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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 05:45 pm
Well, okay, a piece of code is kicking my behind from here to tomorrow at work. (Hopefully no further. I need to make it behave and move on!)

But aside from that, so far so good. REALLY busy weekend, but fun.


Swim lessons, 9 am.

Then off to the Children's Museum where the Garage room (formerly 6+ years old only) is now open to all ages WITH parental supervision. I thought the boys would love it. They walked in, looked around, Drew said he was going to make a puppet and changed his mind, and they walked out. LOL. But they had a blast in the other rooms they went to, and it was a good time. Plus there's now a piano out front "feel free to play" and they did (unharmoniously, of course). (Neither is interested in piano lessons - at least yet - I did offer. But it's fun to push the keys anyway.)

Then on to our friend N's to celebrate his 50th birthday with gaming (and food and gifts, but lots of gaming). I played a game of Pandemic. We, um, failed to save the world. But only barely! We stopped three of the four pandemics. LOL. Scott and I wanted to stay longer but the boys were absolutely done, so we left. Just in time to dash to open swim! So we did, and had a blast.

Sunday we went to the Rennaissance festival for a couple hours. It's a pretty weak one, in that it's sort of a mix of things that fit and things that don't, and it's pretty small. But we got a good deal. It would have been more fun if the weather hadn't been so hot, but last year it _poured_ rain on us and at least this year we were not soaking wet! Got to see Cast In Bronze perform (omg awesome) and miscellaneous other fun. I would have liked to see more shows through, but the boys didn't really want to stay still for a whole show, and so it goes.

I got the most gorgeous hair ornaments there. I wasn't going to, but Scott talked me into them. I'm not sure how often I will wear them - but I really like them. So we'll see. :)

Scott was mourning after that, that he can no longer find his period-appropriate hat which he loved. It should be somewhere in the house, but if it is, it's totally missing. He'd been looking at the festival for another, but they didn't have one he liked. Well, I hunted up one online that I think he will like, and it's on its way. (I asked him, he agreed and said to surprise him, so.)

And my latest order of Goat Milk Stuff's soap is here. And the tomatoes are still doing well.

And tomorrow, maybe I'll get that problem bit of code back in line.

Oh, and our road's now closed where it joins the main road, until some time in October. The other path out isn't too bad as long as they're not working on that corner, though. I'll be glad when they've completely finished that, because right now it's kind of un-fun if I have to go through it when they're there.
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Saturday, July 12th, 2014 03:15 pm
The weather is too hot for me at the moment. But I am still getting things done.

I kind of LOVE the City Pickers planters I'm using for growing our veggies. Because we were in Wisconsin for the Fourth of July weekend - we left midday July 3 and came back the evening of July 7, and the water reservoirs were empty but the plants were fine - they'd had enough water to carry them through (as planned). Awesome. Ian's planter has the most amazingly happy tomato in it, this thing would be almost as tall as he was if it was starting from ground level. (As it is, it's taller.)

The boys have swim lessons on Saturdays at Children of the Sea, and we usually go back for open swim in the evening. It used to be that I found both quite pleasant. Now I am not as fond of the swim lessons even though I am very proud of Ian!

Reason being: he started out in parent-tot, where a parent must be in the water with him. Also, he started out super-clingy to me, so I was that parent. And when the pool - and the room it's in - is heated to 90 degrees (they teach all the way down to infants).... Well, being in the water is nice than sitting on the bench watching. LOL.

Anyway, he's now in advanced parent-tot, where one of the goals is to get the parent out of the water and the kiddo still content and fine. And today was my first session out of the water. He did NOT want to get in, but a bribe of a toy got him in, and once he was in he was fine. Sniffle. I'm so proud of him, and it's awesome that he's getting so confident in the water. But...I kind of want him to regress so I don't broil. LOL.

In unrelated news, I bought two pounds of blueberries at Costco today. Those who know my kids - especially my "little fruit bat" (Ian) - will probably not be surprised to learn that I expect us to actually eat them all this weekend. You might be surprised to know that in less than 2 hours, about 3/4 of a pound (judging by volume now missing) have been eaten. Goodness.

