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Sunday, April 30th, 2017 07:45 pm
Hope is a verb - an action, not (just) a feeling. It can be a choice.

That doesn't mean it's easy, but it does mean it's possible.

(So is getting to bed on time, if I get back to what I'm supposed to be doing, so I think I'll post this and get back to the evening chores.)
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Sunday, February 26th, 2017 04:03 pm
Ask me for my top five favorite [blank] — any subject (but bear in mind that if I'm not comfy with it or it doesn't apply, I may get creative), and I will do my best to answer.
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Sunday, February 26th, 2017 08:39 am
I am not bailing on LiveJournal. I don't love where their servers are, but I also don't think that Russia is likely to have any interest in my parenting or my cats or whatever. :P

However, this weekend for a while, LJ had blocked all the Dreamwidth servers from accessing their site, which blocked the Dreamwidth integrated cross-posting.

Which is what I use to post on LJ. I read and comment directly there when I do, but I post from DW.

So, since we don't know if that might happen again - if you're on LJ but _also_ active on DW, and you haven't already, you should probably add me on DW since that's my "posting home" and the posts are guaranteed to show up there.

If you're not on DW, don't worry - I will still cross-post and read there, I'm not telling you to go to DW - I'm just letting you know that if cross-posting fails, some things may go missing for a little bit.
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Monday, September 5th, 2016 04:45 pm
It thinks heat is optional. (Everything else works; I did all the troubleshooting I'm really capable of. Running it ten minutes produces cold damp clothes, not warm damp clothes. Venting is fine. Barrel is spinning. Just no heat.) So, they'll be out Wednesday to look at it. It is, of course, just outside of warranty. Urgh. So we'll see if I need a new one or if it's cheaper to fix. (The folks coming to service it don't sell them, so if they say I'm better replacing it, I'm gonna believe them.)

Discovered broken mid-last-week, we thus had a lot of laundry. I was working with wash-and-drip-dry, but this weekend had to admit we needed to involve a laundromat.

I have a ballpark figure in my head of what laundromats cost, and it's reasonably current given that I wash our king-sized comforter at one when it needs it.

So I grabbed three rolls of quarters, and indeed, a week of laundry for a family of four (actually, a bit less because I let some of the bedding I'd normally wash weekly wait another week) ran $28 in the end. It would have been $26 if I hadn't forgotten to bring my soap, though.

And this is where I point out that there's a meme going around Facebook about an awesome program allowing kids living in poverty to bring laundry to school, and how that causes them to _spend more time in school_, in part because they have clean clothes to wear and aren't embarrassed. I mention it because every time it appears, it seems like I see judgy comments about how their parents should try to do better. Because if you're living in poverty you almost certainly do not have a washer/dryer set in your residence.

So...if you're living in poverty and having trouble making ends meet / covering rent and food / etc., you can afford an extra $20 or so every week, right? Wait a And that's ignoring whether or not you have access to a functioning laundry that's nearby. If you don't, you also have to haul the darned stuff to wherever you can wash it. Which is fairly easy for suburban ol' me with my reliable car and money for gas, but not for people living in poverty.

So, unless they're hand-washing in their sink and drip-drying, exactly how do the people saying these things expect people living with these limitations to solve this dilemma, and why do they think not solving it indicates they don't take good enough care of their children? (And sink-washing is a quick answer to toss off, but is a lot of hard work - at the end of a long day, is it work the parent is up to? Does it mean they get less sleep than they need, or trade off helping the kids with homework? And is there enough space to drip-dry everything that was used and cleaned?)

I am, personally, so glad that program exists. If you haven't seen the articles before, one is:

...and here's hoping I don't need a laundromat solution again next weekend, but I'm still glad I _can_ do it, if I need to.
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Saturday, July 12th, 2014 03:15 pm
The weather is too hot for me at the moment. But I am still getting things done.

I kind of LOVE the City Pickers planters I'm using for growing our veggies. Because we were in Wisconsin for the Fourth of July weekend - we left midday July 3 and came back the evening of July 7, and the water reservoirs were empty but the plants were fine - they'd had enough water to carry them through (as planned). Awesome. Ian's planter has the most amazingly happy tomato in it, this thing would be almost as tall as he was if it was starting from ground level. (As it is, it's taller.)

