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Sunday, June 14th, 2015 09:30 am
Things that didn't used to matter when I worked my four-day week-of-doom (because I had Fridays off), but do matter now:
  • The vet my cats go to, here in town, to has full Saturday hours. Which reminds me, I need to schedule appointments for the critters. They will not appreciate it.
  • The dentist we see is here in town. And has occasional Saturdays, but I'm not sure how much I need to depend on that.
  • Our doctors are 15 minutes away, but no freeway/rush hour traffic need be involved unless the weather is bad. We have EXCELLENT doctors, so I am not likely to change this.
  • The eye doctor we see, who is perfectly fine, is 10.5 miles away but it all involves roads that can get ugly at rush hour. They are open only weekdays, except "some Saturdays" (call and ask) and the latest they are open is 6 pm on Monday - the rest of the week it is earlier. Meanwhile, there is what seems to be a perfectly good eye place here in town, which is open until 7:30 on Tuesdays and has regular Saturday hours. ...I need to change eye doctors for us, yes I do.
  • The affordable/easy store probably isn't, unless I ask Scott to go. They used to be right on my way home; they are now an 11 mile drive away. But they aren't too far from Scott's office, so when he's in the office I may ask him to stop on the way home. Some days. (Scott doesn't like grocery shopping, so this is an imposition, though.)
  • The Washington County library system has been my preferred library, both because picking up holds was easier (three days a week I drove past my "home" library in that system, Tigard, when they were open - they're not open Thursdays - whereas Friday was the only day I could go to Wilsonville's library without sorting out kiddos), and because they have a slightly better book selection system-wide, in my experience. Now, Wilsonville and Clackamas County is, because the Tigard library is holy whoa out of my way.

...yeah. Reorganizing my life around being extremely local, and having five days a week of job. On the whole I like it, it just needs some adjustments to fully make it work. The library adjustment I knew was coming; I didn't know about the local eye care place and how good it was relative to my schedule until I started hunting during a recent eye health crisis (when I luckily turned out not to need it, and may I never have a stye/infection on the inside of my lid again, because ugh). I didn't know the vet had Saturday hours because I never _needed_ to know, but it was right there waiting for me on their web site when I looked.

And hey, I get a Thursday farmer's market that I can actually get to. Which is nice, because suddenly driving to the Tigard farmer's market or Lake Oswego's looks like an even bigger pain. (Although LO is a good weekend option, but on Saturday, it's pretty close after the Thursday market. Tigard is on Sunday. Both of those are really good markets, IMO, but ... they require more driving!)

This week, I made two trips that I expect to be atypical - I drove up to Tigard to Home Depot and the Farmer's Market on Sunday, and I drove to downtown Portland for a company event on ... I think it was Wednesday? Maybe it was Tuesday. Some day. And I only walked to work one day this week, Friday.

Even with that, my mileage for the week is under half my former _commute_ mileage (not including side trips or Friday errands). This is really sweet. Of course, this week Drew starts summer camp, which is further away. My route to pick up Drew-then-Ian-then-home is just under 15 miles per day, though - so 75 miles a week for that. Add another 5 miles once a week for the farmer's market. Add 2 or 4 miles per day I drive to work (depending on whether I come home for lunch). 100 miles is sort of the worst-case for all of this, before any attempt to add in errands such as grocery shopping. My former commute mileage, for 4 days a week only, was 200 miles a week. And during the school year, the whole loop from home to Drew to Ian to home is 5.5 miles (instead of 15 miles), and in fact next summer the same will obtain.

(We are switching child care for Drew next school year and summer from the YMCA to Club K, so he can stay in the school and go to after-school activities and such. Drew loves the YMCA, and so do we, but he's willing to try it because he also hears good things about Club K. And one of their summer camp locations IS Drew's school, so that will simplify a lot. Also, his school is close to the farmer's market, so the full round trip hit for the farmer's market won't happen in that case. This switch was already planned for the after-school activities, before I changed jobs, so.)

