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Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 05:12 pm
How Deliria: Miracle Season would have ended. We played parts 1-4, and then I think we were at the con once when the man running it wasn't, and - we haven't made it to GenCon since. I suspect he's long since stopped running them, but I do wish I'd found out how sections 5-6 played.
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Friday, July 11th, 2014 04:45 pm
I was re-reading early 2002 (January-April) tracking down when we started the move into our first house (April, we got the keys on the 23rd).

I used to post A LOT back then. And I'm wistful for some of the exchanges and fun then.

I have two kids now, and I don't have as much time to post, but I am going to try not to be radio silent for weeks or months at a go. *nods*

Yesterday, we had our "regular" Thursday night gaming session. I put regular in quotes because we now only have one of those a month starting this month - the other three moved to Fridays!

That's awesome because Drew is five and starts kindergarten in the fall, Ian is two and will move up to preschool sometime in the next year (probably in about six months when he turns three, I'm guessing, but he's VERY verbal, so maybe sooner), and the "Friday morning meltdown after a late Thursday" symptom, which hits about 25% of the time, bites. So reducing it to once a month instead of four times a month for a potential trigger? HUGE.

Anyway, last night we were playing the Pathfinder Kingmaker game Scott runs (the one that is staying on Thursdays) and I posted a couple Facebook statuses that I think my friends here will also be amused by:

And now I cut because some of you are both places, and it's probably not so funny you want to read it twice. )

And a random bit of silly from Tuesday, involving picking on a 5-year-old a bit.

ALSO already posted on FB. )
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Sunday, April 1st, 2012 11:04 am
Thank goodness for doing this; reading back over these reminds me of many, many little good things that can otherwise be forgotten. And as I write them it helps me really look at, and find the positives in, my days.

So, here's February and March. (Well, except the first couple days of February were on the last one.)

That's a lot of lines.... )
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Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 09:10 pm
So, we played Deadlands Reloaded tonight.

Scott's character has an enemy, a Chinese woman - very important, leading a big gang. (He didn't start with this enemy. He earned her in play, the hard way.)

So we're all in a hotel when we wake up and notice it's on fire. And we're now the only ones in it. And no one told us.

So we blow out the front door, ready to run out...and realize she's out there, waiting, with her men. Crap. Retreat back inside. Back door also watched. Head to the roof. (No stairs to the roof, nor doors, but we "fixed" that.) to get off the roof without being spotted?

Have our Huckster cast a darkness spell, of course...around the front door, not us or where we're gonna go. And as the guys out front start shooting the heck out of the hapless building, we cross a couple rooftops and drop down to the street.

One member BLOWS (not critically, but 1 point off it) his stealth roll...but the guns are still firing, which helps.

We scuttle out into the street by ones and twos and take off.

Scott's character glances back over his shoulder, and sees that of everyone, only his enemy actually heard our noise. She is staring straight at him, and she's pissed. But she's smart enough to know she can't catch us. She can lose face by losing control, or she can wait and try again.

They stare at each other a long moment, and then Scott tips his hat to her.

GM: "Make a taunt roll." Scott doesn't HAVE taunt, so he's rolling at a d4 minus 2 (plus you always get a d6, also at -2 for this roll however, but you take the better roll, you don't add them). He rolls...a 4 and a 6. Max value on a die rerolls and adds. He ends up with a 7 and 10 after the rerolls, 5 and 8 after penalty. Which means, even without the situational modifiers in his favor (we got away, she already hates him and has been thwarted by him and frustrated in the past, and etc.), he got a success-with-a-raise from the 8.

She actually broke enough to take a step or two in his direction, and she was blindingly, visibly furious - so mad she was shaking as she held herself back from a pointless chase, scream of rage, or other disastrous action.

And we took off into the night.

...that. Was. BEAUTIFUL. Not wise, but then, Scott's character in this game is not known for wisdom, so.
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Sunday, October 16th, 2011 09:45 pm
Even allowing that he took all the couch cushions off the couch this evening; as mischief goes, that's minor.

See, we had friends over for board games. One of those friends, D, also plays in Scott's Friday-night Kingmaker game. So as they were leaving, we told Drew to say good bye to them.

What he said, sung out in stretched-out-words toddler enthusiasm: "Good bye! Thank you for coming over to my house!"

