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Sunday, January 1st, 2017 08:18 pm
Today also brought a late-afternoon unexpected hailstorm that blanketed the roads, sidewalks, etc., in a carpet of snow-like white. Except when you got close it was little tiny hailstones. (About 4-5 needed to achieve a pea-size.) And then, apparently, it laid a thin layer of snow down on it while I wasn't paying attention.

I cleared the front walk, the driveway where Scott would need to access his car and get it out (the man is still on crutches; his purple cast is awesome, but he should not have to slip-slide to his car, and it's possible we won't go above freezing until Friday per some forecasts - but not others, at the moment), the sidewalk from where we set our trash cans to the community mailbox bank. I started with the mailbox bank once Scott could get to his car, actually, no one needs to get hurt getting their mail. But there's a whole stretch in front of the yard I haven't done yet. I was tired, and it was dusk when I started and flatly dark when I finished. (Well, as far as sun in the sky status. There's a perfectly fine street light just across the street, so I could see what I was doing.)

Since the temp was still above freezing then, it had a chance to melt somewhat. But no worries, it should be refreezing now....

Tomorrow is a holiday for our workplaces and the kids' schools, so hopefully given a day things will straighten themselves out a bit and we can resume work on Tuesday without too much winter-weather-drama.
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Sunday, January 1st, 2017 11:29 am
I have been moaning about 2016 for a while, but honestly? Most of my objection is that it piled a good chunk of things on top of each other in the latter part of the year, especially the holiday season. This is not to say there weren't sad and even terrible things this year, because I can't type that with a straight face.

But 2016 did have some good times too, and I'm glad for those. I'm glad for the snow gamely trying to cling to the lavender and the cars out front. I'm grateful for Scott's recovery which is going well. I'm glad Andrew is enjoying school and Cub Scouts. I'm glad Ian got to move to a great new preschool with more outdoors time/space, which he is loving. I'm glad I made a little time for photography. I'm glad for some new recipes we've found that we enjoy. I'm glad for the good friends who were with us physically or virtually (or both) this year. I'm glad for sharing, and smiles, and pears. I'm glad for tea, and kindness wherever and whenever it manages to creep in.

I'm glad for improving my accountability and tracking of various things, including budgets and to-do lists.

I'm also glad for sleep. I hope 2017 will manage to be a good year - I'm a bit worried about it, but I can't do much of use about those worries at this very minute, so right now I will just hope - but however much I hope that, I still let it ring itself in last night. I watched the ball drop for midnight on the east coast, and then I finished chores and went to bed.
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Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 05:02 pm
Okay, saying on Facebook that I'd updated our wish lists probably precipitated this, but I've had more than one request for them, which draws my attention to the fact that it is October already. Who authorized this?

Oh, never mind who authorized it. I have a request. Respond here, respond on my Facebook, wherever.

But please make sure I have your proper address if you want a card and any of the following is true:
1) It has changed since last Christmas
2) You didn't get a card from me last Christmas
3) You did get a card from me last Christmas, but the post office had to forward it

If you don't want a card from us but got one last Christmas, please let me know? :)

And for those who have been asking, Amazon wish lists:





As I noted on Facebook, this year brings a new milestone...there is nothing on Drew's wish list that he didn't agree should be there. Some things he suggested, some things I did, but all are there with his approval. He would love any of those things, and probably any similar things.
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Saturday, December 31st, 2011 08:07 pm
It's not here yet. I'm not planning to be awake when it gets here, unless of course Ian has other ideas and wakes up then. (Possible: he just ate, a four-hour interval is possible. Actually, if he sleeps until then, I wouldn't mind waking up to greet the new year, feed the baby, and go back to sleep. Heh.)
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Thursday, December 29th, 2011 03:37 pm
The first part is cadging from my Twitter feed, because it's there. Cut here because some have already seen this on Twitter or Facebook, repetition is no one's friend )

Not cadged from the Twitter feed: we went to John & Julia's for Christmas dinner and had a lovely time. The food (prime rib for the main dish) was delicious, but more importantly the company was lovely!

Drew, having smacked his forehead into a doorknob at home the day before, managed to whack himself (in another part of the forehead, fortunately, not the same one) on something else, then caught his toe in a door and gave himself a very small owwie that way. Poor kid. He had a small-scale war with doors for the holiday, apparently. On the other hand, he sustained no major injuries - only the first injury even resulted in our needing to be careful of a tender patch much after it happened. (He had a good 1" bruise from it - it would have been smaller but he fought icing it, so it didn't get iced. Still visible, no longer sore as far as I'm aware.)

