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Thursday, April 27th, 2017 08:09 pm
Mostly because I have one again. I've been on antibiotics since Tuesday night, though, and it's responsive to decongestants again. Progress!
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Sunday, January 29th, 2017 06:23 pm
I think my anti-sinus-infection measures are actually hitting it back. It got pretty bad yesterday and this morning, but...I'm doing better as of about noon. Morning will be worse again, it always is, but...maybe just maybe I don't need antibiotics here. That would make me happy.
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Saturday, January 28th, 2017 08:42 pm
Also, I do NOT need a sinus infection. I clearly have one. Sigh. I just saw my doctor for my physical, and I still thought I was beating this sucker back at that point. Well, since I'm currently debating whether to go to urgent care or soldier on until Monday, that's never good. :P Oh well.
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Monday, January 23rd, 2017 06:55 pm
Andrew's registration fees for the after-school enrichment courses this term is paid. And Ian's kindergarten registration is filed now, and I can forget about it for the time being. Yay! It's different from when Andrew entered kindergarten, but not by a lot. No choice of half-day or full-day (it's all full-day now) and no fee for full-day. But now you need a form that they've had a dental and vision check. Before that was not required (although Andrew had had both; they simply didn't care if I had proof or not).

Also today, Andrew's backup pair of glasses arrived. He likes them, though hopefully he won't need to wear them often.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at Ian's preschool. Wednesday I have my annual physical (and have to fast for it, because blood tests), and Andrew has a dental appointment in the afternoon (which Scott is handling, fortunately for my ability to get work done). Thursday will hopefully be the day that I pick up Apple. Friday we have the gaming group over in the evening.

Saturday I may hibernate. ;)
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Saturday, May 14th, 2016 11:12 am
Scott and I are both feeling a bit run-down and off today, so no swimming today after all. (Open swim at Children of the Sea is closed tonight in any case, but we'd planned to go to Canby. Now? Nope.) Luckily, Canby has public swim 1-3 Saturday _and_ 3-5 Sunday, so we can still get plenty of swimming in tomorrow too.

The cookies I baked were a hit, which is good.

A while ago it was noisy upstairs, but Scott was in amongst it and it didn't sound un-cheerful, so I ignored it.

I just went up to help Ian put away a game, and Scott got to enjoy my reaction - the dresser that was supposed to be moved today or tomorrow from Andrew's room to Ian's room is IN IAN'S ROOM. Scott and the boys moved it. It's not a small dresser, and the boys are rightly proud of themselves.
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Saturday, March 5th, 2016 03:03 pm
I'm lazy, so I Googled this and found:

And then, because I'm lazy, I further adapted it. What I did:

2 pounds ground turkey
1 whole egg
1/4 tsp salt*
2-3 tsp Italian seasoning**
1 tsp dried chives

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix ingredients thoroughly. Spray a 9x5 baking pan and press mixture into it, pressing down a bit more in the center. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes / until no longer pink in the center. (I think I overcooked this slightly. I don't think it actually mattered. It was wonderful.)

* I was quite happy with this amount but you should be aware that I often find tasty what others call bland, and adjust your recipe accordingly. The original called for 3/4 tsp.

** I didn't have poultry seasoning handy and I couldn't find any at the store that was looked low FODMAP. As it happens, I'm glad I couldn't find it. Best substitution is best. I don't WANT poultry seasoning. I used McCormick's Italian mix. Since this already had oregano and basil, I added more than 2 but less than 3 teaspoons and called it good. It was.
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Friday, January 1st, 2016 09:10 am
So, we went to Disneyland for Christmas this year. (This was partially a whim and partially not - we had savings for, and plans for, an eventual Disney trip. I'd been waiting until the boys were old enough to enjoy it, and when our Christmas plans shifted a bit we said 'why not?' I'd meant to do 5/8 for the ages, but 4/almost-7 seemed close enough.) The one bad thing about timing is that Ian is 41 inches tall at the moment, or perhaps 41.5 with shoes on, and that makes him a half-inch too short for several rides. He was very disappointed by this once or twice, but honestly, mostly he didn't miss it. I think the Grizzly River Run is the one thing he really regretted it on, and if he had ANY idea how cold Andrew and I were...well, he'd still have regretted it, because four-year-old excitement and practicality do NOT mix. Heh.

I am not going to try to describe the Christmas decor in the hotels, Downtown Disney, or the parks. It was GORGEOUS and AWESOME and I will have pictures up later and let them handle it because seriously, awesome to look at, probably boring to read about.

I'm including steps/miles walked, as registered by my phone, because they amuse me.

