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Thursday, April 27th, 2017 08:09 pm
Mostly because I have one again. I've been on antibiotics since Tuesday night, though, and it's responsive to decongestants again. Progress!
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Saturday, January 28th, 2017 08:42 pm
Also, I do NOT need a sinus infection. I clearly have one. Sigh. I just saw my doctor for my physical, and I still thought I was beating this sucker back at that point. Well, since I'm currently debating whether to go to urgent care or soldier on until Monday, that's never good. :P Oh well.
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Monday, January 9th, 2017 07:57 pm
Ian has an early chapter book, the Magic Schoolbus and bones. (Inside a skeleton costume factory, not inside an actual skeleton.) He loves it. I am rather tired of reading it to him - I'm not yet in danger of memorizing it word for word, but I have read it a lot. It's been the main - often the only - bedtime book for...well, almost since he got it. (Almost because there were a few other books and they got read for the first time before this one did.)

I am so so SO glad he got it for Christmas. He adores it.

But I'm still a little tired of it. :)
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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 07:49 pm
The wildfire situation in Oregon and Washington is terrible. I've known this, I've watched it, I've been horrified by it.

But I'm also fairly insulated, in the very damp Willamette Valley, where we rarely get lightning strikes, in a suburban area, and basically, no fires here. Mine is a sadness and horror for the people in the middle of it, but largely unaffected.

Until today. Now we have a freaking east wind and, while I'd rather have the smoke than the fire, we have it. The entire atmosphere outside is semi-permanently set to "downwind of the campfire" - the air quality index cleared 200 sometime around 1 pm (clearing 200 puts it in the "very unhealthy" range, exceeded only by "hazardous" if it clears 300 - at 200+ it's not safe for kids or a number of other categories, at 300+ it's not safe for ANYONE) - and as of 8 pm hasn't been under 200 that I've seen yet. It _did_ recently shift downward from a high of 213 (that I saw), to its current 205.

Or in other words, hi, I'm having a mini-pity-party because this bites. The boys, instead of being run around a local park as they needed, got extra screen time from me - I got Despicable Me from the library and gave them some popcorn and let them watch, and they've been playing video games. (They were out at a water park for a birthday party from 10:30-12:30, before the air got quite so bad...the index was only at 95 or so around 11 am.) has the smoke news and a little map showing the fires. In theory, we get to live with this through tomorrow and then the wind may shift and come from the west Monday, if we're lucky.

Bleh. Still, so grateful that we DO in fact have smoke without fire, here. I wish the fires were not destroying so much elsewhere, but I'm grateful that only their annoying byproducts are in our lives.

I'm also grateful for a tightly-closed house with good filters and HVAC. Because it's nasty out there.
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Sunday, July 5th, 2015 06:32 pm
GOOD weekend. Yesterday was awesome - we went to Canby, enjoyed the street fair and the parade and the music. The kids loved a parade with candy tossed, but for my money the most pure joy was on the playground. Then fireworks, which I got some really good shots of - on my digital camera. (The phone couldn't have done it. Which is a pity - if they'd have been on the phone, I'd have downloaded all the pictures from IT to the computer last night...well, see next paragraph.)

This morning, my iPhone died. Not completely, but interestingly - some kind of software issue where it decided that all space was used up despite the fact that nothing it could point to was using very much space. About 90 GB of space unaccounted for. Delete anything and the bug expanded to fill the space.

Restarting and other cleanup mechanisms didn't work, so after a 2.5-hour wait, the experts restored it to a factory default. And...that means I lost all the photos of Ian giggling happily on that spinny swing except for _one_ I shared on FB. Worst part is it wasn't the best one, which I found later in the sequence. Oh, well. My backup of photos and other stuff is otherwise recent and complete, and I have a photo and a LOVELY memory. We had so much fun, the two of us, at that swing. ***EDIT: Oh God I forgot!! When I found the better pictures I _put the best of them as a comment to the post with the first picture_, I just found that and a couple other pictures from that day. They're not lost!!***

Now to reinstall and reconfigure my phone. Pfeh, but I saw this coming and made notes of what I had where. (Also, anyone who texted me today before 5 pm, it was lost. My phone would accept it - but couldn't store it. As far as I know, that means one text from Scott and a couple about my appointment from Apple. Those weren't important anyway, since I was basically camped in their store.)

