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Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 08:49 am
That was a good idea AND a bad idea. Last night we went to the fireworks at the Oregon Garden. The garden itself is lovely, supposed to have a good fireworks show, and it was the only one in the area on the 3rd that I could find. I didn't want us all up late and exhausted before going to work/camp/preschool tomorrow. And hey, music from 6 pm while we wait, too.

I knew we'd pay for it in the food on site being marked up (which it was, and which we did), and with leaving at 10:30 and having to drive an hour home.

What actually happened: we joined others who parked at the remote lot and bused up. (We should have tried the main lot, it wasn't full yet. Oops.) Anyway, the evening was nice, the fireworks were glorious, and then at 10:30 we left. The music continued for another hour, but again, hour drive.

Shoulda stayed for the music. Because according to what the guy doing announcements said just before or after the fireworks (I forget which), there were 6000 people there. And a goodly number of them all left when we did.

And the buses had trouble getting through because of all the cars in the parking lot leaving. And a laaaaarge contingent of folks needing the bus left when we did.

We finally got to our car at 11:45. We would've gotten there about 5-10 minutes later if we'd stayed for all the music..... WHEE. (Well, maybe. We also might have missed the last bus, because I'm not sure how long walking down would have taken us.)

Scott ended up carrying Ian for the last 10 minutes of the line, and the entire bus ride, because Ian was too tired to stand up and walk when the line moved, and as you might expect from that description, as soon as Scott picked him up he fell asleep on Scott's shoulder.

They have an on-site hotel that you can check in to and enjoy and watch the fireworks from there, and some year we may do that. But we also may just take July 5th off next year and go to Canby's show. They have a lovely show, it's just on the actual 4th.

Last night was gorgeous, though. Very tired. But gorgeous.

(And nope, for once I did not take photos. I wanted to strictly watch the fireworks and I did.)
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Saturday, April 15th, 2017 09:12 am
Town Easter egg "hunt" in less than an hour now. Hunt is in quotes because they just set the plastic eggs out on the grass at the ball fields and turn the kids loose age-by-age in separate sections.

Candy, prizes, all that. Yes, we're going. Wish me luck, but this is the only scheduled thing I need to deal with this weekend. (Scott is taking Ian to a birthday party tho.)

And as usual, my instruction to my kids will be: NO PUSHING, whether they're smaller or bigger than you. This is a non-contact sport.

His first year doing it, Ian stopped and opened eggs, and got all of three. He doesn't do that any more, but you know, I'm fine with it if he does. I like watching them get all excited. I don't mind if they don't get anything else out of it.
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Friday, January 1st, 2016 04:15 pm
First round of DIsneyland trip pictures - scenery and whatnot, none of the kids or us here.
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Friday, January 1st, 2016 09:10 am
So, we went to Disneyland for Christmas this year. (This was partially a whim and partially not - we had savings for, and plans for, an eventual Disney trip. I'd been waiting until the boys were old enough to enjoy it, and when our Christmas plans shifted a bit we said 'why not?' I'd meant to do 5/8 for the ages, but 4/almost-7 seemed close enough.) The one bad thing about timing is that Ian is 41 inches tall at the moment, or perhaps 41.5 with shoes on, and that makes him a half-inch too short for several rides. He was very disappointed by this once or twice, but honestly, mostly he didn't miss it. I think the Grizzly River Run is the one thing he really regretted it on, and if he had ANY idea how cold Andrew and I were...well, he'd still have regretted it, because four-year-old excitement and practicality do NOT mix. Heh.

I am not going to try to describe the Christmas decor in the hotels, Downtown Disney, or the parks. It was GORGEOUS and AWESOME and I will have pictures up later and let them handle it because seriously, awesome to look at, probably boring to read about.

I'm including steps/miles walked, as registered by my phone, because they amuse me.

I'm cribbing some of this from text messages sent to other people to jog my memory, so some of you may recognize parts of this. :) Day by day, because I'm not sure I can keep it coherent even so.

MONDAY (11,112 steps; 5.22 miles):

Travel, hotel, and Downtown Disney )

TUESDAY (16,475 steps; 7.34 miles):

Disneyland )

WEDNESDAY (18,098 steps; 8.39 miles):

Breakfast with Mickey and Friends; Disney California Adventure; Laura's health (bah) )

THURSDAY (18,364 steps; 8.26 miles):

Chip & Dale, DCA, Disneyland, and the Rainforest Cafe; one lost item )

FRIDAY (18,759 steps; 8.27 miles):

Goofy's Kitchen, Disneyland, and DCA )

SATURDAY (6,919 steps; 3.32 miles):

In which small children having their routine disrupted catches up with us, and we go home. )
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Thursday, November 26th, 2015 09:20 am
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it today, and happy Thursday to the rest.

For those who wish to celebrate it but are away from those they'd want to celebrate with - for whatever reason - or who have no one to celebrate with, you're in my thoughts, and prayers if you wish.
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Friday, November 25th, 2011 04:05 pm
Scott got his updated, sort of. He's still updating it (I hope), but the items he already has are off it, so I added it to my earlier wishlist post. :)
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Thursday, November 24th, 2011 05:26 pm
I've already been asked what I want, Scott wants, and Drew wants for Christmas. And even what we want for Ian. (Not all by the same person, either.) Therefore, it is wishlist time. This is not a begging for stuff - we don't need any of this - it's just a "what'd be nice" for those who want it.

