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Monday, January 23rd, 2017 06:55 pm
Andrew's registration fees for the after-school enrichment courses this term is paid. And Ian's kindergarten registration is filed now, and I can forget about it for the time being. Yay! It's different from when Andrew entered kindergarten, but not by a lot. No choice of half-day or full-day (it's all full-day now) and no fee for full-day. But now you need a form that they've had a dental and vision check. Before that was not required (although Andrew had had both; they simply didn't care if I had proof or not).

Also today, Andrew's backup pair of glasses arrived. He likes them, though hopefully he won't need to wear them often.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at Ian's preschool. Wednesday I have my annual physical (and have to fast for it, because blood tests), and Andrew has a dental appointment in the afternoon (which Scott is handling, fortunately for my ability to get work done). Thursday will hopefully be the day that I pick up Apple. Friday we have the gaming group over in the evening.

Saturday I may hibernate. ;)
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Monday, January 30th, 2012 10:03 pm
I had an excellent time at Conflikt, which is a filk convention; cut because not everyone who reads my journal may care, this is lengthy babble about our weekend vacation )

From my tweets during the con )

I didn't take as many photographs as I normally would. Alas. But there were too many other things to be doing and in the end, they were more important and more interesting.

Summary: I had a great time. I pre-registered us for next year. To the con, to the people who put it together and who performed (in concerts or in filking circles), to the sound crew, to Interfilk, to the people who hung out, ran the con suite, listened and chatted, admired my baby or merely tolerated him, to the hotel staff, to *everyone*, THANK YOU. I didn't have a perfect weekend, but I had a wonderful weekend, and it was made brighter and happier by so many things and people, moments big and small.

And now I fall over and go to sleep. ...sigh. As soon as I get Drew back to sleep. He just came in here and told me Daddy is asleep and is talking to me happily. It's almost 11. He's still on con time. Tomorrow's pediatric appointment, complete with immunizations, may be fraught if he's as tired as I think.
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Saturday, January 14th, 2012 06:44 pm
Had a small birthday party for Drew - we invited three of his age-mates, two of whom were able to make it, and their families. I think the kids had a good time overall (one was tired, and very withdrawn until the other guest left - she and Drew get very noisy/rambunctious together - but with only us and them around and things much quieter, he and Drew played together happily for a while).

I hope the adults did. I know I did; I enjoyed the idle conversation, I enjoyed watching the presents be opened, and I very much enjoyed the cupcake faces of doom. I got a store-bought cupcake style cake (flowers, as Drew had requested; I should've thought to photograph it, and didn't, but I believe D has a picture of Drew blowing out the candle that may show it), and the frosting was thick and vividly colored. As a consequence, the kids' faces and hands, and in some cases clothing were ALSO vividly colored....

In the failed notice check department, Scott checked if Drew had gotten the paper off his cupcake, concluded he had (as the paper was on his plate), and was then corrected by someone else that Drew had the paper off his FIRST cupcake, but this was the second, still with paper on. The cupcakes had been right in front of him on the table, you see.... I missed when he grabbed the second but I had realized he was *on* his second, because he had red *and* yellow frosting around his mouth - and there was only one color per cupcake. We moved the remainder off the table not too long after that....

A pleasant couple hours; I'm glad they could make it over. Also, I appear to have been able to eat sandwiches (with cheese) and cupcakes (with frosting) with dairy pills. So I may be on the road back to eating dairy when I want to, with pills, finally. Extra happiness.

Ian slept through the whole two hours (and had slept for an hour or so before). He woke up, pigged out, and went back to sleep. ...I hope he sleeps tonight, but that may not be plausible at this point. Ah, well. I was grateful he was napping right then as it made it easier to socialize with our guests.
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Saturday, November 5th, 2011 06:18 pm
I have done a fair amount of laundry today with Scott's help (he's probably done more than I have, since he gets to carry). He's done a fair amount of dishes.

We went to a birthday party for a friend's child who just turned 3, Drew had a good time and enjoyed the party, the balloons, the food, the cake, and playing with the other kids his age. Win.

We left when he was starting to get tired, but had to feed him more before we could get a nap for him. Scott took him out for another car ride after lunch. I (put in another load of laundry, then) laid down in bed and didn't wake up for...3 hours or so?

Stamina: not my strong suit, right now.

Then a Skype call with Scott's parents, which was lovely (mostly: we were briefly side-tracked by Drew spitting apple peel on Scott's laptop keyboard, heh). Quiet evening ahead, I hope.