Drew has held Ian on his lap a couple times and is very sweet and gentle with him, but you have to position Ian carefully as "support the head" is not something Drew entirely gets OR can entirely do (dude, that head is heavy!). Drew has also appointed himself to help Daddy with diaper changes (Daddy gets the help because he does most of the diaper changes, it's not like Drew is shutting Mommy out here! :), by handing him diapers and wipes. He gets mad if Daddy gets his own diaper. Too. Cute.

My Christmas cards arrived. Well, most of them. I didn't do the address-confirmation step this year - I lacked time - and I've had at least one bounce because of that. (And another got forwarded for me, whew!)

Now I just need to do the thank you cards. Ooof. I VERY MUCH need to do the thank you cards.
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Sunday, December 25th, 2011 09:29 am
And a funny link (image) for those who haven't seen it:

A very Portal Christmas.
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Monday, December 19th, 2011 05:41 pm
We are doing well. It is so different, novel, and pleasant: instead of averaging a medical appointment a day for Ian's first two weeks (for him, me, or both) as I did with Drew, we have a whopping two - the standard first two well-baby checks. Technically only one, as his two-week appointment is tomorrow, at two weeks two days.

It's amazing how much easier things are when you already basically know the baby-care tasks (and just have to learn this baby's quirks), and both of you are basically healthy (yes, I'm recovering from birth, but it's a normal/healthy recovery). Also, life is easier when the first week is not spent on oxycodone in any dose (not that I am objecting to its use when I had Drew as I sorely needed it then, if you'll pardon the horrid pun - but so nice not to need it now).

I am tired, but not usually exhausted.

Today was highly productive. This is NOT my usual Christmas, and a lot of gifts I might otherwise have wanted to work out simply have not been worked out, because I was rather busy with gestating, delivering, and now caring for a baby. But the Christmas cards went out (, so the international ones will be late, but they went out...), immediate family is getting at least some gifts, and the Christmas ornaments and pajamas have been acquired.

(Every Christmas Eve, we gift new pajamas - already washed - to each member of the household. Thus, there is a Christmas Eve gift to open, and that gift is new, clean jammies for the holiday, which we then go to bed in - well, in theory, you could wear another set if you wanted and if the kids want to some years that's fine - and can greet Christmas morning in. And every Christmas, everyone gets a new ornament from someone else. Right now Scott and I are handling those but I think next year Drew will get to help pick one of ours and in a couple years Ian will get to help pick one. Or make them at school if that's how it works that year.)

There are also a few other gifts for Drew, but not for Ian, who is unlikely to notice that all he got was jammies and an ornament. I doubt he'll care about those two this year...but we will, and Drew will.

Also, thanks to Scott, bills are paid, dishes have been done, and the kitchen nook table was clean (until I had him deposit groceries on it a bit later, heh; oh yeah, also got some grocery shopping done!).

Now to find out how many of the cards "bounce" due to bad addresses. There's always a certain amount of that, and I SWEAR I should have updated addresses for one branch of the family but couldn't find the email. Argh. Oh, well. They went out...some will come back...that's the way of Christmas cards, in my life. :P
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Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 09:38 am
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First and foremost, I wanted to greet Christmas with a healthy new baby. And look: I have a healthy new baby.

Now, I would like a little extra sleep and to regain my old stamina - in progress, but not there yet.

I have the usual barrage of commercial wants at my wish-list too, and a lot of them would be nice, but...this is already a wonderful Christmas as-is.

(And yes, I'm tempted by the gift card. What can I say?)
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Monday, December 12th, 2011 07:52 pm
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Christmas, because that's what we celebrated growing up; but I celebrate it largely in the secular sense. I am generally very low-key about holidays but I enjoy the family togetherness and the gift-giving aspects of the holiday, especially the family togetherness. :)
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Sunday, February 14th, 2010 11:55 am
So, last night from 5-10, Drew's daycare did a special session the kids could go to for an extra fee - a "pajama party" while parents had a nice night out for Valentine's weekend.

We took Drew. And then we came home and played World of Warcraft, cooked beans, and did laundry. LOL. The date part was WoW - we hardly ever dare to do anything like an instance any more, even a short one, as they're all too likely to be interrupted. It was fun! Silly, but fun.

Also yesterday we got Drew new shoes - he does need them for if he's outside as he does stand and cruise and will presumably toddle soon - which went surprisingly well. He likes his new shoes. Alas, he shut a thumb in a toy at the shoe store. No damage done except that he was VERY unhappy for a little bit.

I let him have a bit of my (unsalted) soft pretzel. He promptly leaned over and tore off a section about 2 inches long. LOL! I guess he likes pretzel, and I guess I should be better prepared to protect mine. ;)

Then we went to the YMCA swimming pool. We skipped the lesson this morning and will for the rest of this session. He is getting too upset at them. Instead we'll go during open/family swims. Early in the baby lesson they put them on their back. He hates it. And he hates being forced at their pace. And the lessons are pretty much ON his morning nap time. He was starting to dislike water and not trust us. So we took him in the afternoon - he slept in the car and when he woke we took him in and swam. He was VERY wary for a minute or so until he realized he wasn't having to do anything he didn't want to, and there wasn't a circle of parents-and-babies, and hey look the water bubblers and splashers are running and there are bigger kids and things to watch....