The boys have swim lessons on Saturdays at Children of the Sea, and we usually go back for open swim in the evening. It used to be that I found both quite pleasant. Now I am not as fond of the swim lessons even though I am very proud of Ian!

Reason being: he started out in parent-tot, where a parent must be in the water with him. Also, he started out super-clingy to me, so I was that parent. And when the pool - and the room it's in - is heated to 90 degrees (they teach all the way down to infants).... Well, being in the water is nice than sitting on the bench watching. LOL.

Anyway, he's now in advanced parent-tot, where one of the goals is to get the parent out of the water and the kiddo still content and fine. And today was my first session out of the water. He did NOT want to get in, but a bribe of a toy got him in, and once he was in he was fine. Sniffle. I'm so proud of him, and it's awesome that he's getting so confident in the water. But...I kind of want him to regress so I don't broil. LOL.

In unrelated news, I bought two pounds of blueberries at Costco today. Those who know my kids - especially my "little fruit bat" (Ian) - will probably not be surprised to learn that I expect us to actually eat them all this weekend. You might be surprised to know that in less than 2 hours, about 3/4 of a pound (judging by volume now missing) have been eaten. Goodness.

Dinner tonight is going to be what the kids call "toothpick snacks" - little cut up bits of cold food and a toothpick to stab them with. It's a win-win-win: healthy foods (when chosen well), the kids consider it a treat, no one eats something hot when they're already hot, and I don't have to heat the kitchen up by cooking. Assuming we still have any left by then, the blueberries are part of that. (Also grapes, ham, chicken, cheese, and possibly some marshmallows just to keep it from being purely healthy. And bread cubes if anyone wants them, but history says I shouldn't cut any bread up before asking. Heh.)

They now make Vanilla Coke Zero. I miss Vanilla Coke! So, we'll see.
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Friday, October 11th, 2013 04:19 pm
Stress, stress, more stress, and a truly VILE cold (possibly now a truly vile sinus infection, and my doctor could not fit me in, and getting to urgent care is not really doable while on call AUGH).

However. I can let it define the week or I can argue. I've been missing a lot of gratitudes lately (over on Twitter/Facebook, and I haven't copied any here in forever I know), because of stress, and I think that is NOT helping me deal with the stress.

So. I am grateful for:

The cut tag, which lets me not spam people's reading pages! )
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Monday, June 17th, 2013 07:42 pm
[Intro posted today, because I think I've figured out how this will work. Actual first such post, coming Friday. Sing out if you have input or (would have) wanted to ask for a different venue and didn't have time/see the earlier post!]

Long, therefore cut tagged )
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Friday, February 8th, 2013 07:56 pm
Every so often I sing the praises of something, or grouch muchly about it.

Today is praise-singing. I discovered Postcardly I forget how. I got linked to it, but I don't remember if it was a friend, a post, Facebook, an ad...heck if I know! It sounded like a really neat concept: set up an account and email addresses for your destinations, email in a picture and a small amount of text, and they send a postcard to the address associated with the email you sent to. For a price, of course.

You get three free as a trial. I sent the same one - Drew on his bike - to my Aunt Sandy, Scott's Grandma Brown, and *us* so we could see it.

And I screwed it up. I used the preview and then I changed my text, knowing it would bounce it back if it was too long to fit.

It didn't bounce it back, but when I got the "what we will send" pdf, our signature line was missing. Erk! Turns out they'd just replaced the "what will fit" algorithm and it had failed to bounce it.

They pulled my request out of the queue (after confirming I wanted them to, not before!), and reset my free trial so I could try again and hadn't lost my three free postcards. They were quite friendly and helpful about it, and while it took a couple days to fully reset, a) this was entirely my fault for not previewing again first, and b) I did it on either Friday night or Saturday, so I think it's reasonable that they might not get to it immediately anyway.

I will preview properly what I send in the future...every little change. Because I *will* be sending in the future. The service, in the face of what was my screwup, was excellent - and I wasn't even a paying customer at that time! And the postcard was nice. Solid postcard-level paper weight, good image quality, text properly rendered.