I'm cribbing some of this from text messages sent to other people to jog my memory, so some of you may recognize parts of this. :) Day by day, because I'm not sure I can keep it coherent even so.

MONDAY (11,112 steps; 5.22 miles):

Travel, hotel, and Downtown Disney )

TUESDAY (16,475 steps; 7.34 miles):

Disneyland )

WEDNESDAY (18,098 steps; 8.39 miles):

Breakfast with Mickey and Friends; Disney California Adventure; Laura's health (bah) )

THURSDAY (18,364 steps; 8.26 miles):

Chip & Dale, DCA, Disneyland, and the Rainforest Cafe; one lost item )

FRIDAY (18,759 steps; 8.27 miles):

Goofy's Kitchen, Disneyland, and DCA )

SATURDAY (6,919 steps; 3.32 miles):

In which small children having their routine disrupted catches up with us, and we go home. )
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Friday, May 29th, 2015 06:37 pm
My first week at my new job was EXCELLENT from a work perspective. I feel like I'm getting the hang of this, and I really like the team.

My first week at the new job was not so excellent from a health POV. I managed not to take any time off work, but I did go to urgent care tonight. I have: probable viral pink eye (not a surprise, I expected that), a stye on the INSIDE of my eyelid (no wonder it hurts so much, and also wtf?), probable start of a sinus infection (symptoms started yesterday), probable strep throat (symptoms started this morning - probable because the full culture wouldn't be back until Monday, so he'd prescribe antibiotics regardless of the quick-test results, so he didn't see the point in doing the test).

Really, universe?
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Sunday, July 27th, 2014 09:07 am
First, thank you God and thank you all of you who prayed or thought of us or just expressed that you cared. Uncle Dick's melanoma was successfully removed and contained, and he was officially declared cancer-free on Thursday. He has some rehab to go through because of where things had to be removed, but that beats cancer by a great deal.

Parenting moments:

The boys needed new shoes. (Ian destroyed one pair, and the other pair was getting too small. Drew's last pair was coming apart at the toes.) So we got them new shoes...and I about melted, because after Drew picked out the Bumblebee transformers shoes, Ian got the same shoes in his size. (They were one of the three he was already looking at.) Small kids being hard on shoes, we usually get them two pairs. I was going to get the second pair rather more cheaply than the store we were in, but Drew begged very sweetly for a second pair there - Star Wars with light sabers and a light saber noise. So Ian got a second pair and picked police sneakers with flashing lights.

This wasn't deliberately a reward for swimming, but since it was right after swim lessons it may have been taken that way. Both boys have advanced a level! Drew to Water Safety 3, Ian to Advanced Parent-Tot 2. There's only two sessions of APT2 that suit our schedule, so he may have to go to APT1 again anyway, but I'll try to avoid that. Which is to say I'll be at the swim school when registration opens, next Saturday morning at 7 am, and will likely have been waiting a little while. Ugh. Well, so it goes. This is the only session likely to be that way for quite a while - Ian will graduate out of APT2 based on age, and move into either water safety 2 or 3 depending on what his teacher says, both of which have a lot more time slots.

Me and health:

I've had my annual eye exam and my prescription is the same and my retinas are fine. I'm not so fond of having my eyes dilated, but it is pretty important in general and especially with my vision. And by next weekend I will have prescription swim goggles to wear when I swim, which would be awesome, because right now I wear my glasses into the pool and that is _not_ good for them. (But I have to be able to monitor the boys, which means I have to be able to see them, and that means glasses.) New glasses are also in the works, but I'm waiting for frames that are being ordered in so I can see them.
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Sunday, January 19th, 2014 07:04 pm
I normally don't do New Year's resolutions, because they last about week, and I blow them, and I don't get back to them because there is always tomorrow. Also because in general I find big goals don't take the vagaries of life into account.

This year, I made a resolution. I read an article about how "process" goals are easier to keep to than "target" goals. I suspect it really should have had the caveat "for some people" attached, but it immediately resonated with me.

I've been frustrated with my health - I have not been active enough, I get winded too easily, and I'm slowly gaining weight. (The last is not in and of itself a bad thing - there was a time in my life when that WAS the goal, and my doctors agreed - but in my case I do not need that weight and it's indicative of both poor diet choices and a fairly sedentary lifestyle, as much as one can have with two active small children.)

So my "process" resolution has been to log my exercise and food every day. I set up a tracker program that handles both, plus I'm using Nexercise to time exercising (and gather mPoints). I don't care if my numbers are good or not: if I logged them, then I kept my resolution.