Dinner tonight is going to be what the kids call "toothpick snacks" - little cut up bits of cold food and a toothpick to stab them with. It's a win-win-win: healthy foods (when chosen well), the kids consider it a treat, no one eats something hot when they're already hot, and I don't have to heat the kitchen up by cooking. Assuming we still have any left by then, the blueberries are part of that. (Also grapes, ham, chicken, cheese, and possibly some marshmallows just to keep it from being purely healthy. And bread cubes if anyone wants them, but history says I shouldn't cut any bread up before asking. Heh.)

They now make Vanilla Coke Zero. I miss Vanilla Coke! So, we'll see.
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Saturday, June 1st, 2013 07:21 pm
So I'm officially listed as allergic to Allegra, because back when it was prescription and I think brand, we tried me on it (because Claratin wasn't being as effective as it historically had been), and I had a non-standard reaction: violent nausea, which is NOT an expected side effect. Consistent, violent nausea for a couple hours after each dose, which made eating within an hour *before* the dose unwise also.

You know what else I had? TOTAL RELIEF OF MY ALLERGY SYMPTOMS. TOTAL. For like 12-16 hours of the day. Amazing. Mind-blowing. But...two hours of nausea.

So, now they are OTC and generic. Says I, "My lactose intolerance couldn't possibly cause this, but...let's see if the filler in brand has lactose. If it does and the generic doesn't, maybe I'll try it." (Worst case: violent nausea again. It's not like it was life-threatening, just miserable.)

I go. I read packaging. No lactose in brand. Lactose in the generic I could get. Otherwise seem nearly identical.

...yeah. I think maybe I should just let the Allegra be there by itself. Darnit.
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Monday, January 28th, 2013 02:49 pm
I loved Conflikt. It was hard at times, because the boys - especially Drew - had a hard time with it. Drew wanted to be at the concerts! Except he didn't want to be quiet or sit still. I was trying to balance letting him hear with not disrupting for others, and I hope I managed to keep him from disrupting for others. Compounded by the fact that if he hadn't been disruptive to others before, he sure was when I removed him from the room. Kid can howl.

But the con itself was wonderful. I got to see people! And say hi to and hug friends I get to see far too rarely. Some of them I saw only briefly in passing, and some I ran into repeatedly all weekend, and both were good, though of course a weekend in which we all magically get all the music *and* all the time we want with all our various friends (and they with theirs and so on) would be lovely...sadly, still short on the magic wand for that.

Loving the new hotel. NOT liking the prices - the restaurant there is to be avoided vigorously. I am pretty sure it would be cheaper to walk to the airport and eat in a sit-down restaurant at airport prices. The hotel rooms aren't cheap either. They're nice. They're just not cheap. Very happy with the space we had, the comfort level, etc. (Not thrilled with the view of the pool, but that's because it was out of order as they waited on a part and Drew kept seeing it and wanting to swim. Which reminds me: I owe him a trip to a pool here in the next couple weekends, since I told him we'd do that instead.)

The convention space is glorious, especially as it's not near hotel rooms at all and not subject to the "keep it down, darnit!" rules that apply there. The rooms seem to be really well soundproofed overall, and they were *all together on one floor*. Yay! And comfy.

Small niceties: I never tried to get water at any point without *getting water*. I so dislike when water services run dry, and if these ever did, it wasn't when I was there.

Okay, this is where my friends who have been in filk longer get reminded that I haven't, since I am clueless so often. That's okay, I have new music.

Had not heard Heather Dale perform. Or Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff. Or in fact pretty much anyone who was the "main act" - although certainly many of those performing with them I had heard previously, at other Conflikts mostly. Let me put it this way: shiny shiny SHINY concerts.

I was lucky. I had backlogged "treat money" (work bonuses), so I pretty much bought whatever struck my fancy, music-wise. This probably made several performers I hadn't previously heard quite happy; it certainly made ME quite happy as now I have lots of lovely music.

I deeply wish Scott had not been back in the room with the boys for the Bohnhoff's concert in particular, as I believe he would have LOVED it. But I can't wish we had traded places, because I also loved it. I just wish Drew had been in a concert mood! (Ian was asleep, but he could probably have slept even through that concert. Ian can sleep through just about anything if he must. Except being set down when he wants to be held. Baby who can sleep through loud noises or parental dancing nonetheless wakes as soon as gravity shifts as though one is leaning to set him down. I swear it's a superpower.)

