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Thursday, May 26th, 2011 05:15 pm
...I really didn't want to have to see one this week. Oh, well. We can't always get what we want. I got to see TWO dentists. One who concurred with what I already knew (yes, the tooth that hurts so much you are losing your mind is, in fact, going to need to be dealt with) and sent me to a specialist to do the root canal. Four roots, one curving substantially. I entered at 1:30 and left at 4:00. Not my idea of fun.

On the other hand, not my idea of torture, either. I know root canals were once (as many things once were, medical and dental!) much riskier and much more uncomfortable. In my experience they are now basically tedious. I really liked the woman who did mine because the worst part is basically always the injection of the anesthesia, for me, and she made it about as easy and comfortable as is possible for that.

Could have been worse, but still.... I did not want to need a root canal!
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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 08:10 pm
I read back as far on LJ entries as I could, shortly after I posted the "argh, I'm behind" post. And have read from there forward. turns out it'd been longer than I thought since I read, and after getting to skip=500, I couldn't go back any further. So if you have news/info/commentary that you thought I'd respond to and I haven't - I may not have seen it.

I will try to actually read at least once a week in the future, preferably more often. I don't promise I'll succeed, but I'll try.

And hopefully soon the antibiotics I got today will have managed to knock back this sinus infection enough for me to feel better.
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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 09:32 pm
Children's and Infants' liquid formulations have been recalled. Details at:

This appears to affect most or all of the liquid formulations of all four products - if it's still in stores at this point, the store hasn't pulled it, but that doesn't mean it's good if it's the brand name. The advice is to toss them, apply for the refund or coupon (as you prefer), and pick up generics for the time being.
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Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 11:57 am
I don't know what it is about having a baby, but I've had more stomach illnesses in the time since his birth than in the previous five years. Probably day care, they're a vicious vector. *wry*

Monday night saw us all at the ER to deal with dehydration from the latest one. Not my idea of fun, but apparently they're seeing a lot of that lately; there's something going around. I've been out from work yesterday and today. I'm hoping I'll be well enough to go back tomorrow, as I'm up to chicken soup today (yesterday it wasn't even something to try, trust me). I've been remotely checking work email a couple times, and responding to everything that seemed to need it, which is a lot better than I was doing yesterday (then again, I was asleep for long stretches of yesterday, since I got almost no sleep the night before).

This month's pictures of Drew will include a couple of him sleeping soundly, nestled between my legs on the hospital bed at the ER. Since I took them, you can't see my face or how I looked, so I'm willing to put them up. Heh.

Think good thoughts for me, folks. I think I'm firmly on the mend, and I'd really like to be right.
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Saturday, April 10th, 2010 03:34 pm
I do not like eczema. I really do not like it on my hands where cracks on the knuckle result.

I do like watching Scott talk so much about how he doesn't really need a smartphone, just a new phone that works (his has been declining in speaker quality, to where it has to be on speakerphone held not more than 1-2 feet from your ear to hear the other person), and then buy an iPhone anyway. He is pleased, so far, so it works.

I am vastly amused and pleased that, when we ran late on our errands and stopped at the mall food court, Drew happily ate vegetables from Scott's sub...and bits of rice and meat and sauce from my (mild, but not completely wimped out) chicken masala. What did he reject? Scott's tomato, and my naan bread. Go figure.

Drew walked through a large part of home depot (back through one aisle and about halfway across the back of the store), "pushing" the cart (aka hanging on to it while walking).

Tonight we have dinner at Dar Essalam with Drew's honorary aunt, our good friend Elaine. Poor Drew is going to have a great day for neat foods today (and likely tomorrow on leftovers) only to return to normal fare next week. (Poor me is going to, as well. Heh.)

We finally got the tile table I wanted a couple years ago and decided to wait on, that couldn't be found anywhere the next year. Argh. This year it could and the perfect size - so now we have a table to go with our bench. (Good thing the budget could absorb it. I wasn't looking for it when we found it, I was buying drip lines for the veggies. Luckily, I also found those, so it's a straight victory and not a mixed bag.)