I'm sold! On everything except sending things in without using the preview address....
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Monday, December 31st, 2012 11:03 am
And how is it that I haven't done this since July 16??

July )

August )

September )

October )

November )

December )

Things I have noted: I am not surprised by how often family, immediate and extended, appears in my gratitudes. I'm especially not surprised at how often my joy at my boys' growing up appears. I am a little surprised at how often food appears. I am surprised - and shouldn't be - at how often references to warmth, and relatedly to tea, appear.

I need to remember that making my home and days warm and cozy, when I can easily do so, will yield a resultant joy. So obvious, and so easily skipped, overlooked, or deferred.
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Monday, July 16th, 2012 08:41 am
Um. I may have let these go too long. On the other hand, seeing a two-month span, I'm struck by two things:

1. More days with more than one gratitude posted/sent. This is becoming a habit of thinking - yay!

2. Ian has progressed from an itty bitty baby who needed support to sit, to sitting unassisted, to pushing himself to sitting. From struggling to commando-crawl (and failing) to crawling, to (just this weekend) pulling himself to *standing*. From eating no table food to eating a wide variety of foods.

May 21-31 )

June )

July 1-16 )
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Saturday, July 14th, 2012 04:35 pm
Well, today is productive. Much credit to Scott, who came up with the idea of the zoo run, and thus created an afternoon in which productivity was possible (WOW did Drew need to run off energy!). Today we have:

1. Gone to the zoo for three hours. Including watching the wild birds show. Which only briefly held Drew's attention but *I* enjoyed it. They now have to tell people, not only to sit down, but to put away all food. Apparently the turkey vulture has realized that humans have food and it's yummy (but bad for the bird). :P

On the ride home, both kids fell asleep. Getting out of the car, both woke up. Alas.

2. Gotten me new pants. I wanted one more pair in rotation, plus another to replace the lovely but easily-snagged mid-tan pair I had. Alas. It's a gorgeous fabric, but it snags on EVERYTHING. Including my wedding ring. No, thanks. Anyway, I got lucky as one of the two pairs I got was on clearance for 1/4 the normal price (and a color and style I like and can wear; there were rather a lot of OTHERS on clearance that I didn't get, including another pair of the snag-fabric, heh).

3. Washed three loads of laundry (well, okay, #2 is in the dryer and #3 is in the washer, but...).

4. Washed a load of dishes (still running, but hey, running is running!).

5. Lowered Ian's crib mattress to the bottom position - okay, Scott did that, I held the baby, and Drew wandered about "helping" with his "tool box" (a game box of Uno Moos, which he fortunately did not roll under Scott's feet, so that WAS helpful!). Ian is officially pushing to sit at every opportunity, having started during our Wisconsin trip, and has started trying to pull to stand. Day care is predicting he'll walk early. I refuse to guess; I fell into predicting an early crawl along with them, when in reality, he *wanted* to for a long time but hit the milestone at a normal time, he was just intensely frustrated in between. :P

[EDITED TO ADD: I posted this, and then Scott walked in to show me a picture of Ian, standing. He'd pulled himself to standing successfully. And held it long enough for three pictures before he fell over as the fourth one was being taken. I still refuse to predict walking, tho.]

6. Put holds on a couple videos at the library. Also, managed to be the second hold on Libriomancer! YES! :)

Now taking a break to write things up here, but then I need to go juggle more laundry and write some letters. And sort some pictures that were printed earlier this week so they might, you know, actually get mailed.
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Thursday, December 29th, 2011 03:37 pm
The first part is cadging from my Twitter feed, because it's there. Cut here because some have already seen this on Twitter or Facebook, repetition is no one's friend )

Not cadged from the Twitter feed: we went to John & Julia's for Christmas dinner and had a lovely time. The food (prime rib for the main dish) was delicious, but more importantly the company was lovely!