A little later he tried to tell D "See you tomorrow!" and D said no, but maybe Friday (that game should be Friday, but it's never wise to tell 2-year-olds something is for sure if it could change), and Drew replied, "When you come over to play games!"

Of course, D usually comes over to play games (roleplaying as Friday is, or board games like tonight) so that is not a huge stretch. But still very cool.

But seriously, "Thank you for coming over to my house!"

We do say that, but I was surprised to hear him use it so well. :)
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Thursday, July 7th, 2011 10:02 pm
Anyone out there play Deadlands Reloaded, or at least Savage Worlds?

If I tell you that our Huckster said "This ends now!" used an Arcane Surge card, and tossed his max Blast (3 bolts) at the big bad in the fight...

...and hit with only one bolt, but that bolt hit with a raise...

...and rolled his 4d6 damage and got 6 6 6 5 and then, with the rerolls for the 6's (don't remember the exact three numbers) added 11 to it, for a total of 34 damage from one bolt...

...and the Arcane Surge card DOUBLES your DAMAGE, thus 68 damage total from one bolt...

...then would you agree that the big bad was toast, even with his astonishing toughness of 9? Yeah. *FOURTEEN* wounds. One point shy of 15. He, I think?

Splat. Actually, FWOOSH! more accurately.

That was, by the way, the second full round of combat. Big bad had already lost his surprise round to another card requiring him to soliloquize, so we only really had to face him for a couple rounds. He summoned a swarm one round (magical: it disabled when he went down) and three rattlesnakes the next round (we actually had to clean them up after he went down, but they weren't that difficult on their own).

GM: sort of flabbergasted, really.

Players: ALSO sort of flabbergasted, actually. Gleefully so, but still.

'Twas fun. Session ended early, for some having enough time allowance for an actual major combat that failed to happen.... We had time to hang out and chat and everyone still got to head home early. Which, I'd be disappointed about, except it was frankly SO MUCH FUN that it felt like a good session, regardless of length.
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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 08:38 pm
I play Words With Friends from my iPhone with random partners. It's a word game with letter tiles not unlike Scrabble. It has a chat feature, which I try my best to ignore.

A recent game with a bozo:

I get the first move and play PARCHED, hitting a double word and scoring 63 points (including 35 for using all my letters). I feel slightly bad for my opponent, as that's one heck of a start to a game.

My opponent plays FAKE (using the A in parched) for 11 points, but when I see the move in the game I also see that he has sent a chat. The chat reads: "do u mind me askin u ur asl please?"

I reply "Yep." And feel no guilt and a certain amount of glee as I play ADDRESS across fake for FAKED, use all my letters again, and score another 63 points.

The score is now 126 to 11, and my opponent resigns.

Normally I am sad when an imbalanced game causes an opponent to resign before it's done. Not in this case.
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Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 08:51 pm
A long long weekend is a good thing. we flew to Minneapolis for a reunion/gaming convention with friends from a gaming club at college. (Well, friends and strangers; it spans all the years of the club and some of them were unknown to us before the gathering, plus some friends and spouses/partners were brought.)

Over-detailed description of weekend, with lots of baby-related babble, yo! )

There were many many photos. None of them are presently online. I'll fix that some other time, later this week I hope.
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Saturday, April 17th, 2010 06:52 pm
Okay, I admit it: I bought the celestial steed in World of Warcraft.

It amuses me to see the number of people who criticize the number of people who have. (Judging from the number of people I see riding one, it was obviously a pretty good business decision on Blizzard's part.) Who are we, some of them ask, to think we're so special for having a mount that just cost real world money, not hard game work?

Anyone who is talking about how they are super-special for it deserves that response.

But most of those of us running around with it aren't claiming to be cool. (I restricted my saying even "isn't this cool" to Scott, until this post, actually. And I think a couple people in my guild. And that was claiming the mount was cool, which it is, IMO.) We're just running around playing the game, and enjoying the mount (hopefully, anyway; I feel bad for anyone who bought it and isn't enjoying it).

Here's why I bought the mount and why I love it:

1. It's pretty. Really, really pretty. This is my number one reason: watching it makes me happy, so having one I can ride and therefore see lots makes me happy.

2. Never again having to buy a mount with in-game gold for any alt, as you level up. You have to buy the riding training, but not the mount since you'll always have a celestial steed (every character on that account gets one).