Reorganizing my life to be incredibly local and allow for my schedule turns out to be, on balance, fairly easy. And really rewarding.
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Saturday, June 13th, 2015 08:00 am
I miss my free Fridays. But I'm enjoying picking the kids up at the end of the day, sometimes stopping at the park before we come home. And yesterday I walked to and from work. (So why was yesterday the only day so far this month that I FORGOT to take my antihistamine in the morning? lol)

I'm not in the best of shape, IMO, but a mile walk is still very doable and I feel good about having done it. Plus, a commute by foot is a win for the environment.

Thursday, I drove in a little early and was able to leave a little early (although not by as much as I arrived, because heads-down work distracted me, heh) and get to the farmer's market and still pick the boys up on time and head to the park. So very awesome all around.

This morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that, in spite of my not getting any more sleep, the dark circles under my eyes are missing.
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Friday, May 29th, 2015 06:37 pm
My first week at my new job was EXCELLENT from a work perspective. I feel like I'm getting the hang of this, and I really like the team.

My first week at the new job was not so excellent from a health POV. I managed not to take any time off work, but I did go to urgent care tonight. I have: probable viral pink eye (not a surprise, I expected that), a stye on the INSIDE of my eyelid (no wonder it hurts so much, and also wtf?), probable start of a sinus infection (symptoms started yesterday), probable strep throat (symptoms started this morning - probable because the full culture wouldn't be back until Monday, so he'd prescribe antibiotics regardless of the quick-test results, so he didn't see the point in doing the test).

Really, universe?
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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 05:45 pm
Well, okay, a piece of code is kicking my behind from here to tomorrow at work. (Hopefully no further. I need to make it behave and move on!)

But aside from that, so far so good. REALLY busy weekend, but fun.


Swim lessons, 9 am.

Then off to the Children's Museum where the Garage room (formerly 6+ years old only) is now open to all ages WITH parental supervision. I thought the boys would love it. They walked in, looked around, Drew said he was going to make a puppet and changed his mind, and they walked out. LOL. But they had a blast in the other rooms they went to, and it was a good time. Plus there's now a piano out front "feel free to play" and they did (unharmoniously, of course). (Neither is interested in piano lessons - at least yet - I did offer. But it's fun to push the keys anyway.)

Then on to our friend N's to celebrate his 50th birthday with gaming (and food and gifts, but lots of gaming). I played a game of Pandemic. We, um, failed to save the world. But only barely! We stopped three of the four pandemics. LOL. Scott and I wanted to stay longer but the boys were absolutely done, so we left. Just in time to dash to open swim! So we did, and had a blast.

Sunday we went to the Rennaissance festival for a couple hours. It's a pretty weak one, in that it's sort of a mix of things that fit and things that don't, and it's pretty small. But we got a good deal. It would have been more fun if the weather hadn't been so hot, but last year it _poured_ rain on us and at least this year we were not soaking wet! Got to see Cast In Bronze perform (omg awesome) and miscellaneous other fun. I would have liked to see more shows through, but the boys didn't really want to stay still for a whole show, and so it goes.

I got the most gorgeous hair ornaments there. I wasn't going to, but Scott talked me into them. I'm not sure how often I will wear them - but I really like them. So we'll see. :)

Scott was mourning after that, that he can no longer find his period-appropriate hat which he loved. It should be somewhere in the house, but if it is, it's totally missing. He'd been looking at the festival for another, but they didn't have one he liked. Well, I hunted up one online that I think he will like, and it's on its way. (I asked him, he agreed and said to surprise him, so.)

And my latest order of Goat Milk Stuff's soap is here. And the tomatoes are still doing well.

And tomorrow, maybe I'll get that problem bit of code back in line.