I need to process the photos and videos of Drew since mid-March. I still need to process them. There are some amazingly cute ones I want to send to family and friends, but that's really hard when they're still stuck on the camera. :D
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Saturday, November 14th, 2009 06:48 pm
Sorry I've been so sparse as far as posting. I've either got the flu or something flu-like and I'm pretty tired of it (and pretty tired). Of course, this week was a key one for some of the stuff I'm working on at work, so I kept working - once I started intermittent fevers (late afternoon/evening seems to be the time for them, morning is fine) and realized it wasn't just a cold, I kept working from home. Got everything I needed to get done done, though, so that's good.

So far Drew and Scott seem to have dodged it, though I worry. I'm being very careful about hand-washing and about letting Drew touch my face (he likes to grab mouths and noses right now, sigh). He did sleep an awful lot today but no fever, so we'll see. He ended up missing his swim session today - it's at 10 am and the weather was pretty bad so the car was iced shut on the driver's side, Scott got in and started it warming but I was worried about the roads, then Drew decided he had to eat. Pretty much by the time they could've gotten there (I wouldn't go: I had a fever yesterday afternoon so could still be contagious this morning) it would've been over. And then after eating he took a nap. LOL. "NOT swimming this week, thanks, guys."

On the plus side, yesterday and today after the work stuff was done, I finally got the photographs and videos from October uploaded. That included a lot of Drew stuff for those of you friended to [ profile] arstrasz but also some stuff from the zoo, the Japanese Gardens, and one sunrise from our house. :) to see the photo stream, my favorite of the bunch here )
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Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 08:26 pm
Today started out good, and then rapidly went south. The worst part of my day is actually how badly my friends' day sucked: a man who was friend to a number of people I know passed away. I feel so bad for them.

But I do want to post briefly about my day, ...behind a cut, 'cause I'm not sure anyone really wants to read it )
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Friday, April 10th, 2009 06:24 pm
Oh, glee. The goggles arrived in the mail today. I assembled them with a little help from Scott (you assemble them, that way you can get the exact lens strengths you want - you can pay to have them sent assembled, but I'm cheap). I put them on briefly and they're pretty good - they'll be plenty good for swimming. I wouldn't drive or read books/computers in them, but I could easily navigate the house and such. That'll do fine for this!
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Friday, April 10th, 2009 04:47 pm
Just placed the order for Drew's baptismal photos, actual copies of. I do love the way they came out. And I'll be sharing the digital images once I have them (yes, that's acceptable use - I love this photographer).

Got my new glasses with new prescription just yesterday (had to wait for them to be ordered in; my astigmatism is bad enough that the "one-hour glasses" places can't make me glasses in one hour, they don't carry the needed lens blanks or whatever-you-call-those-things). The prescription isn't much different, so I adapted fairly easily - but the difference, though tiny, is immensely helpful. Things seem crisper. (They also seem clearer, but that's not the new prescription, that's the fact that I hadn't cleaned the old glasses recently enough, discounting finger-swipes to remove the worst of the dust. Yes, I know.)

Should soon have another nifty thing, namely corrective swim goggles. (I don't say prescription, because they aren't; they're sold in half-step or step increments, not to prescription. The eye doctor advised me on the values to use - not the same as for my glasses, since these don't have any astigmatism correction. They will NOT be great, but they will be sufficient for swimming in the pool, and much better than no correction.) You can get them prescription, but as it's a difference of $250-$300 to do so, yeah thanks I'll try the cheap option and probably it will be sufficient for that purpose.

Wednesday at work went well, although I got nailed by the pizza place. *wry* They had a pizza lunch for us due to a meeting. I really do NOT like pizza lunches, because I like pizza lots and the smell of it makes me hungry for it...and I'm lactose intolerant. I can have cheese/pizza/etc. with pills, but if I get the wrong number of pills, well, not so pretty. And the correct number varies by brand of pizza. Pretty much all I touch is Domino's. I know at least one local chain that doesn't seem to be tolerable with any number of pills - at least, I gave up on it before trying enough. This was from a chain that was new to me, and I'm not testing number of pills while I'm a half hour to an hour and a half (depending on traffic) from home, so I declined any pizza - and the woman handling the order asked if I wanted bread sticks at least. She rocks. I said yes. What neither of us knew, and no one working there warned her, is that this particular pizza place stuffs their bread sticks with cheese. *weary sigh* I had a pill with me - a lot of places top the sticks with a small amount of cheese, but trust me, this was a LOT MORE cheese because of the stuffing factor - so I took that. And I was fine. And they were good. But I really do think bread sticks should be bread sticks, and cheesy sticks should be cheesy sticks, in name. It avoids confusion, even if you don't have the other type.