It's working. Most days my numbers are within the targets I set. (Not so much for the company holiday party or my birthday. So it goes.) But even I exercised a half hour in the morning, only to have Scott and the kids want to go to the zoo less than an hour later. Our zoo has a long down at entrance and a long up for the exit. We did the whole loop, with a break at the bottom for food, and I pushed the kids most of the way in the rented double stroller, including up the exit path. And I emerged not winded, not exhausted, and grumpy only for reasons that had nothing to do with the physical effort. (Small kids: still small kids, not miniature adults. Sometimes, this is annoying. Heh.)

So. WIN.
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Saturday, June 1st, 2013 07:21 pm
So I'm officially listed as allergic to Allegra, because back when it was prescription and I think brand, we tried me on it (because Claratin wasn't being as effective as it historically had been), and I had a non-standard reaction: violent nausea, which is NOT an expected side effect. Consistent, violent nausea for a couple hours after each dose, which made eating within an hour *before* the dose unwise also.

You know what else I had? TOTAL RELIEF OF MY ALLERGY SYMPTOMS. TOTAL. For like 12-16 hours of the day. Amazing. Mind-blowing. But...two hours of nausea.

So, now they are OTC and generic. Says I, "My lactose intolerance couldn't possibly cause this, but...let's see if the filler in brand has lactose. If it does and the generic doesn't, maybe I'll try it." (Worst case: violent nausea again. It's not like it was life-threatening, just miserable.)

I go. I read packaging. No lactose in brand. Lactose in the generic I could get. Otherwise seem nearly identical.

...yeah. I think maybe I should just let the Allegra be there by itself. Darnit.
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Friday, March 1st, 2013 06:32 am
...especially when you almost never HAVE nightmares, you know it's grim. (Icon in honor of this stupid cold.)

Last night I dreamed that I had some sort of eye surgery, I forget what (I knew in the dream, darnit!), on my right eye. Then I had car trouble just after I left and walked back because, well, it was somewhere to be.

Partway there I realized something was wrong, closed my left eye, and there was nothing but a flat grey. I could see with my left eye, but not my right. Cue panic. I walked by a mirror and thought I could see a dark circle completely around the white of my eye, near the edge of the eye (lots of space to the iris), like it was separating. The eye started to throb and hurt and I could also see a misshapen lump below it.

I frantically called the doctor who'd done my surgery. He immediately came to check, and said he needed to check some things, please wait in this waiting room. While he was gone, I realized that the vision was coming back in that eye (my brain does NOT do nightmares very well, it tends to "fix" them, lol) and eventually I could see fine, but it still hurt like whoah.

The doctor hadn't made it back by the end of the dream, but my friends and I surmised that the vision loss was caused by pressure on the ocular nerve from the swelling from the irritation from the surgery. Which had eased off enough to let me see again, although I still had a throbbing headache. (By then, I'd completely forgotten seeing that ring around the white, and only remembered it after I woke up.)

Guess who woke up lying on her right side, with horrible painful sinus pressure, more localized there than on the left?

I'm not sure I can claim this thing CAUSED the nightmare, since it appears to have started with the vision loss and only later warped to include the pain, but still.
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Monday, February 13th, 2012 04:59 pm
I have heard back from one of the two milk banks with local collection centers. It is the one I was more hopeful would let me donate, as their site lists recipient categories where I hoped that Claritin in my system would not necessarily be an issue.

For NICU babies and other fragile infants, it would be - they don't want any unexpected medicines/substances there. But these folks also list babies whose own mothers can't supply milk due to their medications, multiples whose mothers don't have enough milk, etc. - not categories that are guaranteed to be medically fragile. And their web site says that if you take medicines other than the standard list of known-okay ones, you need to contact them to see if you can donate. So I was mildly hopeful, but only mildly.

No, they won't, but they'll be happy to take any milk I express starting a few days after I stop taking the claritin, when it will have fully left my system. Except claritin is a daily/maintenance medication that I've been taking for years, and without it my allergies (which occasionally manage to be annoying anyway) peak and are miserable, sometimes leading to sinus infections from the congestion. If I were to stop taking the claritin, it'd be to try something else, NOT to go without an antihistamine.

I still have a query into the other milk bank, but their web site is more crisply cut and says no other medications. I asked anyway, but I don't hold out high hopes.

The minimum donation for the milk bank that has already responded is around 100 ounces. For the other, it's around 150. This can be gathered over weeks or months if need be. I'm getting 10-15 ounces more than Ian needs per day. If I didn't take Claritin, most of that could be donated. (Being realistic, I occasionally take a Tylenol or a Sudafed PE and I'd need to not collect for them for a certain amount of time after either, I suppose, so not all of it would be able to be donated, but most.)