(Yes, I have a backup. But it's not super-recent and I adjusted things and added a bunch of apps in the meanwhile. And if it was super-recent, I'd worry it might have backed up the bug what did this, too. Aie.)

ANYWAY. Photos!

One preview - but seriously, guys, check out the set, please. )
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Thursday, June 25th, 2015 06:58 pm

Short form: the lowest low in the bunch is 59 degrees farenheit.

The lowest high is 91 and the highest high is 101...which is in there twice, this Saturday and next.

At least if the forecast holds, next Saturday (the Fourth of July!) will have no chance of rain. If it manages to be 101 degrees and pouring rain, I will be a Very Grumpy Laura. Just saying.
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Friday, May 29th, 2015 06:37 pm
My first week at my new job was EXCELLENT from a work perspective. I feel like I'm getting the hang of this, and I really like the team.

My first week at the new job was not so excellent from a health POV. I managed not to take any time off work, but I did go to urgent care tonight. I have: probable viral pink eye (not a surprise, I expected that), a stye on the INSIDE of my eyelid (no wonder it hurts so much, and also wtf?), probable start of a sinus infection (symptoms started yesterday), probable strep throat (symptoms started this morning - probable because the full culture wouldn't be back until Monday, so he'd prescribe antibiotics regardless of the quick-test results, so he didn't see the point in doing the test).

Really, universe?
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Friday, August 15th, 2014 12:42 pm
We live on a dead-end road in a tiny neighborhood. We have two routes out to the main street - and no other routes out at all. Our best route is to follow our road to the street. Our second best meanders through the rest of the neighborhood.

Hang on, visual behind the cut )

So. We live where it says "Us" and you can see it's a fairly dense neighborhood (I didn't label the apartments and condominiums not off our street, but you can find them if you look).

The blue line? They are extending another street to meet ours. (Actually, it will *become* the street there and ours will T into it, but close enough.) Which means that for 6-8 weeks, the red section will be closed.

Fun times! Now we have only one route out - meandering through the neighborhood.

But, yesterday and today, there is additional construction work at the orange corner (between us and the rest of the neighborhood), so we have to wait for a flagger to get through.

And even better, also yesterday/today, the senior center closest to the red line is having their PARKING LOT all the cars are street parked.

I don't see how the garbage truck could make it in or out today, it literally could not fit. (Maybe by Monday it'll be better? I hope? That's when they actually come for the houses, though the senior centers and apartments have their own pickup schedule....) It's amazingly ridiculous.

I can live (not without some whining, I suspect) with the 6-8 weeks of meandering. But the "I have a channel home that is at times barely as wide as my car" part is getting pretty stressful. :P
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Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 06:05 pm
I can get to Dreamwidth to whine about it. Facebook loads its header bar and then freezes. The shop I want to get to is unreachable. Tracert shows a sudden spate of requests timing out somewhere after I've been handed off to at&t and before I get to tfbnw (if I get there at all, sometimes I don't).

I know, on the scale of 'real problems' this doesn't register. It's not nearly as important or entertaining as having to duct tape the cover on the furnace (because the clip to hold it in place apparently broke), and that's anything but exciting itself.

But grumble. I went to see Mira Grant at Barnes & Noble and had a great time, and I subsequently couldn't even chatter about it on Twitter or see if anyone else was.

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Monday, June 18th, 2012 08:53 am
(Yes, I know. I tried 16 bazillion subject lines. Oh well!)

This weekend, we went up to Seattle for our cousin JT's wedding to the lovely J. We drove up Friday, leaving at 11 am with the intent of arriving mid-to-late-afternoon since the rehearsal dinner was at 6. Instead, we arrived after 6 and joined the (informal, luckily) rehearsal dinner late.

I will now talk about the drive, the wedding, the reception, and our Sunday morning activities, at excruciating length. Behind a cut, because hey, excruciating length. )

It was a lovely, lovely trip, except for the traffic. And it was totally WORTH the traffic. (But if I'd known what that would be like, I would've planned our trip up differently. Heh.)
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Monday, February 13th, 2012 04:59 pm
I have heard back from one of the two milk banks with local collection centers. It is the one I was more hopeful would let me donate, as their site lists recipient categories where I hoped that Claritin in my system would not necessarily be an issue.