3. I didn't realize this when I bought it, but not having to keep two mounts on action bars, since the celestial steed acts as a ground mount when appropriate, even if you can fly. (This is not as big a deal as it would have been back when mounts took up inventory slots, though.) It doesn't do one thing I wish it did - when you're in Dalaran and move into or out of the flight area, it doesn't switch between flying and ground modes. It stays ground going in; coming out it dismounts you. You can remount in either case to switch modes, but it isn't seamless.

There are a number of mounts that are very cool to have and make you look super-cool and special because you did that - that being whatever is needed to get them. The celestial steed isn't one, considering that buying stuff isn't real difficult. But it's pretty, and it has some minor game advantages, and I like it anyway.

I feel pretty good about buying it, until someone goes off about how stupid/silly/full of ourselves the people who bought it are. Even then I just feel a little self-conscious...and then I go back to watching the pretty, and playing the game.
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Sunday, February 14th, 2010 11:55 am
So, last night from 5-10, Drew's daycare did a special session the kids could go to for an extra fee - a "pajama party" while parents had a nice night out for Valentine's weekend.

We took Drew. And then we came home and played World of Warcraft, cooked beans, and did laundry. LOL. The date part was WoW - we hardly ever dare to do anything like an instance any more, even a short one, as they're all too likely to be interrupted. It was fun! Silly, but fun.

Also yesterday we got Drew new shoes - he does need them for if he's outside as he does stand and cruise and will presumably toddle soon - which went surprisingly well. He likes his new shoes. Alas, he shut a thumb in a toy at the shoe store. No damage done except that he was VERY unhappy for a little bit.

I let him have a bit of my (unsalted) soft pretzel. He promptly leaned over and tore off a section about 2 inches long. LOL! I guess he likes pretzel, and I guess I should be better prepared to protect mine. ;)

Then we went to the YMCA swimming pool. We skipped the lesson this morning and will for the rest of this session. He is getting too upset at them. Instead we'll go during open/family swims. Early in the baby lesson they put them on their back. He hates it. And he hates being forced at their pace. And the lessons are pretty much ON his morning nap time. He was starting to dislike water and not trust us. So we took him in the afternoon - he slept in the car and when he woke we took him in and swam. He was VERY wary for a minute or so until he realized he wasn't having to do anything he didn't want to, and there wasn't a circle of parents-and-babies, and hey look the water bubblers and splashers are running and there are bigger kids and things to watch....

We stayed in for about 45 minutes and you could just see him unwind over the first 15 until he was having a total blast. And we still practiced lots of swimming stuff (kicks, splashes, blowing bubbles, climbing out) - we just didn't force, we coaxed, and we didn't flip him on his back. That'll come in time. For now, I'm glad to have his trust back in us in the water.
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Friday, April 10th, 2009 04:47 pm
Just placed the order for Drew's baptismal photos, actual copies of. I do love the way they came out. And I'll be sharing the digital images once I have them (yes, that's acceptable use - I love this photographer).

Got my new glasses with new prescription just yesterday (had to wait for them to be ordered in; my astigmatism is bad enough that the "one-hour glasses" places can't make me glasses in one hour, they don't carry the needed lens blanks or whatever-you-call-those-things). The prescription isn't much different, so I adapted fairly easily - but the difference, though tiny, is immensely helpful. Things seem crisper. (They also seem clearer, but that's not the new prescription, that's the fact that I hadn't cleaned the old glasses recently enough, discounting finger-swipes to remove the worst of the dust. Yes, I know.)

Should soon have another nifty thing, namely corrective swim goggles. (I don't say prescription, because they aren't; they're sold in half-step or step increments, not to prescription. The eye doctor advised me on the values to use - not the same as for my glasses, since these don't have any astigmatism correction. They will NOT be great, but they will be sufficient for swimming in the pool, and much better than no correction.) You can get them prescription, but as it's a difference of $250-$300 to do so, yeah thanks I'll try the cheap option and probably it will be sufficient for that purpose.