Oh, and our road's now closed where it joins the main road, until some time in October. The other path out isn't too bad as long as they're not working on that corner, though. I'll be glad when they've completely finished that, because right now it's kind of un-fun if I have to go through it when they're there.
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Monday, July 16th, 2012 08:41 am
Um. I may have let these go too long. On the other hand, seeing a two-month span, I'm struck by two things:

1. More days with more than one gratitude posted/sent. This is becoming a habit of thinking - yay!

2. Ian has progressed from an itty bitty baby who needed support to sit, to sitting unassisted, to pushing himself to sitting. From struggling to commando-crawl (and failing) to crawling, to (just this weekend) pulling himself to *standing*. From eating no table food to eating a wide variety of foods.

May 21-31 )

June )

July 1-16 )
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Sunday, April 1st, 2012 11:04 am
Thank goodness for doing this; reading back over these reminds me of many, many little good things that can otherwise be forgotten. And as I write them it helps me really look at, and find the positives in, my days.

So, here's February and March. (Well, except the first couple days of February were on the last one.)

That's a lot of lines.... )
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Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 08:02 am
So, if I snooze the alarm and get up at 5:45 instead of 5:30, and especially if Ian then also needs to eat, I won't leave Wilsonville until 7:30. That's workable but it's not ideal and would mean a very long day at work. Note to self: DO NOT SLEEP IN.

Second note to self: discuss with boss/team how to handle after-hours coverage, as I shouldn't have the cell phone on while I am in the day care center. It should be only a 10-15 minute window, but I also cannot respond to calls during the period when I'm driving over. Of course, it may all be moot by the time I'm on call again, which isn't until later this year. By then we may have worked out a way to have Scott drop both boys off. But I'm betting on not. Hmm.
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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 07:11 pm
Today we took Ian out to visit/meet my coworkers - the office being in Hillsboro, aka nowhere near home which is in Wilsonville. He was awake for the visit, but fussy only briefly, and everyone was either very glad to see him or at least very gracious about the presence of a baby in the office. :) It was nice.

Then home by way of Powell's, the new Cellar Door Market storefront (which I now know how to find, and I'm glad we did that today as they're a little hard to spot from the direction we were driving from - they're planning on painting their name on the awning, apparently), Fry's, and the grocery store. Shopping, accomplished.

Scott goes back to work tomorrow. I've asked that he work from home when possible this first month back, until Ian starts day care. His bosses asked him to be on site at a client site tomorrow. Trial by fire for me and all that, eh? (They've really needed him back and this particular task and client really do need him on site. I understand, and I think it's what needs to happen. I can't say I'm thrilled, but I do understand.) We'll see how that goes! It should go fine, but. I'd feel better if the first day I'm supposed to solo were one where he was available. Ah well! :)
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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 10:43 am
Email to office: "Free sample sandwiches in the break room."
Office staff: *converge on break room*
Programmer 1: "See, this is when the ninjas break in after we fall asleep from eating the drugged food."
Programmer 2: "At least that way I get a nap."
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Saturday, April 4th, 2009 02:37 pm
I hope they stay this wonderful.

Yesterday, I had my first day back at work after my leave, and felt pretty good about how it went. It was a little overwhelming - lots of things to remember and new things to learn - but it felt good.

Then I came home to find out that Drew had had a very good physical therapy session - he's doing well, and she agreed he's ahead of the curve on physical development/strength (something I suggested Scott, who handled the appointment, point out because it could impact the exercises we needed to do in the next month - and indeed it did). She wants him to keep coming until he's sitting up on his own and grabbing toys, simply to be sure that his age isn't masking any problems with the arm, but so far it seems pretty good. Glee.

This morning at four am I fed Drew, and didn't get back to sleep for an hour because he was warm, cuddly, snuggled against me, and I couldn't put the sleeping baby down. Then he slept well enough that I actually got to make up the missed sleep. Then I got to run all the errands I intended to today, and now have food for work next week, as well as exercise clothes which fit.

Then we each had lunch and Drew had been playing and napping and was in a great mood, and it's pleasantly warm outside, so we took him for his first walk around the neighborhood. He can't see a whole lot from his stroller while he's in the infant carrier, but he could see some (except for the area where the sun was on his face and I popped the protector up to block it), and he seemed generally interested. But most interesting? We met one of the neighbors down the street. She was just settling her baby son in his bouncy seat near her flower bed so she could weed, so of course we wandered over with ours. Her son? Born two days before Drew, at the same hospital. They live in the next block of our street. So cool. So now we've all met and said hello.

