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Monday, January 23rd, 2017 06:55 pm
Andrew's registration fees for the after-school enrichment courses this term is paid. And Ian's kindergarten registration is filed now, and I can forget about it for the time being. Yay! It's different from when Andrew entered kindergarten, but not by a lot. No choice of half-day or full-day (it's all full-day now) and no fee for full-day. But now you need a form that they've had a dental and vision check. Before that was not required (although Andrew had had both; they simply didn't care if I had proof or not).

Also today, Andrew's backup pair of glasses arrived. He likes them, though hopefully he won't need to wear them often.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at Ian's preschool. Wednesday I have my annual physical (and have to fast for it, because blood tests), and Andrew has a dental appointment in the afternoon (which Scott is handling, fortunately for my ability to get work done). Thursday will hopefully be the day that I pick up Apple. Friday we have the gaming group over in the evening.

Saturday I may hibernate. ;)
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Monday, December 31st, 2012 11:03 am
And how is it that I haven't done this since July 16??

July )

August )

September )

October )

November )

December )

Things I have noted: I am not surprised by how often family, immediate and extended, appears in my gratitudes. I'm especially not surprised at how often my joy at my boys' growing up appears. I am a little surprised at how often food appears. I am surprised - and shouldn't be - at how often references to warmth, and relatedly to tea, appear.

I need to remember that making my home and days warm and cozy, when I can easily do so, will yield a resultant joy. So obvious, and so easily skipped, overlooked, or deferred.
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Sunday, April 1st, 2012 11:04 am
Thank goodness for doing this; reading back over these reminds me of many, many little good things that can otherwise be forgotten. And as I write them it helps me really look at, and find the positives in, my days.

So, here's February and March. (Well, except the first couple days of February were on the last one.)

That's a lot of lines.... )
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Saturday, February 4th, 2012 08:44 pm
So, Apple's weight was down. The vet wants Ray to stay on the weight-control dry we try to supplement Apple. Preferably with a small amount of canned, although the vet noted we may need to use full-calorie dry dispensed in small amounts if that's all she's used to, it may be all she will eat.

We started with the same-brand wet food, again per the vet's recommendation, to see if she'd take it. Tonight was the first try. Dunno if she'll take any of the other flavors, but this one was a resounding failure. She not only declined to taste it, after sniffing it, she hung around and demanded petting by head-butting the forkful I was trying to tempt her with. So she technically got some of the food in question. On, you know, her eyebrow, not in her mouth.

Yeah, snubbed by a professional, that was. She declined to even *notice* it as food...after sniffing it carefully. LOL.
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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 02:13 pm
Seriously, argh. So. There was Conflikt. We returned. Tuesday, Ian started day care, which means most of February I'm on leave and he's in day care (lets me respond if needed, and get stuff done otherwise).

So I need a fair amount of dental work (again...pregnancy hormones and the lower energy levels and no time and teeth that are soft to begin with...yeah, actually it was better than I feared this time!). So that's scheduled throughout February, I have my allergy shots (need to get back up to maintenance, since they're stopped the last month of pregnancy and resume after recovery), the cats needed to go to the vet, Drew had his 3-year pediatric appointment, Ian has a two-month appointment, Drew has a dental appointment....

February's gonna be interesting. But this week? Oh dear ... GAH. Monday we drive home, arriving basically in time for dinner. Tuesday we take both boys to day care, then I collect Drew later that morning for his pediatric appointment (no shots needed this year - I didn't expect that! It went well). Then I return phone calls for various appointments and whatnot. Today I got my allergy shots, then took both cats to the vet (they were THRILLED, I tell you, THRILLED - I was not - I had trouble getting Drew's car seat out of my car, the first time I've had to take it out since it moved to the side position and switched to LATCH attachment, and it was not cooperating--). Tomorrow I have a dental appointment and a routine medical exam/blood draw. Tomorrow evening is the gaming group, I hope I'm conscious by then.

And, you know, I have to pump milk for Ian in amongst these appointments, and I'd kinda like to clean the house as I'd intended because the state of my kitchen and pantry has me wanting to *scream*. (Not "it needs a scrubbing" - "it needs someone to decide where stuff goes and then bully it into place". Where 'someone' had better be me, because I am fussy about where stuff is, alas. Good thing Scott is comfortable with/accepting of my chosen order.)

(Also, kudos to Scott, who helped me *over the phone* with figuring out what I was doing wrong getting that car seat unmounted. Counter-intuitive interface ahoy! Now I know and next time it should be easy. Go figure. I'm going to have him guide me through putting it back in, rather than doing it himself, too - I haven't had to do that in this spot and I should, so I know.)

