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Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 03:20 pm
First, I supported Bernie. Absent Bernie, I supported Clinton. I find Trump's win as worrisome at best, scary at worst. That said, he _is_ now President-elect, and I have to live in this reality and not another one.

That's my bias. This is not, however, going to be about that, but about what I hope we will all - regardless of how we voted - act _now_. If you'd like to skip over the rest of this post, here's a cut tag, but I hope you'll keep reading )

* This is actually my one sticking point. If you supported Trump to upend Washington DC, or because you liked other parts of what he said, or because you hated Clinton - I don't agree with you but I'm not going to argue it. At this point history will sort that out. But if you supported Trump or wanted to support Trump because you think people of another race, or of another religion, or of another gender, are less-than and should be treated as such?

If that's the case, please unfriend me. I'm not unfriending anyone over politics. I will unfriend over bigotry if it's there.
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Friday, July 15th, 2011 10:27 pm
Today has, on balance, sucked. Lots of work done at the old house, almost ready to list. And realized Apple was missing. Neither of us recall seeing her since last night...when Drew opened doors several times and left them. Neighbors haven't seen her. We've posted fliers, called vets, etc. More tomorrow. She's indoor-only. And no collar because she always took it off. Microchipped. I am so worried and heartsick. :(

Please come home, Apple, come home safe and sound.
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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 07:19 am
The forecast has gotten warmer for this week.

This is not a good thing. Not, not, NOT.

Today is 29/18. Tomorrow is...37/31 with rain/snow. Thursday is 33/14 with rain/snow. You see the problem, I hope. Rain at 33 degrees is ice at 14. We are so doomed. Friday is 28/22 currently, with a few snow showers. Saturday is 34/27. Of course, this could all change again. But if it doesn't...the roads are going to be ugly through the weekend, at least.

Ohhh boy. Glad I stocked up. Hope the power stays on. (Our heat is natural gas, but of course the actual triggering mechanism to turn it on and the heat pump that comes on before the furnace are both electric, so effectively, we have no heat without power.)

Of course, the very tentative 10-day forecast (which is about as reliable as throwing darts, I suspect) shows Christmas as the first day on which we aren't below freezing for the high or low. But we are getting winter weather, just not for Christmas.
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Saturday, September 27th, 2008 11:34 am
Babe is not doing so very well. She can't eat now without, at some point, choking (not badly enough that she can't breathe, but still), and sometimes it happens when she's not eating. And she's getting less total food than she was, since (understandably) she stops eating once that happens. We've been doing everything the vet suggested to ease it, and it helps. But it doesn't help enough. I may be time to take her in on Monday. She's been asking for lap time today and spent quite a while snuggled on Scott's lap while he played WoW and petted her. His legs eventually complained of too much heavy cat, so I took her for a turn (but I sat cross-legged on the floor - more space/support for the cat, more comfortable for me). I'm enjoying these snuggles a lot, moreso because I think they may be the last ones. She still seems comfortable most of the time (except when trying to eat, or getting her meds, poor thing). She wheezes when she breathes, and her purr sounds like a snore, but she doesn't seem to struggle for air and she does purr.

I am, other than worry about that, doing fairly well. My back continues to act like I expect it to (which is to say, not call attention to itself). And I got a back support for use in the car that helps a lot there. (I had no idea where to get one, so I asked my doctor and she knew a nearby store. I tried several 'til I found the one that worked best - and it was worlds above the rest. So, that should help a lot with that.) I still have to allow myself longer in bed than I'm used to. This seems to owe more to the difficulty initially getting to sleep than the night time awakenings. I'm used to being asleep within 15 minutes of being in bed, usually much less...and that's just not how it works for now. At least I've finally gotten out of the habit of going to bed eight hours before I have to get up. That's not going to work for a while.

I've actually played World of Warcraft two nights this week now. Something about being able to sit at the computer for longer now that my back isn't bugging me. That's been fun. It's been even more fun because it's been our high-level characters, Scott's warrior and my mage. Scott's been playing while I couldn't, so he's out-leveled me. At the time we were playing he was 68 (now he's 69), a protection-specced warrior. I was and am a level 64 fire-specced mage. Anyone who's ever watched this dynamic can see this coming: I still have to watch my aggro because he can't always hold them off me. He's gotten to use taunt a lot in just a couple hours of gaming. ;) To be fair, I haven't been being very careful about aggro, because right now when I play we're working on my quests (and then he works on his when I've had enough and need to not be sitting that way any more). And that means I could (although it would take longer, and I'd have to rest more often) solo these things if I needed to. So if I pull aggro it's no great loss; I either return it to him (frost nova is my friend!), or I ice block or mana shield or just take it. I'm in no danger of getting killed, and I'm sure not going to cause him harm, so I'm being deliberately a little careless in return for the faster damage. (My pyroblast can crit for over 2000, at level 64. I'm rather fond of it, but when it does that, I usually snag aggro unless it's so late in the fight that it kills or nearly-kills the target. And I don't tend to pyro late in the fight, because the 6-second cast time is not handy mid-fight. But it's great to launch as Scott attacks the target. He builds aggro and when my pyro hits, unless it crits, he can usually hold them.)

