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Friday, June 26th, 2015 06:10 pm
(Sorry for those of you who already saw this on Facebook.)

They are just across the street from the school where Drew has summer camp. There are two summer camp groups there that I know of, the YMCA and the Club K.

Today, the Buddhist temple had a big event (yesterday too, except it did not have as big an impact as it did today). Their parking lot filled up and they directed overflow parking to the school. I hope with permission, but I really have no idea. I got what looked to be a parking space that had recently been vacated in the front, just as I was hyperventilating about being able to park at all, because _EVERYTHING_ I could see was parked up - not just the parking spaces, including the handicapped spots, but also the no-parking drop-off zone in front of the school.

When we left, they had parked up the curbs around the central turning area and even the right turn lane almost to the exit from the driveway.

My absolute first impression of this temple is "huh, that's pretty, wonder what exactly it is" when I first saw it. My second impression of them is this, and the word I would use to describe it is not 'pretty'. It is not, in fact, even polite.

I sent a fairly polite letter to the YMCA asking if they were aware of this (I know their teachers are!), if they had any way to lodge a protest, and if they knew whether this whatever-it-is will continue into next week. And if it will, whether we could get them to agree to not park up no-parking zones and maybe leave 3-4 spaces open for us to PICK UP OUR KIDS.

With cars circling and no-parking spaces parked up, it was frankly a little scary crossing the lot, especially once I had the boys with me. They followed directions very well, which helped me feel better, though.

And...look, fires are rare and we hope there won't be one. But wouldn't it be nice if the fire trucks could get where they needed to be if there was one? Instead of having to pull up a car-width or more away from the curb and park in the middle of the only open lane of travel?

I have resisted creating one-time-use tags of "common courtesy isn't" and "a little kindness please?" and "how about being mindful of others?" and so on. :P

And of course, the more-than-90-degree heat (and the fact that I have to hike to a back side door, which is NOT related to the parking situation and is normal for pickup here, it's just a longish walk when it's hot) didn't help my reaction. :P