Things I like about this neighborhood: kids out riding bikes and playing on the sidewalk. Being, in other words, kids. Neighbors. Babies. Front yards and porches. I'm looking forward to putting a bench on ours so we can sit outside sometimes.
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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 12:21 pm
I am now on holiday/vacation until January 5. I'm kind of sorry to lose the work time next week (company is doing a holiday shut down because so many people take it off anyway), because I have a fun little project to work on that I probably won't make much, if any, more progress on before I'm on maternity leave. But at the same time...they're right. I'm SO looking forward to a nice relaxed holiday off!

Scott did amazingly well at the grocery store yesterday, considering it is a smaller, more pathetic store to begin with and the weather has contributed to them running out of things they wouldn't normally. He managed to get back with only a couple items missing from the list. One was the sausage I wanted for Christmas dinner, but I expected that - that store doesn't carry that type, I didn't think. Sadly, I was right. (It's a turkey sausage that is both acceptable on my diet, and not so greasy that my gut complains. This is important. Substitutes are a Not Good Idea.) I did not expect, when he called to tell me he'd had to divert, that he would get anything CLOSE to the original full list. But he did. (The other big missing item was the English muffins, which are only a big deal because I have a serious craving for them. Heh.) He made some substitutions as far as brand, because he had to, but it's all good and much better than I'd feared.

Since he got milk, I even got to have the clam chowder I've been craving today. (Campbell's, the only brand I've found where there's no milk in the can, so you add your own - so I can add lactose-free milk and enjoy my clam chowder. I won't touch the stuff otherwise. I love it utterly, but restaurant clam chowder, made really well with lots of dairy, I can't take enough pills to eat safely. Alas.)

Ironically, after all that work on his part, we may get out today. It warmed up enough to switch to rain at 9 am - well ahead of the anticipated warming this afternoon. In another couple hours, we may brave the roads if he's willing. (I really want that sausage. Watch, the roads will cooperate and the preferred grocery store will be out of sausage. That would be the sort of irony that defines my life, sadly.)

I don't really want to see all the snow melt. It's so pretty. But it looks like I may anyway. I very much DO want to see the snow on the ROADS melt. My ideal snowfall is 6-12 inches that sticks only to things that can't be hurt by snow and are not sidewalks, streets, or driveways. Just, yannow, lawns and trees (those that can bear the weight) and such. Alas, it doesn't work that way.

It may (it was going to be "it will" but now we're down to "it may") get below freezing tonight, even at our elevation. If it does, we'll refreeze any melted snow into ice, which is not really the sort of Christmas weather I want.

Hopefully the snow is thick enough to survive on areas people aren't trying to clear, like lawns, and yet will be melted off the roadways. That way I can still see it on Christmas but could get to the store today. And we may have some snowfall (not heavy) on Christmas although currently for our elevation it looks like it wouldn't be sticking if so.

Until it actually happens, of course, we've no idea how close to the mark they are. Right now, I'm just hoping for the chance to get to the store today. I want that sausage. And I want to get out of the house, to be honest. I love the house, I love being snug and safe, I love my cuddly kitties and I've everything I need here...but I'd love to get out for a little bit. Even just to the grocery store. Even just to a grocery store that will, I suppose, be mobbed. (I didn't say I was looking forward to ALL aspects of this. I am weird, but I'm not that crazy.)