Bid on various things in the Interfilk auction, but idly. Got outbid, as you might expect, for idle-interest bids. Would not have been sad to win any of them. Was not sad to not-win them either. WAS sad I forgot to bring anything to donate to the auction, but the idea I had this year will still be nifty next year, so.

I really miss the streaming for members that was done last year, and hope it will be possible again in the future. (One or the other of us watched so many concerts from the room last year. It made a huge difference in how doable the con was with kids in tow!)

Pre-registered for next year. Home. Mostly unpacked. Laundry partially done. Routine house stuff I'd normally do on the weekend mostly done. Grocery shopping done.

And I should now stop writing this and go get more laundry done. :P I *swear* there was something else I meant to talk about in this post, but it's eluding me now like an elusive thing.
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Monday, July 16th, 2012 08:41 am
Um. I may have let these go too long. On the other hand, seeing a two-month span, I'm struck by two things:

1. More days with more than one gratitude posted/sent. This is becoming a habit of thinking - yay!

2. Ian has progressed from an itty bitty baby who needed support to sit, to sitting unassisted, to pushing himself to sitting. From struggling to commando-crawl (and failing) to crawling, to (just this weekend) pulling himself to *standing*. From eating no table food to eating a wide variety of foods.

May 21-31 )

June )

July 1-16 )
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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 07:11 pm
Today we took Ian out to visit/meet my coworkers - the office being in Hillsboro, aka nowhere near home which is in Wilsonville. He was awake for the visit, but fussy only briefly, and everyone was either very glad to see him or at least very gracious about the presence of a baby in the office. :) It was nice.

Then home by way of Powell's, the new Cellar Door Market storefront (which I now know how to find, and I'm glad we did that today as they're a little hard to spot from the direction we were driving from - they're planning on painting their name on the awning, apparently), Fry's, and the grocery store. Shopping, accomplished.

Scott goes back to work tomorrow. I've asked that he work from home when possible this first month back, until Ian starts day care. His bosses asked him to be on site at a client site tomorrow. Trial by fire for me and all that, eh? (They've really needed him back and this particular task and client really do need him on site. I understand, and I think it's what needs to happen. I can't say I'm thrilled, but I do understand.) We'll see how that goes! It should go fine, but. I'd feel better if the first day I'm supposed to solo were one where he was available. Ah well! :)
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Monday, December 19th, 2011 05:41 pm
We are doing well. It is so different, novel, and pleasant: instead of averaging a medical appointment a day for Ian's first two weeks (for him, me, or both) as I did with Drew, we have a whopping two - the standard first two well-baby checks. Technically only one, as his two-week appointment is tomorrow, at two weeks two days.

It's amazing how much easier things are when you already basically know the baby-care tasks (and just have to learn this baby's quirks), and both of you are basically healthy (yes, I'm recovering from birth, but it's a normal/healthy recovery). Also, life is easier when the first week is not spent on oxycodone in any dose (not that I am objecting to its use when I had Drew as I sorely needed it then, if you'll pardon the horrid pun - but so nice not to need it now).

I am tired, but not usually exhausted.

Today was highly productive. This is NOT my usual Christmas, and a lot of gifts I might otherwise have wanted to work out simply have not been worked out, because I was rather busy with gestating, delivering, and now caring for a baby. But the Christmas cards went out (, so the international ones will be late, but they went out...), immediate family is getting at least some gifts, and the Christmas ornaments and pajamas have been acquired.

(Every Christmas Eve, we gift new pajamas - already washed - to each member of the household. Thus, there is a Christmas Eve gift to open, and that gift is new, clean jammies for the holiday, which we then go to bed in - well, in theory, you could wear another set if you wanted and if the kids want to some years that's fine - and can greet Christmas morning in. And every Christmas, everyone gets a new ornament from someone else. Right now Scott and I are handling those but I think next year Drew will get to help pick one of ours and in a couple years Ian will get to help pick one. Or make them at school if that's how it works that year.)

There are also a few other gifts for Drew, but not for Ian, who is unlikely to notice that all he got was jammies and an ornament. I doubt he'll care about those two this year...but we will, and Drew will.