Got an automated call today telling me Albertsons' home delivery service is closing later this month. I'm...amused. It's like it came out of nowhere to be my helpfulness fairy when I needed it, then wandered off. I looked into home delivery of groceries several times over the years, but it was never in my market; I eventually stopped looking. Then, after Drew was born, I was in no shape to do the shopping and didn't really want to send Scott out to do it either. So I checked, and Albertson's now had home delivery in our area, so we got groceries that way a couple times until I was more recovered/functional. Then stopped, because it costs money and uses lots of plastic bags, and it's not that big a hardship to go to the store. Now it's going away - not enough demand for its cost to them, I suppose. I'm just glad it was there earlier this year.

Wednesday night rocked. We got to play our Champions game. Just three of us were there, but we managed the scenario okay. At one point there were three Viper agents behind a mini-plane preparing to board it. One member of our team alerted the other two. My character, a time worker who closely resembles a speedster in effect, and who has the physical appearance of an 11-year-old girl (she's about 30, and cracks about her age really annoy her), leans down and sees their feet. She can easily run under the wing of the plane without ducking, and she calculates she can arc and hit the one in back. And she has to distract them, or they just might get into the plane and get away. So she charges.

1) The back set of feet belonged to the leader.
2) Who got bowled backward 6 meters from the impact with an 11-year-old girl. (For those who play Champions, she was moving at 16" and pushed her strength.)

Of course, she promptly got hit by two energy weapons (his and one of the other guys') and knocked out, but she wasn't knocked out hard (exactly 0 stun), and she stirred again a couple rounds later and proceeded to pummel the leader. ( many times the speed anyone else is performing it. Yes, the kid is a wimp, but she can hit you a few dozen times instead of twice.) A teammate shot him, he fell down but was still conscious, and she walked over and smacked his face repeatedly until he passed out. :P It is not often that I take her to hand-to-hand combat: as the quick out proves, she's very vulnerable. (And one more point of stun and she would've been out for much longer.) But she can be very effective if she's doing the attacking....
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Friday, March 20th, 2009 04:09 pm

Came down with a nasty stomach flu last night. Illness started about 9 pm an by 11 or so we were at the er. I was dehydrated and my right arm tingled. We left about 2 am, having gotten a saline drip and various meds to address the vomiting and cramps.

We held Drew out of day care but so far he seems fine. Scott's been taking care of both of us, I go nowhere near Drew.

So far I can handle water Gatorade (ew) and Popsicles. So adventurous!

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Thursday, February 26th, 2009 07:04 pm
A post about vaccines and autism (and the "study" that led to some people concluding vaccines caused autism, and ... yes). Please, please, get kids vaccinated.
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Sunday, February 1st, 2009 10:50 am
If you've been following this, they've recalled a bunch more products, again. This time, among other things, peanuts (not peanut paste / peanut butter) from the plant were added, which brought in a lot more. I know some of my friends love Clif bars - more on the list. You can use to search for products you use that may have peanut ingredients (including subtle ones - some dog biscuits have been affected).
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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 06:00 pm

Had my ob checkup. Healing fine. See her again at six weeks. And did a weigh in for Drew at same time (diff ofc). He is back to his birth weight!! Big load off my mind. Especially as it shows a good gain over his weight on the same scale Saturday.

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 03:12 pm
It's New Year's Eve. I had to go out to run an unexpected errand (a piece of paper that really had to be signed this year), bu that got done. Meanwhile, both libraries had sent me notices that I had a hold in (I think this is especially rude of the library where I picked a hold up just yesterday; can't they get them all in BEFORE I go? *grins*), so I went ahead and picked those up (one is the same title I just returned to the other library - I'd have canceled the hold except I wanted to reread the sucker so I let it hang out there - I am so bad!). And I stopped at Babies R Us, where we had a gift card to use, and picked up a bunch of the little miscellany that we hadn't gotten yet (and could have bought as-needed, but I'm happier having it all now). Didn't go over the gift card amount, either, and didn't have to skip anything I wanted to get to avoid doing so.