If I don't get out, it's okay. This time I am not planning on it, just hoping for it. For now, I assume I won't actually get the sausage. But I can hope, and maybe try if the weather cooperates.
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Saturday, December 6th, 2008 02:01 pm
So, my coworkers put on a baby shower for us this morning (and also invited our aunt and a dear family friend who were there). I am completely overwhelmed - it was lovely. It was a brunch shower, and the food was delicious and the cake was gorgeous. And the shower gifts were amazing. Drew is one lucky, lucky little boy. The various onesies, blankets, and gowns are so cute. (This is why I did not want to say "get me exactly X shirt" too much - besides being onerous to the person buying, I never would have seen some of these very cute outfits otherwise. So, so cute.) It was a grand time, and they really didn't have to go to these lengths, and I know they know that. So very sweet of them to do so.
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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 07:10 pm

So I left the office parking lot at 5:45. On the ramp to 26 east I heard it was backed up from Cedar Hills to Cornelius Pass Road....where I got on. And from Sylvan to the Vista Ridge tunnel, but that is further than I go. Plus 217 was reported as badly backed up. Ten minutes later they reported a Tri-Met bus and a UPS truck had an accident. 26 east just before the tunnel blocking the two right lanes.

Even I can recognize a losing situation. I dove off at exit from where I got ON. That was about 6 pm. I was most of the way around downtown Beaverton when a traffic report said there was an accident 217 south south of Greenburg.... Aaargh!

I got to Greenburg via surface streets and decided to get on there since I wouldn't have very far to go to pass the accident; good bet. Less than 300 feet and it opened out. I got on at Greenburg at about 6:40. At 6:50 even, I was pulling into the gas station in Wilsonville, less than 5 minutes from our house.

Seriously, 26/217 (especially 217) are usually the bottleneck of the commute. This was about a best-case scenario for the surface streets (an hour earlier would've been much slower),and I think with the accidents (both of which were still in place when I got to Wilsonville, by the way), I would've had a 1.5-2 hour commute tonight instead. This one was bad enough!

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 09:31 pm
Today was very productive. Got a lot done at work, overall. Came home, got some more cleaning done in what will be the nursery (we kinda have to get the clutter, and the old computer room furniture, out before we can actually use it as such...getting closer day by day though). Did a load of laundry. Let Ray loose to play. He is a very demanding kitty sometimes, he wanted me to hold him and play with him, but after he figured out I was going to be a slug he decided to entertain himself with the cat toys instead and now seems quite content. Apple is nowhere to be seen just this moment, I think she's had it with his exuberance.

I now have buttons for my denim dress that I picked up at the thrift store over the weekend, so I can replace the ones on it now (being as some of them are missing - they're lovely buttons, I'll keep them and maybe be able to use them on something with fewer buttons inna future).

Added an app for LJ to my iPhone. Easier than the web interface by far, but I'm still not sure how much I'll use it. It was free, though.

Now I go to bed, because hi, tired.
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Friday, August 29th, 2008 07:55 am
So, yeah, I haven't posted since Sunday. My apologies! This week has been stressful, though not bad, and I've come home every evening and been too sore, too tired, or too brain-dead to write anything up. And right now? Right now I love Twitter, because my stupid little notes to myself on that are all that are letting me remember the day-by-day high points (instead of just the tippy-top weekly high points) as I write this. I don't consider my twitters very useful or informative to others, but as sketch notes to myself, they're kinda handy.

Monday: No specific notes. Hmm. Not sure what happened to Monday, at all. (This is why the occasional high-point Twitter is useful to me....) I do remember this was the day ServPro was supposed to be done at the Ridge, and they weren't quite - one last stubborn spot wasn't quite dry. I don't remember why, but this was a late day at work - oh, yes, I do. I was working on something specific and aggravating, and getting nowhere. (Now my coworker is working on it, because I still had gotten nowhere by Wednesday and was out of ideas to try. Argh!) Also, picked up the on-call phone (I'm on the backup phone this week, so not a big deal).

Tuesday: ServPro finished, and it all looks okay! Yay! Work was continued pursuit of the specific-and-aggravating problem, and also a wrestling match with a tape drive driver. (Which it looked like I failed at but, it turned out Wednesday, I actually did succeed, it's just the person who was working on it remotely needed to do something else to get it behaving. Whew. Rebooting a server that so many people use is not so much fun to schedule that I like having to do it extra times if I screwed something up.)

