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Friday, January 1st, 2016 04:15 pm
First round of DIsneyland trip pictures - scenery and whatnot, none of the kids or us here.
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Sunday, July 5th, 2015 06:32 pm
GOOD weekend. Yesterday was awesome - we went to Canby, enjoyed the street fair and the parade and the music. The kids loved a parade with candy tossed, but for my money the most pure joy was on the playground. Then fireworks, which I got some really good shots of - on my digital camera. (The phone couldn't have done it. Which is a pity - if they'd have been on the phone, I'd have downloaded all the pictures from IT to the computer last night...well, see next paragraph.)

This morning, my iPhone died. Not completely, but interestingly - some kind of software issue where it decided that all space was used up despite the fact that nothing it could point to was using very much space. About 90 GB of space unaccounted for. Delete anything and the bug expanded to fill the space.

Restarting and other cleanup mechanisms didn't work, so after a 2.5-hour wait, the experts restored it to a factory default. And...that means I lost all the photos of Ian giggling happily on that spinny swing except for _one_ I shared on FB. Worst part is it wasn't the best one, which I found later in the sequence. Oh, well. My backup of photos and other stuff is otherwise recent and complete, and I have a photo and a LOVELY memory. We had so much fun, the two of us, at that swing. ***EDIT: Oh God I forgot!! When I found the better pictures I _put the best of them as a comment to the post with the first picture_, I just found that and a couple other pictures from that day. They're not lost!!***

Now to reinstall and reconfigure my phone. Pfeh, but I saw this coming and made notes of what I had where. (Also, anyone who texted me today before 5 pm, it was lost. My phone would accept it - but couldn't store it. As far as I know, that means one text from Scott and a couple about my appointment from Apple. Those weren't important anyway, since I was basically camped in their store.)

(Yes, I have a backup. But it's not super-recent and I adjusted things and added a bunch of apps in the meanwhile. And if it was super-recent, I'd worry it might have backed up the bug what did this, too. Aie.)

ANYWAY. Photos!

One preview - but seriously, guys, check out the set, please. )
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Sunday, May 24th, 2015 09:50 am
Drew is feeling better this morning and no fever at all.

Yesterday, while Scott watched the boys, I did some needed basic shopping and went to the Japanese Garden. Alas, I didn't make sure I had the memory card for my camera with me (AUGH!). I got some pretty good photos with my phone, though. Wish I could have tried the same photos with the camera.

I am done with the Ridiculous Week of Sous Vide cooking. We have lots of stuff prepped and frozen for future thaw/heat/sear/serve cycles. I am happy about that. Also happy about the results I'm getting in general.

I think I may have to cave and buy a Wii U. Our Wii is starting to have problems reading its discs...any discs. I was tempted when it first came out, but there's not a lot "extra" that I wanted...however, working? That's an EXCELLENT additional feature. :P

Way before I worry about that, I need to plan the meal sequence for the week, and also swing by the library and return the videos. Late fees for videos are nothing to laugh at. :P
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Sunday, February 8th, 2015 02:35 pm
These are of a gorgeous sunrise last month.

Over here on Flickr

No preview - but go have a look, if you like. I'm quite pleased with them. It was a very obligingly lovely sunrise.
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Saturday, January 17th, 2015 03:17 pm
Yesterday, I turned 40. Scott helped me celebrate by not telling our friends (who were over for our usual gaming night), keeping it low key, and getting me the DSLR I've been coveting for over a year.

I took it to the Japanese Garden yesterday (he gave it to me a bit in advance) and shot some photos with both the standard and telephoto lenses. Mother Nature gave me the only sun-break forecast for this weekend in the afternoon, meaning the telephoto lens was *useful* (for more than pictures of cloud and fog).

I was totally lazy and uploaded the JPG images exactly as they came out of the camera instead of processing the raw files and all that.

Two preview images, my favorite two )
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Thursday, April 25th, 2013 04:01 pm
In between cleaning the house. Aie, so much cleaning. And not enough cleaning. Of course, the root canal kinda cut into cleaning time yesterday. Argh.

Anyway, photos! There are two of flowers, two of skies, and two macros of a bee that landed on my windshield. I am rather pleased at getting those macros. But if you do not like bees, you may not want to click through.
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Sunday, January 13th, 2013 07:54 pm
He rode along the sidewalk all the way around the cul de sac today, so I'd say he's willing to try turns again. And circling a cul de sac is a nice beginner "turn" rather than the u-turn he tried Saturday!