As for the cats, Ray's weight has held steady and he's a fine fit cat. Apple's dropped a pound, so we're going to give her a little extra canned and monitor, but we're not sure that there's an issue yet either, since that was over a bit more than a year. Apple got three vaccines, Ray got two, and since I released them in the house after the appointment, they have been studiously out of reach and mostly out of sight. :P

Going back to work won't be restful...but it may come close, relative to what I'm doing this week. Sheesh. It will at least involve fewer needles and less drilling.

And, yannow, I owe emails and such to various people...I am so behind on things. O.o If only I could get far enough behind to be ahead, but alas it doesn't work that way.

Oh, and laundry. And dishes. Babies make for a lot of dishes. So do toddlers. And both help make a lot of laundry.
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Saturday, July 16th, 2011 07:27 pm the skin of its teeth, but it does. I applied the latest iOS update to my iPhone and it turned it into a brick - dumped it in restore mode. I went into AT&T (they were closer than the Apple store) and they fixed it - to factory default, but that's all *I* could've done too, except for *me* it wasn't working.

Now trying to restore data.

But when I got back from that, Scott told me he'd seen Apple in the back yard. She'd been unwilling to approach him, and when he approached her she ran and either jumped the fence or ducked under the playhouse, he wasn't sure which.

So I took my (late, thanks to the phone) dinner of garlic-butter-shrimp out there to eat, and called and made chirping noises and rubbed my fingers together, right next to the playhouse. She came right to me, ignored the shrimp, and demanded petting. I petted. Then I grabbed and took to the house while she struggled to get loose.

She is safe inside the house, and as far as I can tell is unhurt. Should probably still get her checked by a vet next week. Ideally I'd isolate from Ray until we knew she didn't pick up anything, but I barely managed to hold on to her until we were in the house, so that was not happening.

Nonetheless, she doesn't even appear to have any mats in her fur. And...if she hid under the playhouse for the sprinklers and rain she may not have wandered much at all.

And she's BACK.
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Friday, July 15th, 2011 10:27 pm
Today has, on balance, sucked. Lots of work done at the old house, almost ready to list. And realized Apple was missing. Neither of us recall seeing her since last night...when Drew opened doors several times and left them. Neighbors haven't seen her. We've posted fliers, called vets, etc. More tomorrow. She's indoor-only. And no collar because she always took it off. Microchipped. I am so worried and heartsick. :(

Please come home, Apple, come home safe and sound.
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Friday, May 27th, 2011 04:04 pm
Today I went for the second attempt at the first of the sequential screening appointments - the ultrasound and blood test for genetic screening. The first one, last week, didn't work out because the baby was not well positioned for the ultrasound scan, but this week very cooperative. At one point the baby was wiggling one little arm, and the scan was angled so it looked like s/he was waving at us. Hee. Cute! (I debated this time, as with Drew, having the scan done. There is very little it could tell me that would change my choices. But it reassures me, so I did. If the baby hadn't been well-positioned this time, it would likely have been too large before we could attempt again, and that would have been okay, too.)

Ran a couple errands and then over to the dentist to have the root canal permanently filled-in. Next week I get the work-up for the permanent crown. (Also next week: I go over the yearly maximum on my dental insurance. Again. Sigh.)

This morning, we let the cats out of the laundry room for the first time - we've been waiting until they were calm and comfy in there before introducing them to the rest of the house, as it's easier on them. I'd love to have introduced them to the house by sections, but other than one room or another, it's pretty open, so once they were out of the laundry room it's all open. They scampered around a bit, came back, and hid in the "safe" cabinet I'd opened for them in the laundry room. So I closed the door while I was out for the appointments and errands mentioned above.

When I got back, I let them out again, in no small part because I wanted to actually do some laundry and it seemed unkind to lock them in a room with noisy laundry machines when they were already touchy. Ray disappeared off into the house and Apple demanded I pet and comfort her. Shortly, over the monitor from Drew's room, I heard Ray meowing - but distantly. I figured he was on the stairs or upstairs but not yet in Drew's room. Four, five, maybe six meows, sounding forlorn - then that stopped.

Apple wandered off after a while. Finally I went hunting for cats. No cats anywhere, until I tried what SHOULD have been the obvious place: they had both found their way to Drew's room and were hiding under his bed. His bed is in a corner, and the bean-bag in front of it that makes it easier for him to get in and out makes it a great cave spot. It was similar, though not in a corner, at the old house - and the cats LOVED to be under it.