We stayed in for about 45 minutes and you could just see him unwind over the first 15 until he was having a total blast. And we still practiced lots of swimming stuff (kicks, splashes, blowing bubbles, climbing out) - we just didn't force, we coaxed, and we didn't flip him on his back. That'll come in time. For now, I'm glad to have his trust back in us in the water.
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Thursday, December 24th, 2009 08:58 pm
Merry Christmas, to any who wish it, and all the joys of the season.
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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 09:00 pm
Never thought I would. I'm a fan of cool, rain, wind, storms. I love Oregon weather in fall/winter/spring, in other words. But when it's almost-freezing (yeah, I know, half the US is now muttering "cry me a river" - at least, the more polite ones are) here, I admit a trip to Arizona was far more lovely than I'd expected.

We were visiting my in-laws, taking Drew down for pre-Christmas celebration. His grandparents have met him before, but Scott's brother and his wife also live in that area and had not met Drew before, so getting to introduce him to them was part of the point. (Only part; seeing family again was also part of it, and a direct flight to Phoenix is not too bad, scheduling-wise.)

Five days seemed like a good balance when we scheduled it, and it probably was, but coming back it seemed far too short. It was a VERY good visit, with good food (my parents-in-law are amazing cooks), good conversation and company, a trip to see the local ZooLights (we still may make it to our local as well, but we may miss it - it's chilly here, and dragging Drew through it may not be so kind), and an early Christmas celebration.

We all got nice things and the gift exchange was much fun, but Drew of course made out like a bandit. As soon as it arrives up here, I think I'm going to get very tired of the dump truck - it's a walk/ride dump truck that has buttons to make horn and engine and lift noises - or maybe I won't. Because I remember Drew's absolute glee when he hit the button and it made noise. He loved that truck from the instant he smacked that button. And baby glee? Baby glee counters a lot of "gee, not that noise again" (plus the noises are actually tastefully quiet - I won't go deaf or anything listening to them over and over). He got quite a few things he liked, though, and several more that I think he will come to like over the next year but that he has to explore or figure out first. (The baby-safe lego-like blocks being one of those things. Currently, tearing them apart is fun, banging them together is fun, but when he decides he wants to do something else he gets frustrated. Sometimes he's clearly trying to put them together and not quite achieving it; others I'm not sure what he's trying to accomplish.)

Oranges. Fresh oranges, right from the tree, and juice from them. Oh man. I will miss those. (And I'm sensitive to oranges, so I couldn't even indulge as much as I wanted to! One glass of OJ once in a while is okay, but oh how I wanted more than I could reasonably have. Oh well, I was good. So was the orange juice.)

The trip home was...interesting. Very, very interesting. We were in PHOENIX ARIZONA. We were flying out. Our plane was late arriving which, as we had a direct flight, I didn't care about. Meanwhile, a storm rolled in with lightning and pouring rain. (Yes, Phoenix.) For reasons not clear to me, since the storm had been forecast, they had brought a cart of luggage out and it was in the open and not covered - and when the ground crew got called in due to the lightning, the luggage sat out there. And got DRENCHED. Several of us were watching and wondering if it included our suitcases; one looked like ours. After some observation I decided it wasn't because I didn't remember a leather piece visible on it being on ours.

More fool I. We got to Portland and it had, indeed, been ours. Soaked. The name/address tag was pretty illegible. What worried me was the contents, though - I'd packed several books (including three gifts not yet really looked at!) in that suitcase. ACK. Most everything else in there was water-safe or water-proof (although I was glad I hadn't done the laundry before we left; that way I didn't have to debate between just drying it or washing and drying to be safe, since it needed washed anyway). Opened it quickly - books were okay. A more thorough check when I got home and was unpacking turned up two books that I hadn't spotted at the airport - both wet. Both were, however, ones we'd brought along thinking we might read, and then not read; smaller paper-backs. And the water damage was minimal; still totally readable, just some crinkled pages. I opened them out to dry and they're as fine now as they'll be, a bit of staining and crinkling.

So in the end, nothing major, just some minor aggravation. And we're home. And Drew? Drew is sleeping the sleep of the exhausted, having returned to his at-home routine (with the addition of some fun new toys and books) with nary a problem.
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Friday, November 27th, 2009 02:52 pm
I love shopping on Black Friday.

Okay, before you all have me committed, let me rephrase that: I love grocery shopping on Black Friday.