Since I was already out, I swung by the grocery store again, both to pick up a couple items I wanted for my health and because I had a sudden craving for shrimp. I now have shrimp. I'm sure Scott's thrilled. Actually, Scott will not care in the least as long as I do not attempt to feed him any of the shrimp. That works for me....

Home again, where I'm chewing through my miscellaneous things-I'd-like-to-get-done list slowly but surely. (In between bouts of browsing the web just for the heck of it, and positioning my WoW character in Stormwind, where I'll be able to watch the virtual New Year's Eve fireworks, well before midnight. I intend to be in bed when the new year arrives.) Scott came home briefly on the lunch hour to grab his cell phone (he'd forgotten it charging in the kitchen this morning), and also to drop off another gift from one of his coworkers. I swear, people have been so kind to us.

My side is definitely doing better. Leans and position shifts still require a little care but not much - I think I'm back to where I was before the stupidity of Saturday, for the most part. I can once again pick up and carry all my purchases at once without straining it. (Yes, I was careful. Yes, I was prepared to back off. I just didn't need to.) Phew. I did indeed switch to 'take it easy, baby it' mode quickly enough on Saturday. Not that I'm planning to run marathons or anything, but it is so nice to be able to run all the errands I did today (checking in with myself frequently, I promise!) and feel fine at the end of them. I'm not planning to run marathons or exhaust myself, promise, but it's still so nice that that (rather than whatever-the-heck I pulled) is the limiting factor.

All the same, it's about time for a break - and I have these lovely books to go curl up with anyway.... (The reread is Michelle Sagara's Cast in Fury; the new one is Jim Butcher's Princeps' Fury, which finally finally came in. I am filled with GLEE. And reading the Butcher book first, as I only get two weeks with it.)
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Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 12:54 pm
Three weeks ago, my appointment with my OB was hastily replaced with an appointment with someone else in her practice, as she flew out the door to handle an emergency C-section. Everyone was very apologetic, which really, not necessary. Emergency C-sections trump routine appointments, and I'd really rather be the trumped appointment than the woman needing surgery. (And the woman I saw was perfectly nice, and there was nothing I had questions or concerns about anyway.) Two weeks ago, my appointment was canceled due to weather. Last week, my appointment was canceled due to weather. Fortunately, I've been doing quite well, so even though it's toward the end of my pregnancy, it wasn't a big deal. This week, I actually got to keep my appointment! Although, in a fit of irony, she was running slightly late (less than 10 minutes, so it hardly even counts)...she was just back from the hospital, where she'd been performing a C-section. Sheesh. I should note that prior to this month, never had any of my appointments with her been canceled, moved, or affected by anything like this.

All is still well, I'm still right where they want me, and life is boring. I approve of this. Life being boring is good.

Despite having pulled something over my left ribs (which is back down to twinges when I move wrong - note, certain driving motions are "moving wrong"), I was feeling fine, so I stopped by the Tigard library and dropped off a book that was due, plus picked up a hold. Plus, since I already had to go in, a few other books selected more or less at random. Sigh. Book junkie, right here.

Then I did some grocery shopping. We really only needed milk, but I picked up a few things I wanted as well. Especially the bagel sandwich that was what motivated me to stop and get the milk.

And now I'm home again. Online for a bit and then I will rest and read some - our final childbirth class (rescheduled twice due to the aforementioned weather) is now tonight, and if I have to be functional until 9:30 or so (counting driving time to get home) then I really ought to rest between now and when we leave. Easily enough done!
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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 12:14 pm
I called this morning to cancel today's appointment. (Just as well I didn't want to drive in this: they weren't sure they'd be open by 1:20. Go figure.) I'm waiting for a callback to see if they want to try to reschedule or just wait until my next appointment (next Tuesday).