New bike!

Also, go to my Flickr for yesterday for bonus pics of the Saturday morning snow. Apparently Beaverton - in the low elevations - didn't get any. Wilsonville felt like being an overachiever I guess?
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Sunday, April 1st, 2012 11:04 am
Thank goodness for doing this; reading back over these reminds me of many, many little good things that can otherwise be forgotten. And as I write them it helps me really look at, and find the positives in, my days.

So, here's February and March. (Well, except the first couple days of February were on the last one.)

That's a lot of lines.... )
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Sunday, May 29th, 2011 08:38 am
When I was little, the dishwasher had two magnets: "Clean" and "Dirty" (with pigs, one polished pink, the other wallowing in mud). Finally, we own a house where magnets will stick to the dishwasher, and I want similar magnets! ...except most are clean/dirty pairs in one magnet (flip it to change the setting). Which is nice, and cute, but I want to put just one magnet at a time. If it's one for both, someone small and cute may spin it for fun.

Eating over carpet with a toddler: messy. So we have a queen size sheet as a drop cloth. I like the pattern!
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Friday, May 13th, 2011 05:48 pm
We have keys to the house. I got there about 3 pm today, our realtor met me and gave me them. While I was there, I met our new neighbors a couple doors down (very friendly, holding a garage sale), our next-door neighbor and her daughter (nice people, friends of my realtor as her son is in the same class as the daughter at school), and another neighbor from the end of the cul de sac who was getting her mail. They were all very friendly and welcoming, and assured me we would love the neighborhood.

I love the fact that it IS a neighborhood. I also, of course, promptly forgot all their names. Argh. I stink at names.

Anyway, since I had access again, some more pictures of the house. Pictures are thumbnails, click to view larger on Flickr.

Office's built-in shelves Living Room Kitchen Dining nook Family room Master bedroom Back yard
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Sunday, April 10th, 2011 06:55 pm
I am participating in the photo treasure hunt on Dreamwidth: - the photos I'm doing are mostly not spectacular, since I'm aiming for a theme, but I'm trying and I'm having fun. :)

We are doing well. Just had a lovely crockpot chicken noodle soup tonight - tasty, and no salt to speak of. Win! Also enough to freeze for later. Double win! Which means I don't have to eat this soup all week...triple win. :) It's good, but not so good I want nothing else. :P

Drew has had fun this weekend, I think. The children's museum and the park yesterday. And the Japanese Garden. He loved the deer scare...and the art show. They're presently having a koi-related art show in the pavillion and there are a couple ENORMOUS koi kites hanging from the ceiling as well as smaller fabric art and prints. GORGEOUS. Anyway, we go in and before I can say anything particular about the art Drew looks up and points. "Fish!" Pause. "Tail!" Pause. "Mouth!" He enjoyed the exhibit so much. I'd been worried about taking him in and how well he would deal with it if he was bored. No. Need. Fish! Fish! He was happy as could be.

Today has been less fun for him, as we went shopping and other than that have mostly played around home. Scott was going to take him to the big park to run off some energy, but Drew refused to get in the car, which pretty well ended that plan. Heh. Nor was he willing to try our lovely soup. His cheese-and-bologna sandwich at lunch became a cheese sandwich. Some small pair of hands crept in and removed the bologna before eating. Sometime after that he started just eating the cheese out of it. Memo to kidlet: you cannot, in fact, live entirely on cheese alone. But boy do you seem to want to try.

A tweet from yesterday (expanded for readability): Drew, from the back seat: "It's nibbling me. Nibble, nibble, nibble." He had his sticker on one hand, folding and unfolding it to "bite" the other hand.

A writeup regarding the LJ DDoS and Russian Politics:

Birds captured at 1/8000th of a second:


A tweet from Wednesday: Drew decided to wash his shoes today at day care. Dumped them in the sink, ran water over.
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Friday, August 27th, 2010 12:22 pm
Anyone know an alternative to LoudTwitter that can do email posting, rather than requiring your login info for the blog it's echoing to?


8/21-8/27 )
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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 07:26 pm
Oh, Ray.

Ray finally found a cat bed that fits him.

Well, kind of, I suppose...I won't tell him if you don't.
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Saturday, April 10th, 2010 03:34 pm
I do not like eczema. I really do not like it on my hands where cracks on the knuckle result.