It was a lovely day, though, especially since I could afford to take that nap. I woke up from it to find Drew waking up next to me - Scott had settled him in the bed with me when they got back from the car ride, since he generally sleeps better in our bed and with one of us near, and I was conveniently napping there. Awww.
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Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 09:10 pm
So, we played Deadlands Reloaded tonight.

Scott's character has an enemy, a Chinese woman - very important, leading a big gang. (He didn't start with this enemy. He earned her in play, the hard way.)

So we're all in a hotel when we wake up and notice it's on fire. And we're now the only ones in it. And no one told us.

So we blow out the front door, ready to run out...and realize she's out there, waiting, with her men. Crap. Retreat back inside. Back door also watched. Head to the roof. (No stairs to the roof, nor doors, but we "fixed" that.) to get off the roof without being spotted?

Have our Huckster cast a darkness spell, of course...around the front door, not us or where we're gonna go. And as the guys out front start shooting the heck out of the hapless building, we cross a couple rooftops and drop down to the street.

One member BLOWS (not critically, but 1 point off it) his stealth roll...but the guns are still firing, which helps.

We scuttle out into the street by ones and twos and take off.

Scott's character glances back over his shoulder, and sees that of everyone, only his enemy actually heard our noise. She is staring straight at him, and she's pissed. But she's smart enough to know she can't catch us. She can lose face by losing control, or she can wait and try again.

They stare at each other a long moment, and then Scott tips his hat to her.

GM: "Make a taunt roll." Scott doesn't HAVE taunt, so he's rolling at a d4 minus 2 (plus you always get a d6, also at -2 for this roll however, but you take the better roll, you don't add them). He rolls...a 4 and a 6. Max value on a die rerolls and adds. He ends up with a 7 and 10 after the rerolls, 5 and 8 after penalty. Which means, even without the situational modifiers in his favor (we got away, she already hates him and has been thwarted by him and frustrated in the past, and etc.), he got a success-with-a-raise from the 8.

She actually broke enough to take a step or two in his direction, and she was blindingly, visibly furious - so mad she was shaking as she held herself back from a pointless chase, scream of rage, or other disastrous action.

And we took off into the night.

...that. Was. BEAUTIFUL. Not wise, but then, Scott's character in this game is not known for wisdom, so.
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Sunday, October 16th, 2011 09:45 pm
Even allowing that he took all the couch cushions off the couch this evening; as mischief goes, that's minor.

See, we had friends over for board games. One of those friends, D, also plays in Scott's Friday-night Kingmaker game. So as they were leaving, we told Drew to say good bye to them.

What he said, sung out in stretched-out-words toddler enthusiasm: "Good bye! Thank you for coming over to my house!"

A little later he tried to tell D "See you tomorrow!" and D said no, but maybe Friday (that game should be Friday, but it's never wise to tell 2-year-olds something is for sure if it could change), and Drew replied, "When you come over to play games!"

Of course, D usually comes over to play games (roleplaying as Friday is, or board games like tonight) so that is not a huge stretch. But still very cool.

But seriously, "Thank you for coming over to my house!"

We do say that, but I was surprised to hear him use it so well. :)
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Thursday, July 7th, 2011 10:02 pm
Anyone out there play Deadlands Reloaded, or at least Savage Worlds?

If I tell you that our Huckster said "This ends now!" used an Arcane Surge card, and tossed his max Blast (3 bolts) at the big bad in the fight...

...and hit with only one bolt, but that bolt hit with a raise...

...and rolled his 4d6 damage and got 6 6 6 5 and then, with the rerolls for the 6's (don't remember the exact three numbers) added 11 to it, for a total of 34 damage from one bolt...

...and the Arcane Surge card DOUBLES your DAMAGE, thus 68 damage total from one bolt...

...then would you agree that the big bad was toast, even with his astonishing toughness of 9? Yeah. *FOURTEEN* wounds. One point shy of 15. He, I think?

Splat. Actually, FWOOSH! more accurately.

That was, by the way, the second full round of combat. Big bad had already lost his surprise round to another card requiring him to soliloquize, so we only really had to face him for a couple rounds. He summoned a swarm one round (magical: it disabled when he went down) and three rattlesnakes the next round (we actually had to clean them up after he went down, but they weren't that difficult on their own).

GM: sort of flabbergasted, really.

Players: ALSO sort of flabbergasted, actually. Gleefully so, but still.