Our last child birth class, rescheduled from last week, was cancelled for tomorrow night and is rescheduled for next week.

And through it all, the weather is still lovely, it's still snowing, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm accumulating quite the list of groceries I'd like to have when I can get to the store, tho'. I don't need any of them, but I'd like to have them. :P
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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 08:29 pm
1) Ow ow ow ow. Too much standing this evening working with Scott on some cleaning chores (and HE did most of the work, I just stood around a lot giving directions). Uncomfy. Not hurt, just uncomfy. Life goes on.

2) Ray is being a pestiferous little fuzzball today. In other words, he's a kitten. :P

3) Apple cinnamon muffins (from a box, I is lazy) are baking. Yum. (Only fruit-type apples. The cat-type Apple is not a baking candidate and is in any case being a sweetheart).

4) We definitely went from snow to snow/rain/sleet/rain mix. If it freezes tonight as planned, those streets are gonna be ugly. In theory, I have a large delivery arriving tomorrow, but we'll see. It won't hurt it to wait another day or two if they don't want to try it.

5) Yesterday's childbirth class (last in the series) was cancelled and will be rescheduled when weather permits. Heh.

6) All our Christmas cards went out in the mail today. Yay! In the mail this evening we got a Christmas card from one family who, it turns out, have moved to another state. Oops. Hope the forwarding is still in effect (apparently they moved this summer).

7) I am so very, very sick of the HD radio commercials. They are stupid, pretentious, overdone, and annoying, and while I realize it's intended as humor they treat the listeners like morons. I hate them, badly enough that I have found myself wishing for every involved company to go out of business, just so no one would be paying to run the stupid things any more. Then I feel guilty because the products are just fine and lots of hapless employees would be hurt if somehow my wish could come true. I just want the commercials to go away and the people responsible for creating, authorizing, and paying for them to be punished. Ugh.

8) News roundup. Not happy stuff, skip if you'd rather:

Thanks (I think?) to [ profile] geordie for a link to this article about the use of solitary confinement rooms for disabled students in US schools. I am appalled that this is done, especially in such a fashion (no parental involvement/notification, insufficient understanding of the tool, insufficient monitoring and training, etc.). I'm not sure whether it could ever be valid but the situations described in this article strike me as abusive and criminal.

Thanks to [ profile] mandydax for a link to an article (not sure if it's the same one) about this boy whose parents named him Adolf Hitler Campbell (and then made a big splash news story about it when they couldn't get his name written on a cake). The history of requests in earlier years mentioned is interesting, too, as are the names of their other two children.
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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 07:42 am
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It depends on the type of "sick." My standard allergies, for example, are annoying but neither contagious nor likely to prevent getting my work done; I go to work with those. But if I have something that renders me unable to think well, exhausted to the point that I need rest, or contagious, I stay home if I can. If I can't stay home, if there's a task too critical, I often will go into work, snag my laptop and notes, and leave again to work from home. If it's utterly critical I work, it's very rarely critical that I do so in the office, and definitely not worth giving my coworkers something nasty.
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Monday, December 15th, 2008 10:58 am
Two snow plows have gone into the ditch in the last day or so. As the mayor of Portland pointed out, they are four-wheel-drive, chained, and 40 tons. If they can't stay out of the ditch, I sure as heck wouldn't want to be driving near where they went in to it.

In addition, a semi truck with two tankers overturned on I-205. The tankers? Full of ... de-icer.

It's not funny, but it is.

Apparently the main roads and freeways/highways are much better now, and the clinic even had clear access to their parking lot, but I still cancelled my appointment. Because I do not live on main roads, and we had ice, with slush-ice ridges over it, on our street. MIGHT have gotten out safely. Did not care to try, even granted the nice level roads. My doctor didn't think I needed to reschedule for this week since I am doing okay, though she'll probably give me a call later; I'll just go to my regular appointment next week instead.

According to the weather thingy on my iPhone, it's 24 degrees out there. According to me, it's "I'm-not-going-out-that-door" out there. Very pretty from inside, however!
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Monday, December 8th, 2008 08:20 pm
This cold is kicking my backside. Mind you, it's also bringing home how lucky I've been. I don't usually get bad colds. I may get mild ones (hard to tell, with my allergies), but I don't get bad colds very often. And this could be so much worse.