I do like watching Scott talk so much about how he doesn't really need a smartphone, just a new phone that works (his has been declining in speaker quality, to where it has to be on speakerphone held not more than 1-2 feet from your ear to hear the other person), and then buy an iPhone anyway. He is pleased, so far, so it works.

I am vastly amused and pleased that, when we ran late on our errands and stopped at the mall food court, Drew happily ate vegetables from Scott's sub...and bits of rice and meat and sauce from my (mild, but not completely wimped out) chicken masala. What did he reject? Scott's tomato, and my naan bread. Go figure.

Drew walked through a large part of home depot (back through one aisle and about halfway across the back of the store), "pushing" the cart (aka hanging on to it while walking).

Tonight we have dinner at Dar Essalam with Drew's honorary aunt, our good friend Elaine. Poor Drew is going to have a great day for neat foods today (and likely tomorrow on leftovers) only to return to normal fare next week. (Poor me is going to, as well. Heh.)

We finally got the tile table I wanted a couple years ago and decided to wait on, that couldn't be found anywhere the next year. Argh. This year it could and the perfect size - so now we have a table to go with our bench. (Good thing the budget could absorb it. I wasn't looking for it when we found it, I was buying drip lines for the veggies. Luckily, I also found those, so it's a straight victory and not a mixed bag.)

I need to process the photos and videos of Drew since mid-March. I still need to process them. There are some amazingly cute ones I want to send to family and friends, but that's really hard when they're still stuck on the camera. :D
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Saturday, March 13th, 2010 08:55 pm
Not dead. Posting photos. I was drafting the update on Drew for his journal/email list (need to send the email still), which reminded me I've added some photos and videos at Flickr that are public and I'm fairly proud of. Feel free to go have a look (except if you're logged in to Flickr and are a friend on my account, you'll have a deluge of baby photos to look through instead of just the few that are public).

Annoyed at the washer. Again. Had to call in the home warranty. This time it might be useful - they sent a different company than the last gazillion times we complained about the slamatron washer, and THIS guy actually thinks parts need replacing. No, really? That would be nice. Sadly, it means we need to get the washer out of the teeny laundry room, which will probably (but maybe not) mean taking the door off its hinges. Augh.

Seems like a lot of my life is Drew and work these days. That's a good thing overall - but then I look up and suddenly it's been a week and I haven't posted here. Augh. Worse, there were usually things I wanted to post about. It's just that I don't find time and then the moment's gone (and sometimes the thought, too).
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Friday, January 1st, 2010 09:51 am
...going to Google and pressing "I'm feeling lucky" with the search box empty today (New Year's). Very cool!

Also, I uploaded a ton of photos to my Flickr account. Most are of Drew and are friends/family only (if you have [ profile] arstrasz mutually friended, you can also get to them from a post I made last night, and an email will be going out to friends/family later today - after I add a few photos I forgot to add last night!). But the other photos and videos, the non-Drew ones that are public, include Phoenix ZooLights, Oregon snow, and some of our cats.

Four I'm especially fond of )

Happy New Year!
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Saturday, November 14th, 2009 06:48 pm
Sorry I've been so sparse as far as posting. I've either got the flu or something flu-like and I'm pretty tired of it (and pretty tired). Of course, this week was a key one for some of the stuff I'm working on at work, so I kept working - once I started intermittent fevers (late afternoon/evening seems to be the time for them, morning is fine) and realized it wasn't just a cold, I kept working from home. Got everything I needed to get done done, though, so that's good.

So far Drew and Scott seem to have dodged it, though I worry. I'm being very careful about hand-washing and about letting Drew touch my face (he likes to grab mouths and noses right now, sigh). He did sleep an awful lot today but no fever, so we'll see. He ended up missing his swim session today - it's at 10 am and the weather was pretty bad so the car was iced shut on the driver's side, Scott got in and started it warming but I was worried about the roads, then Drew decided he had to eat. Pretty much by the time they could've gotten there (I wouldn't go: I had a fever yesterday afternoon so could still be contagious this morning) it would've been over. And then after eating he took a nap. LOL. "NOT swimming this week, thanks, guys."

On the plus side, yesterday and today after the work stuff was done, I finally got the photographs and videos from October uploaded. That included a lot of Drew stuff for those of you friended to [ profile] arstrasz but also some stuff from the zoo, the Japanese Gardens, and one sunrise from our house. :) to see the photo stream, my favorite of the bunch here )