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Friday, May 27th, 2011 04:04 pm
Today I went for the second attempt at the first of the sequential screening appointments - the ultrasound and blood test for genetic screening. The first one, last week, didn't work out because the baby was not well positioned for the ultrasound scan, but this week very cooperative. At one point the baby was wiggling one little arm, and the scan was angled so it looked like s/he was waving at us. Hee. Cute! (I debated this time, as with Drew, having the scan done. There is very little it could tell me that would change my choices. But it reassures me, so I did. If the baby hadn't been well-positioned this time, it would likely have been too large before we could attempt again, and that would have been okay, too.)

Ran a couple errands and then over to the dentist to have the root canal permanently filled-in. Next week I get the work-up for the permanent crown. (Also next week: I go over the yearly maximum on my dental insurance. Again. Sigh.)

This morning, we let the cats out of the laundry room for the first time - we've been waiting until they were calm and comfy in there before introducing them to the rest of the house, as it's easier on them. I'd love to have introduced them to the house by sections, but other than one room or another, it's pretty open, so once they were out of the laundry room it's all open. They scampered around a bit, came back, and hid in the "safe" cabinet I'd opened for them in the laundry room. So I closed the door while I was out for the appointments and errands mentioned above.

When I got back, I let them out again, in no small part because I wanted to actually do some laundry and it seemed unkind to lock them in a room with noisy laundry machines when they were already touchy. Ray disappeared off into the house and Apple demanded I pet and comfort her. Shortly, over the monitor from Drew's room, I heard Ray meowing - but distantly. I figured he was on the stairs or upstairs but not yet in Drew's room. Four, five, maybe six meows, sounding forlorn - then that stopped.

Apple wandered off after a while. Finally I went hunting for cats. No cats anywhere, until I tried what SHOULD have been the obvious place: they had both found their way to Drew's room and were hiding under his bed. His bed is in a corner, and the bean-bag in front of it that makes it easier for him to get in and out makes it a great cave spot. It was similar, though not in a corner, at the old house - and the cats LOVED to be under it.

Apple came out to be petted. Ray came to the edge to stare at me but stayed under, but he didn't seem too upset.

I'd say they're adapting okay. :)