Drew, having smacked his forehead into a doorknob at home the day before, managed to whack himself (in another part of the forehead, fortunately, not the same one) on something else, then caught his toe in a door and gave himself a very small owwie that way. Poor kid. He had a small-scale war with doors for the holiday, apparently. On the other hand, he sustained no major injuries - only the first injury even resulted in our needing to be careful of a tender patch much after it happened. (He had a good 1" bruise from it - it would have been smaller but he fought icing it, so it didn't get iced. Still visible, no longer sore as far as I'm aware.)

Drew has held Ian on his lap a couple times and is very sweet and gentle with him, but you have to position Ian carefully as "support the head" is not something Drew entirely gets OR can entirely do (dude, that head is heavy!). Drew has also appointed himself to help Daddy with diaper changes (Daddy gets the help because he does most of the diaper changes, it's not like Drew is shutting Mommy out here! :), by handing him diapers and wipes. He gets mad if Daddy gets his own diaper. Too. Cute.

My Christmas cards arrived. Well, most of them. I didn't do the address-confirmation step this year - I lacked time - and I've had at least one bounce because of that. (And another got forwarded for me, whew!)

Now I just need to do the thank you cards. Ooof. I VERY MUCH need to do the thank you cards.
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Saturday, November 12th, 2011 01:02 pm
Today: take the cars down and get the car seats inspected. (Drew's had to be moved out of center position to side, and Ian's placed on the other side.) My car had already had the seats placed; Drew rode in Scott's car, where his seat was in its prior spot, with the intent that Scott would move the seats when we got there.

Clinic started at 9. We arrived about 9:10 or 9:15. As soon as I saw the number of cars, I knew we were going to be there even longer than I've expected. Scott was more surprised than I was; I haven't gone to a clinic before, only gone and had it done at Segal's (a lovely local store, now closed, that did a LOT of inspections/installations, by way of drawing people with kids into their store; we bought the Britax seats Drew uses there).

Scott shifted the seats in his car, then sighed and acknowledged that Ian's car seat base was going to take a noodle to do properly - and we hadn't one with us. Hopefully they'd have one, if not, at least Drew's seat could be inspected and confirmed. As it happened, they did have them - good, as to get Ian's seat *ideally* angled (as opposed to 'okay' angled but not ideal for a newborn) in my car *also* needed a noodle.

The inspector was impressed with the Britax installations, though. Not just correct - when you test side-to-side movement along the bottom back line, it's not supposed to be more than one inch - Scott, having put that seat in MOST firmly, had achieved something closer to 1/16 of an inch of movement. I was amused. It probably owes something to the fact that if I can feel it move much, I worry - Scott installed it to "soothe Laura" specs! :) Hehe.

It was 10:50 when we got out, all car seats properly installed and ready to go. (We still need to check on side airbags, though, in Scott's car, as far as Ian's seat in particular. [Edited to add: side curtain airbags in the back only, up at head height; manual indicates no concern.] Mine hasn't got them, so they are not a risk.)

From there, we took a VERY restless VERY hungry Drew to Olive Garden and had a lovely early lunch. I wish I could always get a waitress as good as the one we had this time (and yes, we tipped accordingly, she was EXCELLENT). I had soup and salad, because it's what I was in the mood for and their soup is tasty. They nicely gave me oil and vinegar (which I ignored) with my salad instead of the usual dressing, as I'm now avoiding almost all dairy. I did take a pill and have some of the garlic breadsticks, though. Small amounts of butter are worth it.

(Why am I avoiding almost all dairy? Because I've hit the part of pregnancy, finally, where the 'right' number of pills is almost impossible to guess for any significant amount of dairy. Alas.)

From there, Scott and Drew went for a short walk and then headed home (hoping Drew would fall asleep and nap, which did not in fact happen, though he's now playing quietly and resting a bit), and I went to the library (to pick up held books) and bank (just before they closed, but I got the paper I needed out of the box, yay!). I was very amused, given our differing errands, to literally pull into the driveway right behind him (close enough that I watched him turn in, never mind close enough that his car was still on when I did).

They were quick errands. And everything got done. Well, shopping's still on the list, but it was an "after-nap" part of the list anyway, so.
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Friday, September 23rd, 2011 04:52 pm
Today was a day of running around, largely. Flu shot. Dental appointment (for a cleaning! I am hopefully Done With The Dentist for the year!). Errands. My feet hurt.