There's a group trying to start a milk bank here in the northwest. They're still gathering funding, though they've had space donated by one of the local health organizations. I sent them some money. It may be the only kind of donation I CAN make for this cause, which is frankly heartbreaking but still better than no contribution at all.

I hate my allergies more than usual today. LOTS more than usual, since I'm fairly used to them, but very unhappy about the sheer waste they are causing.

(And yes, before anyone says it, I know some people do person-to-person donation. I am not comfortable with the legal and medical risks therein, even with all precautions that can be taken within that setting.)
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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 02:13 pm
Seriously, argh. So. There was Conflikt. We returned. Tuesday, Ian started day care, which means most of February I'm on leave and he's in day care (lets me respond if needed, and get stuff done otherwise).

So I need a fair amount of dental work (again...pregnancy hormones and the lower energy levels and no time and teeth that are soft to begin with...yeah, actually it was better than I feared this time!). So that's scheduled throughout February, I have my allergy shots (need to get back up to maintenance, since they're stopped the last month of pregnancy and resume after recovery), the cats needed to go to the vet, Drew had his 3-year pediatric appointment, Ian has a two-month appointment, Drew has a dental appointment....

February's gonna be interesting. But this week? Oh dear ... GAH. Monday we drive home, arriving basically in time for dinner. Tuesday we take both boys to day care, then I collect Drew later that morning for his pediatric appointment (no shots needed this year - I didn't expect that! It went well). Then I return phone calls for various appointments and whatnot. Today I got my allergy shots, then took both cats to the vet (they were THRILLED, I tell you, THRILLED - I was not - I had trouble getting Drew's car seat out of my car, the first time I've had to take it out since it moved to the side position and switched to LATCH attachment, and it was not cooperating--). Tomorrow I have a dental appointment and a routine medical exam/blood draw. Tomorrow evening is the gaming group, I hope I'm conscious by then.

And, you know, I have to pump milk for Ian in amongst these appointments, and I'd kinda like to clean the house as I'd intended because the state of my kitchen and pantry has me wanting to *scream*. (Not "it needs a scrubbing" - "it needs someone to decide where stuff goes and then bully it into place". Where 'someone' had better be me, because I am fussy about where stuff is, alas. Good thing Scott is comfortable with/accepting of my chosen order.)

(Also, kudos to Scott, who helped me *over the phone* with figuring out what I was doing wrong getting that car seat unmounted. Counter-intuitive interface ahoy! Now I know and next time it should be easy. Go figure. I'm going to have him guide me through putting it back in, rather than doing it himself, too - I haven't had to do that in this spot and I should, so I know.)

As for the cats, Ray's weight has held steady and he's a fine fit cat. Apple's dropped a pound, so we're going to give her a little extra canned and monitor, but we're not sure that there's an issue yet either, since that was over a bit more than a year. Apple got three vaccines, Ray got two, and since I released them in the house after the appointment, they have been studiously out of reach and mostly out of sight. :P

Going back to work won't be restful...but it may come close, relative to what I'm doing this week. Sheesh. It will at least involve fewer needles and less drilling.

And, yannow, I owe emails and such to various people...I am so behind on things. O.o If only I could get far enough behind to be ahead, but alas it doesn't work that way.

Oh, and laundry. And dishes. Babies make for a lot of dishes. So do toddlers. And both help make a lot of laundry.
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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 07:11 pm
Today we took Ian out to visit/meet my coworkers - the office being in Hillsboro, aka nowhere near home which is in Wilsonville. He was awake for the visit, but fussy only briefly, and everyone was either very glad to see him or at least very gracious about the presence of a baby in the office. :) It was nice.

Then home by way of Powell's, the new Cellar Door Market storefront (which I now know how to find, and I'm glad we did that today as they're a little hard to spot from the direction we were driving from - they're planning on painting their name on the awning, apparently), Fry's, and the grocery store. Shopping, accomplished.

Scott goes back to work tomorrow. I've asked that he work from home when possible this first month back, until Ian starts day care. His bosses asked him to be on site at a client site tomorrow. Trial by fire for me and all that, eh? (They've really needed him back and this particular task and client really do need him on site. I understand, and I think it's what needs to happen. I can't say I'm thrilled, but I do understand.) We'll see how that goes! It should go fine, but. I'd feel better if the first day I'm supposed to solo were one where he was available. Ah well! :)
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Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 10:21 am
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For vanity or appearance? No. To repair damage from injury or a health issue, or address a health issue, sure. Not that I need that, but if it changed I would.