Wednesday at work went well, although I got nailed by the pizza place. *wry* They had a pizza lunch for us due to a meeting. I really do NOT like pizza lunches, because I like pizza lots and the smell of it makes me hungry for it...and I'm lactose intolerant. I can have cheese/pizza/etc. with pills, but if I get the wrong number of pills, well, not so pretty. And the correct number varies by brand of pizza. Pretty much all I touch is Domino's. I know at least one local chain that doesn't seem to be tolerable with any number of pills - at least, I gave up on it before trying enough. This was from a chain that was new to me, and I'm not testing number of pills while I'm a half hour to an hour and a half (depending on traffic) from home, so I declined any pizza - and the woman handling the order asked if I wanted bread sticks at least. She rocks. I said yes. What neither of us knew, and no one working there warned her, is that this particular pizza place stuffs their bread sticks with cheese. *weary sigh* I had a pill with me - a lot of places top the sticks with a small amount of cheese, but trust me, this was a LOT MORE cheese because of the stuffing factor - so I took that. And I was fine. And they were good. But I really do think bread sticks should be bread sticks, and cheesy sticks should be cheesy sticks, in name. It avoids confusion, even if you don't have the other type.

Got an automated call today telling me Albertsons' home delivery service is closing later this month. I'm...amused. It's like it came out of nowhere to be my helpfulness fairy when I needed it, then wandered off. I looked into home delivery of groceries several times over the years, but it was never in my market; I eventually stopped looking. Then, after Drew was born, I was in no shape to do the shopping and didn't really want to send Scott out to do it either. So I checked, and Albertson's now had home delivery in our area, so we got groceries that way a couple times until I was more recovered/functional. Then stopped, because it costs money and uses lots of plastic bags, and it's not that big a hardship to go to the store. Now it's going away - not enough demand for its cost to them, I suppose. I'm just glad it was there earlier this year.

Wednesday night rocked. We got to play our Champions game. Just three of us were there, but we managed the scenario okay. At one point there were three Viper agents behind a mini-plane preparing to board it. One member of our team alerted the other two. My character, a time worker who closely resembles a speedster in effect, and who has the physical appearance of an 11-year-old girl (she's about 30, and cracks about her age really annoy her), leans down and sees their feet. She can easily run under the wing of the plane without ducking, and she calculates she can arc and hit the one in back. And she has to distract them, or they just might get into the plane and get away. So she charges.

1) The back set of feet belonged to the leader.
2) Who got bowled backward 6 meters from the impact with an 11-year-old girl. (For those who play Champions, she was moving at 16" and pushed her strength.)

Of course, she promptly got hit by two energy weapons (his and one of the other guys') and knocked out, but she wasn't knocked out hard (exactly 0 stun), and she stirred again a couple rounds later and proceeded to pummel the leader. ( many times the speed anyone else is performing it. Yes, the kid is a wimp, but she can hit you a few dozen times instead of twice.) A teammate shot him, he fell down but was still conscious, and she walked over and smacked his face repeatedly until he passed out. :P It is not often that I take her to hand-to-hand combat: as the quick out proves, she's very vulnerable. (And one more point of stun and she would've been out for much longer.) But she can be very effective if she's doing the attacking....
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Friday, March 27th, 2009 07:55 pm
As of this week, I have a level 80 mage in WoW. Go me! what?
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Thursday, March 26th, 2009 01:19 pm
Aunt Julia came down about 10:30 to drop off the gown for Drew's baptism (which is Sunday), to talk, and to see his day care. I was really pleased to show off the day care as it's very nice - bright, cheerful, busy (in a good way) and friendly. Wonderful folks. Alas, she didn't get to hold Drew: he was sound asleep in the swing, and while he deigned to blink vaguely, he didn't actually decide to wake up. (If he'd been in a bouncy chair, I'd've scooped him and woken him up, but to extricate him from the swing in its protective corner required getting past other babies and I just didn't want to go to that effort to wake a sleeping baby.)

By the time we were done hanging out at the day care, Scott had just called me and was about to go on his lunch break, so we ended up all getting together for lunch. He took us to a lovely little Moroccan restaurant here in Wilsonville. I've driven past it before without noticing it, but never been; he's gone with his coworkers. Tasty food, good prices, lovely decor. I could be coerced into going back. ;) Good conversation, too. It was a lovely meal.

After that we went our separate ways and I took a nap. Naps are a lovely thing. Then picked up Drew from day care and had a couple friends over to play Runebound. That was fun, but it had some bumps (Runebound isn't really a quick enough game for a weekday evening; one person showed up, failed to make enough noise to be heard, and left without getting into the house - eek; and Drew was a bit fussier than normal though still okay). If we did it again I think I'd want to do what we considered but didn't do - Scott and I playing one character as a team, with one of us playing and the other tending to or holding Drew. It would have worked a lot better in this case, and I'd've liked to give Drew the extra attention (though, let me note, he was only very briefly not being held by someone, when he was in the play yard to see what he thought of it).