Also Tuesday morning, I had to resist a facepalm moment because I was in traffic. See, the Komen Portland Race for the Cure is coming up, so the radio stations are all over "race for the cure" babble. 1190 KEX referred to either their team or the thing in general (I wasn't quite sure and their web site isn't helping me clarify) as "walkers for knockers."

Wednesday: Did not have game. Probably won't for a while, not sure how long. The one game out in Newberg is a long drive after a full work day, and I'm not up for it. And I'm not wanting to host here in our house because the games introduce chaos and moving furniture and bags, and Babe can't see. Having unexpected things block her path isn't good and I'm worried she wouldn't move about as freely as she ought to, say, eat and use the litterbox and stuff. Plus, I often just want to lie down in the evenings.

Some of this owes to "sitting all day, need better position" and a lot of it owes to "tired" because my sleep is presently rather broken up. (The middle of the night restroom calls, not so bad. The inability to find a comfortable sleep position for very long most nights, kinda aggravating. Sometimes I can get things arranged in a way that works, but trying to repeat those seldom succeeds. Sigh.)

Yesterday: Good day at work, as far as getting stuff accomplished. Long drive home. Stopped for shopping, failed to find groceries I wanted at Haggen, and decided I'd worry about it today because yesterday afternoon my back was officially announcing that it had Had It with all this "standing" and "walking" crap. Came home and had a lovely soak in Mango Tango scented bathwater (after getting the rest of the MT powder into a nice glass jar for storage, having successfully bought a jar, at least!). Sprawled in bed and read stuff on my iPhone. (The iPhone is pretty good for reading, not so great for typing, so I find I reply less to LJ, which I regret...but it's nice to be able to read stuff while on the go, in places where a laptop doesn't work, or just not having to haul the laptop. I don't know why I own a laptop since I seldom if ever actually take it away from its "usual spot" and use it as if it were - gasp - portable.)

This morning, we should (as long as baby is cooperative) find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I'd say I'm excited, but actually, I was excited earlier this week. Now I'm just grouchy, because I have to drink enough water that this ultrasound had really better start RIGHT ON TIME. Not my favorite part of this whole process, I must admit. (Not my least favorite part, either, so it could be worse. But the most annoying one right this minute.)
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Monday, April 21st, 2008 06:56 pm
I'm on call this week, but so far, the phone hasn't rung. (This is not really by way of gloating; the universe need not smack me down. It's just, I've only been on call for about an hour as I start typing this!)

I'm home from work. I'm home, the dishwasher is running, the cats are fed and settled in and being cute (if somewhat pointy, in Babe's case), the corn casserole is baking in the oven. And I got email from the realtor and my parents' house is, basically, listed. (I'm not sure it's published yet; I got a link to the 'inside' view and can't find it on user-searchable web sites yet, but it'll get there.)

Edit: Okay, it's 15 minutes later, I got distracted by a conversation. Now the corn casserole is cooling, and the roast veggies are cooking. (Pity they're not even remotely at the same temp, or I could have saved some oven time.) Here's hoping they come out okay, but right now, I am contented either way because I'm home and calm and doing fiddly nothing domestic things.

The hail this weekend was lovely, if very disconcerting. In spite of it, I got almost everything on my to-do list done (and the undone items weren't stymied by the weather, actually; they just didn't get done). This included picking up some new glass bowls for the kitchen. Microwave and oven and dishwasher safe; this is good.

Now, may this week be lazy and pleasant. That'd be good.

And I'm amused by World of Warcraft, tonight. First, there's a Captured Firefly item that's a nod to Firefly/Serenity. And secondly, in Shattrath's World's End Tavern, there's the NPC Lonika Stillblade, wanting to reopen her rogue academy. Among what she says: "Then, a new generation of rogues will learn such staples as the gouge'n grin, combat looting, and blaming someone else for breaking polymorph."

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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 08:54 pm
It snowed up in the hills; I have a few photos on Flickr, including this one of the vineyard in snow:


It did not snow at our house, although today there was briefly hail. (Small, less than pea size; we don't generally see anything larger. If we did, trust me, my post would be very melodramatic and would make people who are used to the Midwest roll their eyes!)

