 times an hour, I think 4 at that time, so it wasn't that bad. However, when we got to the TC, we'd just missed the 76 by 10 minutes. THOSE run every hour. I didn't really want to get into Tualatin at 9:05, I was pretty sure the bus down to Wilsonville doesn't run THAT late.

Scott called his boss to get the number of a coworker, whereupon we called her and she came and retrieved us. I offered her our transfers as fare, but she didn't want them. I can't imagine why! She plays in our WoW guild, so Scott told her our hearthstones weren't working, and could she perhaps spare a gryphon ride?

We are home, safe, sound, and none the worse for the wear. It was a nice enough night out overall though I borrowed Scott's coat toward the end of our wait in Tigard. So it could have been much worse. But I'd only intended to get rid of one car tonight, not two. :P Though presumably the second will be returning after its check-up. (Scott, figuring he might as well take advantage of the timing being near his oil change, wrote for them to change his oil as well as check the problem. I cracked up.)
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Monday, April 9th, 2007 10:14 pm
Returned the mp3 player to Fry's, picked up new one. I had considered getting one of the same kind in case it was just defective, but they had a Creative that's explicitly compatible with these audiobooks on sale...for $5 more than the one I'd gotten before, after a mail-in rebate. So, I'll give it a couple days and if it works as well as I hope, I'll send that in for the rebate. So far, no clue: I only just installed the software and I don't foresee testing it tonight.

I'm almost immediately reminded that I hate the Creative UI, though. The player is the USB attachment, which sounds sweet until you realize that they're a pain in the backside to get separate from each other (you have to unplug it from the power unit in order to attach it to the computer, a non-trivial task in my experience - and what the heck would someone with arthritis do?? difficult!).

Also, Fry's apparently (I was told) stocks mp3 players in three departments. No one told me what the third is, but the first is audio and the second is computers. They do NOT stock the SAME players in all locations: those made by computer manufacturers are in computers, those made by audio companies are in audio. *sarcasm* Because THAT is how MOST people go looking for an mp3 player. "I want one that's made by a computer company!" "Well, _I_ think companies that make other _audio_ stuff would do it better!"

Well, I just want to be able to find and browse and compare all the products. Grrrr.
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Saturday, April 7th, 2007 09:39 pm
I tried to make a quiche-substitute tonight (substitute as in, no animal products, no cheese). One word: ugh. No clue if it was my skills that were lacking, or the recipe, but ugh. On the other hand, the crust part did come out nicely, so...half the recipe is a win, anyway. It's a fairly sturdy crust; I'm tempted to just fill it with tastythings and bake and see what happens. Knowing my luck and skill in the kitchen, though, I might regret that a great deal. Bah. This is the problem with most cooking for me: I do not know enough to pick the recipes. Among Mom's recipes are a good many delicious ones. Quite a few of which are not great for me and thus 'treat only' recipes. Bah.

Mom would probably shake her head, or something. She didn't believe in giving up what you love for your health (she mentioned this once in connection with someone else's diet), as why live longer if you enjoy it so much less? (This didn't apply to cigarettes, as far as I know, as she always said of those that she was addicted and not up for another try at quitting. Not the same thing as 'enjoying' them.) But ... I've got a lot of things I enjoy about life that have nothing to do with food. A lot. And if I can find food that's healthy for me that I like, I figure that's good. Of course, figuring out what is healthy is somewhat of a crap shoot. Some day someone will do the definitive study: living is hazradous to your health. Like we didn't all already know that! But I'm fairly sure, for example, that Mom's pasties (really, I think, Grandma's?) aren't healthy. Tasty, but not healthy. On pretty much any 'healthy diet' path you can think of, come to that. Oh well, we'll see.

After the quiche, I will enjoy tomorrow's Easter dinner all the more, I imagine, though I'd enjoy it just for the company even if no food at all was served.

And I get to go back to Fry's again. I picked up an mp3/wma player that can handle encrypted .wma files, which is what I needed for my library's downloadable audiobooks. Unfortunately, it will play the first part of the file and then spazz out into random sounds. The interesting (to me) thing is that if you play the same file repeatedly, it does not spazz out at the same point each time. Weird...but not really very useful. I will probably exchange it for one of the same model on the hopes that this one has something wrong with it, I suppose. I sort of expect that the next one will have the same problem, mostly because Murphy's Law seems to really like raining on my techie-toy attempts.

Babe is really funny, and cute, and cuddly. And oddly, she has good shorts manners. She put her paws on the fabric, not my bare skin, except once; and that once she was barely kneading with her claws, and when I moved her paw she left it there. This astonishes me mostly because she is not at all careful about her claws when arriving on or departing a lap. I don't know if she would be when shorts are involved - I somehow doubt it - I was on the floor so she wasn't jumping. But it was strange to me that she can be so carelessly pointy most ways, but this one she almost seemed to be actually being nice about.