'Twas fun. Session ended early, for some having enough time allowance for an actual major combat that failed to happen.... We had time to hang out and chat and everyone still got to head home early. Which, I'd be disappointed about, except it was frankly SO MUCH FUN that it felt like a good session, regardless of length.
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Monday, June 20th, 2011 08:42 pm
Our friend from college (who can say hi if she wishes, in comments) arrived Friday and spent the weekend with us. She was here to go through some things she'd left in storage with us, but also to hang out and spend time.

It was a BLAST. I'm not sure the sorting through things was a blast for her, but it went decently, and the rest of the visit at least by my lights was wonderful.

She'd not met Drew before and got to see him at his charming cutest. (Also his sleepless worst, alas, but such is life. Friday night we had the gaming group AND a houseguest and he WOULD not sleep until the gaming group had gone, and then had trouble sleeping. And so on. Last night wasn't TOO bad, but the whole weekend was a bit disrupted. Sorry for your lost sleep!)

She gave him a stuffed tiger and a mountain pass for his train set, the latter of which was opened today (for various reasons) amid much cuteness. He was very happy to assemble and reassemble it, turning it into (his proclamations) a gate and a chair as well as a train track. Okay....

He showed her the playhouse (I promised him Friday morning that if she got here before he was home from day care, I would not show her the playhouse, so that he could) and I showed the house in general. We played Dominion, which she had not played before and which I quite enjoyed (in spite of being the only one to neither win nor tie for winning a game - I'm not the best Dominion player - but I DID cause a lot of the card destruction in the infamous game of card destruction...).

We took her to the biggest of our local parks, letting Drew run and play off some energy and showing off the truly awesome park that we have. Seriously, the playground areas rock, just being thoughtfully planned and FUN, and there's a gorgeous water-feature area for summer use. Only hands were placed in it, since that was Sunday and it was chilly and grey (Drew would have gone in fully dressed with his shoes on had we let him, but we said not today and he accepted it).

We took her for dinner at our favorite Moroccan restaurant (and Scott and I both thanked her for being a good excuse). We watched as our cats slowly decided she was safe, and then Ray decided she was an appropriate person to demand attention from.

We took her to our favorite farmer's market, in Lake Oswego (the double whammy of being fairly conveniently located, and nicely sized and diverse). Alas, our favorite cheese place wasn't there, but most of the other regulars were, including the company that sells frozen containers of EXCELLENT soup, and gives out samples. (Those samples are wicked. I keep buying soup. Yum.)

Scott also suggested the zoo, but I begged off of doing that, since I lacked the energy. It probably would have been fun, but we'd have had to trade it for 1-2 of the other activities, so I'm glad they were willing to tolerate me in that.

And we "helpfully" loaned her Deadline. I put "helpfully" in quotes because it's one of those very hard to put down books.... *wicked grin*

It was a WONDERFUL weekend. I wish it could have been longer, of course, but other than that it was excellent.
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Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 08:51 pm
A long long weekend is a good thing. we flew to Minneapolis for a reunion/gaming convention with friends from a gaming club at college. (Well, friends and strangers; it spans all the years of the club and some of them were unknown to us before the gathering, plus some friends and spouses/partners were brought.)

Over-detailed description of weekend, with lots of baby-related babble, yo! )

There were many many photos. None of them are presently online. I'll fix that some other time, later this week I hope.
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Monday, February 1st, 2010 10:01 pm
Conflikt was lovely, and I shall try to write a bit more detail about it at some other time. I'd meant to write it up today, but sometimes, life happens.

The drive home from Conflikt wasn't bad either. Drew slept most of it, so we made relatively minimal stops to care for him and us, and were back home by about 2:30, at which point unpacking/cleaning/etc. commenced. Including shopping as we needed some groceries. And caring for Drew, who was (having slept most of the drive) wiiiiiiiiiide awake. He seemed to mostly enjoy his wide-awake afternoon, though.

Alas, something I ate disagreed with me slightly but I am feeling better now. At least it waited until I was home. Not thrilling, but it could be a lot worse.

The eczema on my hands is actually improved over where it was on Friday when we headed up. In spite of the fact that I did not medicate it any night we were there because I kept going to bed so late and forgetting. And in spite of the fact that, while I took my own soap for our room, I did not carry it around the con and use it in every other restroom. This? Tells me that the hotel uses a liquid soap that gets along much more nicely with my hands than the one at my office. ;) Heh. And to be fair, I was drinking a lot of water; staying well-hydrated helps with the eczema too. (I was drinking a LOT of water: my cold had an annoying cough, and keeping the water flowing helped me keep it at bay. I drank quite a bit during some concerts to avoid having to step out of the room, if I could.)