On the other hand, I got everything done and I rewarded myself with some tea I wanted. And got home to find that the first (non-custom) of my Shinies I ordered, had arrived. They are, indeed, Shiny, and I am happy.

Pretty sure the lemon-berry slushie I got myself at Sonic is not low-sugar. Pretty sure I don't care, as it was very tasty and very cool, and today is rather warm.

Life is good.
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Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 11:47 am
Drew now responds to tissues by taking them and wiping his nose, instead of screaming "no no no" and whipping his head around as he would have six months ago. I am thrilled. And appalled, because he is not yet a master at actually wiping his nose, and spreading the problem across both cheeks is...yeah. OTOH, he then tolerates (less than thrilled, but tolerates) when you take the tissue and further scrub his nose and, oh yes, his cheeks.

It's progress.

He loves the back yard and play house. He gives tours of the house to friends who come over. He has been helping his father unpack most of his clothing and bedding into the new dresser in his room. (The dresser that used to be in the spare/craft room...much more useful here. It would not have fit as well in his room at the old house, tho, without removing other stuff.)

He went for a walk with Scott all the way to the post office today. (About a half mile each way.)

We need to either isolate the art, or hang the art, because right now he is trying to play with it. :(

Yesterday, I lost about 1/4 of my steamed veggies from my dinner because Drew kept demanding my broccoli and carrots. Yay! ...not that I wouldn't have liked to eat them too, but....

Some tweets from the past few days:

I have no idea, but he was very insistent I get out of my chair so he could do them ALL.

Drew is in his playhouse kitchen saying "order pizza" - oh, what we have taught him. :/

Seeing Scott experience an Ikea store for the first time: priceless. [ed: okay, not parenting-related. But even with all the hype, explanations, and warning - even with, when he asked if we should stop there, my pausing and then saying "I think I'm up to it" - he was totally unprepared for the scale and style of the place. Watching his face go twitchy-twitchy when we got to the children's Ikea section was fun too.]

Both kitties are in the laundry room of the new house, with hidey-holes, soft beds, food, water, and litter. Kitties: not real thrilled. [ed: this is from yesterday morning. kitties are starting to be happier, though Ray is still tentative. They come out to be petted and climb all over you, and Drew even went in with me for one of the pet-and-cuddle sessions this morning and gave Ray a hug. Ray tolerated this as usual, so...pretty good.]

Drew got set next to me, asleep. Snuggled tight against my back without waking. [ed: from Friday night, when I was exhausted from a very busy Friday and had already been in bed a few hours, intermittently awake. So. SWEET.]
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Sunday, April 10th, 2011 06:55 pm
I am participating in the photo treasure hunt on Dreamwidth: - the photos I'm doing are mostly not spectacular, since I'm aiming for a theme, but I'm trying and I'm having fun. :)

We are doing well. Just had a lovely crockpot chicken noodle soup tonight - tasty, and no salt to speak of. Win! Also enough to freeze for later. Double win! Which means I don't have to eat this soup all week...triple win. :) It's good, but not so good I want nothing else. :P

Drew has had fun this weekend, I think. The children's museum and the park yesterday. And the Japanese Garden. He loved the deer scare...and the art show. They're presently having a koi-related art show in the pavillion and there are a couple ENORMOUS koi kites hanging from the ceiling as well as smaller fabric art and prints. GORGEOUS. Anyway, we go in and before I can say anything particular about the art Drew looks up and points. "Fish!" Pause. "Tail!" Pause. "Mouth!" He enjoyed the exhibit so much. I'd been worried about taking him in and how well he would deal with it if he was bored. No. Need. Fish! Fish! He was happy as could be.

Today has been less fun for him, as we went shopping and other than that have mostly played around home. Scott was going to take him to the big park to run off some energy, but Drew refused to get in the car, which pretty well ended that plan. Heh. Nor was he willing to try our lovely soup. His cheese-and-bologna sandwich at lunch became a cheese sandwich. Some small pair of hands crept in and removed the bologna before eating. Sometime after that he started just eating the cheese out of it. Memo to kidlet: you cannot, in fact, live entirely on cheese alone. But boy do you seem to want to try.

