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Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 08:43 pm
Only a little bit late. Like half a month.

1/1: Happy new year! I am grateful that when the new year arrived in my time zone, I was happily sleeping.

1/2: [missed]
1/3: [missed]

1/4: I am grateful for a cleaner house, however incrementally it happens, for indoor plumbing, and for ovens and food to cook in them.

1/5: I'm grateful for "woe! Woe! Woe, woe, woe the cart...." Store sillies! Also cart riding kids. And Scott's patience.

1/6: I am grateful for a well stocked freezer, two excellent sweet cats, and Drew's excitement about his upcoming birthday.
1/6 (again): I am also grateful for my cute, sweet, snuggly, climbing, bed-hogging Ian.

1/7: I am grateful for word processors, math, email, easy fixes, helpful calls, doughnuts, and socks.

1/8: I am grateful for Albertson's bakery. Also sausage, strawberry lemonade tea, easy traffic, frozen gel packs, and laughter.

1/9: I am grateful for a newly-minted four-year-old.And excited glee over cupcakes, jump ropes, and books.

1/10: I am grateful for new fun card games; for learning by listening; for designs completed and progress.

1/11: I am grateful for character concepts approved! I hope that next week I'll be grateful for character working in play.

1/12: I am grateful for snow!! Hopefully it clears off before Drew's party, but it should. That's after noon.

1/13: I am grateful for shared laughter, for freedom and joy, for wheels and silly games and (even too-loud) restaurants.

1/14: I am grateful for working wiis, clear roads after predictions otherwise, straightening things out, and chatty babies.

1/15: I'm grateful for receipts, patience, email, Kickstarter, audio books, and children's books.

1/16: I am grateful for chocolates, cuddles, qdoba, cars, kids, characters, kisses, quilts, and comfort.

1/17: I am grateful for group dynamics, new code, sleepy boys, Dragon Tales, and coupons.

1/18: I am grateful for clouds, and for a cloudy sky that turns into a glorious dome of lavender at sunrise.
1/18 (again): I am grateful for online learning, cars, showers, day planners, book recommendations, laughter, and some winter weather.

1/19: I am grateful for a wise husband, Sweet Tomatoes, watching Ian chow down on veg and fruit and cheese, and for snickerdoodles.

1/20: I'm grateful for clean laundry and dishes, a warm house, blankets, words and language, and learning.

1/21: I am grateful for giggles, Lincoln Logs cleaned up *without being asked* at the end of play, teeth, lemons, and muffins.

1/22: I am grateful that I was standing right there when Ian unscrewed the knob from the kitchen cabinet.

1/23: I am grateful for new laptops, lightweight hardware, good advice, humor, and anticipation.

1/24 (not a gratitude, but kinda yes): "And yet, with all these dice I keep missing." "Yeah, but you get to miss before everyone else!" I made the GM laugh. #win
1/24: I am grateful for packed suitcases, friends to be seen, games, music, sleeping babies, and the promise and lure of sleep.

1/25: I am grateful for the patience of strangers and friends, and for music, fellowship, seeing distant friends, and soft beds.
1/25 (again): I'm also grateful for the new #conflikt hotel - comfy rooms, good con space.

1/26: I am grateful for sweet songs and sad songs and silly songs and parodies. And for fiddles and fiddlers! #Conflikt

1/27: I'm grateful we left when we did, though I wish we'd stayed longer. And left sooner. Kids are sick of travel. #Conflikt

1/28: I am grateful for waking up at home in my own bed...and for a weekend of not doing so, friends, and music.
1/28 (again): I am grateful for laundry done and dishes run, plans and solutions, groceries, and gas stations.

1/29: I am grateful for perspective, suggestions, finished projects, donuts, and audio lecture commutes.

1/30: [missed, but I did a whole-house bink search according to Twitter]

1/31: I'm grateful for frosted cookies, four year old fake snores, and silly baby games.


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