Got to see many many friends, including some new friends, and listen to music and hang out. And Scott enjoyed himself and I think Drew enjoyed himself (although by today he was so done with our hotel room and wanted to be anywhere but in that space), and we plan to be back next year.

And in more immediate things, I plan to go fall over and sleep some. In a room that I can reliably return to. (The key cards for our door failed twice. Only the second time, when I got rekeyed last night, the rekey didn't work. The nice desk clerk opened the door for me with the master card...after four or five tries...and we made sure someone was in the room at all times until we left. Good thing that happened after I left the smoked salmon filk that closed the con, and not earlier in the weekend. They're going to check the reader device on that room.)
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Saturday, January 16th, 2010 09:11 pm
Oh, today was a good day. It started lazily around the house; then off to Sherwood for Drew's swim lesson, which went about normally (a little better than the last one; he's still getting used to it). Having both Scott and I in the water (instead of just one of us) makes it easier - he can sometimes be calmed by passing him to the other parent, and he takes the ducking under the barrier much better if he comes up on the other side in a parent's arms instead of the swim instructor's. The after-swim drying off will be easier when he's a touch bigger and can manage or partly manage his own towel tho. ;)

From there back home for a little bit to gather and get ready. The "little bit" ended up being longer than expected because Drew napped in the car but Mom & Dad didn't...and found ourselves tireder than anticipated, me especially. Scott indulged me and let me nap.

Then off to our friends' housewarming/birthday party (his birthday is tomorrow) with a stop to bring munchies. It was a good time - Drew was quite shy but eventually consented to be handed off to a couple people and play with others from the safety of a trusted adult's arms, and he had fun nibbling on some of the party food too. And the birthday card Scott found was a thing of beauty, and quite fun to watch the reaction to. I wish I hadn't been so tired earlier; I'd've liked to get there earlier, stay longer. However, we had a date...

...for Nonna Emilia's for my birthday dinner. Oh YUM. Much good time. Lots of food came home with us. (Scott's FACE when he saw that his calzone was made with an entire pizza crust. Well, actually I was in the restroom when they brought the food, but his face was STILL pretty good when I got back.) Drew had a great time (and some meat, cheese, part of a celery stick which he really went to town on, a good portion of my minestrone soup...). The best part was watching him and the accordion player. When he got near our table I got Drew's attention on him by pointed staring (after pointing didn't work) and suddenly he had a rapt baby watching him. At which point, of course, he played to his audience. Drew LOOOOOVED it. *happy mama*

Best best BEST moment: second time the accordion player was in our area, he drifted over to play on the side of Drew that was away from me. I was offering Drew minestrone soup at that point and he was enjoying it a lot, but he HAD to stare at the accordion. Every so often he would turn back, fully expecting that the spoon would be right in front of his mouth if he faced the table square on - and it was, and he'd grab a hasty mouthful and turn back. Several times he got almost nothing, or dribbled it out of his mouth, he turned back so fast - the most noticeable being the big chunk of onion on the shoulder of his shirt. So I filled the spoon again and held it where he could turn his head just a bit (maybe an inch right) and get some, and would still be able to see the accordion. He was SO enraptured with the accordion that he didn't notice - turned his head all the way back to face the table and looked BAFFLED when there was no spoon. I was giggling, Scott was laughing, the accordion player had a chuckle, and I saw a suspicious number of grins on other diners in the vicinity. After a moment, Drew reoriented and found the spoon, and got his mouthful of soup while staring at the accordion. Definitely an appreciative audience!

Tasty, TASTY dinner. I haven't been to Nonna Emilia's in years - in fact, I think the last time I went was with my parents - longer ago than I care to admit, because it's a good enough restaurant I should've been back many times (although, I admit, not the best located for where we live). It is...just as I remember it. I mean, I don't remember the decor, they could have changed that up, but the food, the accordion (Fridays and Saturdays only, but still), the feeling, the friendly staff...yeah, it's still the same. So glad to have been back. I shan't wait as long before eating there again, I hope.