The landscape maintenance folks we work with have a different idea of reality than I do, I guess. A week ago Friday they told Scott they could recommend a landscape designer if we wanted (funny, that's not what they said last fall - guess it changed!). He replied to that email telling them yes, please. That is still all we've heard. Exactly how long does it take to send us a name and number you presumably already had to hand when making the original statement?? Oh well.

I keep meaning to upload more photos, and not doing so. Not so very happy about that...I want them up, shared, but also preserved, you know?

It's late. I think I should probably head to bed soonish.
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Wednesday, March 21st, 2007 10:28 pm
I'm doing okay. I didn't post about it then, but yesterday was Mother's birthday - her 62nd - and Dad died three months ago today. I felt worse in the week leading up to these dates than I do now. (The difference is largely, I think, that I had one final big piece of info to toss at the lawyer looming over me and now, I just need to look up one additional thing and send it to him. Plus my to-do list is not as long as it was, though still longer than I like. Making progress is good for my mood.)

I have started listening to audio books in the car. I used to be unwilling to give up my traffic reports, until I started paying attention and realized that I was lucky if one traffic report every couple weeks actually occurred at the proper time to allow me to avoid the traffic. The rest of them simply explain to me why I am sitting around and exactly how unpleasant it may be. Plus, I'm not sure avoiding the traffic actually helps in most cases; the slow freeway may in many instances still be faster than the clear route over the hill. So, the radio goes away.

I listened to most of five CDs of seven in Stephen King's On Writing (I think I mentioned in an earlier post), and then returned them to the library because there was nasty skipping in the remaining tracks of #5. I checked the paper book out and read the rest of it (not while driving, you may be pleased to know) and quite enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I will ever use anything in there, as I don't currently aspire to write fiction. But it was fun to listen to. (Even when I was reading the book, after the CD problems, I was still 'listening' - I could still hear it in his voice.) My current audio book (which is, alas, running down) is Thomas Ayres's That's Not In My American History Book. I'm assuming the stories are true; they are supposed to be; I've done no research and likely never will. But whether they are true or not, they are thought-provoking and also very funny to listen to. Jeff Riggenbach, who narrates, has a very pleasant voice and a very pleasant flow as he reads. I don't care how good a book is, a bad reader means it needs to be read on paper if at all.

Here's hoping I have luck as good with my next attempts...we'll see. (I'm picking titles sort of willy-nilly from what the library can give me, so it really is sort of a crap shoot anyway.)

Also, having read P. J. Tracy's Monkeewrench, I got Live Bait from the library and read it. It was fun, but I must admit Somewhat spoiler material here, though only general ). The tales are fairly well-told and the pacing is good, I'm just not sure I should like them. They're not, I think, re-readable books for me really. The funny moments are really well done, though, regardless of other thoughts. I have Dead Run, the third book, from the library, but am waiting to read it until the weekend as I have been warned (by a friend who beat me to it) that it is "intense" and maybe not a good one to sleep on.

And now I go to bed, so as to be functional tomorrow, for more useful past-times than reading of books. :) Well, okay, actually I type in the last data and send it off, THEN go to bed.
kyrielle: (technology wins)
Sunday, February 25th, 2007 10:24 am
Yesterday, I stopped at Fry's. I picked up a JVC GZ-MC505, figuring I had about 50-50 odds of being happy with it - one of their higher-end digital camcorders. One person recommended the JVC Everio line to me (and was happy with a lower-end camcorder from it), and another told me they had crappy image quality and should be avoided at all costs. Sadly, I am obliged to come down on the side of the second person - the video is grainy enough on my monitor that I fear what it would look like on a TV if I burned it to DVD. I realize that home movies are crap by definition, but this was particularly bad. Of course, that's after it went through their software, since nothing on my PC could open those files (as I'd expected, from what I'd heard). So maybe it's just that their software bites (since the recommending party uses a Mac, where other options can open the files).

I also picked up a digital photo frame at the same time. The images are so dark and blotchy on it. I realize it is a small thing and not going to give ideal resolution, but making even lightened pictures turn so dark they're hard to recognize is not a selling point. Back it goes.

I also picked up a 9-volt battery for the smoke alarm at my parents' house. I am pleased to report that this worked as expected, and therefore doesn't need to be returned.

I think I'm going to let the camcorder thing go for a bit. Scott found one he thinks looks promising, but it is not out yet. Maybe we'll give it a try. Maybe not. Right now I am frustrated enough to be doing the sour grapes "why do I need one of these stupid things anyway?" sort of comment. :P I'll probably get over that, tho.