Wish I could go back to Conflikt and take more video, especially that I could time-travel with a better battery, but such is life. Now I know!

Still loving the carnation scent (Possets Silver Carnations). Scott likes it too; it's yummy and almost exactly what I remember. I am not sure how much I will continue to explore other scents in the future because I already have so many and this one, frankly? Threatens to displace them all. Not sure if that's short-term or long-term, but this is, for want of a better phrase, my scent. It's so perfect, and I have no idea why it is perfect. It's not just nostalgia; the smell of it makes me happy (as it did then; there's reasons I remembered it and continued to stalk smell-alikes many years after I first encountered it). I don't remember how old I was when I got that first, wax-based perfume. I know that I was young because I was only barely allowed to get it, only because I loved it so much, and I wasn't permitted to wear it outside the house then. I must have been at most 12, at a guess; probably not younger than 10, but still. And now? I have a scent either perfect or so close to perfect I can't tell the difference, and in that case, who cares if there is one?

Scott and I have been playing WoW a lot - he made level 58, so we finally went to Outlands, and over the weekend we both made 60. (I have my epic mount; we have to raise more cash to get him his. I tend to have more money than he does because I enjoy the auction house. I am a sad, sad kitty. But every little bit helps.)

I actually worked part of Friday (because I was out sick Monday - I'd be more upset but at least my body waited to be a brat until I was home from the con!), and I got quite a bit done in the time I spent, which was nice. Then in the afternoon the upholstery place came by to collect the chair, having already gotten the fabric in. Glee! I have to figure out where I want the chair. Right away I know "where it was" is not the long-term answer because I want to clean and redo that room. Hmmm. But out with the cats is non-ideal as well, because they're a goodly part of why it needs to be reupholstered. (Dirt and wear, not so much claws, but still.)

Scott's mother called tonight to chat. They are doing well and really like their new cook-stove (we went in with Scott's brother and his wife to get it for them - the one their new place came with was safe, but quirky). Their cats are well. Apparently Rob and Chrystle are transitioning to work schedules that actually give them the same two days off. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a different two days off than Scott - no thanks!

Today, Scott and I went to get our pictures taken - I set up a session with the woman that we chose because she had lovely photos, was somewhere in Wilsonville (not a long drive is good), and besides selling prints will sell the originals on DVD at a per-photo fee (you don't pay for the whole set, just the ones you want, although if you want the whole set it will get fairly expensive - but I don't really need six almost-identical shots, just the best 1-2 of each pose at most). The last matters a lot to me because I have a gorgeous photo of my parents with me, but of course it was taken years ago on film, so we only got prints - and all I have, the largest, is a 5x7. The studio that did it is no longer there and no studio exists by that name - no surprise - so that's all I will ever have of that photo. I want more options for these, you know?

The actual photography was a blast; Scott and I had a great time and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. But there was some humor before and after too - when we left, it was raining, and Scott said he was glad it hadn't rained on the way in. I agreed. We got home and were just settled in the living room after putting things away when the hail started. So that was timing. And before we went I asked Scott whether my makeup looked okay and he said "you're wearing makeup?" I thanked him, since that meant it did. ;) It sounds silly, but I have dark circles under my eyes (yes, even when I'm rested and well-fed; have since college) and I had softened and lightened them, and wanted to be sure it wasn't obvious. If he couldn't tell then I blended it right. When we got home, I took it off, and it looked kind of like I was blackening my eyes for effect. ;)

And the cats are cuddly and cute and funny. And I have good music, energetic music, to listen to. And seeing the snow up on the ridge reminds me that the weather is, while different from when I grew up, not as different as I think of it; I'm also living 700 feet below where I used to, after all!
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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 09:11 pm
Holiday party at work. It fit neatly between two phone conferences I had. (The holiday party was scheduled to run into one of them, but I was an 'optional' attendee. The party ended early - as I expected - so I made the entire call. Which I'm glad of, because it was a very good and informative call and I spoke up several times, which is easier if you're actually on the thing. ;) We did a "white elephant" style gift exchange, I ended up with a fabric bowl, candy-coated sunflower seeds (which I thought would be icky, based on the concept, but which I must concede are actually quite good), and a pretty little angel ornament. Need to get a hanger and put that on the tree. (The gift I took in was liked by its recipient. This is a goodthing.)