A tweet from yesterday (expanded for readability): Drew, from the back seat: "It's nibbling me. Nibble, nibble, nibble." He had his sticker on one hand, folding and unfolding it to "bite" the other hand.

A writeup regarding the LJ DDoS and Russian Politics:

Birds captured at 1/8000th of a second:


A tweet from Wednesday: Drew decided to wash his shoes today at day care. Dumped them in the sink, ran water over.
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Saturday, March 26th, 2011 07:38 pm
Yes, these are taken from my tweets. However, I've edited out the retweets, replies, etc., so that this is a consolidated list of miscellany I actually think worth reposting here. :) And expanding where I think it's more interesting.

Toddler sitting as Roomba runs, reacting to the side brush tickling his feet: priceless. He held so still, but he was grinning, then giggling, while carefully NOT squirming....

Amended tax documents in late March: gee, thanks ever so. No, seriously, they DID. We've already filed, so now we get to amend. (For bonus points, no single line on the revised document varied by more than $11, and one varied by ONE CENT. Sigh. All this fuss over...gah!)

And thus, you get those two moments whilst being spared my Carbonite rants (I may ultimately journal, but as the mess continues un-resolved as yet, I'll wait 'til I know how it ends), notes of Leonard Nimoy's birthday, retweets of tweets about Dianna Wynne Jones's death, etc.
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Friday, October 10th, 2008 09:16 pm
Sad for a friend's mom, who had to have her elderly cat put down today.

Apple had a vet appointment too, but she was only due for a routine checkup (she's fine) and immunization shots (she wasn't thrilled, but she's had them).

I had my shots this morning, too - allergy shots. Two repeats and a step-back. (One repeat is at maintenance; the other was a voluntary on my part because it's environment and that includes the cat allergy, and Ray's presence is already stressing my system a little as it gets used to him, plus, I wanted a flu shot. I figured I'd rather not add all of that together. The step-back is a bottle that was at maintenance but expired, and when you reformulate you have to step back. So next week I should be able to step those last two up again.) And of course the flu shot. Yay, done.

Scott took me out to dinner at Outback. (Yum, but we went to Tualatin - now I know I want to go to Gresham - the only one in our area with the Bushman 'Shrooms appetizer that I loved when I had it in Michigan! At least one of them around here has it! I hope it's done the same way I remember....) And since I'd done the laundry I was wearing one of my new pairs of pants, which were tremendously more comfortable than their predecessors at my current size - of course, as a consequence it took me a few extra bites to notice I was actually stuffed and needed to stop - but that's okay, I ended up happily stuffed, not badly over-stuffed, so it works. And I have leftovers.

Then we played World of Warcraft. Much fun, and my mage is now level 66. Progress! We've moved her from Nagrand to Blade's Edge, having beaten down the Nagrand quests pretty thoroughly. More glee! (Scott was so busy warning me about the next step in a quest I was doing, he didn't notice when I leveled. I was amused.)

Tomorrow I go to McMinnville because alas, the stores in this area mostly failed me on more maternity shirts. That's okay, New To You in McMinnville did pretty well by me last time. Hopefully they will again. Another dress at thrift store prices wouldn't be bad, either. I do not like dresses. However, I do like the option to not have pants binding me, at least some of the time. I mostly don't mind them, but sometimes I really do (though ones that fit help a lot!). I'm going to have to cope with the fact that that means dresses.
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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 09:03 pm
Still can't cook that well. No, not explaining, just sulking. But my roasted zucchini and mushrooms came out decent, at least.

I have started using Twitter again today. I do not know if this will continue but it seems more likely. The web interface on the iPhone is much easier than text messages from the old Samsung (plus? I never wanted to pay for text messages - and twitter was not the app to make me start - but the web stuff uses my required unlimited data service anyway!). No need to watch me there if you don't want to; it's for those who like Twitter and for my own notes. Anything I consider important/interesting will hopefully make its way into an LJ post (as is happening now), with more complete sentences/better typing. (I sometimes mess up on the little iPhone keyboard. Okay, I do it a lot, but only occasionally do I fail to notice and fix it. Oh, well!) (I'm at if you do want to follow for some reason. Not that exciting. I don't get alerts sent to my phone so I may not notice replies/twitters/whatevers right away. Or at all, if I forget to check it or give up on it. *wry*) I'm trying not to let it interfere with my LJing, anyway. If it's just "the next shiny thing" then I'll get bored with it and wander away, otherwise, hopefully it will just be an additional quick thing. (And if you see Twitters in my account tonight, it means I botched the setting where I try to have them post private so I have a record of them. We'll see.)

