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Saturday, January 28th, 2017 08:35 pm
I have been posting less about politics than I've been thinking about them - even on Facebook, and I'm saying more there than here (only because it is simpler, which is sometimes a curse, but occasionally handy).

This is because I only have so much energy and stress-tolerance, and I'm trying to spend it on staying informed and taking action. Talking to y'all about it *mostly* isn't action. I doubt I'm likely to sway anyone reading this, and people who want to stay informed still have lots of ways, currently. All I can do is add to your stressload.

But just so everyone knows where I stand: I am a liberal bleeding-heart most of the time, and right now I'm in full Never Again mode. First they came for the Muslims....

And isn't it fascinating that apparently countries he has business interests in aren't as bad? That may be malfeasance, but it could be as simple as "well, but I *know* some of those guys" fallacy. Could be. I'm not going to try to judge which one because it doesn't matter; I don't like the action and oppose it.

Now to figure out what to do about the ACLU. I do support a lot of what they do...but I've refused to give them money since they "tracked my parents down" to my address *and phone number* after their death, and tried to call them for donations, and were assholes about the fact they were deceased. No one else who got the new address did a reverse-lookup on it, got the phone number, and called to try to reach me. NO ONE ELSE. Except the organization that's supposedly all about privacy and personal liberty...except to its donors, perhaps.

D***it. I'd love to give them some money, but I don't want to be in their database. Wish I knew a way to accomplish that.


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