For NICU babies and other fragile infants, it would be - they don't want any unexpected medicines/substances there. But these folks also list babies whose own mothers can't supply milk due to their medications, multiples whose mothers don't have enough milk, etc. - not categories that are guaranteed to be medically fragile. And their web site says that if you take medicines other than the standard list of known-okay ones, you need to contact them to see if you can donate. So I was mildly hopeful, but only mildly.

No, they won't, but they'll be happy to take any milk I express starting a few days after I stop taking the claritin, when it will have fully left my system. Except claritin is a daily/maintenance medication that I've been taking for years, and without it my allergies (which occasionally manage to be annoying anyway) peak and are miserable, sometimes leading to sinus infections from the congestion. If I were to stop taking the claritin, it'd be to try something else, NOT to go without an antihistamine.

I still have a query into the other milk bank, but their web site is more crisply cut and says no other medications. I asked anyway, but I don't hold out high hopes.

The minimum donation for the milk bank that has already responded is around 100 ounces. For the other, it's around 150. This can be gathered over weeks or months if need be. I'm getting 10-15 ounces more than Ian needs per day. If I didn't take Claritin, most of that could be donated. (Being realistic, I occasionally take a Tylenol or a Sudafed PE and I'd need to not collect for them for a certain amount of time after either, I suppose, so not all of it would be able to be donated, but most.)

There's a group trying to start a milk bank here in the northwest. They're still gathering funding, though they've had space donated by one of the local health organizations. I sent them some money. It may be the only kind of donation I CAN make for this cause, which is frankly heartbreaking but still better than no contribution at all.

I hate my allergies more than usual today. LOTS more than usual, since I'm fairly used to them, but very unhappy about the sheer waste they are causing.

(And yes, before anyone says it, I know some people do person-to-person donation. I am not comfortable with the legal and medical risks therein, even with all precautions that can be taken within that setting.)
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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 02:51 pm
Deliberate parodies are funny. Non-deliberate ones can be.

And then there's "tired, so as you are singing this new song you love, I will just eff up in horrifyingly amusing ways and drive you nuts."

Knock it off.

For those wondering, the victim is a line(s) of the chorus of Talis Kimberley's 'Queen of Spindles'... )
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Friday, January 13th, 2012 06:17 pm
Aka "first world problems."

Last year I was invited to become an Elite at, which surprised me, but sure, why not, it's free and it's a nice badge and there are events.

One problem: the events are RSVP only (no big deal) and 21+ only (big deal) - all of them have spirits/alcohol served, apparently. You can bring guests to some/many, so I could take Scott, but not Drew and now not Ian either of course. Which means I'd have to find child care to go to them.

I've been thinking for a while that in February, as Ian starts day care, I might be able to go to one if there's one of the lunch ones (evening/weekend is more common) and he's in day care. It's not likely. I'll probably not go to such an event this year unless it lands on a Friday or something. Which is okay; I didn't start writing reviews to get to go to the events. Though a lot of them sound neat and I *wish* I'd gone to some.

Today's whine: there is a Moonstruck Chocolate cafe event. In the evening, on a Monday, this month. In no way does it meet the criteria for something I can make it to, unless I want to leave Scott with both boys, which I do not. But ... chocolate tasting!

Oh well. I'll survive missing it. :)
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Friday, June 3rd, 2011 05:58 pm
We got a dining table for the dining nook. It is used, and goes pretty well with the look of the area. Four of the six chairs are sturdy; one more will be with a little wood glue; the last one I need to figure out and haven't yet. In any case we only need three for now, so no big rush on the two that aren't solid. The table is.

Couch arrives tomorrow. Dresser and TV stand arrive next week. Lawns are mowed. The repairs that needed to happen to the house are done. My dishwasher has clean/dirty magnets that I like okay, and are separate magnets. Have acquired what I need to secure the UPS against further toddler moments (he found the power button! joy).

Things on the current aggravation list:
* I want more energy. Meh. Being tired is, well, tiresome.
* Too many things in boxes. But see 'energy'.
* Dental work. Today I had the prep and such for the permanent crown, and got a deep cavity in the adjacent tooth (easier to access when no crown is on the one to be crowed) filled. I'm pregnant, so I can't take ibuprofen. Tylenol is fine for pain, but ibuprofen would've been better. Oh, well. Temporary crown in place, and will get the permanent crown later this month.
* Running around frantically. Today had too many appointments, and then I had to do grocery shopping as I'm on call this weekend and didn't want to do it then.
* Fussy toddler. He didn't get to bed until too late last night because we had guests over, and today didn't go horrible, but it didn't go well either. Poor kidlet. Poor us!
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Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 11:57 am
I don't know what it is about having a baby, but I've had more stomach illnesses in the time since his birth than in the previous five years. Probably day care, they're a vicious vector. *wry*

