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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 07:11 pm
Today we took Ian out to visit/meet my coworkers - the office being in Hillsboro, aka nowhere near home which is in Wilsonville. He was awake for the visit, but fussy only briefly, and everyone was either very glad to see him or at least very gracious about the presence of a baby in the office. :) It was nice.

Then home by way of Powell's, the new Cellar Door Market storefront (which I now know how to find, and I'm glad we did that today as they're a little hard to spot from the direction we were driving from - they're planning on painting their name on the awning, apparently), Fry's, and the grocery store. Shopping, accomplished.

Scott goes back to work tomorrow. I've asked that he work from home when possible this first month back, until Ian starts day care. His bosses asked him to be on site at a client site tomorrow. Trial by fire for me and all that, eh? (They've really needed him back and this particular task and client really do need him on site. I understand, and I think it's what needs to happen. I can't say I'm thrilled, but I do understand.) We'll see how that goes! It should go fine, but. I'd feel better if the first day I'm supposed to solo were one where he was available. Ah well! :)