Also, thanks to Scott, bills are paid, dishes have been done, and the kitchen nook table was clean (until I had him deposit groceries on it a bit later, heh; oh yeah, also got some grocery shopping done!).

Now to find out how many of the cards "bounce" due to bad addresses. There's always a certain amount of that, and I SWEAR I should have updated addresses for one branch of the family but couldn't find the email. Argh. Oh, well. They went out...some will come back...that's the way of Christmas cards, in my life. :P
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Saturday, December 10th, 2011 09:35 am
So, ironically, we do now have one wish-list item for Ian. And I can't put it on the Amazon wish list - because I can't find it online. SIGH.

In Babies R Us, in the store brand, they have a sleep gown layette set (alas, I haven't found the gowns by themselves, which is actually all we're interested in). These are similar to but not the same as the sleep gowns from Carter's, etc. Light/medium weight soft cotton, long sleeves, long gown with a lightly-elastic bottom (that is, not closed as sleep sacks are)...and snaps the full length from the neck to the bottom of the gown in front.

Those snaps are the differentiating factor from the other common gowns. We ADORE them. (We never really used the gowns with Drew: our old house was harder to keep the bedroom at a good temp, and he was wearing warmer sleepers than Ian needs when he's in his crib.)

I haven't been able to find them on the Babies R Us website, only in the store.

We've got two of them, in 0-3 months. I'd love two more for that size, and 4-5 in the 3-6 month size. We can get by without them, but it's so much easier to get him in/out of these two than the others.
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Sunday, November 27th, 2011 06:24 pm
Going to the Woodburn Company Stores this afternoon/evening should've invoked you and started labor, right?

On the other hand, I win either way - I was hoping for twice (if it'd started things, you know, after the shopping). But even so - I got Royal Riviera pears (the visually blemished but tastes fine ones) from Harry & David which is what I really wanted. Five pounds of them, mixed ripeness so we'll have time to eat our way through the box. (Er, through the pears in the box. I'm pretty sure cardboard is not the kind of fiber I need.)


In semi-related reality, I added the fruit of the month club to my wish list post, vaguely. It's not cheap, so I imagine it'll stay there, and no big deal if it does. But it is cool.

This might be related to going through the mail and finding the latest Harry & David catalog. Heh.

And Drew got to have McDonald's for dinner. While he ate all of his happy meal, he amused me at the order in which he did so - fries, apple slices, and milk were all (in about that order) more important than his cheeseburger. Cool!
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Friday, September 30th, 2011 10:45 am
Getting ready for Ian's arrival, I bought and ordered some things. Including, from an online store, the crib mattress I wanted. The product page said "please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery" - reasonable. I made one option selection on the page, and I then ordered. At no time did the page, the order form, etc., show any change in that delivery time.

That was September 24. The next day I got an email regarding my order that "the lead time on the mattress is about 4 weeks" and they would process and ship as soon as possible. Um.

I'm not due until the end of November, so this works for me, but I think the difference between 1-2 weeks and 4 weeks is fairly significant, folks. I wasn't happy.

Yesterday I got another email from them. It's shipped. And I have a tracking number. The tracking number shows it shipped on 9/27, more than 48 hours prior to when they told me it shipped; however, I'm going to assume it shipped direct from the manufacturer and thus these folks might have been clueless for 48 hours or so. Either way, it should be here Monday according to both the email I got and the tracking results.

So far, my impression is they really have no clue what they can do or what's going on, scheduling-wise. I'm not impressed, and I'm not likely to order from them again (they carry a lot of baby stuff besides baby furniture; they're a little boutique-y, so their odds I'd order much from them beyond this weren't high, but they're now near zero).
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Sunday, September 25th, 2011 07:25 pm
Made some little crescent-roll sausage things for quick breakfasts. They are now freezing down. The one I ate tasted quite good: win. Lazy - nothing from scratch - but they will do the job. I need more cookie sheets. I only have two, which used to be plenty, except one of them is too big for the oven at the new house, and we now have a double oven. I won't use more than two at a time most of the time (why run the second oven?), but it'd be nice to have the option and anyway with four I can prep two while the other two are in...which would've sped this evening up a fair bit.

Used up some extra crescent-roll dough on hotdogs. Not quite right, but I know what I want to do next time and Drew was happy, so it worked well enough.