Monday night saw us all at the ER to deal with dehydration from the latest one. Not my idea of fun, but apparently they're seeing a lot of that lately; there's something going around. I've been out from work yesterday and today. I'm hoping I'll be well enough to go back tomorrow, as I'm up to chicken soup today (yesterday it wasn't even something to try, trust me). I've been remotely checking work email a couple times, and responding to everything that seemed to need it, which is a lot better than I was doing yesterday (then again, I was asleep for long stretches of yesterday, since I got almost no sleep the night before).

This month's pictures of Drew will include a couple of him sleeping soundly, nestled between my legs on the hospital bed at the ER. Since I took them, you can't see my face or how I looked, so I'm willing to put them up. Heh.

Think good thoughts for me, folks. I think I'm firmly on the mend, and I'd really like to be right.
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Saturday, November 14th, 2009 06:48 pm
Sorry I've been so sparse as far as posting. I've either got the flu or something flu-like and I'm pretty tired of it (and pretty tired). Of course, this week was a key one for some of the stuff I'm working on at work, so I kept working - once I started intermittent fevers (late afternoon/evening seems to be the time for them, morning is fine) and realized it wasn't just a cold, I kept working from home. Got everything I needed to get done done, though, so that's good.

So far Drew and Scott seem to have dodged it, though I worry. I'm being very careful about hand-washing and about letting Drew touch my face (he likes to grab mouths and noses right now, sigh). He did sleep an awful lot today but no fever, so we'll see. He ended up missing his swim session today - it's at 10 am and the weather was pretty bad so the car was iced shut on the driver's side, Scott got in and started it warming but I was worried about the roads, then Drew decided he had to eat. Pretty much by the time they could've gotten there (I wouldn't go: I had a fever yesterday afternoon so could still be contagious this morning) it would've been over. And then after eating he took a nap. LOL. "NOT swimming this week, thanks, guys."

On the plus side, yesterday and today after the work stuff was done, I finally got the photographs and videos from October uploaded. That included a lot of Drew stuff for those of you friended to [ profile] arstrasz but also some stuff from the zoo, the Japanese Gardens, and one sunrise from our house. :) to see the photo stream, my favorite of the bunch here )
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Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 09:22 pm
Upstairs hallway: 80 degrees.
Master bedroom: 78 degrees.
Drew's room: 71-72 degrees.

Thank. Goodness. Drew is happily asleep. If I weren't on call (phone might ring) and had a better tolerance for hard sleeping surfaces, I might consider his floor tonight. His room feels pleasantly cool, mine feels too warm. Still, it could be so much worse.

Today's actual high: 106 degrees. (Topping a record high for this day of 100 degrees. However, our all-time any-day high record is 107, so we didn't tie or break that...quite.)

Yesterday's actual high: 105 degrees. (Topping a previous record of 101 degrees.)

Monday's actual high: 102 degrees. (Tying the previous record.)

Tomorrow's forecast high: 97 degrees. Oh, well, then, we'll be in a cooling trend.

I am so grateful for our heat pump. When we bought this house, it didn't have any form of central air, only the furnace. And most of the year, that's okay, but some days it's not. For those days we used to have portable AC's, but they annoyed me. I am so glad of that now, because having central air has saved our bacon.

Also, thank you to the folks who said our heat pump should be doing better than it was when I griped earlier this year. After several calls and attempts, they found the issues and got it fixed, which again, has saved our bacon. (Well, not literally. I don't think there's any actual bacon in this house. But I digress....)
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Sunday, May 31st, 2009 07:31 pm
The world may love me lots re the farmer's market, but I could do without the 80+ degree weather. Our poor heat pump cannot keep up, so the bedroom is 80 degrees right now. This is no fun for any of us and not very good for Drew. We are hiding out downstairs, where it is a marginally-better 78 degrees. Ugh.
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Sunday, May 31st, 2009 07:31 pm
The world may love me lots re the farmer's market, but I could do without the 80+ degree weather. Our poor heat pump cannot keep up, so the bedroom is 80 degrees right now. This is no fun for any of us and not very good for Drew. We are hiding out downstairs, where it is a marginally-better 78 degrees. Ugh.
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Monday, December 8th, 2008 08:20 pm
This cold is kicking my backside. Mind you, it's also bringing home how lucky I've been. I don't usually get bad colds. I may get mild ones (hard to tell, with my allergies), but I don't get bad colds very often. And this could be so much worse.