Came home, wrapped another gift for Scott and put it under the tree. Yay!

Kitties are being sweet. Babe is not happy with the dry food again and had eaten very little today, so I gave her a quarter of a small can of canned food and she'll get her evening dry when I go to bed. I think I need to get new dry, she gets fussy when it is stale. (Disheartening: with only two cats, it pretty much is guaranteed to have time to do that, even in the small bags. Sigh.) But this has happened before and a fresh bag was the cure. We'll see if it is again.

Time for me to finish clearing off the kitchen table, and go take a hot bath before bed. Warmth is good, so is clean, so is sleep in due time.
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Friday, November 30th, 2007 08:08 pm
The good book is Maria Snyder's Poison Study which was very, very enjoyable. I've got a hold on the sequel now; since a copy's available, I should have it by maybe Wednesday at the latest. Yay! I want to know what happens next, darnit. ;) Seriously, good book. I enjoyed it.

My car has had two burnt-out bulbs replaced, so now I can see what gear I am shifting into when it is dark, AND I have TWO headlights. Actually, you know, on. And I got the oil changed. Don't worry, that didn't affect the headlights. ;) (Or anything else, in spite of Jiffy Lube's attempts to sell me windshield wipers. Yes, I do need to replace them soon. No, I will not pay more than three times what I should for them, which is what they wanted last time they tried. I didn't even let him quote it at me this time. Yes, they install them for me if I buy theirs. My wipers are snap-out snap-in. Not only can I not mess that up, most six-year-olds couldn't mess that up if actually trying to do it right.)

We have a design approved for the desks in the living room. He's hoping to have them done before Christmas. That would really, really rock. A lot.

We had a celebratory work meal earlier this week. Despite the menu NOT fitting my food issues, I gotta say: ohwow yay. They were very good about tweaking the salad so I could eat something more than lettuce, and the rest of it (well, with the entree I ordered) was mild dairy and I took pills, and wow good food and good company. (And we ran almost an hour over the planned time and everyone was fine with that, too. That rocked.)

No Christmas Shoes song at ALL this year. BLISS.

I have given to the Salvation Army three times this holiday season, after ranting about their bell ringers earlier. I'm amused by this, but none of them broke my "the heck I will pay you to hurt me" policy. The first one, the ringer was just ringing quietly and got spare change. The second one, the ringer had two bells that frankly were one step above cowbells (no, SA, we do not need more cowbell) with plastic handles. And was somehow getting them to ring clear and quiet. He was ringing them in a rhythm pattern, and dancing lightly to it. When I went in. And when I came back out a half hour later. At no time did I see him pause or take a break, and while he wasn't doing anything strenuous, that's a lot to keep up for a full shift. I gave him actual bills. He wasn't saying much to people, barely managed a soft response to those who gave money, seemed quite shy. And yet I will wager he was doing better than many more aggressive, forward ringers, because of how he was going about it.

The last one wasn't a bell ringer; the local grocery store had a nice, quiet sign about sponsored food boxes that would go to the SA for distribution, and the grocery store matched the donations to that purpose at 1/5. So I paid for one.

A snippet of memory from when I was young: we had a big flashlight, red, with I think a black band (not sure) and a big white squishy button that I sometimes had trouble pressing. It had a small bulb and a big reflector (perhaps 4-6 inches across, I think), and used four "D" batteries, and was just huge. I don't remember lugging it with me when I went out to the barn, and yet I know I did. I remember using the little black flashlight and we didn't have that until years later! (I now love maglites, which Dad also liked, but the little LED flashlights are good too. I don't think I need one longer than my forearm these days.)