Apple came out to be petted. Ray came to the edge to stare at me but stayed under, but he didn't seem too upset.

I'd say they're adapting okay. :)
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Sunday, October 17th, 2010 08:32 am
The Cat Adoption Team has mentioned on their twitter feed how people feel about black cats, and the occasional black-cat story is made. Here's mine, but it doesn't fit in 140 characters.

When I was in fifth grade, we adopted a semi-feral little black shorthair kitten that had been near a friend's house. I'd wanted her brother - and we eventually got him, a black/white mix - but she was the one we were able to get hold of first and my mother loved black cats especially. And she turned out to be the better pet of the two (her brother was nice, but never fully tamed down).

We lived on a farm, and she was an indoor-outdoor cat. She quickly got named "Basta Ya!" (That's Enough!) or Basta for short. She was playful, full enough of energy for any two cats, and fun. And she would hunt and bring us bird bits. Ew. But she was a good huntress. And then, being an indoor outdoor cat, she disappeared.

We mourned. And some months later she came back, fat sassy and happy. We could only surmise she'd moved in with a neighbor for a while, who was now wondering where 'their' cat had gone.

This was the cycle for years. She would be there for a year or two, vanish for a number of months, and come back. She slowed down as a huntress over the years, but she started out a good snuggler and got better, and she had a very comfortable purr and head-butt. After about 10-12 years of age, she stopped vanishing and settled down to live with my parents.

When my mother was dying of lung cancer, Basta sat on the end of her hospital bed (in her room at home) most of the time, getting down only for food and water or to use the litter. Mom would tease her, sometimes, by bouncing her foot, because Basta often lay over it. Basta would wake up and look around, startled and out of sorts, then put her head back down and go to sleep.

After Mom died, the next night, Basta slept on the hospital bed. And then they took it away (it was rented), and Basta made Daddy cry - in the middle of the night, he heard her yowling. She was sitting in the middle of the room where the hospital bed had been, crying her heart out. He petted her, comforted her, picked her up and took her back to bed with him.

She lived six months after Mom died, and then she went herself; she was 21 years old, a venerable lady who still purred well.

She was one of the best cats I've ever known.
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Saturday, July 10th, 2010 09:26 pm
So, we got a Roomba. (We had one years ago, but it could not cope. This one seems to be hardier, although it has needed a couple brush cleanings already just on these two rooms.)

Tonight we are running it. Ray and Apple are...not impressed. Ray has been stalking it jumpily. Apple has been staring at it and jumping, with an occasional paw-swat. (Ray hasn't actually gotten close enough to hit it; Apple seems to be fear-striking, not hunting.) We have tried to reassure as best we can, but mostly they just have to get used to it.

Ray was calmer, so I got him up onto the chair beside me and was petting him, letting him get used to it and realize it CAN'T GET HIM UP THERE. He began the Snoopy vulture posture. I began trying to figure out how to prevent him - all "I must be at least partially Maine Coon" umpty pounds of him - from coming down on the Roomba like the Wrath of Cat.

The Roomba went under the chair he was vulturing from. Feline doom waited for it to emerge.

The chair in question is right next to the five-foot-high writing desk I inherited from my parents, helping to block access to it so that Drew doesn't open it repeatedly (only about twice a week). The doors on the desk no longer latch well, so a small heavy box sits in front of them, keeping the right-hand one closed (it is otherwise inclined to swing open).

Roomba, under the chair, bumped this box and shoved it aside. The door swung open. The box from my new web cam, tossed up there to keep it out of Drew-reach, fell onto Ray.

Ray abruptly appeared about halfway across the room, trailing a nearly-visible thought balloon: "I was above IT. How did IT get above ME???"

Roomba, meanwhile, jostled the chair a little and ended up stuck in a no-longer-exitable space between the chair, the box holding the desk closed, the web cam box, and an adjacent side table. Scott had to rescue it, because I was laughing too hard to save the robot. I was almost laughing too hard to BREATHE.
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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 07:26 pm
Oh, Ray.

Ray finally found a cat bed that fits him.

Well, kind of, I suppose...I won't tell him if you don't.
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Friday, January 1st, 2010 10:45 am
I am still not feeling 100% (I have been sick this week), but I feel pretty good and I'm getting better. Scott is healthy. Drew is healthy. Everyone is happy. We are snug and warm and safe inside a house, with plenty to wear, eat, and do. Outside, the wind is blowing hard and the rain is coming down even harder. In other parts of the state it is snow, but here it is only rain. The cats are racing about playing and being silly, and being snuggly at other times. (And Ray is being incredibly sweet: Drew basically sat down on him and the claws came out - then went away without being used and the cat just took off out of the danger zone. He is amazing with Drew.) We've talked with family and friends, and I'm about to send out the email with Drew's pictures - so much joy.