I can't imagine, for example, getting surgery to adjust the look of my face. But if a mole on my face (especially the big one) ever needed to come off because it changed and needed to be removed and biopsied, I'd want to minimize scarring. (I had the same thing done on my shoulder and really didn't care. So I have a half-centimeter scar where no one but my immediate family and health care providers will see it, big deal.)
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Sunday, November 27th, 2011 06:24 pm
Going to the Woodburn Company Stores this afternoon/evening should've invoked you and started labor, right?

On the other hand, I win either way - I was hoping for twice (if it'd started things, you know, after the shopping). But even so - I got Royal Riviera pears (the visually blemished but tastes fine ones) from Harry & David which is what I really wanted. Five pounds of them, mixed ripeness so we'll have time to eat our way through the box. (Er, through the pears in the box. I'm pretty sure cardboard is not the kind of fiber I need.)


In semi-related reality, I added the fruit of the month club to my wish list post, vaguely. It's not cheap, so I imagine it'll stay there, and no big deal if it does. But it is cool.

This might be related to going through the mail and finding the latest Harry & David catalog. Heh.

And Drew got to have McDonald's for dinner. While he ate all of his happy meal, he amused me at the order in which he did so - fries, apple slices, and milk were all (in about that order) more important than his cheeseburger. Cool!
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Friday, June 3rd, 2011 05:58 pm
We got a dining table for the dining nook. It is used, and goes pretty well with the look of the area. Four of the six chairs are sturdy; one more will be with a little wood glue; the last one I need to figure out and haven't yet. In any case we only need three for now, so no big rush on the two that aren't solid. The table is.

Couch arrives tomorrow. Dresser and TV stand arrive next week. Lawns are mowed. The repairs that needed to happen to the house are done. My dishwasher has clean/dirty magnets that I like okay, and are separate magnets. Have acquired what I need to secure the UPS against further toddler moments (he found the power button! joy).

Things on the current aggravation list:
* I want more energy. Meh. Being tired is, well, tiresome.
* Too many things in boxes. But see 'energy'.
* Dental work. Today I had the prep and such for the permanent crown, and got a deep cavity in the adjacent tooth (easier to access when no crown is on the one to be crowed) filled. I'm pregnant, so I can't take ibuprofen. Tylenol is fine for pain, but ibuprofen would've been better. Oh, well. Temporary crown in place, and will get the permanent crown later this month.
* Running around frantically. Today had too many appointments, and then I had to do grocery shopping as I'm on call this weekend and didn't want to do it then.
* Fussy toddler. He didn't get to bed until too late last night because we had guests over, and today didn't go horrible, but it didn't go well either. Poor kidlet. Poor us!
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Friday, May 27th, 2011 04:04 pm
Today I went for the second attempt at the first of the sequential screening appointments - the ultrasound and blood test for genetic screening. The first one, last week, didn't work out because the baby was not well positioned for the ultrasound scan, but this week very cooperative. At one point the baby was wiggling one little arm, and the scan was angled so it looked like s/he was waving at us. Hee. Cute! (I debated this time, as with Drew, having the scan done. There is very little it could tell me that would change my choices. But it reassures me, so I did. If the baby hadn't been well-positioned this time, it would likely have been too large before we could attempt again, and that would have been okay, too.)

Ran a couple errands and then over to the dentist to have the root canal permanently filled-in. Next week I get the work-up for the permanent crown. (Also next week: I go over the yearly maximum on my dental insurance. Again. Sigh.)

This morning, we let the cats out of the laundry room for the first time - we've been waiting until they were calm and comfy in there before introducing them to the rest of the house, as it's easier on them. I'd love to have introduced them to the house by sections, but other than one room or another, it's pretty open, so once they were out of the laundry room it's all open. They scampered around a bit, came back, and hid in the "safe" cabinet I'd opened for them in the laundry room. So I closed the door while I was out for the appointments and errands mentioned above.

When I got back, I let them out again, in no small part because I wanted to actually do some laundry and it seemed unkind to lock them in a room with noisy laundry machines when they were already touchy. Ray disappeared off into the house and Apple demanded I pet and comfort her. Shortly, over the monitor from Drew's room, I heard Ray meowing - but distantly. I figured he was on the stairs or upstairs but not yet in Drew's room. Four, five, maybe six meows, sounding forlorn - then that stopped.

Apple wandered off after a while. Finally I went hunting for cats. No cats anywhere, until I tried what SHOULD have been the obvious place: they had both found their way to Drew's room and were hiding under his bed. His bed is in a corner, and the bean-bag in front of it that makes it easier for him to get in and out makes it a great cave spot. It was similar, though not in a corner, at the old house - and the cats LOVED to be under it.

Apple came out to be petted. Ray came to the edge to stare at me but stayed under, but he didn't seem too upset.

I'd say they're adapting okay. :)