Scott may have been delayed but everything went smoothly after that - he arrived about 15 minutes early in Indianapolis and is now settled in the hotel. He informs me that I am probably glad I'm not there, as he's on the third floor, about as far from the elevators as it is possible to get. Of course, if I had still been going, I'd every intent of calling the hotel in advance to make sure that didn't happen, trading on my pregnant status to get it (especially since that's why I would have wanted it), whereas he made no special requests for himself. Still, whether I'd have gotten what I wanted, who knows. I am glad I don't have to deal with that at the end of a long day at the con, I admit.

The plumber cancelled today, and will be doing tomorrow. So tomorrow I: take Babe to the vet, appointment at 9:30, go over things with them, and leave Babe there. Hopefully she gets the procedure done the same day, but maybe not - emergencies can preempt. Then I go out to the Ridge to meet the plumber (who may or may not be there ahead of me: I've given the access code for the lock box, so he can get in before I get there if need be), get that sorted out or started, possibly get other things done or not (as long as they do not involve coming back to MY house because after 9 am I can't drive on the street before the slurry seal dries, they think by 4 pm - we'll see). I pick Babe up, about 4 pm, at the vet. (If for any reason the seal isn't dry enough for the car, I park on an unaffected street or parking lot and carry her to the house, as foot traffic is allowed sooner and in any case I should be able to stay on the sidewalks if I pick the right route. However, I really don't wanna have to do that. I think they're sealing the neighborhood across the street also, and if so, I'd have to walk the equivalent of 4-5 long blocks. Babe won't enjoy that and, given the size and shape of a cat carrier as well as the 14-pound weight of the cat, neither will I.) As long as the seal's dry I can just drive home normally, which is an idea that I vastly prefer.

My dentist has lost my business. I expected him to do so, and it's nothing against him. It's just that I need a cleaning and they cannot schedule me in on a Friday (since they aren't open then), nor during my vacation given the short notice. (I didn't call sooner because I didn't get the reminder sooner and, in any case, didn't know far enough in advance that I wasn't going to be out of town during my vacation.) There's a perfectly nice practice in the same building that I saw once when my dentist was out of town for two weeks and I had some kind of problem (I forget which). I called them and they have me in for early September. On a Friday. Otherwise, I was going to hunt for a place that could fit me in Mon-Thurs in Hillsboro, but I admit I'm happier going with a practice I've been to before! (Yes, they know I'm pregnant. Skipping the x-rays. Yay.)

Did laundry today. Need to do dishes. Tomorrow is packed full. I'm not sure what Friday will bring. A chance to relax from Thursday's busy-ness and tension, maybe. That would be good.

Pleased so far with a couple apps I've added to the iPhone: DataCase for file copy/transfer/storage/viewing; Zenbe for lists, which integrates with the website - nice trick is, Scott can add things to the shopping list at the web site (I shared access to that one with him) and I can pick it up on my iPhone when I'm at the store; YouNote tentatively for note-taking. I haven't played with the last one much at all.

I got the shipping notice for my latest Fantasy Bath order today! Soon, soon. And glee. Bunches of fizzies I haven't tried (so I can), and a three pound bag of the Mango Tango fizzy (which I tried on a whim and was surprised to find that I loved it and found it very, very soothing). So that will be good when it gets here also. I'm for bed soon, though - with a soak first. (Not mango-scented, alas, but I've other Fantasy Bath scents 'til then.)

Remember the eggs I posted the other day? They are hatchlings now! Yes, I'm far too easily amused. If you have time and want to help them grow (or just find them amusing), look and click. :) They're behind the cut, to spare anyone who's not interested. )