A good start to what I hope will be a good year.

And tomorrow I get my humongous freezer. *dances*

And I'm so glad I'm snug at home with no place I need to be but here. 'Cause that rain is really coming down. This is not your light Oregon mist; this is a Florida rain, only colder. :P Good storm!
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Friday, January 1st, 2010 09:51 am
...going to Google and pressing "I'm feeling lucky" with the search box empty today (New Year's). Very cool!

Also, I uploaded a ton of photos to my Flickr account. Most are of Drew and are friends/family only (if you have [ profile] arstrasz mutually friended, you can also get to them from a post I made last night, and an email will be going out to friends/family later today - after I add a few photos I forgot to add last night!). But the other photos and videos, the non-Drew ones that are public, include Phoenix ZooLights, Oregon snow, and some of our cats.

Four I'm especially fond of )

Happy New Year!
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Friday, January 23rd, 2009 05:26 pm

Drew: asleep in my arms.
Scott: seated by the door to the hall.
Ray: just outside said door, snaking a paw under to swipe at Scott's butt.
Me: in a chair across the room, trying not to giggle too much.

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 08:29 pm
1) Ow ow ow ow. Too much standing this evening working with Scott on some cleaning chores (and HE did most of the work, I just stood around a lot giving directions). Uncomfy. Not hurt, just uncomfy. Life goes on.

2) Ray is being a pestiferous little fuzzball today. In other words, he's a kitten. :P

3) Apple cinnamon muffins (from a box, I is lazy) are baking. Yum. (Only fruit-type apples. The cat-type Apple is not a baking candidate and is in any case being a sweetheart).

4) We definitely went from snow to snow/rain/sleet/rain mix. If it freezes tonight as planned, those streets are gonna be ugly. In theory, I have a large delivery arriving tomorrow, but we'll see. It won't hurt it to wait another day or two if they don't want to try it.

5) Yesterday's childbirth class (last in the series) was cancelled and will be rescheduled when weather permits. Heh.

6) All our Christmas cards went out in the mail today. Yay! In the mail this evening we got a Christmas card from one family who, it turns out, have moved to another state. Oops. Hope the forwarding is still in effect (apparently they moved this summer).

7) I am so very, very sick of the HD radio commercials. They are stupid, pretentious, overdone, and annoying, and while I realize it's intended as humor they treat the listeners like morons. I hate them, badly enough that I have found myself wishing for every involved company to go out of business, just so no one would be paying to run the stupid things any more. Then I feel guilty because the products are just fine and lots of hapless employees would be hurt if somehow my wish could come true. I just want the commercials to go away and the people responsible for creating, authorizing, and paying for them to be punished. Ugh.

8) News roundup. Not happy stuff, skip if you'd rather:

Thanks (I think?) to [ profile] geordie for a link to this article about the use of solitary confinement rooms for disabled students in US schools. I am appalled that this is done, especially in such a fashion (no parental involvement/notification, insufficient understanding of the tool, insufficient monitoring and training, etc.). I'm not sure whether it could ever be valid but the situations described in this article strike me as abusive and criminal.

Thanks to [ profile] mandydax for a link to an article (not sure if it's the same one) about this boy whose parents named him Adolf Hitler Campbell (and then made a big splash news story about it when they couldn't get his name written on a cake). The history of requests in earlier years mentioned is interesting, too, as are the names of their other two children.
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Sunday, December 14th, 2008 07:07 pm
I finally got caught up on my recent photos, as far as processing and uploading. A couple from the baby shower (none with people, really). A couple from Thanksgiving. A bunch from the snow today.

My favorites (click thru for larger):

Sammy Cake Snowy bush Snow and wreath

The rest can be found here:
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Friday, November 28th, 2008 03:11 pm
Thanksgiving dinner was lovely - proof enough it wasn't at our house, I'd probably have prepared a microwave dinner and Scott might have added some stuffing from a box. I have to say the homemade stuffing they served was way, way beyond that. (I ate too much of it. Oof. But it was so good.) The company and conversation was also lovely, more importantly. We played a couple games of "You've Been Sentenced" which was fun, and did a turkey shoot (silly nerf guns, and paper-plate turkeys). Mostly, we chatted, ate, and chatted some more. Scott and I left about five - my stamina was starting to drop fairly substantially, unfortunately - and got sent home with leftovers. Yum! I was surprised to realize how worn out I was (owing partially to having eaten a bit more than I should, and maybe some to the constant sitting/standing I was doing) on the way home. I fell asleep and napped almost the whole hour's drive back. Good thing Scott was driving. (I wouldn't've fallen asleep driving, but I suspect I would have been less alert than I'd have liked.)