Yesterday was my 24-week doctor's appointment. Early next week I find out the result of the gestational diabetes test. All I can say is that I am deeply glad to be done with that test. *shudders* The glucola is...urgh. I suspect most women who've gone through the test know, or at least know a variant of, what I mean by that. I felt horrid. But, it's over and done with, and that's good. Hopefully the results will also be good.

And now, off to run a couple quick errands.
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Sunday, September 14th, 2008 02:56 pm
Went shopping. Got a new printer (not hooked up yet) and a UPS for Scott (his having kinda given up the ghost) at Fry's. And for the first time, asked for help at a store because of being pregnant - twice. Once to get the printer into my cart (it was on a bottom shelf - the UPS was no problem, it was on a shelf just above cart height and was easy to tip and guide in) and once to get them both out of the cart and into the trunk of my car. I could have done both, if I really had to, but my body thanks me for not making it, I think.

Since I was so close, I went to Lamb's for the grocery items...and once again was annoyed, but unusually, was also pleased. Lamb's usually aggravates me without any redeeming factor to be found. Their single veggie tray of cut veggies was way, way huger than what I wanted (but looked nice, quality-wise, at least) so I bypassed it. But...I was hungry (if it makes sense, I was starving but not very hungry at once - the "I must eat, but I don't need to eat much" state). I was giving a half-hearted look at their deli selections when I discovered they have pre-made sandwiches...on little dinner roll-like things. Half the size of the pre-made bagel sandwiches and a bread I like better, too. At $1.50, also priced reasonably relative to their larger counterparts, so I got one, and that did the trick. But what REALLY won me over? They had lactose free ice cream. NO ONE here has had it. They have it. I may have to actually deliberately go back there when I want ice cream. (Though I don't buy ice cream very much....)

Got home to hear from Scott that Babe had thrown up and had some diarrhea, though. So far it's just a one-off, but if it establishes a pattern, it may either mean it's time, or it may mean we have to back off the prednisolone...which will, of course, reduce the amount of control it supplies to her cancer symptoms. :/ Poor Babe-kitty. She seems okay now, just resting there, and we called the specialists (I love these people: they do not charge for phone consultations and advice) and they suggested we try blanding down her canned food by mixing it with rice, which we'll be doing. (It has to have a strong enough smell for her to eat it, alas, which rules out a completely bland diet.)

I know some of you (maybe most of you) don't play the game, but - there's a new egg on the dragon cave and I got one! I have no idae what it will become, but isn't the egg pretty? (For those who do play - yes, no link.)
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Saturday, September 13th, 2008 08:29 pm
Mars Petcare is recalling dry pet foods (for both cats and dogs, under a variety of brand names) that may have been contaminated by salmonella. These were produced at one facility and don't represent the whole line. For more details see this news article or, more usefully, the Mars Petcare site itself.
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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 08:26 pm
After going over the details with Scott, I suspect it is cancer, just not the one we'd feared. There's not one growth in her nose - there's three in her nose/sinus areas, one accessible. That said, it's possible though not probable that one or more is non-cancerous, related to other problems as noted in the earlier post.

They did a spinal tap while she was under yesterday, and we got the results back today. Clear. Not brain cancer, and no cancer has made it to the brain yet, basically.

They told Scott that if it is cancer, since it's not brain cancer, it may be treatable with radiation or chemo. Obviously if that's the case we'll need to know more about what it does for her odds versus what it puts her through.

First, to find out if it's cancerous. We've been passed to the internists at the vet specialist place; that team will give Scott a call tomorrow to schedule an appointment for Babe to go in again, this time for investigation and biopsy of the reachable mass. That will mean another round of fasting and sedation.

So at this point we're on scheduling hold, but pretty soon I'll be all twitchy again. I'm still hoping it's not cancer, but I admit I'm finding it harder to hope. Then again, I found it almost impossible to believe it wasn't brain cancer - and it wasn't. So all those good thoughts have already helped, and maybe Babe will get really lucky yet again. I would prefer something treatable, preferably treatable without putting her through too much misery.
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Monday, August 4th, 2008 06:42 pm
Babe goes in for her MRI tomorrow (they were able to move it up a day). Things I hope, in order: that all goes smoothly tomorrow, that it's not cancer or anything else unavoidably fatal, that it's curable/fixable, that she gets her vision back.