Drew likes the blended tea we got at Teavana. No surprise. So do I. Also no surprise.

I finally gave in and got a good tea maker for loose-leaf tea, a 16-ounce one of the variety that pours down into a cup through a filter when it's ready. Several co-workers use them and one too many friends recently raved about them (and, more importantly, told me they really DO clean as easily as they claim). So I got one. They do clean easily. Yay! Also work, which I basically knew. Yay! I don't have loose tea that often, I mostly get the bagged stuff, as tea balls are a pain and a bit of a mess besides. That, and mostly, I can't taste the difference. But some of the blends I have liked don't come in a bag, so. :P

Tired now. Pity, as I promised Drew he could stay up a half hour late if he cooperated with his bath (in part because it will get him so hyper, whether he fights or cooperates, that bedtime ritual a half hour after would be a lost cause ANYWAY). So we'll all get to bed a little later, except Scott. I usually go to bed when Drew does these days, and sometimes before he does (probably best I not do that tonight, since staying up late was my brilliant idea inna first place...).

I won't say I'm well-rested after this weekend, 'cause I am not. But I am in a good mood and well-recovered and that's pretty good. And the laundry got done. And the dishes didn't. I'm hoping if I spend time playing with Drew after his bath, I can sucker Scott into doing the dishes, as I don't enjoy loading the dishwasher as much these days. :P
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Saturday, September 24th, 2011 08:04 pm
Drew, having resisted and then taken his nap, woke up and continued out of sorts. Er, and I wax on about this, apparently. )

Meanwhile, I spent part of the evening ordering in the stuff we've had listed and settled on for Ian. Crib (Drew's is in use as a toddler bed and, anyway, was a drop-side crib), mattress, pump system for me (wore the old one pretty well out, and anyway it's not meant to be multi-person/multi-use), and initial contact re cloth diapers (have them, need to get some elastic work done on them). What I don't have yet is the car seat, as I'm waiting on an answer to a question from Graco about which of their car seats are compatible with the older (and just fine condition) stroller we have. I'm hoping I can buy one of the newer models and use it with this stroller. If not...I may switch to a Britax infant system if I'm going to have to buy the stroller anyway.

Either way, buying the stuff I did buy left me wincing at the cost. I'm not going for high-end boutique stuff (well, some might consider the mattress an exception: I don't skimp on that, babies spend a lot of time on their crib mattresses!), but youch. (Mattress: um, about twice the cost of the crib, actually, in this case. Heh.)

On the other hand, I COULD have bought a $2100 crib (I assure you, this would be way way WAY more than twice the price of the mattress I got) which...really just makes me stare. A lot. And back away slowly. (I only saw that because I glanced at cribs at the site where I got the mattress to see if they had one I wanted, at a price I wanted, as their shipping is free over a certain amount and the mattress put me over it. Still, that was cheaper than anywhere ELSE I could get that mattress, since the shipping was free. But the cribs...yikes.)

Folks, there are nursery sets out there that cost more than my CAR did.

And they can stay "out there" - if you have one, if you like it, that's great. But it's a bit pricy for me, and I'm sort of shocked all over again (went through this when putting together the wish list with Drew, but one forgets...or at least tries to...). Just saying.
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Friday, September 23rd, 2011 04:52 pm
Today was a day of running around, largely. Flu shot. Dental appointment (for a cleaning! I am hopefully Done With The Dentist for the year!). Errands. My feet hurt.

On the other hand, I got everything done and I rewarded myself with some tea I wanted. And got home to find that the first (non-custom) of my Shinies I ordered, had arrived. They are, indeed, Shiny, and I am happy.

Pretty sure the lemon-berry slushie I got myself at Sonic is not low-sugar. Pretty sure I don't care, as it was very tasty and very cool, and today is rather warm.

Life is good.
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Saturday, June 25th, 2011 04:16 pm
Argh. So, someone mentioned maple tea. I can't find enough info online. First, I've heard the comments about it not having any calories but some of the writeups imply it has actual maple sugar in it (at least some brands) - if so that would matter - anyone know? For a specific brand, at least?

Anyone know an online site that sells in the US, green or herbal maple tea (not black), preferably both, in bags? (Loose tea: not my cup of tea due to the extra mess and fuss.)