Between the cold and my OB appointment being today, I only managed to work a half-day. But I'm working from home this month 'cause my employer rocks, and my boss rocks, and HR rocks. As a result, I had my laptop here and I could work that half-day (there is no way, the shape I was in this morning, that I would've been up for a commute into the office to get the laptop. And that half-day would have been lost.)

And I'm blessed that Drew is not here yet. I want him, I love him already and I'm sure I'll love him more when he arrives, but today I had only myself to take care of and that was plenty of work. Had this happened after Drew was here, I either would have had to put him in daycare for the day (if he was healthy enough and old enough) so I could focus on myself, or have Scott stay home, because in no way was I functional enough to take care of a young baby without assistance. Luckily, I didn't have to, and my having a miserable cold now won't hurt him. He's happily kicking about as usual.

Lots of liquids. (Warm soup, besides being good liquid-wise, is just plain comforting.) Lots of napping. Lots of whining to myself, too, but ah well. Yesterday and this morning was the land of the sore throat. By afternoon it was fading and I hope it stays gone now that it is gone. I still have an incredibly stuffed nose, the corresponding not-quite-headache, the tiredness, and periodic sneezes and coughs.

I was very careful when I went to my OB appointment to let them know and also to stay as far from anyone else in the hallways and waiting rooms as I could. There's no need to give this to anyone else.

I didn't get to see my regular doctor today, though I'd been scheduled to. She had to go to the hospital (which is in the same complex) for an unplanned C-section. They called me to tell me but the timing was such that I got their call on my cell phone whilst walking up from their parking lot, so rather than reschedule me they fit me into someone else's schedule. Everyone was very apologetic (including my regular doctor, who left her apologies by proxy with the people who saw me today), which as I told them was totally unnecessary. Woman in labor who needs a C-section had better trump over a routine appointment! I hope I am never in that position, but if I am, I wouldn't be thrilled if the priorities were any different. Besides, right now I'm having no new problems, no new questions, nothing major. I go in, they run the usual tests and listen to his heart rate and ask if he's still moving, and I leave. It's going just fine. And I got to meet another one of the practitioners that I hadn't - a very nice woman. This is actually a positive even though I like the continuity and familiarity of seeing the same doctor - because if I go into labor on a night or weekend, whoever is on call will handle the delivery. I was comfortable with that at the outset, but it is reinforced each time I see another one of them, 'cause with one exception (who saw me at my worst, and I saw him while at my worst, when in severe pain from the ribs), I've liked all of them quite a bit. That's not necessary - but it's helpful! :)

We did end up going over a few things that had been discussed, because she wanted to make sure they'd been covered and weren't pending for this appointment. They all had been covered before, but that's fine - better to repeat something than miss anything in a situation like that. I appreciated it (and it didn't take very long, since it was easy to nod and agree I was aware of the various what-nots).

It did eat up more of my afternoon than I'd planned, since they had to fit me in, but since they did fit me in and I won't have to drive back again later this week, I'm fine with that. And frankly? My brain, not so functional today. That chunk of afternoon was not such a huge loss.

Came back home, did a bit more stuff for work until my brain started to fuzz again, and went to lie down for a nap. I don't nap when I'm not sick, usually. It tends to leave me groggy. But when I'm already sick and groggy, and my body needs rest, napping is a good idea. Both naps today have been longer and a heavier sleep than I expected - this cold has really run me down. I do not approve of being run-down. could be so much worse. I have the time and luxury to be run-down and to deal with it for what it is, and that is a good thing. I'm hoping that by tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be past the exhaustion phase of this cold. I don't really enjoy the rest of a cold, but sore throats and exhaustion are my two least favorite parts (probably because I almost never get a really bad cough, and I deal with the other symptoms in lesser form regularly with my allergies anyway - one does get used to things, even annoying things).

Right. The soup's long gone, I've finished another glass of water. Time to fetch another one and, sadly, go back up to bed. I wish I could soak in the bathtub but I'm taped, so I can't. Then again, for all I know I'd fall asleep in there or something. Probably just as well I don't.