Between the cold and my OB appointment being today, I only managed to work a half-day. But I'm working from home this month 'cause my employer rocks, and my boss rocks, and HR rocks. As a result, I had my laptop here and I could work that half-day (there is no way, the shape I was in this morning, that I would've been up for a commute into the office to get the laptop. And that half-day would have been lost.)

And I'm blessed that Drew is not here yet. I want him, I love him already and I'm sure I'll love him more when he arrives, but today I had only myself to take care of and that was plenty of work. Had this happened after Drew was here, I either would have had to put him in daycare for the day (if he was healthy enough and old enough) so I could focus on myself, or have Scott stay home, because in no way was I functional enough to take care of a young baby without assistance. Luckily, I didn't have to, and my having a miserable cold now won't hurt him. He's happily kicking about as usual.

Lots of liquids. (Warm soup, besides being good liquid-wise, is just plain comforting.) Lots of napping. Lots of whining to myself, too, but ah well. Yesterday and this morning was the land of the sore throat. By afternoon it was fading and I hope it stays gone now that it is gone. I still have an incredibly stuffed nose, the corresponding not-quite-headache, the tiredness, and periodic sneezes and coughs.

I was very careful when I went to my OB appointment to let them know and also to stay as far from anyone else in the hallways and waiting rooms as I could. There's no need to give this to anyone else.

I didn't get to see my regular doctor today, though I'd been scheduled to. She had to go to the hospital (which is in the same complex) for an unplanned C-section. They called me to tell me but the timing was such that I got their call on my cell phone whilst walking up from their parking lot, so rather than reschedule me they fit me into someone else's schedule. Everyone was very apologetic (including my regular doctor, who left her apologies by proxy with the people who saw me today), which as I told them was totally unnecessary. Woman in labor who needs a C-section had better trump over a routine appointment! I hope I am never in that position, but if I am, I wouldn't be thrilled if the priorities were any different. Besides, right now I'm having no new problems, no new questions, nothing major. I go in, they run the usual tests and listen to his heart rate and ask if he's still moving, and I leave. It's going just fine. And I got to meet another one of the practitioners that I hadn't - a very nice woman. This is actually a positive even though I like the continuity and familiarity of seeing the same doctor - because if I go into labor on a night or weekend, whoever is on call will handle the delivery. I was comfortable with that at the outset, but it is reinforced each time I see another one of them, 'cause with one exception (who saw me at my worst, and I saw him while at my worst, when in severe pain from the ribs), I've liked all of them quite a bit. That's not necessary - but it's helpful! :)

We did end up going over a few things that had been discussed, because she wanted to make sure they'd been covered and weren't pending for this appointment. They all had been covered before, but that's fine - better to repeat something than miss anything in a situation like that. I appreciated it (and it didn't take very long, since it was easy to nod and agree I was aware of the various what-nots).

It did eat up more of my afternoon than I'd planned, since they had to fit me in, but since they did fit me in and I won't have to drive back again later this week, I'm fine with that. And frankly? My brain, not so functional today. That chunk of afternoon was not such a huge loss.

Came back home, did a bit more stuff for work until my brain started to fuzz again, and went to lie down for a nap. I don't nap when I'm not sick, usually. It tends to leave me groggy. But when I'm already sick and groggy, and my body needs rest, napping is a good idea. Both naps today have been longer and a heavier sleep than I expected - this cold has really run me down. I do not approve of being run-down. could be so much worse. I have the time and luxury to be run-down and to deal with it for what it is, and that is a good thing. I'm hoping that by tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be past the exhaustion phase of this cold. I don't really enjoy the rest of a cold, but sore throats and exhaustion are my two least favorite parts (probably because I almost never get a really bad cough, and I deal with the other symptoms in lesser form regularly with my allergies anyway - one does get used to things, even annoying things).

Right. The soup's long gone, I've finished another glass of water. Time to fetch another one and, sadly, go back up to bed. I wish I could soak in the bathtub but I'm taped, so I can't. Then again, for all I know I'd fall asleep in there or something. Probably just as well I don't.