Today isn't a bad day; while straightening out insurance snafus isn't exactly as nice as yesterday was, it is very nice compared to not straightening them out. Besides, I got a melon-flavored Slurpee at 7-Eleven. I'm easily amused/pleased, some days.
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Sunday, February 15th, 2009 06:14 pm
Very sleepy today. (Drew kept us up until midnight-ish, and Scott longer. Scott's sweet.)

Went to see Coraline in 3D today. If I'd known what it was like, I wouldn't have gone; but I'm glad I did. That is to say the 3D is tastefully done, but not spectacular or wowing (and doesn't try to be) as I was told, and the story on the big screen isn't, without a deep wow, worth it to me. Bear in mind, however, that (a) I generally do not enjoy movies enough to justify movie theater prices almost ever (the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the first Narnia movie, and the first Harry Potter being the exceptions that spring to mind readily), and (b) even less so with children's animated movies (although this one at least was less childish than some and much more fun, as expected! I walked out on Shrek and Cars, for example), and (c) I was away from Drew for three hours due to drive time, line time, movie time, and a quick errand on the way home. Part (c) really was a large part of why it wasn't worth it.

That said, it's a good story, it's beautifully told, it's gorgeous, the 3D is great. It's just not my thing, entirely. If you're going to see it in theaters, give yourself a treat if you can and see it in 3D - but if you miss that, don't worry about it. It's nice, it's not essential.

So glad to get home to Drew after that, though. I was going to go check out the Sherwood YMCA and I said "no way" - I will do that another day. That would've been just too much in one day, and it's not a data point that I need until next month at the earliest anyway.

Got to play a little bit of World of Warcraft with Scott, after I fed Drew and before he started fussing about other stuff. Not much, but a bit. 'Twas fun.

And now I go to bed way early because wow, did the late night last night, early day today, and outing wipe me out. Heavily. Okay, actually I nap because the chicken teriyaki in the crockpot will need to be tended in about an hour, but. A nap would be good.
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Thursday, February 5th, 2009 04:30 pm
Fed and cared for Drew (with Scott's help).

Made lamb. Next time, will make lamb with less lemon in the sauce, but it's good, just not what I intended.

Took a thank-you gift to the family birth center (they so deserved it). This was from Edible Arrangements who make the coolest alternative to flowers. I love them. Pretty, and tasty too! It got a very positive reaction, in part because we happened to show up with it on what was apparently a pretty busy day with people running around and only able to grab quick bites on the go - and suddenly we showed up with tasty semi-healthy quick bites. Go us. :) Got Drew cooed over while there by a couple nurses who knew him, because he's grown so much. Hee.

Stopped by the child care center to see if we could file the paperwork but the director wasn't in right then. No biggie; we dropped by because it was on the way and Drew wasn't fussing yet. Tomorrow I can call and go in at some point, maybe.

Played WoW. (It's nice to get back to your familiar routines and fun. This is, in fact, a goal to do periodically - though not as much as we used to!)
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Friday, January 30th, 2009 09:53 pm

My gnome mage in WoW made 79 today. Given I now play much less, this is even cooler.

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 12:25 pm
So this morning, my primary WoW alt, my mage, reached level 77. I promptly bought cold weather flying. (I wish I were faster; I still need the cash for the epic flying mount, cold-weather flying or not. But I can fly in Northrend.) I am gleeful. I took a break from WoW for a bit after we finished the quests we were on then, because I'd been sitting in one place too long, but then I confess I went back...and zoomed around mining. My mining has been maxed for a few days, but my engineering needs some work, and that needs materials I couldn't collect easily and quickly - until now. Glee. I also explored part of Icecrown, and didn't get myself killed. Did you know I can kill level 80's, provided they are not tank-type classes? I didn't want to know that. Now I watch where I land. :P
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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 03:12 pm
It's New Year's Eve. I had to go out to run an unexpected errand (a piece of paper that really had to be signed this year), bu that got done. Meanwhile, both libraries had sent me notices that I had a hold in (I think this is especially rude of the library where I picked a hold up just yesterday; can't they get them all in BEFORE I go? *grins*), so I went ahead and picked those up (one is the same title I just returned to the other library - I'd have canceled the hold except I wanted to reread the sucker so I let it hang out there - I am so bad!). And I stopped at Babies R Us, where we had a gift card to use, and picked up a bunch of the little miscellany that we hadn't gotten yet (and could have bought as-needed, but I'm happier having it all now). Didn't go over the gift card amount, either, and didn't have to skip anything I wanted to get to avoid doing so.