Bonus points if anyone knows a site that sells more than one brand.

Also, I found a site that sells "maple herbal tea" and "decaf maple herbal tea" I even want to know how you get an herbal tea with caffeine? O.o
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Monday, June 20th, 2011 08:42 pm
Our friend from college (who can say hi if she wishes, in comments) arrived Friday and spent the weekend with us. She was here to go through some things she'd left in storage with us, but also to hang out and spend time.

It was a BLAST. I'm not sure the sorting through things was a blast for her, but it went decently, and the rest of the visit at least by my lights was wonderful.

She'd not met Drew before and got to see him at his charming cutest. (Also his sleepless worst, alas, but such is life. Friday night we had the gaming group AND a houseguest and he WOULD not sleep until the gaming group had gone, and then had trouble sleeping. And so on. Last night wasn't TOO bad, but the whole weekend was a bit disrupted. Sorry for your lost sleep!)

She gave him a stuffed tiger and a mountain pass for his train set, the latter of which was opened today (for various reasons) amid much cuteness. He was very happy to assemble and reassemble it, turning it into (his proclamations) a gate and a chair as well as a train track. Okay....

He showed her the playhouse (I promised him Friday morning that if she got here before he was home from day care, I would not show her the playhouse, so that he could) and I showed the house in general. We played Dominion, which she had not played before and which I quite enjoyed (in spite of being the only one to neither win nor tie for winning a game - I'm not the best Dominion player - but I DID cause a lot of the card destruction in the infamous game of card destruction...).

We took her to the biggest of our local parks, letting Drew run and play off some energy and showing off the truly awesome park that we have. Seriously, the playground areas rock, just being thoughtfully planned and FUN, and there's a gorgeous water-feature area for summer use. Only hands were placed in it, since that was Sunday and it was chilly and grey (Drew would have gone in fully dressed with his shoes on had we let him, but we said not today and he accepted it).

We took her for dinner at our favorite Moroccan restaurant (and Scott and I both thanked her for being a good excuse). We watched as our cats slowly decided she was safe, and then Ray decided she was an appropriate person to demand attention from.

We took her to our favorite farmer's market, in Lake Oswego (the double whammy of being fairly conveniently located, and nicely sized and diverse). Alas, our favorite cheese place wasn't there, but most of the other regulars were, including the company that sells frozen containers of EXCELLENT soup, and gives out samples. (Those samples are wicked. I keep buying soup. Yum.)

Scott also suggested the zoo, but I begged off of doing that, since I lacked the energy. It probably would have been fun, but we'd have had to trade it for 1-2 of the other activities, so I'm glad they were willing to tolerate me in that.

And we "helpfully" loaned her Deadline. I put "helpfully" in quotes because it's one of those very hard to put down books.... *wicked grin*

It was a WONDERFUL weekend. I wish it could have been longer, of course, but other than that it was excellent.
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Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 07:27 pm
Yesterday, the last of the new furniture arrived. It looks GOOD. The TV stand is not quite a match for the built-in shelves as I'd hoped, but as they're on opposite sides of the room it works fine. The dresser is a PERFECT match to our bed and nightstands as far as wood. The hardware's not, but it works, and if I ever get obsessive I can replace all the drawer handles later. (Humor value: the bed, the dresser, and the nightstands were all three bought at different stores, at different times, from different furniture lines. Except for the drawer handles on the dresser, they all look of a set.)

Which, actually, means I should go get about putting things in the dresser what belong there.
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Friday, June 3rd, 2011 05:58 pm
We got a dining table for the dining nook. It is used, and goes pretty well with the look of the area. Four of the six chairs are sturdy; one more will be with a little wood glue; the last one I need to figure out and haven't yet. In any case we only need three for now, so no big rush on the two that aren't solid. The table is.

Couch arrives tomorrow. Dresser and TV stand arrive next week. Lawns are mowed. The repairs that needed to happen to the house are done. My dishwasher has clean/dirty magnets that I like okay, and are separate magnets. Have acquired what I need to secure the UPS against further toddler moments (he found the power button! joy).