[Edited 11/25/2011: Scott's wishlist added.]

Wishlists )

Edited 11/27/2011 to add: Also, I'd love to get a Harry & David fruit club subscription, of whatever length, for the family - light size only, please, more is more than we need (though if we end up with more, I'll share). Hard to wish list these as they come in different lengths and all. Please just the fruit, not their candy, nuts, pastries, etc. While I like candies and pastries (and have to avoid the nuts), it's the fruit I covet. :)

None of this is necessary, but I figured it was time to put it up for those who want it. :)
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Thursday, November 24th, 2011 01:46 pm
Which is impressive. I don't normally cook, especially things as complex as Thanksgiving, and I didn't think this was the year to start. I had visions of a turkey thawed in the refrigerator, or worse in the oven half-cooked, when I went into labor. Plus, who needs a whole turkey (even a small one) for two adults and a toddler?

So I got a rotisserie chicken already cooked (I know!), packaged stuffing, canned cranberry sauce (my favorite kind anyway), canned green beans, etc. You name it, I cheated it into Thanksgiving dinner.

Net result: first, I brought out a snack tray around maybe 10. Drew was ALL over it. Two kinds of meat, two kinds of cheese, three kinds of crackers, pickle slices, and black olives. I think Drew ate half a can of black olives, and for sure a lot of meat and cheese.

We had Thanksgiving dinner about 1:15 or 1:30 and Drew had some green beans (not bad, all things considered, and he ate all he took!), and decent helpings of peaches, stuffing, and cranberry sauce (well, a whole slice of it, which is a lot for a 2-year-old...technically two slices, but the second was mushed up without eating when he got full!). And a glass of milk. What he didn't have any of, even to put on his plate, was the chicken. I was baffled, but considering that he had plenty of meat off the snack tray earlier, that's not too bad.

I probably should've had a second vegetable to tempt him (and us), but we had enough left-overs as it was.

For a Thanksgiving dinner planned around minimal waste (mostly the chicken) if we had to defer it a few days, and one for just our small family, I think that actually worked fairly well.

Me, I could've eaten beef barley soup and been content with the day. But it mattered to me to give Drew something of a "normal" Thanksgiving food-wise, even with all the limitations on how we did it. And given his enthusiasm for the food, I think it worked okay.

Now to see if a Thanksgiving nap is possible. For him, I mean. I'm definitely needing one.
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Thursday, November 24th, 2011 09:08 am
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday.

Things I'm thankful for at this moment:
  • Ian, who is waiting his time to arrive but is happily anticipated.
  • Drew, who is presently "bowling" in our living room (which involves a small toy ball, 3-5 empty plastic bottles, and the living room table). Extra points for the fact that he pulled a well-sealed sippy out and set it aside, saying, "It has water in it." Yes it does, and thank you.
  • A warm, comfortable home.
  • The internet.
  • All of you. Yes, you.
  • A leisurely day, in which I can laze about.
  • Good food. I admit that rotisserie chicken from the grocery is not the same as turkey, but it is close enough that we'll have a decent Thanksgiving-like dinner. Minus the pie, because there weren't any sugar-free, and if I bought pie I would eat it. Heh.
  • My life has all sorts of minor little irritations, discomforts, and need for extra rest right now. I am so very thankful that those are all it contains, and that almost all of them (other than the cat kneading his claws in the back of my knee this morning, ow!) are attributable to pregnancy and most should get better after Ian arrives (not so much the 'extra rest' but it will at least be slightly different).

It feels weird to be thankful for the annoyances, but when I look at what others are dealing with? I'm incredibly grateful that the annoyances are all I have - and that I have the energy and focus to care about such relatively minor things.

I am thankful most days, really - but many I don't articulate it to myself, and certainly never write it up. So I'm kind of glad to have a day with a name that reminds me to consider these things.

I am wistful for not seeing Aunt Julia & Uncle John and their family and guests this year for Thanksgiving. But I don't think driving an hour+ from home today would be all that wise a choice, nor would it have been any wiser if Ian were here and just a few days old. I've been going through my pictures from last year's Thanksgiving, and I think I may open a can of olives for a snack plate later, too, after being reminded of this one where someone (ahem, maybe even me) had introduced Drew to the concept that olives can be placed on fingers and eaten off them:

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Saturday, December 18th, 2010 09:45 am
If you have accounts on both Dreamwidth and LiveJournal, and I friend you on LJ, and we have mutual access on Dreamwidth, and you post the same things to both accounts (as I do), I have adjusted my settings on LJ so you are not in my default view. You'll still have the same access to my stuff on LJ if you want to comment there, I just get confused trying to figure out where I last read when I'm seeing the same posts two places. :) But that does mean that if you see I've "caught up" with LJ and not responded to you, it may not mean much. (OTOH, I read Dreamwidth more frequently, because my list of things to read there is much probably a non-issue for you anyway.)

Right. Now that that's done and the hot chocolate is almost gone, back to wrapping things that should have shipped LAST week. Well, I had a hideously vile cold. Now I have a normally vile cold and am actually able to do this task, rather than wanting to spend all my spare time napping, so this is probably a better time even if it is likely some will arrive late.