So, when I got home, I took the tape off (for my ribs), puttered around, and then should have gone to bed. Instead, I started reading Jane Lindskold's Thirteen Orphans...and could not put it down. On the other hand, at least I was lying down/resting as I read, but to bed way late. Very good book; I wish the next book in the series were not so far off, now!

I slept in this morning, which helped quite a bit. Today is going to be a slow, lazy day anyway. I am not fond of Black Friday sales for some reason...oh yeah. They're not worth the early hours, long lines, or insane pushy people. (Not everyone involved is insane or pushy, but there are far too many who are.) I did check out a few online Black Friday sales. The worst that happens there is a failure to get the item. :)

There is a stray cat (no collar, anyway) on our back deck right now. It and Ray are having a little cold war through the glass. Ray is unwilling to be convinced the cat can't get in. At least it keeps him from picking on Apple. (Okay, just being silly there. I opened the door and used a squirt bottle of water to get rid of the interloper. Maybe now Ray will at least go back to his normal levels of insanity.) Speaking of cats, Scott put up a hook between the two windows in the living room, where we can now wind the window blind that should stop Ray from playing with them. Nothing else has, that's for sure. (Water, yelling, trying to place them out of reach on the ledge where the window latches - he figured that out and pulled them down - etc....)
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Thursday, November 27th, 2008 08:38 am
Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate the US Thanksgiving. To those who don't, I hope you are having a good week, and that today brings you something wonderful to be thankful for, regardless of holidays.

I am thankful for, among other things:

You, my friends, family, and readers. You make me laugh, you give me reasons to smile, you share details of your lives with me that are touching. Not just the positive, but the negative also, and the trust implicit in that. Also, many of you give me very good advice, either when I ask for it or when I'm being a complete and obvious dork. :)

My job. I don't like the commute, and like any job it has its frustrating moments. But it's a job - that's a good thing in this economy - and more than that, it's one where I feel I am valued, capable, and contributing something useful to society. Not as directly as some (aid workers, the Red Cross, and the men and women who use software like we produce instead of producing it, for example), but still pretty directly. That's a good feeling.

Healthy baby. He is still doing fine, and that's a wonderful feeling. Though occasionally an odd one, as he is a very squirmy little baby now.

Health care in general, and physical therapy and tape in specific.

Good food and good company - and not having to cook. We're going up to visit our Aunt and Uncle for Thanksgiving dinner, which I'm looking forward to.

The cats. Ray has gotten yelled at twice this morning already, but he's cute, and he purrs and cuddles, and cats are wonderful things. (Ray is now napping, which makes me even more appreciative.) And Apple's just a fluffy, pretty darling. Not as cuddly but just as sweet and wonderful.

Good weather. It's chilly, but it's clear and it's not below freezing. This is good for a holiday when a bunch of people may be driving!

Books. Books are a lovely place to escape to sometimes. (Many thanks to those who write them, also!)

Maple sugar candy. Yes, it's specific. Yes, it's an indulgence. It's the season for that indulgence and I love it.

Last, but definitely not least, Scott ([ profile] terram); I am so blessed to have a husband so wonderful, patient, and supportive.
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Friday, November 14th, 2008 07:59 pm
Last Sunday, someone parked their SUV in the space next to me at the library. This wouldn't have upset me so much except these were spaces for COMPACT cars, and I darned near could not get IN my car with them that close when I left (they weren't there when I arrived). And I am no longer shaped such that entering via the passenger side and squirming across sounds like a good idea.

This week has been the week of ow. The tape didn't work right the first time, didn't want to stay. So I ended up taking both front and back off Monday night (instead of just the back and doing the front Tuesday night) to let the skin recover earlier so we could retry. This meant attending the first session of our childbirth class while not taped, but I got through it okay. Retaped Wednesday, didn't help as much as I hoped. He's suggested a different configuration when we tape again but that skin still needs to breathe, so, not yet.