Since I was already out, I swung by the grocery store again, both to pick up a couple items I wanted for my health and because I had a sudden craving for shrimp. I now have shrimp. I'm sure Scott's thrilled. Actually, Scott will not care in the least as long as I do not attempt to feed him any of the shrimp. That works for me....

Home again, where I'm chewing through my miscellaneous things-I'd-like-to-get-done list slowly but surely. (In between bouts of browsing the web just for the heck of it, and positioning my WoW character in Stormwind, where I'll be able to watch the virtual New Year's Eve fireworks, well before midnight. I intend to be in bed when the new year arrives.) Scott came home briefly on the lunch hour to grab his cell phone (he'd forgotten it charging in the kitchen this morning), and also to drop off another gift from one of his coworkers. I swear, people have been so kind to us.

My side is definitely doing better. Leans and position shifts still require a little care but not much - I think I'm back to where I was before the stupidity of Saturday, for the most part. I can once again pick up and carry all my purchases at once without straining it. (Yes, I was careful. Yes, I was prepared to back off. I just didn't need to.) Phew. I did indeed switch to 'take it easy, baby it' mode quickly enough on Saturday. Not that I'm planning to run marathons or anything, but it is so nice to be able to run all the errands I did today (checking in with myself frequently, I promise!) and feel fine at the end of them. I'm not planning to run marathons or exhaust myself, promise, but it's still so nice that that (rather than whatever-the-heck I pulled) is the limiting factor.

All the same, it's about time for a break - and I have these lovely books to go curl up with anyway.... (The reread is Michelle Sagara's Cast in Fury; the new one is Jim Butcher's Princeps' Fury, which finally finally came in. I am filled with GLEE. And reading the Butcher book first, as I only get two weeks with it.)
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Sunday, November 30th, 2008 05:37 pm
And this will mostly have meaning to World of Warcraft geeks, and they may not care. My level 72 mage is fire-specced and is a destructive little wonder these days. I love it. I have gotten at least two criticals (on pyroblast) that exceeded 4100 points of damage.

I have to be very, very careful about not pulling aggro unless I'm willing to actually tank whatever we're fighting. Even with the abilities that reduce threat from my fire spells, I'm still very prone to REALLY pull aggro. If I screw up, I'd better hope Scott is my tank (he's somewhat used to me, and since he's in the same room I can quickly communicate that this was an oops and not a conscious decision to tolerate aggro). Other tanks are likely to simply wind up Hating That Gnome if I blow it.

For my own amusement, I put together a list of my bonus damage and crit bonuses. They do a lot to explain why I am a walking DPS device )

Yes, that's basically entirely gloating. But it's been amusing me a lot lately.
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Sunday, November 16th, 2008 09:03 pm
Before the week catches up with me and I fail to post for days again at a time.

First, a note for those not aware of it: LJ is moving Tuesday, November 18 (that's this Tuesday) and will be out for 4 hours. That's the plan. I hope they achieve it, rather than being out longer. Check [ profile] lj_maintenance for info. They plan to make another announcement in [ profile] news tomorrow, but that just seems like waiting a bit long to remind/warn people who don't read the maintenance comm.

Speaking of Tuesday, Tuesday is Scott's and my anniversary. We celebrated it today instead, since Tuesday night we'll be in a childbirth class. I'm not sure if the fact that he made me waffles when I asked for them this morning really counts as part of that, but I'm counting it anyway. Tonight he made dinner (hmmm, our anniversary means he does the work? LOL - I just realized this) - spaghetti and garlic bread. And we had a white cake with raspberry frosting. Very tasty. (Okay, actually we split a large piece of such a cake. A whole cake for the two of us would be ... overwhelming.)

Other than that, a laid-back day, a normal day. We played WoW some - our mains are less than 1/4 bubble off of 71, but still not quite there. One more quest would have done it but one more quest also would have done in my ribs, and frankly, a level ain't worth that.