Things on the current aggravation list:
* I want more energy. Meh. Being tired is, well, tiresome.
* Too many things in boxes. But see 'energy'.
* Dental work. Today I had the prep and such for the permanent crown, and got a deep cavity in the adjacent tooth (easier to access when no crown is on the one to be crowed) filled. I'm pregnant, so I can't take ibuprofen. Tylenol is fine for pain, but ibuprofen would've been better. Oh, well. Temporary crown in place, and will get the permanent crown later this month.
* Running around frantically. Today had too many appointments, and then I had to do grocery shopping as I'm on call this weekend and didn't want to do it then.
* Fussy toddler. He didn't get to bed until too late last night because we had guests over, and today didn't go horrible, but it didn't go well either. Poor kidlet. Poor us!
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Sunday, February 6th, 2011 10:49 pm
So, Wilsonville now has a Swap & Play (and on Facebook). Seeing the sign, I checked it out online to see if I could learn more about it. The page for it is...minimal, but present. It didn't look that impressive. But what stunned me is the fees.

A swap and play is a space you can go to with your kids and they can play, an indoor play area, as well as swap toys/clothes with other families. Yes, they do have to pay for utilities and space (in this case just utilities, the space is apparently being donated), and being small they don't get the economies of scale a larger business might.

The fact remains that the cost for this thing is a one-time $20 joining fee plus $20/month in three-month increments (so, basically, $60/three months is more accurate). Ignoring the one-time joining fee entirely, that's $240 a year.

Now, granted it has the advantage of being local to me, so heading to things further away has a transportation and time cost. Still....

OMSI membership for a family (2 adults and 4 children) per year: $90. Portland Children's museum membership for a family per year (2+4): $85. Zoo membership for a family per year (2+any children): $79. So, that's $254 a year for all three. Of course, that's with no guests - the Swap & Play allows one guest per month. (The more expensive memberships at each of these three do allow guests - one per DAY.)

Which is less than the first year of Swap & Play, $14 more than subsequent years, more driving/travel expenses, but a LOT more options and play. Oh, and the Swap & Play is only open Monday thru Saturday while the others are open seven days a week. Of course, it's smaller and if you happen to be there at the same time as others it would let you get to know people. And it doesn't require as long a trip, which I can see being nice.

But not that nice. That's expensive. And if I think so, I can't imagine anyone for whom the transportation issue is prohibitive is going to be real thrilled with the cost either. Meh. It seemed like such a bright spot when I first saw the sign, now...I wish them luck, but it seems like a bad idea. :P

Besides, you could compare it to either the Children's Museum or OMSI alone and still get more options with the bigger name, for way less money...and then it's even more of a humongous expense. And it's not a daycare facility or similar where other people watch your kids, so it's not like it has that aspect to the cost. And all the quoted fees above assume you pay full price - I've been told the Children's Museum has membership assistance based on need and it wouldn't surprise me if the other two did also. (Perhaps the Swap & Play also does. But...they have to get some people to pay the $240 or that may not help much.)
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Sunday, August 1st, 2010 03:57 pm
We thought Drew had plenty of shorts. But, he still keeps running out of clean shorts. So we got more - at garage sales.

On Saturday I found a few nice things. Today we lucked out and on our way home, found a garage sale that - like many - was just trying to get rid of stuff before the end of the weekend, with a TON of toddler clothes in the right size. I brought back the equivalent of a plastic shopping bag STUFFED with clothes and one pair of nice shoes for when his feet are a bit bigger - for $9. Not too bad, I think.

Edited to note: 1 pair shoes, 6 shorts, 2 shirts, 1 swim shirt, a pajama set, 1 suspender-shorts, 2 pairs of pants, and a Santa suit. (Yes, the last one is silly. It SHOULD fit him by Christmas from the looks of it and his growth rate, and it was 50 cents of silly, so....)

We ate lunch at Elmer's Pancake House. Drew made himself happily free of our fruit dish (the banana disappeared with amazing haste, but the watermelon and cantaloupe were popular too), bits of his Dad's skillet dish (which was quite tasty), and bits of my BBQ chicken salad (black! olives!). He stuffed himself and then, since it was a bit late for his nap, slept solid in the back of the car. Hee.

He loves his new buckle lion, though it frustrates him because he still tries to match up two that don't go together as often as two that do.