I am going to be SUCH a bundle of nerves tomorrow. (And the cats will be grouchy by tomorrow morning - food and water fast starting at 10 pm tonight for Babe, which Apple gets to share since isolating her would be difficult. She'll get food and water as soon as Scott and Babe are out the door in the morning, though.)
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Friday, August 1st, 2008 08:58 pm
Despite all the worry, there are still good moments. Earlier, I had Babe cuddled on my lap and was petting her. Just now, I got her to play for the first time, really, since her sight went. It's hard to play with a cat that has always responded to things like feather toys, and now can't see them. But for a brief while - very brief, it got boring for her after a bit - I had her playing. Mind you, I'm lucky she was having trouble targeting and was soft-footing her blows, or I'd've been in pain. I was dragging my finger back and forth along the carpeting, letting the nail run along it to make a noise so she could track it, and she was swatting at it (connected several times, but never with claws out and in my finger, so that works).

I love this cat so much. Not just because she's the last of the ones my mama raised, either. Also because she's a sweet, caring little cuddle-bug, because she was so nervous and needy when she first moved in and has become so much more confident, because she's so playful and funny when she goes for those feather toys. She's only five. She should have lots of years left ahead of her.

And I hope, I really really hope, she's a medical oddity and does have those years. Please, please.
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Friday, August 1st, 2008 08:45 pm
More good thoughts for Babe, please. It's not the fungal infection; the bloodwork and checks for infectious whatnot all came back clear and normal. Which is bad news, since it leaves the next most probable as cancer, likely brain cancer. There's a chance, though not a good one, that it's something immune-related or bacterial, so they're taking her off the anti-fungal and putting her on antibiotics as a precaution until we can get her in for an MRI (tentatively scheduled for Wednesday next week, but we can call Monday morning to see if we can move it up - if so, it will be with a different neurologist who wasn't there to talk to today) to confirm/deny the cancer theory.

I really, really hope it's something unusual, and not cancer. But the bloodwork ruled out the fungus and several other potential blindness-causers (not considered likely in her case since both eyes were affected at once, but they did the full range of tests anyway).

Really, really worried now.

Also, suspecting I won't be at GenCon. Any way you slice this one, Babe will likely need someone giving her medicines, at best. At worst, we may be watching for the first signs of suffering. I'm not willing to stick a pet-sitter with that duty...nor am I willing to be away and wondering what's going on, either. Not sure yet, it depends on what this week brings, but it seems fairly likely I may change my travel plans. Kind of ironic, considering.

Please, lots of good thoughts. I really, really don't want this to be cancer.
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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 08:12 pm
I haven't wanted to say anything because words make it a little too real, but Babe's had a nasty upper respiratory for a while, and late last week her pupils dilated and stayed that way - not good. So, she's been to the vet and now to specialists. She's definitely (we could tell, anyway, but they confirmed) lost most of her vision, she does still seem to be able to tell high-contrast things apart if they're big enough, but otherwise has trouble. She navigates okay, but much more slowly, since she's having to use every other sense to compensate.

At this point, the two most likely possibilities are both scary, but I definitely prefer the more probable one. There's a fungal infection that starts out as a respiratory and can move to the nerves (and they're pretty sure the optic nerve is involved because both eyes went at the same time). It requires a long-term treatment and has a 60-80% survival rate, with maybe 25-50% chance she gets her vision back. That's not great, but it's not horrible, and if she never gets her vision back, even if she goes entirely blind, she can have a good life (she's indoor-only already, after all). The other high-ranking possibility is brain cancer, which...I just don't want to think about.

She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort or pain (except the occasional sneezing/coughing fit from the respiratory part, but I think those upset me more than her, to be honest). She's snuggly, purring, walking around, and eating.

And I am so, so scared for her, and wishing anyone had id'd this before it progressed to blindness. (If it is the fungal one, though, it's not entirely surprising they didn't - she's been indoor-only for a year and a half, and indoor cats aren't normally exposed to this. I don't know if cats can harbor it a while before it goes active or not, though - and she was an indoor-outdoor cat before that. Still....)

Many thanks to Scott, who has been shepherding the vet appointments since he works much closer to home and our usual vet (and even, as it turns out, the specialist clinic that they sent us to) than I do. Though if she goes back in Friday, which she may depending on the results they get and all, I will probably take her since I don't work most Fridays and this one is no exception.

Prayers for Babe, please. I'm hoping it will be the fungal infection or something else treatable (preferably curable), and that she'll survive just fine, and get some or all of her eyesight back. (I would guess 'some' is more likely than 'all' - one of the other reasons the fungal infection seems more probable is that they can see some lesions in the back of the eyes. I'm guessing those won't help with the eyesight recovery part, but - even if she can get back to where she can navigate the stairs without, say, forgetting the last one and flopping gracelessly to the landing...I'd be happier. Not that I have any room to say much, as I've missed that stair too, with my eyes working.)