You can actually get some good deals on "Thanksgiving" themed foodstuffs (I got cookies 75% off because the frosting was harvest colored for goodness sake) and some other things. And most of the other people are out chasing the much better (but costlier, and more aggravating) deals at the various Big Sales. Alas, the grocery did not have a sale on meat (sometimes they do) worth mentioning, so I did have to buy the stuff I'm cooking and freezing at a normal price. (But I'm not cooking and freezing as much since we have rather a lot of turkey leftovers. Yum.) I got a great deal on mini-croissants, though. They're about 1/2 to 2/3 the size of a regular croissant and were selling 8 for 50 cents. I got two containers - and then the register screwed up and rang them up at $2.99 so after she confirmed the price with the bakery, one was free. 50 cents for 16 mini-croissants is an even better deal. (Pity it didn't mis-ring up something more expensive, though. *amused*)

I actually did - after tweeting about the silly people lined up for it - end up going into Costco because I remembered we needed more baby wipes. Alas. However, it wasn't actually any worse than Costco on a Saturday afternoon, and while that's frankly terrifying when I remind myself it was a Friday morning, it's still something I can deal with. There were some okay deals there, if you needed what they were selling, which I didn't.

And I confess to actually going to one store that was "really" doing Black Friday - Target. I promised myself I'd flee if the lot looked really bad, but it didn't. I was able to get a cart, and in fact there were tons of carts, which is a good sign. And they had some decent deals on things we needed, so I got those, a couple impulse buys (including appallingly cutesy socks for me, but as they were $1 a pair, I don't feel too bad about that!), and got out.

And now? Now I am home, with the dryer running, a pork roast in the oven, and a pile of dishes I don't want to do but will, shortly, have to concede and deal with. Every so often I poke at various online sites and then make faces because they're not offering deals on what I want. Amazon offered a deal that REALLY tempted me on a camera...but I don't NEED a camera. No, not even this one. *sigh* It's a 12-megapixel, waterproof, can-be-used-underwater camera. However. What would I do, take pictures of the bottom of my bathtub? Yeah, right. And if I wanted to, I could drain it. :P Drew doesn't swim underwater yet - when he's older, maybe there will be something to use that camera on after all. But not right now. It's one of those toys I've always wanted, and it's down into a tolerable range, and...I can't justify it at all because I wouldn't use it. I wishlisted it anyway, but appropriately low priority and with a note. But still. Underwater camera! ...yeah. Okay, done whining here. For now. About this. I think. ;)
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Thursday, November 26th, 2009 08:38 pm
Excuse me while I bask in the joy of today. It was a good day. About noon we went up to Uncle John & Aunt Julia's house, there to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. It's become a yearly tradition for us and I am so, so glad. The company is wonderful. The events are silly and fun. The conversation is great. The food is incredible, and always tempts me to eat more than I should (but if I do, I feel bad, physically). This year, I ate just as much food as I could handle and no more, and loved every bit of it (if the turkey had been any moister, we might have had humidity problems - it was GREAT), and then when we went home we left with a goodly supply of leftovers including some of the stuff I'd not gotten to try. WIN.

And now I babble on about this at length. )
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Saturday, October 31st, 2009 08:13 pm
"Mommy, mommy, I got an eyeball!" "So did I!"

Yes, yes we're THAT house again this year. This time it's eyeball-shaped bouncy balls (along with a piece of candy); last time it was eyeball-foiled-wrapped candies. Frankly I think the bouncy balls are cooler.

Also, the little maybe-2-year-old who just managed to reply to my happy halloween by echoing it (" Hall'ween!") as s/he scurried off? The one dressed in the lamb costume? SO CUTE.

(And mad props to a certain person on Twitter who replied 'The shyness of the lamb?' LOVE IT.)
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Sunday, June 21st, 2009 06:46 am
Happy Father's Day to all of you to whom it applies. :)

Scott put Drew in a "Daddy's Little Wingman" outfit this morning. I snuck over and added an "I love Daddy" bib he didn't know I'd gotten. Now it can enter the regular bib rotation. Day care sent home a happy father's day card that was Drew's "art" - with orange and yellow imprints of his feet inside. Too cute! And of course I'd gotten Scott a card.

Off to a good start. We'll go to the farmer's market later.
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Sunday, June 21st, 2009 06:46 am
Happy Father's Day to all of you to whom it applies. :)

Scott put Drew in a "Daddy's Little Wingman" outfit this morning. I snuck over and added an "I love Daddy" bib he didn't know I'd gotten. Now it can enter the regular bib rotation. Day care sent home a happy father's day card that was Drew's "art" - with orange and yellow imprints of his feet inside. Too cute! And of course I'd gotten Scott a card.

Off to a good start. We'll go to the farmer's market later.