Also this weekend got some paperwork done that needed doing, and updated the wish list again (I keep adding or adjusting as we think of things or learn of them; I believe there's now at least one shower coming up that's referencing the list, and our relatives likely are as well. But I'm not, in case anyone is worrying about that, removing items.)

Recent (past month) reads:
  • Tamora Pierce's Melting Stones. Um. First Pierce book I can actually say I don't like. First, I'm tired of getting bits of the tale of what happened in Yanjing in other books, but no book about it. I assume we'll never see a separate book about it, given the sheer spoileriness of what's been in what's been published. And second, too many things that matter from that tale are too "splat, here's a plot device" in this book without the lead-in of seeing them happen and evolve. And thirdly I don't find the story all that compelling or believable in places. And I don't really sympathize with the main character. And the evolution of the main character over time is wrapped up in a twee little bow at the end. C'mon, Pierce usually writes good books. What is this?
  • Mercedes Lackey's Foundation. Now, I am careful about how I comment on Lackey books here normally because I like Lackey, but I also recognize that she's...not the best quality writer. She's prone to continuity glitches, she's prone to repeating herself and her tropes. I don't mind the latter - she's cotton candy reading - but I know many people do. In this case, I don't think I need to be cautious about giving too rosy a view of the book, however. Because it stank. This is a Valdemar book, set about a year after the founding of the Herald's Collegium, about 50 years after Vanyel's time if I remember right. The main character is an orphan who has worked as an abused mine slave until he is Chosen. It could have been very, very interesting and potentially something I enjoyed a lot. Instead it was trite, badly written, introduced technology and games and foods that are stolen from our world (in most cases not named as such, but still), introduced things that don't make sense with existing continuity and timeline, had the boy's Companion doing things that didn't mesh with how Companions act, had the boy display "a knack" or "a talent" for whatever-the-frick he needed to do (not one or two things, but whatever was needed to move the plot along, with maybe one exception) and develop in ways and degrees that just were not believable even WITH some of the other crap that was going on.... And, oh yeah, it had a lot of subplots but no main plot, unless you count the thing that was sorted out at the end, but it actually didn't really take center stage except at that point and, oh yeah, never really made sense. Kinda like the book....
  • Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, The Phoenix Endangered. Book two of The Enduring Flame. This is the second book in a trilogy. The trilogy is the second in this world. Mallory has co-written every one of them. And I can recommend them with a much better heart than other Lackey-isms because they seem to be well-written and hold their continuity together. I assume the credit goes to the co-author on that regard. That said, this is just a decent book; it's not as spectacular as its premise and setting should make it, but it's a fun read and it's coherent, and there is much to be said for that...especially in contrast to the book I just listed above.

I also read another modern-supernatural-urban-fantasy-thing. But I forget the author and title. It was pretty weak anyway.

I actually got grocery shopping done today! Like, went out and did something. And I wasn't taped, then. I didn't hurt at the end of it, though I admit I was leaning (lightly) on the cart at times because it let me assume a more comfortable posture. It used some energy up to do it, but it was nice to do something useful and normal and get through it after the sluggishness of Friday in particular, and yesterday as well.

I am now taped again as of this evening (now there's a romantic way to spend part of the evening on which you celebrate your anniversary, even if slightly prematurely: taping your wife's back and belly!). Hopefully it will help more now that the tape configuration has changed, and this week will be better than last week.

It's interesting to me, though. For all that the ribs have been a major nuisance, otherwise I think this has been a very easy pregnancy. Yes, I was low-energy in the second trimester when they say you normally gain energy, but that was minor, and my other complaints have likewise been minor. Only now am I starting to really notice the shortness of breath effect and even then, only seldom. (Most common time: going to bed. Why?Because I take the stairs briskly, forgetting that I should slow down more. And even that's not bad, I just end up breathing hard for a little bit.) My sense of balance is still as fine as it ever was (which is to say it's not perfect, but it doesn't seem any worse now that I'm pregnant). Drew kicks a lot, but so far he hasn't kicked anywhere that really hurt except one single time early on. My legs and feet aren't swelling. (I have gotten stretch marks, but enh, whatever.) I am very thankful for this gift.

And on that note, I say g'night. 'Cause part of not overdoing is getting enough sleep.