We're home now, and I think it is just about time for bed. A very, very good day. (And I officially got my first birthday present from Drew other than his existence - according to the package I was handed by my husband this morning, acting on his behalf, Drew got me a pair of very cute socks. Hehe.)
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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 05:12 pm
Last year, [ profile] dormouse_in_tea turned me on to Possets' Silver Carnations scent which, yes, is almost exactly the scent I fell in love with (in solid-perfume form, from a different vendor) at a craft fair at age 12 or so, and loved until I either used it up or lost it, and have wanted more of ever since. It's floral but spicy in a way most "carnation" things aren't, and it's utterly lovely and it smells, to me, like me. (Seriously: this is enough me that it was the end of my interest in Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab because, as cool as their stuff is, playing around with it became less than interesting once I'd found my scent again. Or had it found for me, more accurately.)

The latest newsletter from Possets tells me that Villainess - a maker of bath products who sometimes teams with Possets to produce them in their scents - will now have Silver Carnation sugar scrub & body creme. Now if only they were doing a soap! (But they never seem to do soap for Possets scents. Sulk.) I'd like a bath bomb in that scent, too. And shampoo, Yes. I'm fond of that scent. (At least I can buy a base for shampoo and add the scent, if I really want to. I suppose I could make my own bath bomb too, but it's easier to just drip the perfume in the bath water in that case.)

I don't really use it as obsessively as this post implies. But man, for days when I want total indulgence, it would be wonderful.
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Friday, December 19th, 2008 04:38 pm
Will wonders never cease. By this afternoon it had warmed up and melted off so the pavement was wet, not icy. Scott's coworkers were having a shower for us, so that was nice - I could actually drive down without fretting myself silly. It was very nice - good company and conversation (and a very rich cake...oof...pretty and yummy, though!). Very sweet of them.

On the way back I stopped at the gas station and filled up (actually I didn't, it shut off before it was done and was full enough I didn't bother, but 3/4 of a tank is fine by me; I just don't want to have to think about gas on Monday when driving to my OB appointment) and then went to the library to pick up my held books. Yay, books.

It was snowing lightly - not sticking, just drifting flakes - once I left the shower and as I ran the errands. Very, very pretty.

Got home to a package from [ profile] mika_vumner. Thank you so much!!

We'll see if the forecast for this weekend is accurate or not. Another winter storm warning. This time with snow Saturday, temps above freezing, melting slushy snow, sleet and freezing rain, a good freeze Friday night, and a very icy Sunday. Hopefully all melting off Monday morning. We'll see! I don't have anywhere to be this weekend except right here, so that's all good.
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Sunday, December 14th, 2008 07:07 pm
I finally got caught up on my recent photos, as far as processing and uploading. A couple from the baby shower (none with people, really). A couple from Thanksgiving. A bunch from the snow today.

My favorites (click thru for larger):

Sammy Cake Snowy bush Snow and wreath

The rest can be found here:
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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 11:02 am
1) The universe can stop crapping on my friends, their pets, and my pets. (No new news on Babe, and Apple's fine. I just didn't want to exclude Babe from the list.) Honest to pity, this is more than enough.

2) Well, my removed moles have officially caused me pain...but only because the bandaids I used (to replace his, after I had a bath - one of them had bled a little and I wanted to be sure) had perniciously strong adhesive that hurt like heck coming off. *wry* Other than that they're fine.

3) Today I'm wearing a denim skirt and the patterned shirt that I sewed up the neckline on. I like the outfit, it's cute. I still need to convince this shirt that my bra straps aren't worth displaying, but right now I'm just lounging about the house, so enh.

4) I wish my iPhone would let me load my old, beloved ringtones (which aren't FROM songs so I can't just buy new copies of them, they were composed AS ringtones). Even the workarounds that I've found online don't work. They do load it to the iPhone but it ends up with X copies of the first one, where X is the number I uploaded total. I may do it anyway, just to get the default ringtone I'm used to onto it, at least. So far, that's one of only two things to really aggravate me about the iPhone, and it aggravates me a lot more than the other (which is the tiny size of the digital keyboard coupled with its tendency to often be one key off coupled with its horrid inevitably-wrong-and-useless auto-correct). I don't actually LIKE the idea of having bits of songs as ringtones, I like ringtones that sound like themselves and not like anything else I listen to. Most songs, as far as I can hear listening to them, would make shitty ringtones. (This is ignoring the cost of making a ringtone from them through the store; I mind less that they want to make money, and more that they are screwing with my ability to have ringtones I would actually consider to indicate that my phone is ringing!)

5) I like radishes. Hey, how else can this be random babble than if some actual random babble creeps in?
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Sunday, July 6th, 2008 05:51 pm
Got a puzzle-card from a friend (actually, this was last week, but it still makes me smile). Got a postcard from another friend that also makes me smile, being a just-because card that says how much I am liked and appreciated.