It is raining lately, as you might have guessed from my last post. I love it, but I'm glad it eased up (starting yesterday). It was beautiful earlier this week, heavy rain, wet and sweet and cool and alive. But however much I love the rain, we don't really need flooding or landslides, either. (If you think I jest or exaggerate, poke the weather news for Oregon/Washington. There has been.)

Ray is very, very cute. Ray is lucky he is very very cute because it increases his odds of survival. Ray has no common sense, little memory, and gets me to yell at him moderately regularly. He has WAY too much energy, and is way too fond of using it for destruction. But when he's finally expended it all, he can be a terribly cute snuggle-bug.

I have Wrath of the Lich King. Somehow, I doubt anyone is surprised. Focusing on two alts - my main mage, who is 70 (but hopefully will progress until she is more), and my new death knight. Kinda having fun with the DK, but she won't get much play, I suspect. Scott and I mostly play together, our mains, which is his warrior and my mage. But he started a DK while I was stuck in traffic so I started one today while he was at work; we're playing those separately.

On Wednesday we played our Amnesia game again, finally! I was able to participate through the whole thing, in spite of the taping woes. It ran a little long which I think means I should've ducked out, I ended up short on sleep that night. But I had a blast. I think the rest of the group did too. It was good to play again.

I know there was more I meant to say when it happened, but I no longer recall what it was. Unfortunately, with the rib-taping issues and the busy-busy week (work and evenings), I sorta totally failed to write any of those things up. Sigh. Or get much else done, until today, when suddenly I had more open time and could relax and start picking up things I'd dropped. Oof. I need not to do another week with that much run-run-run in it for a while. But I probably will anyway.

For now, in the spirit of not wearing myself to a thread (especially since only my back is taped, and even that comes off tomorrow morning), I think I'll go flop with a book.
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Saturday, November 8th, 2008 11:46 am
So, I haven't posted since Wednesday. Eek! I do still exist.

1) My World of Warcraft mage and primary character is now level 70. First time I've ever gotten a character to max level in that game - I didn't make 60 until Burning Crusade was out. Admittedly, I only barely beat Wrath of the Lich King which will raise it to 80, but nonetheless I did beat it. (I don't push hard for the last, oh, 5 or so levels because I don't enjoy PvP or instances. It was real hard to get excited about 60 until Burning Crusade was out. 70 seemed interesting because of the flying mounts, but it was WotLK coming out that really energized me the most there. Amusingly, I think the new 'achievements' stuff in the latest patch will help because it will give me something else to focus on accomplishing, and many will be easier the higher level I am.)

2) When I saw the physical therapist on Friday, the front was still irritated from the last taping. Back was okay so we taped it. So far, I still only have the back taped. I should have, without any taping, started hurting late last night, I suspect. Instead I felt only strain - the back tape helps, but it doesn't completely take care of it. Sleeping last night was not fun, positions that normally work didn't, and I woke up more often even though I wasn't in pain in any way I could define. So the front tape is definitely important. However, I'm planning to go the rest of today without it since I am not in pain. We can then tape tonight (so I can sleep, please, and thank you). The back tape will have to come off Monday night at the latest, but I can carry the front through to Tuesday night if it doesn't go on until tonight. Which means only one day completely untaped - the back will be fine to retape by Wednesday night. I could go longer than that if pain were my only concern, but the first thing that got me wasn't the pain, it was the sleep screwups. There's normal pregnancy sleep woes and then there's the waking-exhausted which has only happened to me with this, unless I was dumb enough to actually stay up late, which duh. The difference in the pain is still huge. I may have as much as a 1, maybe a 2, when it spikes right now. (Last week, by the end of the second day completely untaped, it was spiking to 4. Hence my assumption that having the back taped is providing some benefit. It could also just be that the muscles and ribs are further adjusting, of course. Hard to tell if the change in taping or the time factor is the important one.)

3) Still mostly pleased with the way the local elections went, now that the results are more solid.

4) Ray has TOO MUCH energy and Apple is back to doing things she shouldn't too. He's a bad influence. (Although if something gets damaged or destroyed, the odds are good it was Ray. Apple seems to be limiting herself to sleeping on the kitchen table. Sigh.) He is cute, though. And he levitates, the way Apple used to, for feather toys.

5) That's...really kinda it. There's a reason I haven't been posting much. That reason owes a lot to my days being work, come home, get done household chores, read LJ, flop. But. At least I am mostly comfortable when I flop; that is a Very Good Thing.

And now I go do laundry (so exciting!) and flop for a bit, maybe with a book, to try to keep the ribs from yelping too much. I really don't want to tape until tonight.