If I wrote those to everyone in my life who deserved them, a) I'd have trouble sending some 'cause I don't have all your addresses, and b) my hand would get sore by the end. Seriously, you people rock.

More goodthings: got all the laundry done yesterday. Had vegetables in the dip I remember from my childhood today. I confess it's not much; it's a package recipe designed to sell soup mix. And it tastes perfect to me. (Mrs. Grass's onion soup mix, and sour cream, except I used a non-dairy sour cream substitute - and yes, it took me this long to think about the fact that I could. Sigh. I'm slow. I'm also stuffed, as I ate too many veggies at once due to the joy of the veggies and dip. That's okay, I'm not quite stuffed enough to regret it, just to know that I shouldn't eat another bite for a while.)

My druid in WoW is now level 46, nearly 47. (Yes, I also have a higher-level mage, but it's harder to play in the 60s and, given that I enjoy neither instances nor PvP, less rewarding to level as well. The only reasons I have any interest in 70 are flying mounts and the possibility that the 70-80 range will open in the next expansion and be fun for a while.)

The cats are being cute, and in Babe's case snuggly (Apple is seldom snuggly). And Apple did not have a bad time of it during the fireworks on the Fourth, either. Apparently a thunderstorm is much worse, but the fireworks in the distance were tolerable.

Drove out to my parents' house today, made sure all was still in order out there (yep, it is). On the way, got a surprise: the old Christmas tree farm at the top of Calkins has been cut down. (It was a Christmas tree farm maybe 15 years ago or so; after a couple years they let it go without harvesting and it turned into a forest of overgrown evergreens, too close together.) It was somewhat shocking to see it gone - especially as the machines are still there and they clearly only just finished tearing it up - bare earth, everything. I imagine it will wind up as another vineyard. A field's possible, but there's grapes just across the road and more and more of the Ridge is being planted in them. For that, it would be worth the effort and expense of clearing the trees. Ordinarily I'd be sorry to see trees cut down, but let's be honest, these weren't native trees or old trees; they were decade-old failed Christmas trees, and that's not quite as big a loss (not sure the wildlife would agree with me, but).

I got some tidying and other stuff done around the house, and still managed to spend a good chunk of the weekend re-reading Tamora Pierce books and also Anne Bishop's Sebastian. Much fun.
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Saturday, February 16th, 2008 07:08 pm
1) We got our photos done (portrait-style) and will be picking up prints and a CD of the photos soon. They are ready, just have to set a time and go get them (it's a whopping 3-4 blocks from here to there, not paying shipping).

2) My dwarf rogue is now level 29. I've been playing her this week because I feel safer AFK'ing someone who can stealth, rather than my gnome mage who is still stuck at 61.

3) I can now download online audio books with my library card from either of the two county libraries I use. Alas, they chose the same service, so I don't get any additional selection of audio books due to variance between services. But I can now "check out" more audio books than I could possibly listen to - which is good, because you can't "check in" the books before they expire, and some turn out to be total duds.

4) Babe has been thoroughly cute today, curling up in the beanbag chair, and later on my slippers. Apple has been cute on top of the cat stand and flopped on a folding chair (or under it, sometimes).

5) I got a card today in the mail from an old college friend whom I haven't spoken with in years. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately! Well, okay, not quite literally, but there was some element of that in the C&G reunion last summer, too.
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Sunday, January 27th, 2008 10:28 pm
And safe. And all that. I had a very good time, overall. I may write details later but for now: music fun, seeing people again great, surprising people left and right by being a stealth Laura great, meeting new folks great, bpal things great.

Today, not so great simply because we got word that another filker (Greg McMullan - I'd never heard of him before, but many of the people there knew him) had died in a fire at his house. It was shocking, and put a damper on the day even for those of us who did not (and now won't) know him.

Left in the late afternoon and drove home. Observation: I can do a round-trip to the Seattle area on one tank of gas. Observation 2: This is not a bright idea, because it really does take basically the whole tank of gas, and I about have a fit when the warning light for that actually comes on. Especially if I'm already stressed because from Centralia to Chehalis I was in some degree of snowfall. The freeway surface itself wasn't bad (the temperature was 33-34, and there was steady traffic), but the visibility ranged from fine to "this stinks" - at one point I was doing thirty and debating getting off the freeway, finding a hotel, and calling people to let them know I was safe but chicken. (That is about when it started to clear up.)

I'm home safe. And if I want to be functional for work tomorrow, I had better head to bed sometime soon.